The true teaching of Jmmanuel, falsely known as “Jesus Christ”

Considering the worldwide importance of the man upon whom a major religion was founded, who was said to have raised the dead, walked on water and been magically resurrected after his own death, the fact that there is zero historical information about him has largely been ignored.

One can find numerous books, histories and biographies about people like Julius Caesar, and many others, born a century or more before “Jesus”. Yet not a one of the dozens of historians living in the overall area, during those ancient times, ever wrote about a man named “Jesus Christ”.

The new and final translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel presents the true teaching of the actual man, the prophet named Jmmanuel, which has also been written as Immanuel and Emmanuel. And reading it will also explain much about how and why a myth was perpetuated that has impacted humankind for two millennia.

Originally translated by Isa Rashid, with corrections, in 2010 and 2011, by Plejaren linguists, with the help of the pure-spirit-level Arahat Athersata, the Plejaren Ptaah, and with information from the storage banks by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM).

Please check this page for updates pertaining to the availability of the Talmud Jmmanuel around December 1st.

And please also hear this wonderful interview with Vivienne Legg discussing the new Talmud Jmmanuel .



23 comments on “New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel!

  • I am certainly looking forward to it Michael! As soon as it is out and you let us know, I will be ordering! Thank you for this update very much!

  • Jesados: pertaining to foundation or fundemental one or ground seeking one… and christos: the ceremony which has one anointed with oil… are if Greek origin… (before Jmmanuel’s time) yet were written by various “scholars” who wrote the bible incorrectly from the works of Jmmanuel (his name was never Jesados or Jesus) he was the origin of the knowledge written down by the men employed by Constantinople (the man)… of which the Turkish city Istanbul is a direct translation and tribute of his name… three hundred years after the great man that wrote “The Goblet of Truth” ( downloadable here for a short time) from: and folks attempt to sway others from one document to another when the truth stands on it’s own…

    You can even find out about Shakespeare who was supposedly a spy for the Monarchy of England… whose life can be tracked by his water bills and fuel bills (for light)… it is very observant of you Michael… that Ceaser and others can be tracked to a date and time… but not the fictitious JC of which the folks who are at least… simi conscious understand he never existed as that name… Jmmanuel existed… yes… the name Jim comes from that name…

    The nice thing about the Meier material is that they change their documents to reflect the truth whether that be in spelling or translation to the “nth” degree… constantly fixing it… I’ve heard folks tell Billy that there was a mistake in this or that passage… spelling usually… and Billy takes it all in stride… and FIXES the problem rather than blaming the publisher… etc… teaching by example… he lives what he writes about.

    Salome, Be greeted in Peace and Wisdom.

  • I read the German version, purchase this book if you want to learn more about the Christian religion (through the introductory information) then you could possibly imagine! Learn how Jmmanuel knew he would be falsely called J.C. (Jesus Christos = anointed one) and that a terrible cult religion would develop, that would enslave the minds of terrestrial humanity for thousands of years.

    Learn how Jmmanuel tried to help the women of his time, and how he taught consciousness-based evolutionary Geisteslehre, performed miracles using the consciousness of the ill to heal themselves, plus using natural salves.

    Learn how Jmmanuel predicted the rise of Naziism, and the extermination of the Jews, and it all happened just like he said. Seriously, in whatever Federation prison planet penal colony the Bafath are housed in, I hope they are in serious trouble for the mess the Earth is in, this makes me feel a little better being locked into an Earth-bourne reincarnation cycle knowing it won’t always be like this. 🙁

  • Part of the reason Christianity snowballed is explained in page 155 of GOTT verse 4:195, and the scribes changing things, but viewed objectively, the Bafath must have had their deceiving fingers in the Christianity’s “revisions”, so in other words they tampered with Jmmanuel’s legacy, they even tried tampering with Billy’s legacy before they were deported, as GOTT 4:195 indicates the last of the line of 7 will leave everything in many scrolls, so everything will be of permanence.

    What seriously threatened the Bafath about Billy one day setting the Earth free, which is slowly happening these days pretty quietly whenever a student purchases a book to study.

    Contact 109 lines 43 – 49 indicate the future personalities of the core-group will be a resource even future Earth governments could use, because they will be instructing Earth humanity in the teaching of the spirit, and using the powers of the consciousness, and could advise all human life forms. They will be using Billy’s left behind “many scrolls” as a basis to do this. 🙂

    • Earlier than the Bafath took over, St. Paul himself was a heretic who already was turning Jmmanuel into a god during his lifetime.

  • The myth that was perpetuated must be very good for the Church business but tragic for millions of unbelievers/infidels throughout the millineas. Not to mention false hopes for those who really believed. The moment of truth has finally arrived. Lots of thanks to those who persevered to bring the light to the world. The onset of the unstoppable tsunami of truths.

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