The origin of the famous 1951 and 1958 prophecies published by Billy Meier

As many of the prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier, from as far back as 1951 and 1958, continue to unfold today, they were actually first revealed to Billy Meier when he was nine-years-old, in 1946, by the Plejaren extraterrestrial Sfath.

Among the many things of note, Sfath tells young Meier about the real, secret USA and world government that is behind so much of the world’s problems, wars and religious terrorism, the devastating environmental crisis due to overpopulation, the ever-spreading terrorism and asylum seeker problems and even foretells the “naive-sick woman might-holder in Germany” who will be responsible, i.e. Angela Merkel, and the resulting breakdown. Sfath states that by 2016 there will be 70 million refugees worldwide, a figure close to the official estimates, as of 2015.

The people were warned…and did they listen?


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37 comments on “Predicted in 1946 and Now Upon Us

  • We are in for tough times. The civil unrest and protesters coupled with a changing of the guard, too many variables for things to go bad real quick.

  • Is Billy now publishing previously unknown Sfath material? I read the relevant FIGU publication with these Sfath predictions and it appeared recenty. I don’t recall that this was part of the original contact reports and I would like to know if it was available earlier or only recently. Sfath does go on and on in this report and sounds a little bit like Ptaah. . . . . Indeed, it would be doubtful unless someone at the time had a recording device and recorded everything, that anyone could remember that conversation in detail. However, in my mind I have an impression of a grey and misty Saturday afternoon in November. . . . . whatever that means I don’t know, but it may be a real conversation that Billy had with Sfath. I think though that someone must’ve recorded it at the time. . . . . A lot to think about here.

    • It has been published now because of its relevance to these times. Maybe it’s a case of like father, like son…since Swath was Ptaah’s father.

      All of the contact conversations that Meier has had with the Plejaren, as well as Asket, etc., have indeed been recorded. That enables them to be telepathically…beamed back to Meier for transcription. So they can also be transmitted at any time, including long after they transpired, such as in this case.

      • That accounts for the long-windedness of some of the conversations, I guess. . . . I’d hate to have any of my conversations recorded that way. . . . it would make you think twice about anything you said. . . . Ptaah in particular sometimes just goes on and on. . . .

        • Carolyn all you have to do is ask any grade one teacher and they will tell you the only way for a child to retain knowledge is by repetition. Take it from there…

  • MH I wonder if Billy is still getting transmissions from Ptaah and Quetzal and having the more recent transmissions recorded for future refrences because of the recent election of I`m worried that things are going to get alot worse and just how dangerous things will get. In other words just how safe will I be from here on. Thanks. Peace,Terry

    • Well Terry, it’s safer with Trump than Hillary. The message from Christian that was provided by the Plejaren said we avoided war with Russia for the time being. We need to now focus on the USA and the possible coming civil wars more so than war with Russia , which I’m sure is still a possibility but not as much as with Hillary at the helm.

  • If Trump can cool the situation with Putin, there is still NATO and Europe snapping at Russia’s heels as they, no doubt with considerable “encouragement” from the US, move more military and weapons towards Eastern Europe. Even if the US were out of it at the start, a foolish NATO and Europe could now easily antagonize Russia into attacking Europe exactly as the Henoch prophecies mention. It is not just the US but also Europe that must cool its hotheads, brain-dead US puppets and war antagonizing Neolithic numbskulls into moving their armaments away from present Eastern European positions where they represent a threat to Russian and world security.

    • Frikin NATO! Almost forgot about that…well hopefully Trump will do his best to influence those knuckleheads to slow their roll..

    • I’m not sure where all this “we love Russia” junk is coming from. Have you all forgotten the Cold War and the constant threat of nuclear war that we, who grew up in those decades had to think about? Since when did Russia become the “good guy” in international affairs? I don’t understand, and I have studied history at the Masters level, how such long-standing enemies as Russia and the United States can suddenly become best buddies? When I was growing up it was thought that the more we could create a global economy and bind countries together economically, the less chance there would be of confrontation between countries. I guess the thought was that if economies were integrated, political integration would follow. What happened to that idealism? Now all I’m hearing is how terrible the so-called “globablists” are! I haven’t forgotten the conflicts I grew up with as a child of the ‘sixties and ‘seventies, and I haven’t decided that at this point in time I should forgive and forget political threats of the past. Why to trust the Russian bear is about as smart as to swim with sharks without protection! Who in their right mind would do that?

      Currently, we are looking at the “politics of despair” (I’ll give it a name) which promotes one despair over another. None of these despairing realities is good or desirable and no option is going to lead to a good outcome! I’m not sure why Ptaah is supporting the election of Donald Trump. It kinda makes me wonder whether I should trust anything the Plejaren are communicating to us through Billy Meier. Every instinct in me revolts at a Trump presidency. I do not foresee any positive outcome to this election. . . . . Like I said earlier, he has bought himself into this Presidency. If he were a poor man, he would not have won any election with his bombastic and arrogant manner. . . . . He’s President elect because he’s RICH. And you don’t need to believe every hostile thing you’ve heard about the Clintons either. . . . . the negative press about them is just as suspect as the positive press about Trump. And FYI I don’t give a hoot or a holler in hell what Ptaah has to say about Trump!

      • Ptaah isn’t “supporting the election of Donald Trump”. His comments were published afterwards and he’s simply and plainly stating that he’s the lesser of two evils.

        • Here is an articlke I found from In the News from c2c for Wednesday November 30,2016: The new York Post News: The US Could be gearing up for potential space war By Joshua Rhett Miller This sound to me like Trump wants to REALLY fight wars noit just here on Earth but also in outer space too if we let this lesser of the 2 evils get away with a nuclear war in outer space too,. As I`ve said MOST if not all politicians,shills and cabals will doi ANYTHING to start another war even in outer space too! MOST if not all politicians are ALL WARMONGERS who can`t wait to spend and waste “GAZILLIONS just to start another war even in outer space! Just how stupid can you get with all these politicians who jjust can`t wait to star another war even in outer space!”

      • Perhaps no one gives a hoot or holler what you have to say either, Carolyn. Not really sure why you bother coming here. Your disrespect for Ptaah and Billy is sickening and quite telling of your mindset. But I’m sure you fell for the Canadian media propaganda and voted for Trudeau who apparently has his own “pay to play” program just like your hero Hillary.

        • Hillary is not my hero, Sheila, and before you throw mud at me you ought to consider who you might be talking to. You really don’t know me at all and your high-handed attitude belies a certain arrogance of spirit and lack of tolerance for another person’s opinion. I did not vote for Trudeau, but that’s none of your damn beewax, as we used to say in school. Sheila, you are a bit of a bullyish woman and I really don’t think I like you. And no, I’m not leaving this forum to please such a person as yourself! Good night.

          • Well Carolyn, i will defend Ptaah and Billy against your ignorant comments and if you think that makes me a bully, so be it. It’s your lack of knowledge and always thinking you know better than Billy and Ptaah that makes me think your self importance is misguided.

          • I think this could become a productive exchange if each of you will state your positions, reasoning, etc., and let the personal element go. Ultimately, we all want to know the truth so even if we have opposing opinions let’s support them with logic and reason please.

          • Ptaah and Billy do not need to be defended. The contact reports speak for themselves. If I have another opinion than what is popular on this site, I would respectfully request that I be allowed to express that opinion, without people hurling personal insults at me. I have noticed that a big problem with all these kind of internet sites, is that unpopular opinions aren’t tolerated, and people who have another point of view get shot down by the majority. There can be no debate if differing viewpoints are not allowed in the conversation. I am a person who likes to look at a subject from all possible angles and to study the subject from more than one perspective. It’s a bit like if you’re standing in the same place all the time looking at life. You only see what’s in your field of vision and everything else is hidden from you, because you never move. A lot of people are like this, they just stand in one place for a lifetime and judge everything from that vantage point. Have I got your attention yet? Michael is doing good work and I appreciate everything he has done for FIGU and BEAM. However, I reserve the right to form an opinion for myself based on my perspective and my vantage point, which is different from anybody else’s.

          • As you know your comments and opinions are published here. Part of what comes with the territory, the various forums, blogs, etc., is that many of them censor, suppress, openly insult as official policy.

            We are sometimes a bit lively here. I appreciate it when people stay on topic with their comments, as I take time, every day, to moderate and try to do it in a timely manner so that the conversations can be ongoing. I’ve asked for personal attacks form any and all against fellow participants here to cease, though of course vigorous conversations that include disagreements of opinions are fine.

          • Carolyn when you say you like to look at a subject from all different angles, how come the only angle you are using is fiction novels? You’ve never lived through a World War but you are anti-Russian. During WW2 (3) Russia were our allies in helping to defeat the Nazis. After that, Gen. Patton wanted to re-arm the Germans to go after the Soviets. Perhaps your anti-Russia sentiment came from your father as a result of the age old rivalry between Germans and Russians?

          • Sheila, sorry to disappoint you, but my relatives were and are German and many of them fought for the Nazis. That doesn’t make me a Nazi, but many of my people were killed in civilian bombings of German cities during the last part of WW II. I regard the civilian bombings in Germany as an act of genocide against the German people. The Russian army was equally brutal in its treatment of captured German civilians. . . . . I was born in Canada, but my heart is German. If you do not like this, I cannot help you!

      • Since when did Russia became the “Good guy”?!! Since, from the Universe´s neutral perspective, USA has done just in the last 100 years about 65% of all the World`s destruction and piled up about the same amounth of the negative energy regarding the “Law of Cause and Effect”, about 20% of the rest belongs to Europe, 5% to Russia, 4% to China, 2% to Israel, and the rest 4% to the rest of the world.

        Studying and knowing official “history” = propaganda does not make a person to really know the true History; so Your ” knowing of “history” at the Masters level” does not mean a squat! All the “Russian evil” You reffer to comes from the times, when Vatican infiltrated Russia with a Jesuit Joseph Stalin, who made sure to put Russia in a bad light. In truth Russia has always been saving the rest of the World; it has been the case in times of Vatican˙s attempt of the New World Order – Total Global Domination with the Jesuit Napoleon, with Knight of Malta Hitler, and now with rulling USA and EU luciferians.

        No wonder Pleyarans regards Russia, just as do I, as the “Good Guy” in regards to USA and EU. It is a at least 1000-times lesser evil. Russians are also the only ones opposing total global enslavement instigated by USA and EU, the only ones calling for the world peace army, the only ones really fighting terrorrism, the only ones studying BEAM material and also the only ones trying to solve the problems regarding the red meteor Appophis.

        One has to be trully retarted not to, when regarded everything, see Russia, in respect to other powers and superpowers of the world, as a “Good Guy”; either retarted, stupid, unknowing, flasely patriotic or just plain evil!!

        Furthermore; knowing prophecies and predictions, in which it is clearly stated that if it comes to a war (WWIV) between superpowers, there is no possible future in which USA and Western Europe does not get “wiped out of existece”; even, if necessary, with the help of some ET civilization; every American and European who supports provoking Russia or China in a conflict is either totaly retared, stupid, crazy, evil or suicidal, or all of it. If even some ETs are prepared to get involved in the case of WWIV, and wipe out the whole USA and Western Europe; one has to be retarted not to see who really are the “Bad Guys” on this planet. Not to mention that even Pleyarans themselves once said that if there would exist such being as Devil, USA (and EU) in the closest to that.

        Obviously with Russia there is future for this planet; with USA and EU there is not! We Americans and Europeans better lay low and not selfdestruct by provoking Russia or China int oconflict. We better try to solve our own inner problems!

        We can only be gratefull that Russia is being led by some patient, smart and good guy like Putin; if this would not be the case, we would already be wiped out at least a few times by now. When he steps down or is going to get assassinated by CIA, then we will all cry after him; when, under a new less Putin like leader, the Russians come down uppon us with a thunder. We Americans and Europeas can only thank Putin that we still exist; and that is not just in respect of not attacking us for our unjustified constant provocations, but also by blocking Islamic invasion by fighting terrorrists and jihadist in Syria.

        • Anthony, I would much prefer to live in the United States or Canada than in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, China, India or Africa. In fact, nothing in this world will possess me even to visit these countries. And why do you suppose that is? With all the “evils” that exist here, at least I as a female have certain rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution (whether Canadian or American). I can walk down the street of any city without being verbally or physically assaulted. If I am assaulted there are appropriate penalties in place. In America you cannot be convicted of a crime without a trial. Usually the sentences are reflective of the crime committed. We do not arrest people and detain them without trial (unless they are considered to be “terrorists” and this only since 2002). We do not put up with violence against ordinary citizens. We do not allow our police or public officials to blackmail and extort money from ordinary citizens. We do not permit abuses of power by the police and other public officials. We may have corruption, but it is less corruption than in any of these other countries, where corruption seems to govern all aspects of civil life. We adhere to the code of conduct of civilized nations as stated in the United Nations Charter of Human Rights. The other countries do not. In Russia, China, India, Africa, the Middle East you can be arrested and detained for no reason at all; your freedom might be purchased by your country of origin at a high cost. If you are born a citizen of these countries you have no inalienable “human rights” in fact, such an idea doesn’t even exist. As a woman you have no rights at all. . . . not the right to live as a single working woman free of harassment, not the right to say anything the government doesn’t agree with, not the right to demonstrate in any way against the government, no right of “habeus corpus” which exists only in our decadent western democracies.

          I will never subscribe to any form of tyranny, be it racial, political, economic, social, psychological or religious. Even if our western values are only illusions, I am happier living with the illusion of freedom than no illusion of freedom.

  • Sfath gave us a remarkable gift

    You just gotta Love Sfath
    That nifty electrically induced deep hypnosis
    For a bit of Learning
    I don’t get the time factor, I’m havin’ a hard enough time
    NOW! 😉

  • Well as I`ve said I now have friends in Russia and MH and I have some Russian blood in our families so why even bother to attack Russia at all. so much for Hilary and her bashing Rusia with her stupid mouth propaganda etc,etc,etc.

  • Hi MH I just caught something REALLY bad from c2c In the News for 12/1/16: From National Geographic: The article is The Surpisi52ng History of a Really Bad Idea. This article is about nuking hurricanes out of existence! ” Well MH this could have spelled the end of life on dear old plnet earth” if you`ll pardon the pun,these dangerous politicians will do ANYTHING just to make a fast buck of us to curry favoritism to get elected to the highest post so they can avoid paying their taxes and make fools of themselves gight in front of our noses just te leave a DEAD smoldering world and move to Mars! After all look what happened to Mars amd Lamona which is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter! “Peersonally I think theses shills,thugs,cabals would like to do this all over again after so many millions of years agio! Does anyone remeber just what happened to Atlantis and MU too. beers watching very very carefully lets all hell breaks out all over again!

  • Hi Anthony What the Hell is Trump trying to do with planet Earth? Tern Earth into planet Hell? Must be better than Hilary but I remember reading tears ago bout what happened to Atlantis and Mu and Mars and Malona. Are we all going in that same direction with these shills,thugs, cabals all trying kill us all off in a nuclear war with all their money and underground bunkers and liv e lavishly on Mars with their luxury condos on Mars while the rest of us burn and die on Earth? what’s with these discussing cabals,thugs shills who don`t give a damn about us ordinary people like you,me Billy MH etc? Where are their moral ethical values in saving the rest of us from their stupid ideas such as wars, racism, environment if you understand why we have such awful politicians trying to control and take over planet Earth with their stupid Orwellian ideas such as spying on our every thought and move? Thanks Peace and Salome Terry

  • I just recently read the transcriptio from c2c when George Noory had Joe Scousand on c2c the other night about the fact theSousand predicts a nuclear war with North Korea. Here is an article I just read from in the News from the Coast News for Saturday DEc 31rst 2016: FRom Fox News Teck This giant manned robot might patrol the North Korean bparder by Mike Wehner December 29,2016 BGR

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