This is how empires come to an end and quite possibly the rest of the world

There’s no shortage of articles, videos, etc., about the ongoing provocation of Russia, the reasons for which have long been clearly explained by the Plejaren and Billy Meier.

An unconfirmed report of a possible attack on Alaska actually echoes warnings included in the 1987 Henoch Prophecies, as well as concerns expressed by this formerly skeptical physician and physicist.

So it’s timely to remind people of an excerpt from this article from 1995:

World War III cannot be averted if Man fails to finally become reasonable! The war will begin with conventional weaponry and escalate to nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The world war will begin in November of a specific year, after 5 years of intensive effort are spent reaching this goal which is preceded by 4 years of unspecified preparations. Should war actually break out, it will last for 3 years and 11 months and will therefore end in October of the fourth year. By this time, Earth’s northern hemisphere will be largely destroyed by nuclear fires and radioactive radiation that will annihilate the entire animal and plant world unless Man sees to it that the prophecy proves itself to be just a prophecy without fulfilling itself. Should this not be the case, the world will face some additional 11 bitter years of poverty, misery, starvation and many other ills. The nuclear radiation will cause the crippling and mutation of the children born at that time, and multitudes who survive the war will be contaminated and burned by radiation. Chemical warfare will cause horrifying and atrocious skin diseases, and biological warfare will produce festering sores and many other ills, not to mention vicious human freaks, etc.

This is how empires come to an end. And quite possibly the rest of the world.

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Thanks to Burt Brown,  Kenneth Smith and Rasmus Outzen for information.

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  1. Well at least we know San Francisco isn’t destroyed due to nuclear war. But logically speaking (based on this specific prediction), I think the chances of all-out nuclear war are pretty unlikely. Think about it, in that specific prediction we know high-tech car without mirror is coming out (concept is out but still need prob. another 5-10 years to enter the market). Well, if a nuclear war really breaks out, our economy will simply collapses. There is no way we will see any scientific/technological improvement.. We will go back to stone age.

    *Nuclear war might happen after SF earthquake. I still think such event is very unlikely. We might see another proxy war with conventional weaponry, but definitely not nuclear war.

    *My opinion is based on tech advancement prediction that BEAM made.

    What do you guys think

    1. High tech cars are on the market now. Some of the side mirrors are so small you probably wouldn’t be able to see them from a picture of the event, as they blend right in. You’re wrong about there not being nuclear war, don’t kid yourself.

      1. No, I worked at high-end a car dealership. The side mirror thing that you talked about is still a concept. It will take another 5-10 years to implement. Personally I haven’t seen anything like that yet.

        As far as nuclear war, yes it could happen but I just think the chances are slim. Nuclear war will send us back to stone age. We are probably not going to recover from it for at least 100 years.
        Therefore, Billy’s prediction about human going to Mars, future robotic era, genetic engineering improvement, Japan and China discover that the prevailing physics in fine-matter spheres etc…..simply will not happen. None.

        That doesn’t mean we can stop caring. We still need to put effort into promoting peace.

        1. Sean, look at the small side mirrors of the newer cars on the lot today and tell me if you were 90 metres (300 feet) away, would you be able to see them? An honest answer would be appreciated, thanks.
          Please ask yourself how a nuclear holocaust in North America is going to affect the upcoming progress of Japan and China? I would say not at all.
          But I agree that the peace meditation has stopped the looming war since 1984. We should all continue to roar about peace. But not only roar, start sending letters and emails.

    2. Hi Sean,

      Billy has already answered a question related to your point…

      Based on your prediction of a major earthquake in San Francisco sometime in the future, it seems US citizens do not have much of a reason to think WW3 or any major economic collapse will happen at least until after this earthquake takes place.
      My reason for this conclusion is either of these events would most probably eliminate any chance for car makers to produce the type of mirrorless cars you saw in the future.
      Is my conclusion logical and do you agree with it?

      No, that’s not logical.
      Btw: two times already the outbreak of WW3 has been prevented by Russian officers, luckily.”
      Source: http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/12930.html#POST67693

      Mirrorless cars in SF are a reality now: http://www.upout.com/blog/san-francisco-3/futuristic-looking-driverless-car-san-francisco

      1. I wish Billy explained why. I am just saying if a worldwide nuclear war breaks out within 3-5 years . Chances are:
        ! Scientific fields cease to improve for a very long time
        – Probably no mirror-less car due to economy and tech collapse. The one you post I can tell you it is not going to be available to public for another 5-10 years, the closest one in terms of shape we have right now is BMW I8. (I am just assuming the SF earthquake pictures showed an “on-market” vehicle, not a research or concept car)
        –We are not going send people to Mars
        – We are probably not going to prevent Apophis from hitting us since we are so far back
        – which means no reversal in climate change, no genetic engineering discovery, no space-station, moon-station, pi correction……under BEAM prediction (well, you can argue that they are going to be delayed for a good while, I guess 100 years)

          1. Good luck in Flagstaff…. Sustainability would be hard up at that elevation… that is to grow your food in a pinch
            . The time is now to purchase land and build greenhouses that use Aquaponics off the grid for food…. Purchase land to prepare for the future hard times…

            1. Actually the indigenous peoples have done it for a long time. Greenhouses, aquaponics, etc., are also all doable here. THere’s also a lot of sunlight virtually year round.

        1. Hi Sean,

          What if the only car that Wendelle could see clearly in the photos was the one I linked to? You’re assuming that Wendelle saw many mirrorless cars, but, in the film “Contact”, Wendelle only seems to be describing one car like this. Any others, if damaged, or, far away, may not have been so clear but could still be described as having glass roofs and look more rounded than cars of the 70’s.

          The other thing is that the world may not completely fall, or, stop achieving things if the US (or UK/Europe) fall in their present form. That’s a very Western-centric point of view and it could be that the BRICS states achieve all the things you list – maybe even setting up industry and moving to SF after the (nuclear) dust has settled and start building cars again without mirrors, etc., but, perhaps long after the war, e.g., what if the SF earthquake doesn’t happen for hundreds of years?

          1. Mentioned in the prophecies, it could also be that Nuclear weapons are not used in any upcoming world conflict, but, chemical and biological weapons, which would not affect buildings per se.
            A SF following an Earthquake, where everything is destroyed, may not easily reveal in photos whether the buildings affected were dilapidated from many years of neglect.
            Unfortunately, Wendelle’s information is little to no use to us in gauging what happened in the preceding years running up to the Earthquake in SF and without a given date for this.

          2. Matt you can always go by the buildings as a reference in the Bawii inspired GEO mag painting.
            Its actually true to life and true to form.
            Look at the buildings that aren’t there in the present San Francisco and you might get an estimate time frame.

          3. Hi Matt,
            The issue with using Baawi-Intelligence inspired paintings as a reference for the real thing has flaws as NASA’s painting of the Universal barrier, foisted into the photo collection of Billy’s trip into space, showed buildings and houses inside the radial, which Billy confirmed in a Q&A (last year I think) were not there and that there were no dwellings, fields, etc., so that was the artist’s interpretation of the impulse.

          4. Good point Matt
            The only issue with your reasoning is then why are people mainly focusing their attention on cars if as you say it was just an artist’s interpretation of the impulse which basically suggests that its unreliable.

          5. Not sure what you mean Matt? The reasoning of others based on the testimony of Wendelle cannot assist us with a date. The description of a mirrorless car was only significant up to the point when cars without mirrors coudl be/ were being produced.
            In light of Billy’s clarification and thinking on other info from Wendelle and why the Plejaren were once enthusiastic to share the photos but then not, offers us more of an insight now in my view.

        2. You pose some very interesting questions, Sean. I think we can never be too sure about what the future holds; we can only try and shape things toward a more positive outcome. I guess certainty is just as elusive as said future. But more to the point, even if nuclear war is averted within the next decade (and I hope this is the case), the threat of a worldwide fire will continue to loom far into the future so long as BEAM’s recommendations of a global peace force are not heeded. This will be especially the case if in the upcoming decades overpopulation remains rampant.
          To my mind, one thing that will bring an immediate and positive effect is something the Plejaren had mentioned: the US must retreat to its own borders. Currently, the US military is one bloated war machine that maintains roughly 800 bases throughout the world. Despite this fact, presidential candidates in every election try to sell people the idea that the defense budget is “insufficient.” If America stopped playing “cowboy” politics with the rest of the world, it would diminish terrorism and the proliferation of weapons, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of a world war.

  2. In the last week, I read an article online that reported Russia is in the process of recalling students from universities in US cities to return to the motherland. Are they prepping for a conflict?

    1. Yes they are waiting for the US to make the first move, targeting Archangelisk. Then Russia will retaliate by targeting Alaska (hopefully the HAARP system). Then the US can start the war against Russia with the help of NATO (as an attack on one, is an attack on all). Canada will be dragged into the conflict. It’s in the contact notes. Time to turn those root cellars back into bomb shelters.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Especially to my friends in the USA whose election day is right around the corner, I invite you to check out this clip from an interview of Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein: https://youtu.be/v2qDlhfYAU0
    She appears to be a farsighted and sensible woman as her views on international US politics demonstrate. She states, and I quote: “we need to stop beating the war drum around Russia, which has long preceded Syria. We have forced Russia into a very defensive posture.”
    So there ARE politicians with some sense after all.
    Even though her chances of winning the election are slim to none, thanks to America’s outdated electoral system, you can still “speak” with your vote. Every American should hear her out. Give her a chance. There is a far better alternative to the witless showman Trump, and the crafty thief and warmonger Clinton.


    1. Of course David in a perfect world, she would be perfect. But we are speaking about the US election right? The problem with 3rd and 4th parties is that it takes away from the 2 major parties and there’s always a risk of splitting the left or right vote, and the loser of all parties coming up in the middle and winning. For example whose votes will be taken by the greens? If the republican vote is more inclined to vote for Jill, the republican vote will be split between Jill and Donald. Therefore Hillary will clearly win with more votes. But then there’s also the electoral college who ultimately can and have gone against the vote of the people of their state. So I would say Hillary gets in due to voter fraud. They will bus in 40 at a time with no ID just like they did here. They only had to get their buddy to vouch for their identity. On one reservation they offered a new TV to vote liberal lol. Beware and be forewarned.

      1. Hi Sheila,
        At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is the reason I’m always astounded by people regarding the USA as a true democracy. And I get what you mean. The system is set up so that the President Elect will always be either a Democrat or a Republican, virtually excluding independents and third-party candidates.
        For this election, however, it’s increasingly likely Hillary will win. The latest polls put her far ahead of Trump, who seems content at shooting himself in the foot by being unable to keep his big mouth shut. So the question, unfortunately, is not whether Hillary will get elected, rather will it be a landslide for her?
        Dr. Jill Stein shows a degree of competence and honesty not exhibited by the other candidates. I think that’s the most important quality to take into account when picking a candidate. Also, voting for someone like Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders (if he ran as an independent) would prevent Clinton from obtaining a sweeping victory. That would put some pressure on her: winning the election does not mean winning the people (if that makes any sense).
        Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud. Every American should decide for themselves and exercise their right to vote freely.

  4. The many Earthquakes in Italy recently, with a 6.6 hitting today (https://www.rt.com/news/364721-italy-central-quake-damage/) are specifically mentioned in Contact reports 136 and 215 (Henoch prophecies) and indicate times of threatening world war….

    “165. The severe quake around Vesuvius will only be the beginning of a great number of similar disasters in Italy, but it should also be the starting point for further coming eruptions of the volcano, which will create more destruction in the future.
    166. The threatening eruptions of the volcano, however, will indicate that another world war comes within easy reach and that its destructive work will begin and be carried out, without it being able to be prevented, if the political and religious unreasonableness of the Earth humans should continue.
    167. For two thousand years, the Earth human being was given prophecies about these threats, but he only laughed at them, and all advice that was given was simply spoken into the wind.
    168. But he must bear the consequences for more and more of his senselessness.
    169. And the events in Italy should be the signs of this coming time, for since ancient times, the most monstrous crimes against Earth humanity were committed by this country, namely through Catholicism, whereby the “Holy See,” in particular, is responsible for this.”

    Quakes in Italy “….into the third millenium”

    268. Thus, Italy will be the actual starting point of that large chain of weak to most severe earthquakes, which will shake the Earth from the end of 1980 and in the beginning of 1981 throughout many years until far into the third millennium and bring death and destruction over the people, whereby the Earth human being has contributed a lot to this and will further serve to encourage these quakes.

    Wars and devastation in Europe and North America

    253. This will be at the time that tremendous natural disasters will hit Italy and its people, causing severe hardship.
    254. But this will also be at the time when Vesuvius could become active again and could spread tremendous havoc.

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