Huffington Post: The Billy Meier UFO Case

Will it reach enough people in time?*

Decades of mainstream media censorship of the Billy Meier UFO case were shattered by the publication of a new Huffington Post interview with Michael Horn.

This follows the first major breakthrough, which occurred when a skeptical professor facilitated the first of two presentations in an American university,  NAU, following previous attempts to present the information at ASU.

Then we unexpectedly popped up in a WikiLeaks release pertaining to the revelations about a covert intelligence agency.


Those who are new to the Meier case may wonder why all the intrigues and suppressive efforts against Meier – including 23 documented attempts on his life, the most recent in September 2015. The simple answer is that the truth is too threatening to the powers that be, the various religious, political, governmental, military, corporate, economic interests, etc.

The largest UFO organization, MUFON – which is also an intelligence agency asset – forced cancellation of a presentation in Kansas City. Make up a story about being “abducted by aliens” and get front page coverage. Tell the truth about the still ongoing contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race – now spanning 75 years – and be prepared to be ignored, or attacked by every skeptic, and crazy know-it-all. Until now.

The Stakes Are High

We are a short time away from the presidential election and we already know what Billy Meier’s point of view is about the two major candidates and what awaits America as a consequence of our own long-standing policies.

One of the first principles of the spiritual teaching is to see things exactly as they are. In these volatile times there is the temptation to instead see them as being either better or worse than they are. And there’s the ever-increasing tendency towards escapism of every kind, from virtual reality to projecting all of one’s hopes and dreams on the equally illusory tales spun by politicians, so-called leaders, religions and belief systems, etc.

It’s often said that people don’t change for the better until the pain is great enough. The wise among us will instead recognize the true state of affairs and choose to learn more about the way to live.

Hopefully this article in the Huffington Post will introduce many more people to the most important true story in all of human history and the key to our future survival…which is why they came here.

*NOTE: This article actually appeared – briefly – in the news section of the Huffington Post, on October 17, but was…removed because it was “too controversial”. They agreed to re-post it today in this section.

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  1. The truth is… there is no mainstream media in the… at this time: United… States… there are only six hands (media companies) that disseminate the data and it is decided or rejected upon the effect upon those six entities (and multinational corporations’ bottom line)… nay or yea… and the rest is swept under the rug.

    Folks get it in their head… that there is something going on… and all of a sudden THE GAME’S ON!!! and the mcfuddleheads… watch the boob tube… with nothing more going on in their noodle than the score of last night’s game… and they are PROUD of that! Sheesh!

    The Roman’s did the same thing… when the crowds demanded lower taxes or more freedom… they would get “edgy” and the Emperor (like the US Empire!) would create a circus… the circus circus… ( we call them Gladiators now) and the folks did not even know they were being “snowed”.

    Q.) “Do you want to watch the news or American Gladiators?”
    fade to diner crowd…
    A.) “Gladiators…”

    When telling the truth becomes a crime… you have become enslaved and called a conspiracy theorist… for thinking otherwise… it is easy to see once you stop drinking the cool aide (watching the media “show”). It is amazing how many think by reading the newspaper they are increasing their intelligence when indeed it is just the opposite since most of it is made up…

    But there are those that continue to imbibe heavily on the media narcotic set at a certain frequency… watch the wall opposite the TV tonight… (if you can remember or pull yourself away for that long) say during a commercial or the news… and watch the hypnotic, rhythmic pulsing of the light and tell me it’s not intentional… (hint: it’s very intentional). Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby…

    When they take your guns from the slaves that’s the time for blood in the streets… which they want because then they can sell their weapons of war… Isn’t it interesting that in Dulles Virginia… you can get a 38 shot clip for your Glock 19 Gen 4 handgun but in California where there are more “crazies” than Virginia… you can’t even buy a Gen 4 or even a 21 shot clip… Makes you think unless you are in the field of poppies and do not see the flowers for the meadow… The late former DC mayor Marion Barry’s famous quote about his town:

    ” Well there wouldn’t be so much crime if it weren’t for all the murders… ”

    You know… while we were arguing about Hillary or Trump… Homeland Security Patriot Act 2 was ignored/changed or skirted around and no one was the wiser… in fact they probably did not even know about it… because as I have already stated… there is no mainstream media… it is all a myth or as Putin calls them… only fables… which we eat up… hook, line and sinker… as authentic palpable news… no matter how pulpy it is delivered…

    They call Julian Assuage and Peyton Manning and Edward Snowden… criminals… when indeed it is the ones stealing our civil rights… “for our own protection” right out from under us who are true-ly the criminals… but they haven’t yet been caught… or are they just “untouchable”… kind of like the sports teams… no… Hey THE GAME’S ON!

    Salome: Be greeted in Peace and Wisdom.

  2. : I’m a member over at and: one of the series I follow is “Cosmic-Disclosure” with David: Wicock and: Corey: Goode. : Its very peculiar, David viligently sites the Law of One as a defacto-FACTUAL-case based in channeled-data in which he has made claims of how channeling is questionable. With all the data given on the show and: Davids long history in this field and: as one of the top-guys that focuses on scientific-evidence, to not once have mentioned the Meier-case is very baffling.

    : I have challenged David on this yet nothing. : Gaia doesnt even have one video concerning the Meier-case. : So I make it a point to comnent in these concerning Meier and: as Mike states, you get attacked and: ignored.

    1. I did a show with George Noory on the Gaia channel (Beyond Belief). I don’t know if it’s aired yet (or if it will).

      You’ll notice that people like Wilcock and Goode don’t present ONE piece of independently verifiable evidence, or uniquely significant information, to back up their disinformation-laden claims. There may well be reasons why that kind of junk gets wide exposure. It’s been suggested to me to look into the credentials of the people who actually own Gaia and their corporate backgrounds, etc.

      As you may have discovered, the entire UFOCI (UFO Community and Industry) is just that and is fed and disseminates utter garbage disinformation for profit. I do suggest you keep probing and speaking out for the benefit of those who may appreciate the opportunity to be woken up.


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