Billy Meier UFO Case Censored Again. Why?

Radio interview pulled, producer cites unspecified “safety issues”

As many of you know by now, I did an interview with Natalie-Marie Hart that experienced unprecedented technical difficulties. Natalie-Marie’s producer (her mother) said, “You should write about the technical issues that happened. First the voice, and then the second time we do the interview the video causes trouble. Please write a blog post about this. It needs to get out there.”

Things got fuzzier when we were told that it wasn’t removed by YouTube but by her producer because of – never specified – “safety issues”.  So suddenly an interview that they had been very excited to present to Natalie-Marie’s audience, because I was a “wonderful guest”,  is…censored instead. Why?

This of course isn’t the first time that my efforts to bring the Billy Meier material to the public have been censored, since ASU already blocked any presentation of it at the university. Fortunately, Prof. Scott Antes facilitated two historic presentations at NAU, which had been preceded by presentations at several universities in Canada, some years ago.

Of course there’s huge opposition to, and suppression of, the Meier material in the mainstream media, due to pressure from governmental, corporate, political and religious factions. And we can only speculate about what kind of pressure was exerted – and by whom – to keep this information from reaching the younger generations that most need to have access to it.

Now Get It Free!

Those who got a chance to see the interview before it was removed from YouTube know that young Ms. Hart did an outstanding job, not only with her well thought out questions but also in the way that Billy Meier’s UFO photos were displayed, etc.

I want that interview to be available to young and old alike so I’m offering it to you now for…FREE! Just purchase any product here and you’ll get a FREE CD with the entire interview in a QuickTime file that opens and plays on any CD player, Mac or PC.

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NOTE: Think about the young people you may know who could benefit from this information. Since you’ll have it in a form that you can also copy and share, you can help spread the word and contribute – perhaps more than you even realize – to help preparing young people for the challenges ahead and alerting them to where they can find the invaluable, non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.



49 Replies to “Billy Meier UFO Case Censored Again. Why?”

  1. Sorry about the 109 Oops I ment 10 not 109 Insidently MH didn`t you bring up the CIA playing the dumb Gray and reptilian alien joke to try and pry information from innocent people here on Earth? As for the British EU Muslim issue It`s called “Islamophobia!” It`s happening EVERYWHERE not just in Britian and the EU but all over the US,Erope and Great Britian,Cananda, Austrialia, New Zealand,you get the picture. Wespac has full of information on Islamophobia. You can check this out at Maby Billy can give these censors a lesson on his previous incarnation of Mohamid. Let`s see what the censors can do with that one huh?

  2. I got to listen to the interview , awesome. For the first time you were asked pointed questions and allowed to answer without being atacked, and she simply moved along to the next queston. She was more mature and proffesional than all the other host combined . It was about information rather than personalities, websites and programs . Good job Michael.

  3. Idid listen to the interview on youtube and thought Natalie Marie was very thoughtful and more professional than most talk radio show host. You were great as you always are. I wish more people would listen to you instead of all those host who after fast buck for nothing. Moby you can try contacting WikiLeaks again and see if they will listen to you this time around now that the prophecies are turning into predictions you might be able to get their attention this time around by warning the public about what is to happen soon if we don`t take action now to stop[ all these warmongering sinister politicains and all their cabals. Just look at what is happening with the presidential election and so on etc.

  4. If you look at Natalie’s fb page, you can see what is going on. She claims to be the victim of a witchhunt by you Michael and your ‘followers’ and that you have put her in ‘danger’ for discovering the truth about the Billy Meier ‘fraud.’ She claims to have removed the interview and expressed some anger that you had posted it again. It seems like Mahesh and his goons might’ve whispered some things into her impressionable ears, because now she is convinced Meier is a fraud, after listening to and posting Kalliope’s interview on her page. They are also claiming that you are creating multiple accounts to comment on youtube with. Take a look at her page, she made quite a many posts about this issue.

      1. They are calling Billy and his followers a cult. Natalie is posting videos that she got from Mahesh and he’s just eating it up. I can feel the smugness coming from him. He should be ashamed of himself. He knows darn well that Billy is for real, but he has some twisted obsession with his ego. I don’t know his motive, although it’s probably money or a super inflated ego brought on by the illusion that he has power over these people that he is conning. I don’t know, but the really depressing part is the fact that these people won’t do their own research. They take what someone else says at face value and won’t do the work themselves. It’s easy to say someone is a fake or a fraud, but it takes time and effort to find out someone or something is the real deal. That time and effort is something that most people are too lazy and too stubborn to put forth. People have become lifeless robots. They do what they are told and that’s it. There’s no motivation, no desire, no intellect or logic, and certainly no love anymore. We are a planet of heartless zombies!
        I definitely think Natalie is being steered by someone else. Kids that age are easily influenced. I hope she re-evaluates the situation and looks for the truth. Natalie should think about it and ask herself why things played out the way they did.

    1. Let it go. Although I get that this could’ve been a good example of the silencing of the case, it’s shaking up to be another sad case where one can’t think for themselves. She’s old enough to know better… And it appears she’s not ready for the truth. She’d rather get into other fake things that can’t be proved. It’s ok. She’s aware of it and let’s hope she comes back to the case and makes up her own mind one day.

  5. It was hard to watch something so inspiring taken down for what else than ‘safety issues’…. fear?
    Having a young daughter whom is to inherit this human created world, it is nice to see that this avenue has also been taken with the younger folk.
    Cannot say MH that you have not ‘dipped into’ trying to get into all facets of what is available to bring this to humanity’s attention. You are a worthy cause to support, as the effect will not be noticed in its entirety it seems for many generations. With some of the greats it seems, they will not be seen for what was done until they are long gone.
    Though this is a world that many of us middle age folk have also inherited from the older, to try and help change in some ways… was a hard subject to follow this interview, because of its potential and lack of values ones again shown on letting it not be freely available?

  6. I heard the interview and shared the link but it also disappeared. I liked the child-like intuitive expression she had without being the common ostentatious-passive agressive-academic pseudo-intellectual or the polar opposite: a crazy, wide eyed loner on a doomed space mission to Venus… point of view: she asked pertinent questions to the point which made perfect sense. I guess the disinformation, lights in the sky… zombie like: boots on the ground type of mentality individual see’s no point in all that… well boots on the ground is what we need now… unfortunately we have been misinformed for too long… and we are unable to discern the forest for the trees… and tend… like sheep to think everything will be all rosy… but unfortunately all the destabilization/business/war/coup etc etc the US and UK have done internally as well as externally in just about every darned country on the world is about to come home to roost… like a pendulum… maybe a wrecking ball would be more accurate. The Chinese have an auspicious term: “May you live in interesting times” well… we are here and it will be interesting… find out more about our future at to learn and read some more about this time in history we all face…

    Mankind has to drop the affectionate love… (like in Hollywood) and gain the true… wise love… that is the one that respects and honours those who may seem unlike us… but in wisdom knows… we are all equal. We have to stop trying to be the “big shot” and know… we are all equal and treat each other with equal respect.

    When we find this out we will have something to stand for… but in the meantime… it is phantasmagoria… imagined problems rather than the truth… weapons of mass misdirection… Folks are more interested in the their cell phone than the planet being overpopulated. The guys who are doctors (maybe doctors of history or language) want folks to hang on their every word… but really is it helping with the peace, love, harmony and wisdom? No… it is just some blow hard attempting to make you all warm and fuzzy that he is teaching you… Folks like Michael are few and far between… taking this information from German to English and in an eloquent, gentile way… with a rhythm that feels easy to absorb… much better than the uptight talking heads which get tongue tied when explaining a car crash or robbery… Have a radio show or TV program and want stuff people will be riveted to? Hire Michael… but don’t be unhappy with the truth because that’s what you will get.

    Hang in there Michael… like a snowball rolling down a hill… the truth will become known with greater and greater volume… like a silent revolution:

    Imagine… a race so advanced: an eleven year old girl thought up this title… amazing!

    Salome: Be greeted in peace and wisdom

    1. Thanks Edward. In order to submit the complaint to FB I need the URL for her FB page. Can you send it to me?

      P.S. I just got it from Barretto, thanks!

    2. Attention Val Green and Dan Short (if those are even your real names) Michael Horn sent me a love song and I absolutely loved it. You people are so sick in the head that you don’t even know when someone is doing something nice. Shame on you.

  7. I’ve noticed that when people do awful things to others, they are often rewarded by hurting themselves. They do it to themselves and only have themselves to blame. So I would suggest to Natalie-Marie and her mother Lisa, that they come clean and apologize to Michael before they hurt themselves.

    1. Just another reason to start your own podcast. You could be speaking out about this because what they’re accusing you of is really crazy! And you could twist this to show why situations like this would vanish if all followed the spiritual teaching!

  8. So there we have it. Glad to say I told you so Michael as you know now that I do actually have your back.

    Guess losing that CNN contract has been building up some pretty nasty feelings in the drama brat for ages and she thought it would be okay to take them out on the first person she thought would just take it. She really doesn’t know Michael too well does she and underestimates the legal action he has recourse to and is well experienced using when such ugly false accusations arise.

    By the way, I thought the interview was boring… scripted by someone feeding her little darling questions and she was barely able to stick around intelliectually for the answers. Give me someone with passion and angry (honest) questions any day.

    As for Mahesh, I hag to laugh. He’s sunk so low that the only kicks he can get now is to force what he knows himself is false information onto a 16 year old having a mini tantrum. Sad sack, but, I guess he’s used to convincing immature minds. Ooh the power eh Mahesh? Actually, it tells us alot about you and anyone that thought you were a great intelliect will now be reeling… so, thanks.

    As for the non-existent attacks, I can only assume that Natalie is perceiving and exaggerating such because deep down she knows she’s completely out of order and should apologise for telling lies before the lawyers make her.

    1. Matt,

      I don’t know anything about her contract, or her losing it.

      At this point I’ll only say that I don’t think people should be too hard on her, as there are…string-pullers involved who should know better.

      The skeptics have really out done themselves- or done themselves in. More about that Saturday.

      1. You have my respect for remaining completely neutral throughout this Michael. It will help your legal case.

        I got the CNN info from Edwards post of the FB comments.

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