Billy Meier Scoops Scientists – by 35 YEARS – on Dangers of Space Travel

New Science Daily report confirms what UFO contactee published in 1981

With the earliest reports* on the dangers of space travel on the human brain already having been preemptively described by Billy Meier and the Plejaren, the new, alarming report from Science Daily confirms specific information already published by Meier…35 years ago.

Billy Meier scooped scientists by specifically foretelling the “new” finding that “traveling outside that field exposes astronauts to a virtual firehose of particles that over time can damage tissue*.*”

In this documented conversation, from 1981, the Plejaren also go into further details, which we’ll certainly also read about one day as “new discoveries”, should we not completely destroy ourselves before we get that far:

Official Contact Report 150, Saturday, October 10, 1981

Billy: …But say again, you told me at that time, during my great journey (1975), about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight. You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would, very soon through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage. If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules over the Earth’s ozone layer were already infected. You then explained that something will happen with the brains of these people.

Quetzal: …Radiations, vibrations, and the like, unprotected missiles and similar protective suits, as well as the weightlessness of interstellar space lead to health damages in the brain and in the bones of humans and many other life forms. The first reaction of severe brain injury that I mentioned, for example, leads to barely detectable brain swelling in very slight cases, which will, after some time, lead to thought and action uncertainty and then inevitably result in reaction loss, such as, for example, the sudden loss of control of a vehicle or aircraft or the appearance of total errors against all reason. However, if a human or any other life form lingers for a very long time, such as many months or years, unprotected in weightlessness in space, then the initially developing brain swelling of an inflamed form will suddenly develop in reverse sequence, by which brain atrophy then develops, as with weak-thinking and elderly people. Even the brain substance itself suffers a loss**; thus, the entire brain mass passes through this phenomenon of a pathological nature. The illness originating from these factors ignites the brain substances and the brain organs themselves, after which a new, short-termed illness factor arises, which expresses itself as a decrease of brain activity, through a kind of cerebral palsy substance, which then leads to the general shrinkage of total brain mass, which can no longer be stopped by human and medical and other similar means. If the person lingers long enough unprotected and weightlessly in space, then the brain contraction ultimately leads to the point where the person loses absolute control over himself, his thinking, and actions and life. The ultimate end, then, is insanity and death.


Houston, We Have Another Problem, December, 2012

“As if space travel was not already filled with enough dangers, a new study out today in the journal PLOS ONE shows that cosmic radiation – which would bombard astronauts on deep space missions to places like Mars – could accelerate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease…The study out today for the first time examines the potential impact of space radiation on neurodegeneration, in particular, the biological processes in the brain that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.”

It Can’t Be Because I Said So

As mentioned in this article, skeptics are so incapable of comprehending the monumental, historical significance of Meier’s eight-decades long, still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials that they get lost in the vast, confused, uncharted regions of empty space between their ears, grasping at, and making up,  anything in order to discredit Meier and, naturally, to elevate their fragile egos.

What is overlooked in all these futile attempts is the plain impossibility that this man could have obtained his specific, prophetically accurate scientific information any other way than through his contacts with the people of this advanced, space traveling human race.

Many of the know-it-all skeptics weren’t even born in 1981, when Meier had his 150th contact. Their concept of history is limited to having seen the coming and going of the CD drive on computers. And because of the overall decline in education, their ability to reason and engage in deductive thinking has hardly been developed.

Don’t You Know It’s MMO?

In fact, they’re contemptuous of the necessity to establish means, motive and opportunity when making their outlandish claims and attacks. Really, by what means did this man obtain and publish all of the specific, accurate, non-theoretical, scientific and other information such as is found here?

How did you he do it, before it was known, before it occurred, before the computer and internet?

It’s this unfortunate arrogance and intellectual paucity that also makes them the most likely candidates to willingly and enthusiastically succumb to the trendy “convenience” of being bio-chipped and completely controlled, as the Aussies mentioned here already demonstrate, thus fulfilling yet another of Meier’s specific prophecies (40.) What a slippery slope one slides down just so they can log on to their computers “with a wave of the hand”.

The Incredible Shrinking Brain

Since most of the skeptics are so fashionably anonymous, they may also pay for their cowardice as they pass into enslavement unnoticed (and unmissed), their wasted attempts to attack and belittle the efforts to educate, inform and warn them not even a distant memory in their remotely controlled and further disabled minds.

Perhaps they’ll be implanted with illusions that they’ve attained “singularity”, that they are both man and machine, as they passively go about performing whatever tasks they’ve been programmed to do. But for now, hiding behind screen names, they are heroes only in minds that soon won’t even be their own.

Maybe actual space travel isn’t the only way that “brain shrinkage” can occur.


Thanks to Bob Wiegand for the news article.


NOTE: With numerous additional examples scattered throughout articles here, we should point out that only a fraction of Meier’s 26,000+ pages of information have been translated into English, where these examples have been found…always without Meier ever pointing them out himself.


35 Replies to “Billy Meier Scoops Scientists – by 35 YEARS – on Dangers of Space Travel”

  1. You heard it here first, and Michael is offering evidence and has brought clarity over the conditions and premises, no need to reason.

    1. Probably not. They wouldn’t give us any technology that we would use for military applications. Besides, we may not survive long enough to benefit from even more from them.

      1. Now Meier makes another discovery only a day after his previous one? even Einstien’s discovery was one in a lifetime. it’s not really meier’s discoveries if aliens are telling him? How do you know these creatures aren’t rigging it this way? making certain people in space have these defects and diseases, so it seems there information is coarse. weightless causes disease? really? The Plejaren must be wriggled with them seeing they use WI-FI (no wires) and have mastered anti-gravity. Poor Sarah Jones, is attacking Michael, you don’t mind attacking MUFON though.

        1. Hi “Sarah”, Please use your first an last name when posting.

          If you actually check the information – and the dates of the contacts – you’ll see that the information was published several years apart.

          Your other questions are also answered by actually…reading the info from the Plejaren and our own scientists.

          As for attacking MUFON:

 (from 1953)

          Read, learn…apply.

        2. Sarah, MUFON is a joke if this is how the respond to the corroborations. If it is totally farce, why don’t you check the resources Michael has provided?

          Let’s start with the first line MH wrote, “New Science Daily report confirms what UFO contactee published in 1981”. Published does not mean first to ever discover anything, just the fact that it was written down in documentation available to the public years before it was “officially” discovered by scientific methods used today.

          Second, rehabilitation is required to strengthen muscles not used over periods of time. When bones are broken, muscles torn, most people go through rehab to strengthen those muscles again.. You don’t need to be in 0 gravity to understand this concept. Now, let’s talk about 0 gravity and floating. Astronauts do not use their muscles as they would walking here among earth. They are in 0 gravity for months, up to a year at a time, it’s pretty obvious that their muscle strength would decline. Which is why NASA has exercises for their astronauts in space.

          Lastly, if you want to prove Billy Meier wrong, come with facts that refute his “published” claims. I mean isn’t that what MUFON would do when investigating UFO’s, lights in the sky, or contactees?

  2. Michael,

    I’m not understanding the skeptics arguments against this evidence…are they saying that because another person theorized this before Billy published it that Billy must have somehow contacted that person to obtain the information? Or that Billy somehow had access to obscure science journals in foreign languages? It seems that the notion of ETs providing info to Billy is simply beyond the pale for these skeptics despite the photographic, video and physical evidence that supports their existence.

  3. Thought I’d add this here so others can see it instead of emailing it.

    First heartbeat of babies as early as 16 days after conception – study

    Even though they say 16 days and meier says 20 or 21 I think, this paragragh sounds promising, “By finding out how the heart first starts to beat and how problems can arise in heart development, we are one step closer to being able to prevent heart conditions from arising during pregnancy,” he added.

    Isn’t the starting of the heart connected to the spirit form?

    But to get on topic, the study of electogravitics holds the secrets we need for better space travel. Combining superconductive rotating plasma with electron wakefield acceleration would produce something interesting.

    1. On the electrogravitics part, have a look at Paul LaViolette and Townsend T. Brown. Late Boyd Bushman mentions about an experiment with two powerful permanent magnets forced togheter and dropped from a building several times, at the same time a stone is dropped as well. The magnets always falls a little bit faster than the stone.

  4. Iread some time ago that the Ps said our space programs is all in reverse. When the astronauts zip around in zero gravity insid a space capsol and ISS we should be using centrifugal fore “OUTSIDE” of the spaceship and ISS “NOT”: inside the sspaceship and ISS. Seems to me NASA is doing everything “WRONG!”

  5. Anyone with even the slightest inkling of a few pages of the information from Billy may deny it, laugh at it, put it down, even feign logic when doing that, but, what I’ve found is that they cannot EVER stay away from it.

    The information from Billy will return to their consciousness like the memories of an “out of your league” ex-partner in the mind of the jilted lover. Unfortunately, many of them should have restraining orders put on them to keep them away, so, stupid are they not to recognise when they have a good thing and that they should respect that.

    1. Matt, that’s what happened to me. I stumbled across the contact movie in YouTube and turned it off when col Stevens, lee and Britt elders first met Billy. I thought that this guy Billy is a crazy old man. No way. This was my first introduction to the case. After a few weeks, something pulled me back to that movie. I watched it. And the rest is history… Crazy how the sub consciousness of a mind works…

      1. Tangential
        A disturbance in the associative thought process in which one tends to digress readily from one topic under discussion to other topics that arise in the course of associations; observed in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and certain types of organic brain disorders.
        Compare: circumstantiality

  6. Do I remember correctly from the cr’s that the first manned Mars mission will end in failure and death? The new commercial space companies are in a race to Mars and listening to their megalomaniac and scientifically flimsy presentations, a catastrophy looks very likely. I doubt they have the knowledge or the means to protect the passangers from going insane due to exposure to these dangers.

  7. How beautiful it is that a one armed farmer with a sixth grade education knows more about space than the whole of NASA with all their brainiacs and their credentials from the best schools.

  8. The Russian press is now reporting that the Russian Defense Ministry intends to turn the Crimean peninsula into an impregnable fortress. It will be not only a military outpost of Russia in the Black Sea region, but also be able to defend themselves, even when cut off from the mainland. Russia is now deploying a complete and self-sufficient military force in the Crimea. Russia is also recalling all its students in the West. They are being told to get out even if their classes are not complete. The Ukrainian press is also reporting that Russia is preparing for a major war. They say the only question is the timing – when it starts. At home, Russia is reconstructing and preparing bomb shelters for the possible nuclear war.

    1. Hello Arie. ‘an impregnable fortress’ like an elder labium. I am looking forward to the conflict, my only regret is the length of time it has take to come around, they forecasted the thing twelve thousand years ago ffs and were still looking at a couple more decades for the actual prep part. Make the judgement successfully so do it alone.

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