Corroboration: Changes in the Speed of Light

Scientists now suggest speed of light not a constant, maybe variable

With the help of our readers I’ll be publishing new corroborations of Billy Meier’s scientific and world event related prophetic information as they are occur and are provided.

Meier’s earliest calculations and information correcting our understanding about the speed of light were published in Contact 119, in 1979, well before the recent theory propounded by a team of scientists from the UK and Canada.

While I am daring to call this a corroboration, skeptics will rightly state that the theory is unproven as yet. However, based on statistical probabilities, i.e. the impeccable record of prophetically accurate scientific information provided by Meier and the Plejaren, it’s a pretty safe bet our scientists are on their way to catching up.

Been There, Done That

People may wonder just how the Plejaren know so much about our universe, which can be answered by the popularly flippant phrase, “been there, done that”. How Meier is able to calculate such complex mathematical information is another matter, which should be seen as even more amazing when it can be finally corroborated by our scientists at some time in the future, the reason for which is also explained by Quetzal* below, and still holds true…almost 38 years later:


Nothing more, at least not definitively. But tell me, can one make my calculations and results accessible to the earthly public?


51. Nothing speaks against that, only you certainly have to take into account that you will be insulted, as usual, as a liar and fantasist because *earthly science is still a long way from becoming understanding of the truth even only approximately.

52. It is still moving, as you know, on very limited tracks, from which the scientists are very faint-hearted and create small material calculations about the existence, the development, and the width and expansion of the universe.

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Thanks to Lolo Courtemanche and Arun Sri.

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