The true teaching of Jmmanuel, falsely known as “Jesus Christ”

Considering the worldwide importance of the man upon whom a major religion was founded, who was said to have raised the dead, walked on water and been magically resurrected after his own death, the fact that there is zero historical information about him has largely been ignored.

One can find numerous books, histories and biographies about people like Julius Caesar, and many others, born a century or more before “Jesus”. Yet not a one of the dozens of historians living in the overall area, during those ancient times, ever wrote about a man named “Jesus Christ”.

The new and final translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel presents the true teaching of the actual man, the prophet named Jmmanuel, which has also been written as Immanuel and Emmanuel. And reading it will also explain much about how and why a myth was perpetuated that has impacted humankind for two millennia.

Originally translated by Isa Rashid, with corrections, in 2010 and 2011, by Plejaren linguists, with the help of the pure-spirit-level Arahat Athersata, the Plejaren Ptaah, and with information from the storage banks by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM).

Please check this page for updates pertaining to the availability of the Talmud Jmmanuel around December 1st.

And please also hear this wonderful interview with Vivienne Legg discussing the new Talmud Jmmanuel .



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