Documenting Billy Meier’s Prophetic Information

A place to post and discuss newly corroborated events and discoveries

While there already are about 150 specific examples of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific and world event related information here, and many more throughout this blog, new corroborations can be posted and discussed here.

There are new articles on things like the rising sea levels that corroborate exactly what Meier has long warned about, beginning in 1964 when he first foretold the melting of the glaciers and the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic, and what Ptaah reiterated, in 2006.

One of my favorite, truly ironclad examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information, is the Jupiter-Io information. We can thank those dedicated skeptics for their failed though diligent debunking efforts, which instead proved that Meier published his information – ultimately deemed by NASA to be the most important of the mission – five months before the Voyager even arrived at Jupiter.

Ask the Expert

While we have your attention, everyone here who wants to take an actual step to bring wider attention to the Meier case can go to this link and respectfully pose questions to Karl Nerenberg,’s Parliamentary Reporter, which he’ll answer on November 29. Instead of just carping and bemoaning the lack of media coverage of Meier’s singularly authentic UFO contacts and critically important information- such as we’ll also be discussing here – now’s your chance to do something about it! Please also feel free to post the questions here, so we’ll all see what you asked, just on the remote, unlikely, off-chance that, for some peculiar reason, etc., he…doesn’t get around to them.


Here’s the question that I submitted to Karl Nerenberg, on November 28:

For over 65 years, specific, scientifically authenticated and corroborated evidence and information has been published – well in advance of “official discovery” – by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier of Switzerland, yet it’s been actively suppressed and kept out of the mainstream media…which also explains why you not only haven’t heard about it but haven’t rushed to inform the world as well.

Now that you know, how soon can we look forward to reading your reporting on this amazing man and his equally amazing information, evidence, etc.?

To make it easy to find, there’s a wealth of documentation at, and linked from, and

I look forward to your answer and to sharing it with my worldwide readership in 187 countries.

Thank you,

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

Thanks to Wyatt Clancy for suggesting this blog.

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  1. If memory serves (which sometimes happens lol) our earth is comprised of 3 dimensions. The dinosaur dimension, our dimension, and the group 500 years ahead of us dimension. How is it possible in our dimension to have physical evidence of the dinosaur dimension? Perhaps the 500 y/a group also has the physical evidence of our nuclear holocaust?

    1. Yes its happening and I heard that it is so bad that the state cannot control the rapes so the state will legalise the rape of children and legalise the rape of women. I thought it was bad here in Canada when they legalised pot.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I just wrote you with this email:

    Hi Michael,

    I have a question about the predictive and prophetic information that Meier has written about over the course of his life.

    I have looked up some of the specific references for some of these bits of information, but many of them seem to go back to the contact reports, out of which, it appears that those books were released after the predictions or prophesies had come true. For example, the information about “a president who is the son of another president…” and “war in Iraq starting in 2003.

    Wasn’t that contact block released after 2003 or after that time? I understand that this might be for the safety of all human beings, in that it is dangerous for information to be released in order for us not to try to alter it and then cause further problems. However, can you please explain more about publishing and how Meier published information before it came true?


    Derek Scheeler

  3. MH, when you get time, could you post the rest of your interview with Meier from May 2016, if there’s more information.

    1. I don’t recall that there was. Maybe we’ll get some new info here and there but we’ve had the =warnings for about…10,000+ years (Henoch Prophecies). What more do we really need to know?

      1. I was hoping for more info in the area of secret tech (cia, russia etc) and how far they’ve developed it today, and maybe stuff about those people underground. Of course, this info isn’t needed, so its up to you (if you have such info).

  4. Hi Michael

    Sorry if this is off topic but was curious to know what type of planet earth there might be that exists on the same time shift as the Plejaren?
    As I understand it the planet Erra does not exist on the same time shift as planet Earth beyond the pleadies star constellation. I recall discussions in the CR claiming that earth has three dimensions of existance, past (dinosaurs), present and future. Any information you can provide on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sorry, but upon closer inspection, it appears that inventor in the above patent may be insane.

      A patent by said inventor linked below is worth a read… somewhat. He talks about Billy Meier, the “Pleadian” Federation, and how he was in telepathic contact with “Intelligent Insect Beings”, plus more nonsense.”John+St.+Clair”&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjuw4m_gqrYAhVNQLwKHQyJCpQ4ChDoAQhSMAY

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