If it pops back up on YouTube – which says it’s a “strange” situation – the issue may be resolved

As I reported in this earlier article about doing my interview with 16-year-old radio host Natalie-Marie regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, we experienced unprecedented technical difficulties for about 2 ½ hours. Strangely enough, the technical difficulties didn’t stop there. Not too long after the interview was posted online comments from some viewers on the YouTube channel weren’t getting posted or visible.

It was obvious that Natalie-Marie wasn’t responsible for these difficulties, as she also assured us. Then, suddenly, the interview itself was no longer available online.

This was posted on Natalie-Marie’s Facebook page:

“I did a interview on Michael Horn. YouTube has informed me that there is strange activities happening with his interview. If you could not see this interview at the moment I am sorry for this inconvenience.”

The unexpectedly, just received good news is that Andrew Grimshaw captured the interview, which you can now watch here. If the interview suddenly reappears on YouTube – which itself admits the “strangeness” of the situation – the whole matter may be resolved. It may be a rather benign situation after all.

Natalie-Marie had gone to great lengths to also post many of Meier’s clear, daytime UFO photos, which was only part of the reason that they came here. There may be certain parties who don’t want the Billy Meier’s information to be made available to vast numbers of young people, in Canada as well as in other countries, in order to keep them ignorant of the real, harsh realities about the world that they are inheriting…and the efforts of the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings to help us assure our future survival.

Obviously, since Meier’s information and evidence, etc., have been vigorously suppressed for 65 years, and various parties have gone to great lengths to attempt to discredit and harm him, such nefarious machinations are not outside of the realm of possibilities.

Should this entire incident be nothing more than an anomaly, any conspiratorial concerns would be allayed.  Nonetheless, this may be an example of what happens when real, and urgently needed, information about the only authentic UFO contact case is suddenly made available to a new, young audience.

So long as people do interviews with the so called “UFO experts”, not a one of whom brings forward any significant, relevant information or authenticated evidence, the status quo – meaning deliberate disinformation – is a safe and unwelcome commodity.

In a forthcoming article, I will speak about my recent efforts to engage such people as Richard Dolan, the Mirage Men, etc., and to have them come forth to help reveal the real UFO cover-up, which is solely about the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

95 comments on “The Mystery of the Disappearing UFO Video

  • Look she is 16yrs old, she has to work under contract with her parents permission. It’s a labor law to work at that age. But it is not her show. It is who she works for. She is there for support of the show. No dough for the same reason she has impressed us with her talent. The industry is sucking up any talent it can of these young folks. So it works like this, these shows that feature young singers. What they do is put them on tv to get them star struck. Then they sign them up on contract. They are sent to a talent school, that they have to pay for. If they do not have the $50,000. They are given a loan as part of the agreement, on future performances. They are only to work for the networks that they have signed with. So they are taken off the market and put in debt. The problem is that younger voices change as they grow. The indursty knows this and uses it to make money. By putting them in a kinda of limbo of debt and a rotten carrot that they dangled in front of them. I know of this, because a friend of mine. His sister is going through this right now. This is the situation that most of these young performers are dealing with. The indursty is ruthless in this way. They own them. Either you do as told or face a lawsuit hell. When it comes to her work as an interviewer, she has no control over that. It is her parents that will catch the hell from the networks. It’s is good that this slipped through to the light, however short lived. It is back up, for how long. Who knows. She will see the truth in the information. But she can not do anything about it now. Because it is not in her hands. She will have to become of age to get free of all of them. So that’s Hollywood folks, they take the gag off when they want you to speak and back on when they want you silent.

  • I agree with you MH. But there is no getting around child labor laws. She has to be under contract with her parents approval. When she is on tv or radio for the networks. There are certain conditions she has to work with. It is part of the labor code. They take this very seriously in the indursty. So not sure about the rest. It is just an a example of what the young singers go through. She would be more of a performer. So she could be under someone’s thumb. At least her parents. As you put it, stage mom. It’s all about the $ and nothing else. If you are not selling anything, they are not interested. Like I said before, they may have let her freelance. So they may not have known till it was to late. About your interview with her. This is what I think happened, do not know for certain. I do know for certain that under age can not work on a set of any kind. Tv, radio, movies, theater, etc without child labor contracts. No getting around that at all. She is under contract for her professional work. Since the global one ruling in 2002 every performer works under the same unbrella, no matter where in the world, you perform from. Every Union performer works under these contracts. To be on the networks as much as she. I can only guess that she may be part of the Union.

    • I haven’t looked into the situation so I’m not aware that she’s involved in any network, etc., other than that she has an online radio/video show, like many people do.

      Again, I don’t know, maybe she has sponsors and some kind network – which would explain the weird behavior, if it’s so. Have you looked into it?

      • Plus there are plenty of kid podcasts that get uploaded onto their YouTube page that are not any different than putting up your videos of family outings.

  • Not exactly, but conscious comsumer networks is a CNN creation of some sort. If she goes on tv at all she has to be under sag rules. But YouTube will pay you for your show. So there is some guy that wears an alligator hat and talks about teen stuff. He makes a million a year. So l guess what with all of this going on. How do you handle all of this? When you are 16yrs old? How is she suppose to know that your interview was the best she will ever do? It’s all going to take some time. Im not saying that is what she is paid. I just think it looks very different to her, than us. The indursty is very powerful in this respect, weather online or tv. They have taken it all over, everywhere you look. So the cold hard truth is she can be replaced. They are grooming more each day and always on the hunt. If she is on CNN as a host, then they will have concern of what she does elsewhere. So as not to reflect anything they find disagreeable. Like I said if she is doing her own show, CNN may still have something to do with it. There’s already so much on Billy online. So this whole thing seems to be CNN and YouTube driven. I mean how much do you think that CNN and all of their sub networks generate? This is the culture that she works in. I just do not think that folks know how much $ is being thrown around here. It can be very intoxicating, especially if you are 16.

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