Scientists now suggest speed of light not a constant, maybe variable

As mentioned in this previous blog, with the help of our readers I’ll be publishing new corroborations of Billy Meier’s scientific and world event related prophetic information as they are provided.

Meier’s earliest calculations and information correcting our understanding about the speed of light were published in Contact 119, in 1979, well before the recent theory propounded by a team of scientists from the UK and Canada.

While I am daring to call this a corroboration, skeptics will rightly state that the theory is unproven as yet. However, based on statistical probabilities, i.e. the impeccable record of prophetically accurate scientific information provided by Meier and the Plejaren, it’s a pretty safe bet our scientists are on their way to catching up.

Been There, Done That

People may wonder just how the Plejaren know so much about our universe, which can be answered by the popularly flippant phrase, “been there, done that”. How Meier is able to calculate such complex mathematical information is another matter, which should be seen as even more amazing when it can be finally corroborated by our scientists at some time in the future, the reason for which is also explained by Quetzal* below, and still holds true…almost 38 years later:


Nothing more, at least not definitively. But tell me, can one make my calculations and results accessible to the earthly public?


51. Nothing speaks against that, only you certainly have to take into account that you will be insulted, as usual, as a liar and fantasist because *earthly science is still a long way from becoming understanding of the truth even only approximately.

52. It is still moving, as you know, on very limited tracks, from which the scientists are very faint-hearted and create small material calculations about the existence, the development, and the width and expansion of the universe.

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Thanks to Lolo Courtemanche and Arun Sri.

20 comments on “Corroboration: Changes in the Speed of Light

  • I think that if someone would only observe the Crab Nebula they would see there are chunks of matter traveling far faster than the speed of light in the outer reaches of this Nebula.

  • Light is created by energy, and since energy is never a constant, I would surmise that the speed of light would be variable.

  • My questions are the following. If the speed of light has something like a half life as Billy and the Plejaren sate in the contact reports, is this a way that different dimensions develop? So then different speeds of light would mean different times which would necessarily prove time travel is possible? Does this new earth knowledge disprove Einstein’s theories of light? Anybody have a response to my questions?
    Scott Reed.

    • Hi Scott,

      Dimensions are like your frame of reference… such as time or distance or size. It is my understanding the equivalent of an atom (the microcosm which is very small) in the macrocosm (that which is very large) is a galaxy… that is an example of size dimension. Time… we relate to spin of a particle or planet or star and it is said that being close to the event horizon of a black hole is like a tornado or draining sink… where the matter and thusly the time is stretched depending on your frame of reference or relative position (relativity) to the black hole or singularity… Tachyons are particles which move faster than the speed of light and by attaching to them we also move at that speed from the start. Light according to Einstein… is constant as it changes to another form when transformed… but the Plejaren are saying… if I understand correctly… that the speed of light is not constant and changes over long periods of time… millennia or billions of years. Einstein got much of it right… but like all science… there are tweaks here and there to perfect our understanding of it…


  • I don’t recall exactly what contact report I read the following information but according to the expansion of the universe that we are currently in that there will be a point in time in which the speed of light will reach its lowest point that it will thus then begin the “indrawing” or contraction phase of the universe, hence when creation will begin it’s Slumber period for it to then have another big bang and become the 2nd stage of our universe in which a coarse-matter or material belt of the universe will no longer exist but which it will be of pure spiritual energy, Hence the gradual decrease in the speed of light over the next millenia, this in of itself proves the multiverse.

  • MH and Oscar Could Oscar mean the what is called the Big Crunch when everything falls back into another Big Bang? I just heard on c2c about the fact there is really a multiverset hat scince fiction authors keep writing about that are really true unless what Oscar is right about the next Big Bang where the fine matter spiritrual universes will take over from the coarse matter universe as Billy and the Ps are predicting? Doesn`t that seem like a long way off say millions or billions oif years from now?

  • Hello Michael – thought you might be interested in this:

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    South Korean professor Dr Hwang Woo Suk has gifted the dogs – each valued at $100,000 – for use by police and the FSB secret service in Yakutia, the coldest inhabited region in the world.

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  • Well if they clone dogs that means they might clone people too I hope not because that is against the laws oif Creation. Cloning is not only bad,it`s imoral and unethical plus you have to taje in the fact that there is what`s called replicator fading which is each time you clone somthing the clone looses it`s coheasion and becomess less and less vieable each time you clone somthing it looses it`s matter and clonimg people also means there is no spiritual inidviudual huamn being,no feelings,no empatrhy and no values with clones there are no personality ether not even for dogs!

    • Terry, Terry, Terry

      According to the Meier case and logic, cloning is NOT bad. Terry, there you go again on somebodies crazy train. Learn about the Force. Stop going to crazy things like c2c.

      May I ask dear Terry, what is it about the Meier case that appeals to you? Because, as far as I can tell, what appeals to you is mainstream Ufology, what MH calls the UFOIC. It seems to me that you belong on or that you are a Fadernaut, with Fade to Black. Because the crazy bleep that you are spewing is right up there with the best of the UFOIC has to offer, that usually backlashes the Meier case. So in other words, most of your views and ideas are in direct conflict with the Meier case. So I ask, what is it about the Meier case that appeals to you?

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