Anachronistic anarchist would benefit from exploring the Billy Meier UFO case

In a recent video self-proclaimed anarchist Stefan Molyneux bumbles about, in response to comments by a caller named Victor, trying to assert his archaic beliefs about UFOs and appealing to the authority of what our science considers to be possible pertaining to space travel, etc. Perhaps the strangest thing he asked his guest was why he was interested in UFOs. The very limited, geocentric world view of materialistic thinkers is often quite astounding.

I had previously sent Molynuex’s producer information about Meier’s UFO evidence, prophecies, etc., only to have him disappear and slink off into the digital darkness with no further communication. I then mentioned Molyneux in another blog:

“Apparently the prospect of being faced with discussing the Billy Meier case was too much for anarcho-capitalist Stefan Molyneux. His response to the invitation was the ‘no answer is also an answer’ non-answer. Considering the very challenging nature of the content in the Meier case, perhaps Molyneux also realized that should he respond at all, even to try to be dismissive of the Meier case, it could result in his faithful flock becoming familiar with a far more liberating body of information.”

After seeing Molyneux’s recent video, I submitted the following comment on his forum (which you may have to join to see):

“I found Stefan’s comments and responses to this topic staggeringly uninformed. I offered to help upgrade his awareness about the only scientifically proven UFO case, the still ongoing Billy Meier contacts in Switzerland, now spanning…75 years. However, his producer evaporated from the conversation rapidly.

Considering that this same man has consistently published specific, prophetically accurate geopolitical and scientific information, one would think that Stefan would want to discuss and share the information with his audience.

The very fact that none of…YOU know a thing about the Meier case, or have only heard that it’s a ‘hoax’, should be thought-provoking.

The overall UFO topic is often rightly marginalized because the field is filled with fraud and charlatans who willingly spread utter nonsense and disinformation, largely created by the intelligence community.

I happen to be the world’s leading expert on the UFO topic, doing multi-media presentations and interviews internationally, I’ve recently had two historic presentations in an American university (I did four in Canadian universities) and I’d be more than glad to discuss – or debate – the Meier case.

BTW, since someone here was discussing Jupiter, Billy Meier verifiably published the information that NASA/JPL announced as the ‘most important discovery’ of the Voyager mission, pertaining to Jupiter and its moons Io and Europa…five months before ‘official discovery’. Professional skeptics who attempted to ‘debunk’ Meier, ended up corroborating him instead.

I can easily substantiate all claims regarding this case, its evidence and information and I’ll post this comment, including my repeated offer to Stefan, on my widely read blog as well.

Of course, based on the previous retreat by the producer, I don’t know if this post will see the light of day…here.”

Let’s Help Him Out

Certainly Meier’s very specific, prophetically accurate geopolitical, scientific and environmental information, some of which dates back 70 years, should prove thought-provoking…if Stefan and his audience are courageous enough to explore and confront it.

Clearly Molyneux, as well as people like Alex Jones and Drudge, could also greatly assist in spreading awareness about something far more evolutive and productive to humankind than dead-end, advantage-oriented, conflict-producing politics, as they were among the most vocal Trump supporters and certainly helped to elect him.

Feel free to participate by contacting Molyneux and inviting him to explore the Meier material…as I have already also done.


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20 comments on “The Education of Stefan Molyneux

    • Gee, probably not…unless you delve into the Meier evidence and information (some linked from that article) and actually do some homework. Unlike the pseudo-heroic, political gunk of all our various isms, as also espoused by Molyneux, there’s plenty of real-life-relevant information here that should be delved into, especially now that Molyneux has stumbled into the overall UFO topic.

      As I mentioned, I offered to discuss, debate, assist him, etc., almost a year ago it turns out. He has a wide reach and should he open himself and his audience up to the most suppressed and important information in history, it could turn out to be a life-changing service to humanity.

      Having looked at the YoTube pages of a good number of people commenting on Molyneux’s video, so many seem to be involved with various forms of…make-believe and entertainment, various escapist video games, etc. Considering Meier’s impeccable record of prophetic accuracy, it may help if they became acquainted with information pertinent to their future survival, and not just the “whoopee, we’re…anarchists!” version.

      And as I also said to you in my email:

      Please use your real, full name when submitting comments for approval.


    • Jacob must’ve not gotten the news wherever he is

      Billy Meier has been consistently proven right for much more than the one election the alt-right got right and are given so much attention for.

      For example, in today’s news…

      Published (Paper) December 1995 (June 1996 – English Edition):

      “Q: How many countries possess nuclear bombs today?

      A: Currently the two arch enemies India and Pakistan possess atomic bombs… Woe be to all mankind, every life form, indeed the entire planet, should these countries actually decide to produce nuclear weapons. Reflecting on the Islamic fundamentalist fanaticism movement, surely every rational person can foresee what is in store for the world, humankind and all life, when these fanatics actually gain possession of such devastating, nuclear total-annihilation weapons.”

      Published verifiably online © Billy Meier/FIGU 2002–2004:

      “Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.”

      Published Today, 18th November, 2016
      “Pakistan claims it stopped intrusion by ‘nefarious’ Indian sub, ‘Blatant lies!’ cries New Delhi”

      They were warned, but, did they even know where they were, or, what they were talking about, or, doing, or, what manners were?

  • Michael is for sure, “the world’s leading expert on the UFO topic”. Well, at least the identified ones.

    I railed against space dott comm’s article praising Seth Shostak and SETI. Not once in all the years I’ve visited the (all things space) website have they ever mentioned Billy Meier. I probably have more physical UFO evidence in my hand (45 clear, daytime beamship photographs) after 3 yrs of amateur research than all of Shostack’s entire hack “career”. But keep submitting those freedom of information act requests, Seth, I’m sure they’ll jump right on that.

    Also, more news for the clueless about Northern California fault lines…

    • Greg,

      Of course I’m stretching the claim a bit, as obviously Meier is far more knowledgeable and maybe some FIGU CG members too. Additionally, people like you and others who’ve spent a long time researching the case indeed do know infinitely more about the entire matter than $eth $ho$tak and his phony ilk.

      But as far as ANYONE who lectures, who calls themselves a “UFO expert”, I’ll gladly substantiate my claim.

        • Great, thanks. One of the things I’ve noticed on soooooo many YouTube videos, etc., is that most of the people only want to say…something. Put references to evidence, etc., in a comment and…don’t expect them to even notice it in their rush to blurt out something. Pretty sad.

          But we’re striking a few chords and maybe some people will notice. I’ll keep on emailing the producer of his show too.

  • Stefan is a coward and a loser. When it comes to topics he disagrees with or doesn´t know much about, he takes the easiest way out with a condecending smile, voice and body language that just make me want to puke.
    He did his little camera parade on 911 conspiracies too and completely missed all the major points and failed to interview any sane people. When his listeners commented that he should have Ryan Dawson or James Corbett on the show he just deleted the comments, propably because they were on the top and got over 1000 thumbs up and many followup comments.
    When comes to history, philosophy and debating flat earthers he is good but anything that contradicts his tiny box of a world view, he is hopeless.

    Btw, this is what happened on 911 and a history lesson on conspiracies.
    “911 and War by Deception by Ryan Dawson”

    • Hi Eric, I agree. Also due to being in the insurance biz at the time of 9/11 I went that route. The Port Authority strong armed the insurance companies (which never happens) so that Larry Silverstein received a double payout. Plus the fact that insurance companies won’t pay out due to acts of terrorism. For the insurance companies to fold like that was unheard of at the time. And for future reference it’s good to keep in mind that insurance companies will not pay out for damages due to riots, insurrection, civil unrest, acts of terrorism.

  • Yeah… Molyneux rambles on… coherently but often incorrectly… if only he would be on our side… I think he would convince many about the most important study of humanity in history!

    Folks will always approach the unknown with trepidation (fear) so at least he has no comment on a subject most folks feel inclined to ignore with fear…

    If anyone who is famous could take on the Billy Meier case… hint hint… it would benefit the whole world!

    Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom.

  • Stefan Molyneux, in a way, is

    NOTE: The above is part of a comment that isn’t being posted simply because the person provided a false identity, etc.

    If they wish to comment here, they only need to use their real full name.


  • Actually Mike, I have given you my real name in the past. Talk about amnesia. hm? Anyway

    NOTE: It seems that our friend “Harco” here now is trying to make me responsible for remembering his name, claiming he gave it to me. However, everyone knows that I didn’t change, borrow or use anyone else’s name.

    What this means is that if this poor guy can’t find his name, get it back from whomever he really gave it too, and overcome his self-admitted bad case of amnesia…he may drift namelessly among the virtual stars here forever.

    Please do send good thoughts to him, and other less fortunate people without real names, who now cling desperately to screen names begging for help, which can barely be offered…since even their email addresses are also merely fake, screen addresses for garbage bin lids and other non-existent entities.

    Somehow, I knew it would come to this.


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