Will They Try to Censor This One Too?

The truth keeps popping up like a cork in the ocean

There’s a brand new interview with a young host who’s recently discovered the Billy Meier UFO case. No, I’m not talking about the interview that was taken down – and the reported defamatory comments now being level against Billy Meier and me by the show’s “producer”. If necessary, I’ll address those in a coming blog. (BTW, my recent physical shows me to be in very good health, my car was just serviced and I’m not accident prone. Just sayin’.)

This new interview was conducted by Jane of TexasUFOSightings, another young seeker of truth who wants her audience to also know about, and explore, the Meier contacts.

But there is one similarity to the previous situation. In Jane’s own words:

Hi Michael, here you go.

I had issues with the file conversion so wasn’t able to get out until this morning. (So weird, I’m telling you something weird trying to prevent me from getting this out, haha.)

Thank you-


Targeting the Young

Yes, Jane, there is an unrelenting effort by various parties to gain complete control, especially over the younger generations. In some cases even…parents are complicit.

If this sounds too conspiratorial, remember that Billy Meier long warned about the coming bio-chipping – which is already long underway if you have a “smart phone”.

But it just got worse. What’s happened to those – once – fiercely independent Aussies who’re now willingly having themselves chipped? With the promise of becoming “super-humans who can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computers with a wave of the hand” – apparently among the most significant things in their pathetic lives – the dumbest among us are truly worse than sheep. Sheep don’t have a choice.


Thanks to Jane and many others, the young people will find the Meier material. They’ll see the fascinating UFO evidence, read the prophecies and predictions, and then realize that what’s long been foretold is now upon us. They will find, learn and apply the spiritual teaching in their lives and guide their own young towards the truth. The silent revolution of truth won’t be stopped. Despite cynical – and even sinister – efforts to suppress it,  the truth keeps popping up like a cork in the ocean.


Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the info on bio-chipping.




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  1. Another great interview Michael, it seems the younger generation is more open minded and that’s good for the truth. Hopefully they will get passed the dis info machine and get to the spirit teaching then the world will change.

  2. Hi Michael, I trust you are well… Interestingly, and roughly on theme… I just went to Billys personal site, to read his latest posting ( 5th Oct ) and for the first time, google told me ” This page can not be translated ” … !!!

    1. Google translator worked for me on Billy’s Oct 5th post. Did you try non-Billy text Gary to see if it’s a general problem?

      1. Hi Matt, I dont know what you mean by non-Billy text… I’m not very computer savey… but thanks anyway
        Salome Gary

        1. Ignore my previous comment Gary. Google translate apps don’t always work directly in websites if the text appears alongside graphics as it does in the BEAM-Portal website.

          To get round this, highlight just the text you want to translate (making sure that no graphics or pictures are highlighted too) & copy and paste the text into here: https://translate.google.co.uk/?hl=en&tab=wT

          1. Thanks for that Matt, the issue here is that over the years, I’ve never had a problem using translator on Billys site, and just wondered if google had thrown a spanner in the works… anyway lets drop it but note it… as I dont want to further dialogue off subject, but thanks again.

  3. Salome everyone,

    Billy’s information is still, and will be for a long time, a threat to many different groups that all have their own, more or less greedy, or powerhungry goals…. It is simple, if you want other fellow men to follow your “guidance”, then serve them a good cocktail of half truth’s and lies, that guide them into the desired direction…. Manipulation is easier than giving a good education, which in general needs many years, or even decades of training to be fruitful, from which a whole society could profit. To manipulate others is easier, because you only need to have a certain intelligence, as well as a certain knowledge in different communication forms and in technologies….. to educate others in a good way however, you need a lot of life experience and knowledge, which has to be acquired over decades. :-/ Even the fiercest of Billy’s ennemies can’t say that he is spreading hate, anger, or other negative ideas, or even ideologies, of any kind through his books and teachings! But considering all the evil going on in this world, it always amazes me how much energy opponents are investing into fighting Billy, instead of fighting real evil…. ????? – “Alles für die Katz” in my opinion…. f.ex, they should fight against CETA or TTIP instead….. if they don’t wanna loose all sovereignty in their countries….

  4. I had to switch to Google Crome last spring when my computer strang a bad virus. I now have viper and Google crome but I can also use internet explore as a second browser too since startpage is still my home page due to privacy concerns. I won`t give out the reason why the Google Crome Translation due to personal concerns. If you can use Google Crome you will get the translations from Billy from German into English without any difficulty. My personal reasons are ballet oriented. That is why I have Google Crome.
    Try Google Crome Translation and see if you can get any translaltions from Billy

  5. Hi Nicolas, Question: How do you get people off of religion and politics,etc,tec,etc? How are you going to get around this without lying? The laws of Creation requires that we can`t lie! Do we built,make up a story,fairytale around the creational laws,commandements and recomendations,maby exagerate a make-believe world etc? Hmmmm? Thanks Saome Terry

  6. Salome Terry,

    Good Question! 🙂

    It is not possible “to get off people” from religions or certain ideologies during this lifetime, this should never be your goal, sometimes people need more than one lifetime to take distance from a religion or an ideaology. It is also false to missionize to “get them off” their false ideas or beliefs. They have to do their own mistakes… I know, this sounds hard…… The only thing you can do, without going against the creational recommandements and laws, is to teach them good ethics and moral(which is the applied ethics), because ethics and moral are always true, a part of the Geisteslehre and laws of nature, and apply to every religion or belief system…. Recent studies (by real scientists) have shown the benefits of meditation and of being altruistic for the individual, like Billy wrote already a long time ago… 😉

    Lying is always the wrong way, unless you are doing it to implement a bigger creational law, like preserving life, like during WW2, people lied to hide Jews or people from the resistance from the German occupants… then it is justified. But normally you don’t need to lie, just stick to the laws of nature, of ethics and moral…. Not talking about a certain subject, is not the same as lying….. 😉 When they ask specific questions, you can answer honestly……

  7. Then the bigger question is why religion,politicis,corportism, militarsims,wars, why is this world doing all the wrong things and ideologies in the first place? Can anybody answer that question,where did we go wrong and why did we go wrong in the first place if our past,present and future so damn fouled up in the first place? How are we going to correct all of our horrible mistakes and get this world on the right path as Billy and the Ps are trying to help us do?

  8. Hi Shei8la, If I were you,I`d just “IGNORE” those stupid ignoramus bone head monkeys and just do what I do and that is just DON`t watch ANY of those stupid debates in the first place because all these stupid polititians do is “CHEAT,STEEL AND LIE to get a vote for “MORE WAR and NOT frixing the inforstructure of the US such as all the train accidents that are happening here in the US etc,etc,etc! As I have said before these political monkeys do is make us ALL suffer for more wars,taxes and police brutalitiy etc,etc,etc, while these political criminals get away with not paying their taxes and stating stolen money on some forein country sich as Iriland, The Bahamas etc. These politicians will do ANYTHING to get away with murder and say they didn`t do anything wrong,another Bush in the White House? I DON`T watch ANY of those debates!

    1. You hit the nail on the head Terry. I also don’t bother to watch any political debates or party political broadcasts because like you, I also think they are all liars and just in it for themselves. As we say here in the UK “I don’t trust any of them as far as I can throw them”.


      Gordon Barnes

    2. Well you two, Billy did say people need to rise up and start electing better leaders. So if you two want to bury your heads in the sand, don’t be surprised by the effect of that.

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