FACT: Billy Meier Foretold the Italian Earthquakes

An expanded lesson in impeccable prophetic accuracy and self-responsibility

Once again, clueless human beings seek to put the responsibility – blame – for their own woes on an outside force, their favorite, capricious, invisible, Sky Daddy. Not to at all minimize the reality of human suffering, which is never in short supply on planet Earth, but…really. The imaginary deity decides to start shaking things up, and then the poor and superstitious do what?

They actually…pray that he’ll stop all that and take care of them, as their phony religions have been promising for as long as they’ve been suffering. We know how well the praying thing has worked for the past several millennia. So we are reminded of that contemporary slogan about “Doing the same thing and getting the same results, etc.”, you know, the definition of crazy.

Of course, Billy Meier and the Plejaren have long warned of what’s coming to us both geo-politically and environmentally. As I gently forewarned in my recent Huffington Post interview, “With the coming geo-political and environmental upheavals, the Meier case is the key to our very threatened future survival.”

While Meier published voluminous environmental warnings, beginning in 1951, pointing to the specific ones pertaining to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Italy may be helpful. Of course you can be assured that there are willfully stupid dolts who will vainly struggle to find some embarrassingly irrational way to deny the obvious. You can be sure that they aren’t the ones who were directly affected by the turmoil as they indulge in the luxury of their absurdities.

Italy, Specifically, by Name

Let’s start with this from the 136th Contact Report:

“165. The severe quake around Vesuvius will only be the beginning of a great number of similar disasters in Italy, but it should also be the starting point for further coming eruptions of the volcano, which will create more destruction in the future.

166. The threatening eruptions of the volcano, however, will indicate that another world war comes within easy reach and that its destructive work will begin and be carried out, without it being able to be prevented, if the political and religious unreasonableness of the Earth humans should continue.

167. For two thousand years, the Earth human being was given prophecies about these threats, but he only laughed at them, and all advice that was given was simply spoken into the wind.

168. But he must bear the consequences for more and more of his senselessness.

169. And the events in Italy should be the signs of this coming time, for since ancient times, the most monstrous crimes against Earth humanity were committed by this country, namely through Catholicism, whereby the ‘Holy See’, in particular, is responsible for this.

268. Thus, Italy will be the actual starting point of that large chain of weak to most severe earthquakes, which will shake the Earth from the end of 1980 and in the beginning of 1981 throughout many years until far into the third millennium and bring death and destruction over the people, whereby the Earth human being has contributed a lot to this and will further serve to encourage these quakes.

From the Henoch Prophecies:

253. This will be at the time that tremendous natural disasters will hit Italy and its people, causing severe hardship.

254. But this will also be at the time when Vesuvius could become active again and could spread tremendous havoc.

Yes, it’s a fact that Billy Meier foretold the Italian earthquakes…and what is yet to come.

Statistical Probabilities

Before the recent earthquakes occurred, which also often precede volcanic eruptions, a friend of mine mentioned that the “statistical probabilities” of Meier getting his information by chance, research or coincidence outweighed any chance that he got it from extraterrestrials.

This was an interesting idea; to roughly calculate what the probabilities were that either weighed for or against Meier’s sources being who he claims they are. The first thing that came to mind was the Jupiter-Io information that some diligent and dedicated skeptics had inadvertently managed to corroborate, in their futile attempt to “debunk” it. You’ll notice that they had also proudly named their esteemed sources, the same ones that proved Meier to be…correct, which I frequently refer to as his being  “prophetically accurate”.

While I had long focused mainly on the fact that Meier had published the details that would, five months later, be not only corroborated but touted as the “most important discovery of the Voyager mission”, I decided to look at other factors that could affect the statistical probability that Meier “could have” gotten the information some other way, despite copyrights attesting to his prior publication of it.

I learned that there are approximately 200, combined, planetary and orbiting satellite bodies in the solar system. Now, leaving aside for the moment just…why it would occur to a non-scientist, living in a remote part of Switzerland not plagued by earthquakes or volcanoes, to contemplate what the most volcanically active body in the solar system is, how is it that this man picked the exact body, Io, that our esteemed scientists would also so designate…five months later?

That’s an approximately 1 in 200, precise hit. But there’s more. In addition to Meier correctly identifying Jupiter’s moon, Io, as being the “most volcanically active body in the solar system”, he also – correctly – specified the:

Chemical composition of the volcanic ejecta

Approximate velocity of the ejecta

Height attained by the ejecta

Smooth surface of Io due to the ejecta that doesn’t escape its gravity

Contribution of the ejecta to the torus and rings of Jupiter

Previously unknown fact that the moon Europa is encrusted in ice

Fact that Io once had water on its surface

If we take the above additional specific items into consideration, we can end up with some interesting and, pardon the pun, astronomically high figures. For instance, while some people may claim that there would only be a limited number of chemical components that could comprise the ejecta, those would still have to be factored in. And while Meier’s figures for the velocity and the height the ejecta attained could be regarded as close estimates as well, they nonetheless suddenly produce numbers in the hundreds and possibly thousands.

That means that when factored in, they far exceed 1 in 200. I’ll leave it to the mathematically inclined to give more accurate numbers, more accurate…statistical probabilities.

With that genie out of the bottle, one can look at things like the Iceman mummy and the recent discoveries of details that also send that probability calculator spinning.

Then we can go back and start evaluating all of the other hits, such as the ones on the page here, and in the more than 580 articles contained in this blog.

This inevitably has us considering that nasty little acronym, MMO, i.e. means, motive and opportunity. What – proven, verifiable – means would Meier have used during what actual, factually established opportunities to gather all of this specific, prophetically accurate information and yes, what would have motivated him to do so?

Since the skeptics are incapable of addressing this essential element too, they try to dismiss and avoid it. Because so many of them are simply amateur, online, armchair experts – with pitifully little real life experience – they neither know, nor consider, all of the salient, established factual circumstances of Meier’s life during the times when he published the largest amount of this critical information.

To be precise, most all of the scientific information published by Meier is provided to him by the Plejaren, who don’t ever give him theoretical information or guess work in regards to these matters but only hard scientific facts, of which they are certain.

They also provide probability calculations, which are different from either prophecies or predictions, as is briefly explained in the first two paragraphs here.

However, Meier himself also can and does do complex calculations to derive certain information, as he briefly describes in this contact.

What all this really means, is that the real statistical probabilities favor Meier being right on virtually any and everything he publishes of a scientific (and world event) related nature, something our own scientists can only dream of.

Prophecies and Destiny

In terms of what may matter more to most people than some of the scientific information, the prophecies address more immediate concerns that could impact all of our lives.

The arrogance and hubris of the stuffed shirt know-it-alls who have suppressed, attacked, ridiculed, and/or ignored the Meier information, has contributed to effectively keeping humanity in the dark about so many of the possibly avoidable and tragic events. They hid the truth about how, in accordance with the spiritual teaching and understanding the law of cause and effect,  each person is in fact the creator of their own and the collective destiny, through the might of their thoughts, and their freedom and self-responsibility, to choose and determine the way to live.

As Quetzal explained:

“Thus, provided that human beings of Earth will become reasonable, the possibility exists that by a reasonable change in the way of thinking as well as a reasonable development in feeling and an equally reasonable way of acting, everything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do not have to be fulfilled. However, if this transformation does not occur, a very evil, wicked and negative time lies ahead for the Earth and its entire population in the coming new millennium.”


Thanks to Matt Knight for assembling the prophetic information about Italy from the Contact Reports.
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30 Replies to “FACT: Billy Meier Foretold the Italian Earthquakes”

  1. Can we add a big C to your MMO Michael.
    As we all know chance plays a big part in life and so it did to this case meaning that how on earth could Meier have avoided the most likely chance that he wasn’t caught if he hoaxed it through an infinite number of factors that chance throws at people like the school principal sternly telling you to come to his office because other students told him you were smoking behind the toilet block at recess.
    The chance to carry it all out if it was an elaborate hoax in the middle of so many responsibilities to fulfill such as looking after the family and building a farm among so many others.

  2. A question from Terry lead to me finding more corroborations of the impossibly high accuracy of Semjase’s information from Contact Report 136 in 1980. It always astounds me when I find these layers of intelligence that were hidden in plain sight in the reports.

    Published April 20, 2011, a National Geographic article mentions a recent study by a top geophysicist at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Rinus Wortel, who has postulated that, “Europe [is] being thrust under Africa”.

    The following can be read in that article, “…studies of recent earthquakes in the region indicate that a new subduction zone may be forming where the plates are colliding along the coasts of Algeria and northern Sicily”

    Let’s just recap the two SPECIFIC countries mentioned by Semjase in October, 1980 “Al Asnam” (Algeria) and “Italy”; specifically the southern region where Sicily is located.

    Notice, also, that in 2011, “Other scientists are intrigued by the possible subduction zone—but they remain cautious.”

    Now let’s recap on what Sejase said in October, 1980 again…

    176. Thus, they [know-it-alls] do not know that the main activity of the volcano does not lie directly under it but lies directly and very deeply beneath the city of Rome, so in addition, those areas which will be shaken at the end of November will be caused… partly by tectonic shifts.”

    Emphasis on “…tectonic shifts.”

    So, in 1980 (translated in 2009), Semjase mentions the two specific places by name where there will be the “…beginning of a great number…” of earthquakes caused partly by tectonic shifts that a top geologists only theorised about in 2011.

    Also to note…
    “Also Europe doesn’t remain spared from the evil,
    for also there, under the land, lives hell.
    From the land of the boot, one will speak very sadly”

    I seem to remember a prophecy about Italy falling into the sea, but, could not find this so could be wrong, but, if anyone knows about, please could they share as this would also point to “Europe Starting to Dive Under Africa”

    1. Hi Matt, I think you will find this link extremely corroborating to your link about the European continent taking a dive under Africa. http://www.figu.org/ch/verein/aktuelle-infos/kontaktgespraech-1-september-1948 Matt read verses 295 and 296 of Sfath’s foresight into the future. It says that there will be a series of earthquakes in the years 2016 and 2017 in Italy’s eastern central region and also in the region of the Mediterranean sea that forebodingly announce the destruction and devastation that will cause 5 countries to partly sink into the sea. Matt if I can recall about your inquiry about Italy sinking into the sea you may want to read the Petale Prophesies. My conclusion is expect more Earthquakes in those areas this year of 2017.

    2. Thanks Darcy and Jed.

      Darcy, Very Interesting and, of course, shocking and terrible.
      Just watched MH’s recent Wiegand files interview and whilst my heart was racing out the door trying to flag down the nearest UFO, my head remembered the comment about Italy and you found it, thanks. I’ll check the Petale Prophecies (poems?) and that sounds correct as the source and very useful, thanks.

      Very sad that disturbing about these coming catastrophes if they pan out. Billy does say prophecies change. Whether this one has changed is yet to be seen. I would hazard that these tectonic events are probably, as with climate change, caused in the majority by human (overpopulation) effects, drilling, buildings, the weight of cities, etc., high CO2 emissions, climate change, etc.

      Perhaps the projected CO2 levels in ’48 were higher than they actually are today… meaning there’s possibly some years (decades?) delay before these events occur? Just thinking of introduction of unleaded fuels, more greener energy production in some countries and the reduction to cfc’s in fridges, etc? Not nearly enough, but, may have bought us more time to prepare?

      In the Prophecy poems, Billy talks about the Island Kingdom (UK) having brittle bones and being thrown down to lowest level of misery. That, to me, spells nuclear radiation fall-out or Icelandic volcanoes becoming active, causing another “dark age” for the UK where nothing can grow and probably means both… and more. “Lowest level of misery” must mean exactly that.

      Immediate thoughts on 1948 info… with so many Nuclear facilities around Italy and Northern Europe as can be seen in this map here: https://www.carbonbrief.org/mapped-the-worlds-nuclear-power-plants

      …doesn’t this mean we’re going to have one hell of a nuclear meltdown problem? Is that bye-bye Europe, the Northern hemisphere and huge die-off due to radiation poisoning? All All very frightening and sad.

      Need to translate the whole article.

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