WikiLeaks: “The name alone scares me.”

UFO warnings about dangerous US policies reached “global intelligence” company in 2006

I just discovered, thanks to Matt Knight, that WikiLeaks has included correspondence from me to Stratfor, a “global intelligence” company. In another one of the emails, John Gibbons of Stratfor wrote, “The name alone scares me.”

In my 2006 email to Stratfor – which I didn’t know “fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations” and “government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency” – I conveyed some of the warnings from Billy Meier about the threat posed to our future survival by US policies. Other people also contacted Stratfor to inform them about Meier’s information.

Now, 10 years later, the prescient nature of Meier’s very specific warnings are ceaselessly, inescapably fulfilling, with indications that they could reach fatally irreversible proportions.

The USA after 2020

In 2012, discussing information first given to him in 1975, Meier pondered that “the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then, and if those who are the USA’s allies continue to dissociate from that country, or even become open enemies of that country, etc.”

In responding to him, Ptaah stated:

“That could be so, but also to consider is that which the Obama followers will do next and which internal and external policies they pursue, because this will also determine that which will happen after 2020.”

It was later clarified that the more correct translation from the German is “the Obama successors”. We are now only a short time away from learning who will directly succeed Obama and what policies they will pursue. It’s also no secret that one of the presidential candidates is already saber-rattling, deliberately and senselessly trying to provoke Russia into a suicidal nuclear war.

As asked several times before, the people were warned…and did they listen? Apparently not.

Maybe Stratfor – and the so-called intelligence agencies – weren’t “scared” enough.


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45 Replies to “WikiLeaks: “The name alone scares me.””

  1. Hi All, I found this recent interview with Mr. Putin and thought some of you might find it interesting. Basically confirms, for me a least, what Billy is saying about him.

  2. Wikileaks… We are moving up in the world. Michael this is wonderful! It is a start in the right direction… If Wikileaks and all the clandestine organizations that read this source of accurate truthful information reads this maybe we can steer this planet in the right direction: to peace, love, harmony and friendship!


    Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom.

    1. Totally agree. Whatever the US media says about Wikileaks they cannot dispute the fact that Wikileaks has NEVER released anything that was not truthful.

  3. if the corrupt global elites like he bush family, the betchels, the rothchilds, the rockefellers, sect of state john kerry , cia brennan, nsa clapper , fbi comey and the spineless so called intellectuals at nasa would reveal that microbial life or fossils exsist on the planet marrs all this could be avoided. But govt goons cant think for themselves, or their afraid of their corporate satanic worshipping masters , like the families mentioned above. And the corporate elite are to petty, self ab sorbed, arrogant and short sighted to make the corect and wise decision about this issue.

  4. I’ve notice that every time Trump mentions working with Russia the Media ridicules him.

    How are the people supposed to make an honest judgement when the Media will not report the facts when I comes to almost everything.

    1. The bias shown by the media has become blatantly obvious for those who are paying attention. They did the same thing here when they elected Trudeau last year. Apparently “those people” around Obama were instrumental in electing our Canadian PM. So when I hear that Russia is meddling in the US election it makes me laugh because the US has meddled in almost all “democratic” elections around the world, for decades.

        1. Hi Darcy it was actually Freeland who walked away from the bargaining table on Friday and PM Trudeau is set to fly over there next week to sign the CETA agreement. It is only Wallonia that does not want it to go forward. I’ve recently sent PM Trudeau the links to Bruce’s latest translation about CETA and how it will affect Canadian sovereignty as we will be under the EU dictatorship. So it’s not like he wasn’t warned.

      1. I totally agree with you sheila yes the US IS mediling in everything and anything globally and the US gov etc are ALL a bunch of “BIG FAT BULLIES”and if these US bullies don`t stop[ soon they will ALL get “CLOBBERED BIG TIME WAR AND ALL etc,etc,etc!”

        1. Hi Terry, it always goes back to the Henoch Prophesies…
          “195…reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible you have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.
          196. If this does not happen, many small and great nations will lose their independence and their cultural identity and will be beaten down, because the USA will gain predominance over them and with evil force bring them down under its rule.”

  5. Sorry Jacobus but I gotta tell you the honest truth and that is my ancestors were white Russians like Tevye of Fiddler on the Roof who fled the Romanoffs during the 1890s I have very distant relatives in Russia and you have to think of other Russians such as artistis,scientist, doctors and the ordinary everyday Russians man in the street who are no different than you and me accept for the language differences. I won`t go any further than that be please think od other ordinary peop[le from the around this world NOT these stupid politicians who want nothing more than conflict, money and war etc,etc,etc! It doesn’t matter where and what country these peple are from,there are good and bad people everywhere be it contry,earth solar systems, galaxies universes,etc,etc, etc! Russians are very culturaly inclined and they have a whole wealth of arts,culture, hisory Think Toldtoy,Cherkov, Rachmonanorf,tkousky, Opera, Ballet, Theater, Novels, the list is endless. Russia is a very very big country,the biggest in the world. If you don`t believe me check with MH who has been there once etc. So guys would you want to nuke Russia who might just nuke you back and vice versa. Think about that! I just read on Democracy Now that Tennesse just opened up a new nuclear power plant that looks to me like Indian Point! Now just how stupid can they get with this new nuclear power plant in Tennessee plus the state of Georga is going to built 2 more n uclear power plants too! :-(((

  6. I forgot to mention there were many Russians who fled during the Sofiet Union communist regime before Austust 1991 too such as George Balanchine, Igor Yoskavich. Mihihal Barichnicov, Natiya Mararova, Andre Sakaov,schyaniskiove, mislav Rsotapovich, Vladimer Horowitz
    ,well you ge the picture. “Please don`t knock the Russian people,it`s their religion and politics that stink like hell just like here in the US, EU and elswhere!

  7. “……the USA’s allies continue to dissociate from that country, or even become open enemies of that country, etc.”
    the above quote by meier is being fulfilled. The Philippines president Duterte has decided to break away from the USA sphere. He got a grand welcome in China. Hope that Hillary got that message.

    1. Hi Ah Peng Trouble is Hilary keeps bashing China and Russia so what does she know and even care! Both Trump and H Clinton are nothing more than a bunch of ruthless toothless scums!

  8. There’s much talk on UFO webshites about a (nonsensical) plan to distract Clinton voters with a fake alien invasion on Nov 8th:

    Included is a PDF of the whole plan and this must be true as there’s diagrams & surveys in it ‘n’ everyfin…

    If, by leak, they mean an embarrassing wetpatch caused by uncontrolled laughter then it all makes sense, e.g., there’s no source for this “leak” anywhere on, the logo/address in the PDF are wrong and “Anonymous”, whose “V” signing has long seemed a turned around message to the truth, have created a dramatic video about it with Matrix-style effects. The PDF contains many examples of disinformation, e.g.,..

    Trump supporters will stop at nothing (forcing equally terrifying countermeasures type thinking).
    Minorities don’t “consume” alternative news (Cue “racist” guilt responses in readers – associated with Trump).
    Trump’s sexual misconduct has been debunked (cognitively dissonant) compared to Bill’s “successfully suppressed” rape.
    “…bussed-in voting, false-face operations, and dead-man’s-party” (Threats to/from a man’s party all around)
    Russia… Trump… Russia.
    “The Public Has Lost Faith In Polling” (So don’t bother).
    Social media as a “psychological weapon” (Opinion becomes weaponised).
    Words, “LEO is pro-Trump” followed by dangers of ‘FIRESIGN’. (Hint: Leo is a fire sign).

    There are many more examples in the PDF, but, the subtext is: ‘UFO addicts – Stay indoors and watch yourself, your brain, the skies, us, everything on Nov 8th – just don’t go out and vote for racist Trump as its too close to call right now, okay’. As, no doubt, the intelligence community frequent here, I do respectfully ask that they actualy follow through with the fake alien invasion threats. Reason being that…

    “And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialised countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorised by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality.” Source:

    …if they fake invade us, the anonymity ETs maintain (so as not to cause undue distress) will be completely null and void and any secret power groups will be squaring up to ETs with useless toys from their ancient history. So, go ahead… make my day, or, are you all talk? (See – 2 can play at this game).

    1. Correction: It attempts to distract Trump voters – They obviously want those poor Hillary voters to take action – according to the info in the PDF.

  9. Hi Matt, You ate my world out of my mouth. Fortunately I alread voted for the Geen party and Jill Stein. I`m going to spend Tusday Nove 8th watching ballet youtube videos since Tusday Oct 4th was World Ballet Day and I haven`t had a chance to watch the entire event that day so I`m going to spent election day catching up with what i missed on World Ballet Day which was a 24 hour event which I missed most of and also catch up with my favorite ballet dancer too as well. That way I can just skip this Frankin,Wolfman,Dracula,Mummie Horror Show! Period. This for me will be the perfect excuse for me to get out of ALL these melevolent monster mash Rocky Horror Picture Show,etc,etc,e!

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