The Censored Predictions of Jeremia and Elia

What the ancient prophets actually foretold is now upon us

In the recent blog about the Italian earthquakes, I posted references from the Contact Reports and the Henoch Prophecies. This led some people to try to dismiss Billy Meier’s information because it’s already well known that Italy is a very earthquake prone.

What I didn’t post in the article was the ultra-specific information about Vesuvius given to Meier regarding the exact location and depth of the magma chambers, as well as their great volume, which was scientifically corroborated…14 years after Meier published it.

You’ll note that Semjase already alluded to the destructive effect that Vesuvius would have on Rome – 21 years before the scientific publication. And of course we know that the Plejaren warned about the connection of these now pressing events to another world war.

While most of the information at this link is culled from the Contact Reports, we’ve also frequently referenced some of the various prophecies and predictions here that have continued to be fulfilled.

In light of all of the fast-moving developments or destructive degeneration in the world, perhaps the most timely warnings are the real predictions of the prophets Jeremia and Eliah (Elijah), which were censored and removed from the bible, replaced with more symbolic and ambiguous language, etc. You’ll notice that Quetzal put them in clear, contemporary language for Meier.

The Physics of It All

Rather than view this as any kind of mysticism, it’s better to see and understand it as a demonstration of the immutable, unerring, law of cause and effect (causality) “considered to be fundamental to all natural science, especially physics”.

On a personal level, which of course contributes to and helps to form the collective reality, we may want to contemplate this:

What you do in this moment recedes into the past, as its effects approach you from the future.

We now see what has happened, over the many millennia, because of elevating the fatal flaws faith and belief over truth and knowledge. The prophets knew that there was no outside force, no deity that was creating our lives. They knew and taught what the spiritual teaching advises, i.e. that we, as self-responsible human beings, should observe and control our thoughts, ideally 24 hours a day. Our thoughts lead to our feelings, our feelings lead to our actions. To control our thoughts is to begin to consciously create the life, and the world, we prefer.

More than ever, we must truly learn how to properly use the might of the thoughts, with all that is upon us…as the time fulfills.


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42 Replies to “The Censored Predictions of Jeremia and Elia”

  1. I think there is a possibility for alternatives or even a compromise if we are willing to take responsibility for our actions. The elections are approaching and if we can choose alternative which will [prevent these prophecies from turning into predictions then we have a chance to save humanity from the 2 civil wars and WW4. I voted a month ago by absently ballot fir Jill Stein since I`m a Green party. Another idea I heard about in North carolina is a viote swap which I don`t ev e know what that is. If all else fails then don`t even vote out of protest againts warmongering which could lead to WW4. We NEED to start getting our heads together if we want to change these future preditions and make choices that will save this planet from anhiliation from thse 2 rotten candidates that will surely lead us into death!

  2. If there are other ideas which might help prevent these two civil wars and WW4,let`s hear it otherwise these prophecies willk surely turn into prediction death and destruction and so on!

  3. Here is another idea of mine, a write in if that can be done,put in a name of a person you think will stop all these moneygrubbing warmongering criminals from trying to destroy what`s left of us people here on Earth etc. a write in candidate etc.

  4. Putin Campaigns for Trump:

    As Election Day nears, the Trump campaign has enlisted President Vladimir Putin, of Russia, to appear with the Republican nominee on stage. This has been really amazing for it drives a nail straight into the heart of this nonsense that Trump would be the one to start war, not Hillary. Indeed, it is Qatar and Saudi Arabia who have been funding ISIS and are adamant about overthrowing Syria so they can run their pipelines to Europe and compete with Russia. This is what the Middle East mess is all about. Since both countries are big contributors to the Clinton Foundation and Obama tried to sell invading Syria on their behalf, Hillary is the one who will send our boys to die in the Middle East so these two countries can build a pipeline. Putin appearing with Trump exposes the truth in this issue.

    1. Ridiculous Arie, Putin has made it quite clear that he will not interfere in the U.S. election. You must have that article confused with the DNC emails which always tries to associate Putin with Trump.

  5. This quote you have posted Arie contradicts itself. On the one hand the article suggests Trump has enlisted Putin to appear on the Republican nominee stage which is laughable and ridiculous. Then it suggests he Trump will be the one the start war. With who. Russia!. I’m far from a trump supporter but he has made it publicly clear he wants to have a working relationship with Russia and work with the Russians to defeat ISIS. Hilary on the other hand has made her self clear on a few occasions that she wants Assad removed form government and that she would enforce a no fly zone over Syria which would be illegal under international law and mean a direct conflict with Russia. Its seem you have got caught up in the propaganda. Which lets be honest can be quite convincing. But that is pure an utter nonsense what you posted.

  6. I agre with you entirely dub. Ether way this presidential election is going to be a complete disaster thanks to all the stupid warmongering elitist criminal intent of these 2 candidates.Seems to me nobody wants an alternative to all the dire warnings the Billy and the Ps are predicting. Before you know it there will no more planet Earth left except a nuclear holocaust and NO life at all on planet Earth! that`s because nobody is paying attention and doing anything to stop this despicable warmongering machinery here on Earth. Seems to me no matter who you vote for these dispsable elitist behavior with all the money they got plus these rotten scums WON `T even pay their taxes while the rest of us have to carry the burden of paying sky high prices for everything! ” These presidential candidates are a bunch of monkeys who be long in a zoo or worse a petri dish!”!

  7. hi Michael, my unanswered question on 3Rd Nov was sincere and refers specifically to the quarterly spirit lessons sent out from figu, as opposed to the spirit teachings. I realise the 2 phrases are connected, but why specifically the different phraseology between: lessons, and teaching? Also my question remains… I do hope you can clarify this for me, at your convenience. Thanks for all.

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