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While there already are about 150 specific examples of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific and world event related information here, and many more throughout this blog, new corroborations can be posted and discussed here.

There are new articles on things like the rising sea levels that corroborate exactly what Meier has long warned about, beginning in 1964 when he first foretold the melting of the glaciers and the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic, and what Ptaah reiterated, in 2006.

One of my favorite, truly ironclad examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information, is the Jupiter-Io information. We can thank those dedicated skeptics for their failed though diligent debunking efforts, which instead proved that Meier published his information – ultimately deemed by NASA to be the most important of the mission – five months before the Voyager even arrived at Jupiter.

Ask the Expert

While we have your attention, everyone here who wants to take an actual step to bring wider attention to the Meier case can go to this link and respectfully pose questions to Karl Nerenberg, rabble.ca’s Parliamentary Reporter, which he’ll answer on November 29. Instead of just carping and bemoaning the lack of media coverage of Meier’s singularly authentic UFO contacts and critically important information- such as we’ll also be discussing here – now’s your chance to do something about it! Please also feel free to post the questions here, so we’ll all see what you asked, just on the remote, unlikely, off-chance that, for some peculiar reason, etc., he…doesn’t get around to them.


Here’s the question that I submitted to Karl Nerenberg, on November 28:

For over 65 years, specific, scientifically authenticated and corroborated evidence and information has been published – well in advance of “official discovery” – by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier of Switzerland, yet it’s been actively suppressed and kept out of the mainstream media…which also explains why you not only haven’t heard about it but haven’t rushed to inform the world as well.

Now that you know, how soon can we look forward to reading your reporting on this amazing man and his equally amazing information, evidence, etc.?

To make it easy to find, there’s a wealth of documentation at, and linked from, www.theyfly.com and www.theyflyblog.com.

I look forward to your answer and to sharing it with my worldwide readership in 187 countries.

Thank you,

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

Thanks to Wyatt Clancy for suggesting this blog.

113 comments on “Documenting Billy Meier’s Prophetic Information

  • My question for Karl:
    Hi Karl, do you agree that is unethical and immoral to be untruthful or address serious questions of e.g. manmade climate deterioration or nature’s law of evolution as underlying cause of steady progress across the universe, on the basis of anything else than logic and scientific rigor – thus irrationality and fairy tales? Or in other words, should political leaders be forbidden to show their ignorance and irrationality by reverting to religious statements and pseudo-arguments?

    • Some background for my earlier question: now even studies show that ethics and moral are nothing to claim copyright for by religions. The more interesting question is indeed, in how far religious dogmas disconnected from reality should be categorized under the header of propagating the untruth. It is certainly no minor thing at all, when people are too careless for themselves validating their reasoning and world views before trying to impose them onto others. The study’s mentioned phenomena of some few “secular moralists” going as far as wanting to punish irrational people is just another form of extremism that is not backed by nature’s logic, so also nothing but sloppy application of rationality.

  • Terry,

    Honestly, what is your deal? You post more than anyone else to this blog yet you show the least amount of understanding of the spiritual teaching and the Meier contacts in general among all the participants. Time and time again, folks here have pointed out the lesson of self responsibility, how we must fix things ourselves, and it seems to go right past you. This lesson of self responsibility is what is the difference between discovery for oneself and having a will forced upon you. Also, I blame MH for continually emphasizing that people need to be “woken up.” This is nonsense if you study the ST. A person has to wake themselves up. There are no magic words or argument that will turn a religious person or an unreasonable person into an upright human being bent on studying and applying the creational laws and directives. This cognition to follow the laws of Creation and apply directives to be in alignment is an inward exercise from self discovery thru self education. STOP complaining about Trump and all the rest of the silly earth humans, and start building your own spiritual house. This is the way.

    PS- I wonder if you are a troll that posts here to dumb down the conversation? Because if this is the case, you are effective.

    May the Force be with YOU!

    • Regarding waking people up, yes, they can only do that themselves if they want to. But it also must be said that many, many people have come to the Meier material because there were/are efforts made to bring it to public attention, to juxtapose it with all of the disinformation pollution of the charlatans and profiteers in the UFOCI, etc., etc., etc.

      As well, I regularly hear from people who have indeed “woken up” to the prophetic warnings, the scientific and geo-political information as well. There’s a difference between proselytizing/missionizing and…speaking up.

      Also, there are religious people who indeed have broadened their understanding by examining the Meier information, some even have said that they actually find the essence of it compatible with their own values, if not beliefs.

      And your attempt to…wake people up to building their own “spiritual house” is also good, compatible advice, which people can use to wake themselves up if they choose to.

      • MH, MH, MH,

        First off thanks for posting my comment. And secondly, I am sorry for being off topic. I was trying to post under Terry’s comment and it ended up here. Go figure….

        Okay, let’s talk about how a person finds the truth. A person does NOT learn the truth from one particular source or person. A person is not told the truth; a person discovers the truth for themselves. It is funny how the participants on the figu forum now want to find the real news vs the fake news. There is no perfect news souce!? ! Personally I really like Fareed Zakaria of CNN.

        In Billy’s book the “The Way to Live,” (I think it is this book but could be wrong) he discusses the failure of the Buddhists who believe that they can not or should not try to know as much as possible because as their analogy goes, “a blind man who touches an elephant only knows that small part and they can not ever know the whole thing or the essence. The thing that the Buddhists miss is that the point of life is to take as many touches of the elephant to build a growing understanding of what the blind man is touching, not one touch. One does not learn and that is it. No learning is a constant process that takes a whole lifetime and further lifetimes. With enough tries, over time, the blind man can get a feel for what he is trying to see. This is the trick. This is the magic. It is so simple yet everybody want to be told.

        MH, is it necessary enough for a parent to tell his child that the stove is “hot,” for a child to know what “hot” is? Or is it much better for the child to get burned and find out for himself?

        May the Force be with You too.

        btw- this is how I personally wake up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHrc3J_aKRI

        • Sorry Anthony, Fareed is a Bilderberg annual attendee and an elitist and he spews bs. But I agree with some of your other points. If someone has to ask what’s fake and what’s real news at this point in time, they obviously haven’t been paying attention, imo.

          • Sheila,

            As usual you are missing my point. Fareed, like YOU, is human and subject to limitations and imperfections. Is he the best news in my opinion? No! I just like his demeanor and reasonableness. I don’t watch “the news.” I study things and draw relative conclusions. I also like Joel Skousen. I could name many. But I am not limited to just one channel or voice, as everybody else should. We need to take many different angles to see the ‘elephant.’ And even a so-called elitist has something valuable to say from time to time.

        • “MH, is it necessary enough for a parent to tell his child that the stove is “hot,” for a child to know what “hot” is? Or is it much better for the child to get burned and find out for himself?”

          Yes, it is necessary that the parents warn the child that the stove is hot and sensible and responsible. The child may still want to know what “hot” feels like, but, because of their parents’ warning, they will be much more careful about that, so that any burns would be minor and heal for the child to go in life and enjoy the varying degrees of heat, rather than have their nerve-endings permanently damaged “to learn” and as they had no clue about what “hot” was. You should know that the elephant can squash you. Just saying so that your learning about the elephant is not interrupted by a fatal accident.

    • Nice to see your post again Anthrony – Grüss

      May I add something to build on what you wrote? And would anybody perhaps enjoy that? I’m a person who studies in German here – so …? Anyone have any interest in that?

          • Ugh, ignore this snobby post please. This is not me. This is just somebody else’s thought that I picked up when a know-it-all saw fit in his ignorance to kick me out of a group, and he talked to me in the same condescending way like i had to pass his tests.. entschuldige.

        • I have a feel though, so i want to say at least, you should care. And, why don’t you care?


          Seriously, you appear smart and clever enough to have worked out a lot on your own .. I don’t understand, how can somebody not want to bring their knowledge into the next higher heights..?

          • Hi Tyler,

            You have a right to question my lack of German interest. It was kinda a joke, but true. I am a rebel when it comes to Figu and their directive to learn German, rogue one. I do care about German; but I am going to show the aliens and Billy that this is A WHOLE LOT EASIER than most people think. It is my thinking, that the people in charge of Figu or Billy himself is making this much, much harder than it has to be.

            I agree German is the superior language to English. All the power to the people going there. I guess I prefer my “baby language” because I think I can do just fine building a basic foundation of the spiritual teaching, and using logic and association to “touch the elephant everyday.” The whole thing that Billy and Ptaah don’t even think earth humans can grasp the spiritual teaching in any other language than German seems like a challenge to me. Because to me that sounds ridiculous. The short answer is that the Meier contacts is not a reading program, it is a thinking program in my opinion. If you are taking the Meier case as the aliens and Billy have the answers, and the people (oops “folks” – but I like the word people so don’t tell me not to use it) can only learn if they get the answer from them. And like little lap dogs it seems to me after years of studying this case and other UFO cases, the people wait around for the aliens to give them the contact notes or the latest translation. And unless a non German speaker gets a translation they are up the creek because they won’t “get the answers” to life. This is ridiculous.

            I don’t look at the Meier case like this. Billy talks about looking to nature for example and using logic and that is my approach. Therefore I like some of the Figu books better than others and some I don’t like. For example, I don’t like “The Goblet of Truth.” To me it is non-stop grind on religion; and in a 1000 years or so when the people of earth can see beyond religion. And they can see the ills and dangers of religion, I doubt that “Goblet” will be as useful to the people as books “The Way to Live,” which is my favorite Billy book so far that goes beyond a beating for being religious and delves into the solutions to a healthy life. But this is my opinion. Some might think I am just another “crazy American” and they could be right. I can live with that. But I am trying like hell to fix my craziness, nevertheless. And just because I discovered the Meier case for myself does not put me on Billy or Figu’s mission. I agree with MOST of the Billy Meier information, but NOT all of it. Some of the info bleeps me off. I could kick something. Other stuff really excites me, especially the spiritual teaching because I want to make the most of my life. I am really into self improvement. It clicks with me. So I tend to focus on the things to build bridges with the people on the Billy Meier train instead of walls.
            We learn from the spiritual teaching that no one should ever force anything on anybody, so there should be no problem with Billy Meier people understanding that EVERYBODY has limitations. It is okay not to like or agree with EVERYTHING in the Billy Meier case. And that should be okay with everybody. Right?

          • Well, it’s up to you. And since you claim to know better than everyone, then I won’t spend the time to discuss these things with you, since you are content to know better and so that’s that – although it’s still good to see you’re back around to put your ideas in. Never ask, never learn.

          • Are you serious Tyler? “…claim to know better than everyone…?” Where are you getting this? I am simply a scientist and a thinker. I love to solve problems and puzzles. To me the Meier case is a puzzle to figure out, not a handout from the aliens. And I want to figure it out, even the stuff nobody else is looking at. This is my motivation, honestly. Like I said, “I just might be just another crazy American.” It should be my business what I want to do with the Meier information. It is just a shame that others find offense, and want to ignore that it is happening.

            May the Force be with You Tyler.

          • Ok yeah, you got a point that we can learn a lot looking in nature. But the point of reading is to enrich ourselves. Like, you wanna use Star Wars terminoloy, OK – we live on a shitty, Outer Rim planet. I wouldn’t trade it for any other planet in the galaxy. This is home.

            But our home is also dying and crumbling to pieces. So what’s more valuable now? Being our own rebel self, or striving to put some kind of elevated ideas into our heads? ‘Cause we can lift the world up if we fill our heads with richness, or we can just stay like the urchins and street rats that we grew up as and slink by ekeing out a good existence while the rest of the planet goes to hell.

            I’m a street rat, an urchin. Who isn’t really? We come from a planet that is, frankly, a dump. Whatever – I love myself and I love my planet, but that’s the truth. I love it enough to renew myself too, to try on different ways of being, if it means saving some people and helping the world to improve. Our world honestly needs people to connct to something more than the trash-heap aspect of life.

            Maybe you will do it on your own Anthony, but honestly if you do don’t expect like people are going to like you for it or even esteem you for it. Rebels get the bare minimum respect for doing it all alone, but rebels also are outcasts who people don’t like and don’t listen to, because they had it all handed to them on a silver platter from people who were wiser, but they still decided to go off on their own way like a punk. So, whatever, do it your way, but expect that a lot of people are going to want to kick your ass.

          • “…rebels also are outcasts who people don’t like and don’t listen to, because they had it all handed to them on a silver platter from people who were wiser, but they still decided to go off on their own way like a punk. So, whatever, do it your way, but expect that a lot of people are going to want to kick your ass.”

            Just like Star Wars fans want to kick Jar Jar’s ass? Rebel: “I fear nothing. All is as I will it thru the Force.” “You almost shot me?” MH & Figu people: “You’re welcome.”

            I just hope Jar Jar makes a cameo in Rogue One, since we are getting both Darth and Bail Organa. But I doubt it because the general public can NOT SEE the value that Jar Jar brings. They want to attack him and grind him into tiny pieces. And why? Because his jokes are bad? Because he is a nice alien? Because he helps the Jedi bring peace? Because he is orange with a long tongue? I just don’t understand. As a major Star Wars nerd, I stand with Jar Jar and I stand with the prequels regardless how out numbered and out-gunned.

            Rebel: “What will you do when they catch you?” “What will you do if they break you?” “If you continue to fight, what will you become?”

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    • Yes I did study the spiritual teachings klong before I got a computer back in the late 90s and early 200ths. I do go back every once in while when time permits. A refresher is not a bad idea though I do review the spiritual techings though when I can get a chance that is when I have alot of free time. I used toi study the spiritual teachings when I frst got a computer. Thanks .

      • Terry my dear,

        You don’t study once and that is the deal. Every post, every question and comment that you have here is your learning process. It seems ridiculous that you are such a slow, slow learner given your EVERYDAY interest and participation in the Billy Meier case? This makes no sense. And trust me, I don’t read many of your posts anymore because they are like a broken record. I am not trying to be mean. I am trying to be honest so that you will take a look. And I am just trying to understand how a person can not see basic ideas of the spiritual teaching that most everybody else here sees? I mean you can’t be that slow. You must be faking it right? Or you are a clever secret agent slowing down the Billy Meier train? You must not care about spiritual ideas like trying to understand what Billy Meier (not to mention the great MH) means when he talks about it here everyday? You care about talking about wars, and disasters right? And ugly people in charge? And this is your limit? Whatever okay. I am glad you are on the train and hope you never leave. But you go right over my bleeping head:0)

        In my modest opinion. The best thing that you could do, if you give a bleep about any of what I’m talking about (but I hope it is funny to everybody including you;) is that you take a break from TheyFly blog and instead go out by yourself into a safe nature setting. But now I am serious here. Take your time to look at everything going on around you, like the blue mountains in the distance, the green grass at your feet and the canopy of the trees as they filter the light. Listen for the birds and try to notice the life around you. Take the time to look at a creature of Creation and try to discover what it is. Look from many angles, and with all the senses you can use, and try to see the truth in what you are concentrating on. Do this instead of going on the internet or listening to any talk shows or so-called experts. Take the time for yourself to discover the growing expert inside yourself. If MH wants to join in to help you in your understanding of the truth he will also suggest that you take a break. Others might too. Just something for you to consider???

        May the Force be with you!

        • Dear Terry,

          I’m sorry if this post came off like I was berating you. This was not my intention. The purpose was a continuation of my elephant post. It has come to my attention, thru MH, that you may in fact be handicapped and unable to venture out into nature on your own. Your ‘forest’ can also be taking solitude with one of Billy’s books or articles that are FREE on the internet. Might I suggest “Intro to the Spiritual Teaching” http://ca.figu.org/introduction-to-the-spiritual-teaching.html.

          Instead of listening to crackpots like Alex Jones and Fareed Zakaria, read this Figu article over and over again. You are a powerful human being and you are able to see the truth for yourself without having someone tell you the answer.

          Terry, again I am sorry for my last post. I too am human, not a Gungan, and make mistakes. Btw- amphibious humans also make mistakes. So forgive me if this seemed like I was berating you. I care about you and rest of the folks here. So please forgive my limitations too. We are all learning together.

          All the best,

    • Anthony, I am sorry for getting on your back with an insult about your decision to study your own way. Somebody gave me words like that once, so I believed it was helpful, but now I estimate it does damage, and shouldn’t have let myself be raked over like that. I got myself really agitated by the might of music that night too.

    • Thanks for the link Sheila! I had to respond to Sr.Luiz. It bothers me to no end how people look to others to do things for them! Lazy!

    • Awesome Adrian, thank you. You covered everything. I don’t fb so cannot see if anyone from this blog’s questions were addressed, it appeared so by Luiz remark. If by chance he mentioned my question about CETA and the link to Bruce’s translation, perhaps you could ask how Billy knew the zombie clause was in Chapter 34? Because no one knows that except perhaps the people who drew it up and negotiated it, not even the media knows about it. So ask how they figure Billy knew this. Thank you.

      • I too don’t Fbook all too often either. That was probably the 2nd time I’ve ever posted anything. I can’t stand the drama that came along with Facebook. But. I’m a different man now and I do see some value in Facebook. There’s a Billy Meier/ FIGU group that I just joined. Which could be a good thing. Just want to involve myself with like minded folk is all. And spread the truth whenever I can. At least to get people thinking more. Whatever. Any small part helps. Beats bitching about how bad things are…might as well give it the old college try! I’ll let you know of any responses worthy of mentioning.

  • A reminder… This is supposed to be about Prophecies and predictions, and there verification and logging.
    Paraphrased from Billy : ‘ It ( the start of the 3rd/4th World fire ) will begin in November of the following year when 3 important heads of state die ( not necessarily from 3 different Countries ) Well, this year we saw the death of the Thai King, and also Castro… Anyone know of a 3rd ? Keep an eye out from now to January…
    On another point I think it would be a timely reminder for some of you out there to heed the following : Do not take others comments too personally, or seriously… Also ‘what other people think is fortunately not your personal business ‘ …
    And finally ‘The map, is not the territory ‘…
    It would be nice if there was less whinging, and attacking… If you put just 100th of the time into furthering yourselves as you do on the pointless, useless banter in your posts, then not only would you benefit yourselves lots, but also come to the rather embarrassing realization of just how little you know and how childish you are being…
    I will not be replying to any comments following this post, as I have chosen not to be informed of any. Suffice to say That having first met Billy about 33 years ago, and continuous study (and 7 other visits ) that my above points should perhaps be headed by some of you. Salome…

    • Actually, regarding the heads of state, it reads:

      “the death of 4 heads of state who will die within 7 days from each other”

      But it doesn’t say they will happen in November, so I don’t know that this is relevant now.

      • I stand corrected, thank you Michael. It has been a long time since I revised the prophecies / predictions, and I really should have checked them again before posting.
        Have a golden day…

    • The recent translation from contact report 663 tells us that we have time travellers from 500 years in our future, being seen in our skies today. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. If I was a time traveller, what would be the first thing I would do? I think I would come back and try and stop the nuclear holocaust. Could it be possible that their timeline had Hillary elected president, and the start of the nuclear war? If there really was any hacking, perhaps it was by our distant descendants? I want to see the CIA investigate that.

        • I understand what you are saying Michael, that a person cannot go back and get rid of Hitler for example. I get that. But since our future hasn’t happened yet how would we even know if it was changed?

          • Yea, actions were taken in time but had they not been, it would’ve been a bit…crispy around here. If there would’ve even been a here.

          • It isn’t a matter of if we’d know, it’s not possible according to Creational law to change the past. We can alter the future – the prophecies are warnings which, if we heed in time, allow us to alter our course and not fulfill them.

            But once something’s done, it’s unchangeable. Perhaps the time travelers are back here to observe either how we messed things up, or how we averted some of the disasters…and what led to the conditions that they come from, otherwise known as our future (for better or for worse).

          • Could someone please provide a link to where there is talk of this overkill bomb apparently disarmed in 2008, or just give a brief explanation here. I never read it in the reports, or anywhere else.

          • Hi Wyatt, please see CR 179.
            Hi Michael, can’t you see it? The biggest purveyor of fake news, the Washington Post’s new article:
            Not Russia
            “CIA operatives have determined the hacking was done by our distant descendants from 500 years in our future. Information is coming forward that our distant descendants were able to pinpoint the start of WW3 and changed the outcome of the election. In their timeline they found out President Hillary Clinton had started the nuclear holocaust. Due to the ensuing destruction, too much information was lost including the spiritual teaching from Billy Meier. The distant descendants were determined to find the spiritual teaching and take it back to their timeline. All 17 intelligence agencies are in agreement and have decided to acknowledge the spiritual teaching and have sworn to follow it and bring it earth humanity.”
            This is my wish dream.

          • G’Day Sheila,
            I just wanted to clear up one point:
            Date/time of contact: Friday, October 22, 1982, 4:15 PM
            Maybe the translation was done in 2008.
            OR was there another incident I am not aware of?

            – The Silent Revolution Of Truth –

          • There is nothing in CR 179 about the chain reaction bomb, but don’t worry about it anyway because this info isn’t very important.

          • Thanks for the correction Andrew and Wyatt. Not sure where I came up with the 2008 date. Sorry about that. Actually Wyatt, it is important because it shows you the love they have for all creation and the lengths they would go to preserve it.

        • FIGU bulletin 79…Wunschträume (Wish-fulfilment Daydreams)
          A pleasurable way to install peace and neutral-positive thinking in oneself. Sheila it is good to dream big but the details need to be practicable according to the creative natural laws. “It is already in English form.”

  • The PJ’s went to the past and removed the seeds ….. Today there is no tree right ……. Isn’t the past changed here ? Am I right …….

    • I’ll have to double check to be sure but I think that things like that, since they don’t directly change history, can be done. The tree was there, it was photographed with the craft and now it’s not there anymore. It would seem then that the only effect was the question in some people’s minds if it was ever there in the first place.

      Of course this can be debated as to whether it has seemingly violated the law of Creation, etc. I will try to get a more “official” answer.

      • Sheila,

        Your wish is not only illogical but against the spiritual teaching. There is not ONE way to time travel. There are primitive ways as well as more advanced ways. It would be likely that the time traveling group is from a parallel space/time to the DERN universe. Or are using a more primitive means and outcome to travel. The Ps, most likely have a much, much more advanced form of time travel than the 500yr group. The Ps are able to travel to an exact line, unlike more primitive attempts. Any interference in that “exact line” would most likely send a traveler off course and into a parallel space/time where that event has taken place. Therefore the original line, or exact line, is NEVER changed.

        So when the Ps removed a tree, that has always existed on this exact line, no laws are broken. Nothing ‘new’ has occurred. This event is part of history before the tree was removed, in other words. If for example the 500yr group tried to remove a tree, if they have that ability, and this is not part of their history, this would be sending them further into a parallel space/time to their original line.

        • Anthony, I can dream if I want to. How is it illogical when the future hasn’t happened yet? The negative prophecies are given to us specifically so we can change the probabilities that these events will happen. Perhaps the distant descendants know this too and since the Plejaren have no contact with this group, tells me that group may not be under the natural creative law of non-interference. Can you name the specific spiritual teaching that it defies?

    • Hi Raj,

      Wrong, because the Plejaren didn’t change the past that had the tree growing in it, i.e., they did not go back to the point of time where the tree was seed and remove the seed, therefore denying the growth that the tree (and others) experienced in the 20th Century.

      That past still existed and even continued, e.g., as observed by independent investigators in the habits of the landowner who continued to cut the grass around the tree, despite not knowing why he was doing this, or, remembering the tree, as he could not access those memories.

      They isolated the time around the tree, e.g., it’s form and took the tree back to an earlier form, seed, in the present time and so that it could survive after being irradiated by a beamship. This supports that they cherish all forms of life, as per their own teaching and principles and that the Plejaren cannot remove radiation from whatever has become irradiated, which is congruent with other CR information.

      The fact that the removal of the landowner’s vague memories of the tree was not wholly successful, i.e., that there was still a biological memory, tells us how impossible and difficult it is to change anything once it has happened, even the most inconsequential of things.

      • I also received this reply from Christian Freshener:

        There’s an explanation by Ptaah in PP Block6, page 508:

        Ptaah does not want to give detailed information based on the knowledge about the terrestrial scientists’ lack of responsibility concerning using scientific progess for warlike means.

        His explanation is that “each single atomic unity of the object to be eliminated is dissolved backwards from the point of time of the elimination. Through this, any unity/object relating to this changes into nonexistence and dissolves into pure energy.

        106. Ich verstehe.
        107. Der Vorgang ist der, dass eine jede einzelne atomare Einheit des zu eliminierenden Objektes vom
        Eliminationszeitpunkt an rückwirkend aufgelöst wird, wodurch sich eine jegliche diesbezügliche Einheit
        zur Nichtexistenz wandelt und sich in reine Energie auflöst.

        Billy Bedeutet das, wenn ich richtig verstehe und wenn ich mich als Laie richtig auszudrücken vermag, dass
        jedes einzelne Atom eines zu eliminierenden Objektes von der Gegenwart bis in die Vergangenheit,
        eben bis zum Ursprung, aufgelöst und in reine Energie umgewandelt wird? Energie, die dann eigentlich
        aus einer bestimmten Form von Elektronen bestehen müsste, denn ich nehme an, dass es im Schöpfungsbauplan
        nicht nur eine Art von Elektronen gibt.

        108. Deiner Ausführung habe ich nichts mehr hinzuzufügen, denn im grossen und ganzen trifft sie auf die
        Wirklichkeit zu.
        109. Näheres möchte ich dazu nicht sagen, denn ich kenne nur zu gut deine Denkweise und deine unglaubliche
        Auffassungsgabe und die Kombinationsfähigkeit, wodurch du schon oftmals Erkenntnisse
        erlangt und erklärt hast, die eigentlich noch verschwiegen werden sollten.

        Billy Also, dann eben nicht. Trotzdem jedoch vielen Dank.

        • After reading the German part – I comprehend that the object is dissolved back into its own spirit form. Those are my thoughts because the electron energy with mass is the kind of energy we can use in power generation, however the pure energy is the electron energy that has no mass and is the spirit form.

        • Interesting Michael and thanks for providing further information,

          Christian’s reference to PP Block6, page 508 details the steps taken by the Plejaren to eliminate an object to a pure state of energy, but, the disappearing tree was not eliminated according to Guido’s ASTF, but, taken back to seed; which may involve the same technologies and science, but, a different procedure and result?

          I agree with Darcy that Billy does hint to the ‘sprit-form’ being a form and type of electrons once atoms are taken to a pure state and with Michael that there will be many different forms besides the spirit-form, which we know cannot be destroyed, as they part of the architecture of Creation.

          I can see why the Plejaren would not want us to have this technology, i.e., it would be the most silent and deadliest weapon ever… Like photoshop, but, with real things.

          • Just to add and to clarify, ‘And Still They Fly’ describes that, once the disappearing tree was taken back to seed, the seed was replanted in another time by being taken to that time in a Beamship.

            Taking it back to pure energy, as CF describes they CAN do, is a step too far and would have basically meant the tree’s physical death, which the Plejaren wanted avoid by all accounts and as they took such care?

  • Are you serious MH? It was disclosed, by you, that one of the 4 groups was from a “parallel time.” Go look it up. It is on your blog. Ha ha ha ha

    • Again, I am unaware that thee are multiple “time lines”, where things happened differently than they are known to have happened, which I think you were claiming.

      • MH,

        What does parallel mean or imply? This is your clue. Here is another clue for you: the time/space where the Ps come from, the Plejares, is not in the same as our Pleiades. In their ‘dimension’ the stars are old enough for the orbiting planets to maintain life. In our space/time the system is too young to support life. So are not “things happening differently?” Think!!!

        What I find absolutely amazing about you and the rest of your Meier followers, is that regardless of the logic and source documentation, any English speaker is treated like they they are the greatest in need, and if this explanation was given by one of your German darlings, like Christian, Dyson or Jacob, this would be researched and taken seriously.

        So instead you folks get Jar jar. And even if y’all are not laughing. I am busting out all over. Hahahahahahaha

        • Again, a lot of assumptions about how something “would be researched and taken seriously”, etc. I’m calling into question your egocentrism, the need for almost “identical” forms to be wandering around in another universe/dimension, as if the reference point for life there would have to be some reflection of, something dependent on, who and what are here.

          As I suggested, not very logical or well thought out.

          • MH,

            You really don’t understand the Meier case do you? Here is a clue for you: in nature we can observe/find identical twins. So if we are to look at nature as a template, then twins must not only exist on earth, but throughout the universe, and greater multiverse (Creation). There is nothing egocentric about discovering or observing identical twins. I would suggest that my logic, although limited to my capability, is sound here. MH – go find a quiet corner somewhere, and think about it….

          • This is off-topic and…off-target. Nowhere that I’m aware of in the Meier information are we told that there are an infinite number, any number actually, of twins for everyone on Earth in other dimensions, universes, etc., all of whom would – by your illogical supposition – be born, getting sick, eating, sleeping, dying, etc., at the same time we are. So there’s no…free will in your imaginary lives of imaginary twins in imaginary universes.

            A twin, as you propose it, presupposes, in fact necessitates, that we – egocentrically – are at the center of all causes and that they are just some kind of mirrors that only can be appreciated as being reflections of us. So no twin could die at birth, or out live us…and a million other illogical problems that your unsubstantiated theory presents.

            So far you’ve failed to appreciate let alone address any of these considerations, which I would invite you to do in an appropriate blog area. Perhaps you’ll make use of that corner somewhere, since I didn’t require any more time to perceive all of the illogic you’ve offered.

          • Infinite number? Twins for everybody? Same time? You do remember the Ps live in a space/time a fraction of a second from ours?

            Why don’t you look up your blog article? Why don’t you consult Contact 142? Why don’t you start a topic area for time travel? I did not bring up multiples, you brought that to my simple explanation! Why are you not laughing, or at least smiling;)

            You know what I think? You’re blog is a joke. You regularly allow your people to post nonsense; and then when someone pokes their head up and looks and sounds different from the rest, especially when they are speaking English, your pitiful band turns their heads or throws their fists.

            Good luck, MH….

            And may the Force be with you!

  • Folks can also check out Contact 142 for info on parallel ‘dimensions.’ These are not really different dimensions but rather space/time configurations of the DERN universe.

    • Different dimensions doesn’t mean a bunch of different Anthonys (you), for instance, doing different things…other than what you did in this reality, dimension, etc.

      • MH, MH, MH,

        A bunch of different yous? What? Do you think I am getting this ALL Dr Michio Kaku? No. Again I am putting the puzzle together based on info in the Meier case. The biggest road block for Meier is trying to be careful not to suggest that there are multiple “yous” out there, like modern physics theories suggest, and trying to disclose multiple ‘dimensions’ or as the Ps more accurately call them, space/time configurations (of the DERN). Meier has stated that there is only one you! And I agree.

        It is my thinking, based on years of research and thinking, that multiverse multiples, are like identical twins. Identical twins may look exactly the same, but the important thing that Meier is trying to teach is that these multiples are NOT the same person but in fact have different spirit-forms and are like identical twins. This of course is my only theory based on logic.

        • So in your theory it would seem that you are assuming that there must be “identical” persons existing at the same time, and same age, etc., as other seemingly (almost) identical persons. Meier hasn’t said anything about any such persons existing in any such conditions and it seems that it’s actually rather egocentric to assume that such (almost) outwardly identical forms/,persons must exist…as if any universe/dimension, etc., isn’t capable of producing any number of unique forms/persons, etc.

          I’d go back and check your “logic”.

          • And another thing great master MH,

            To address your comment that “…if any universe…isn’t capable of producing any number of unique forms…”

            I would imagine;0) that the distribution of twins is consistent with what we see in nature. Of course not every offspring has a twin! Focus your thinking!

            So if we where to carry that logic out further, parallel space/times of a given universe must distribute in the same manner that we see with the relatively rare distribution of identical twins. So the majority of space/time configurations in our universe, would be unique.

          • MH,

            To address your comment that “…if any universe…isn’t capable of producing any number of unique forms…”

            I would imagine;0) that the distribution of twins is consistent with what we see in nature. Of course not every offspring has a twin! Focus your thinking!

            So if we where to carry that logic out further, parallel space/times of a given universe must distribute in the same manner that we see with the relatively rare distribution of identical twins. So the majority of space/time configurations in our universe, would be unique.

      • BTW – “PEOPLE” (hahahaha)

        “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” was absolutely amazing! Maybe one of the best films in the franchise, my opinion. I love this like I love the new TJ. It brought tears to my eyes. But wait, how can anybody compare the great TJ with a crazy USA film? I am sure there are going to be a few Meier snowflakes that will be offended by my comment comparing the two. Again, hahahahaha

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