The true teaching of the man falsely known as “Jesus Christ”

You can now order the new translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel here!

Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery because we expect a lot of orders. We will let you know if there are any differences in cost for international orders, as prices vary to different countries.


While supplies last we are giving a FREE $20 Salome Peace Meditation CD with every order!

Click here to order the new translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel !

42 comments on “The New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel Is Here!

  • Michael,

    Do you know when the Talmud Jmmanuel will be available from FIGU Switzerland? I’m asking because it is strange that you seem to have this book available before. At least I could not find it on the FIGU Switzerland website.

  • Looking forward to reading this book… the only one translated that haven’t read yet…
    Hope there are other books, writings slated for English translation into book form, by Billy Meier, etc!?

    Glad to be posting here again… recently got a ‘smart phone’ that has proven to be not very smart, as cannot get the thing to allow me to post on this blog!? Odd as it may be, it is obviously just me… something not doing correctly on the thing:)
    Our group here in MN has slowly been going through the Goblet of the Truth. Years of thinking, reading over and over and every time something new comes along. Truly an amazing book, and one I hope everyone is reading, that is interested, in changing themselves before anything else, for no human, but for the ever pulling effect, of coming back to the laws and recommendations of Creation..
    A great find in GOTT going into beliefs and trying to not have any… even as it would concern the book itself, but what is obvious within daily grit filled reality within nature, and not so obvious humanity based truths.
    “Many a proclaimer, prophet, came to you with manifest signs (marvels) which you however disregarded maliciously and imperiously, and therefor you committed an outrage against the truth and continue to do so today, because you have fallen into the worship of divinities and tin gods which neither possess rationality nor intellect nor the slightest fiber of might so that they could not even make one hair on your heeds turn grey”(GOTT 2:145) “Remember the teaching of the proclaimers, the prophets, and hold fast to that what they have given to you, and listen to their teaching of the real truth, so you understand that you have to raise yourselves up to the truth and obey yourselves in this truth so that you set yourselves free from the unknowledge, do not impose any belief on yourselves and turn to the knowledge of the truth in order to attain wisdom and true love.” (GOTT 2:146) “The dwelling of the impalpable(other world) is only for the consistency of the spirit, however not for the person, because this is extinguished after dying in order to give energy and power to a new person who will be born when the spirit body(spirit form) once again return in a body of people of you kind (human body); therefore don not call for death in order to find in it a release from earthly anguish, because death extinguishes the person for all time and it can never again be made living.”(GOTT 2:147)
    A good read before and after is always best but in as much we are all just humans learning… not one of us should be put onto a pedestal in this life, or in the past as we will be different in the next, though the truth is the plane truth in as much as whom ever is saying it… In this regard, time, and instance being Billy Meier, etc, etc, etc……..
    Next round might be able to think through part of the Talmud, within its blog area:)

  • I was starting to wonder what happened to Americans, why they weren’t posting here. Then I realized the policing of the Internet had begun. It appeared to have started over the Thanksgiving weekend as the NSA was busy trying to re-route traffic away from this site in the same way they are re-routing traffic away from The NSA cannot stop the truth. Keep posting, keep trying until you can.

    • In my case I have always been here, just not posting… As would be with the majority.
      Have gotten caught up with it all on FB pro Billy groups, no issue with phone there? Though nothing better than focusing on where it counts, real grit filled daily life:)
      Maybe first post here from ‘smart phone’, if works now, figured out my issue

      • To many letters in name area of posting… Was trying to put my location with name and did not like. Not show up for moderation..

    • MH and Sheila etc, Here is anarticle from weekend addition from Friday Dec2 to Sunday Dec 4 that you should check out due to the NSA and the Washington Post moron Timberg wants to blacklist against decanting opions aka McCarthyism! here it is Timberg`s Tale: Washinton post Reporter Spreads Blacklist of Independent journalist Sites by Pam Martens-Russ Martens which menas anybody ho doesn`t agree with the corporate neo-liberal stisqup will get blacklisted from here on end which could spell the end of the First Amendment right to free speech and the right to say anything they damn please be it Glenn Greenwald,Jeremy Scahnill,Julian Assange, Ed Snoewden and you and me!:-((((( As the old saying goes “Decent Is Patriotic!”

        • Sorry about that I was just blogging to Sheila because she said we`re loosing our right to the First Amendmendment of Freedom of Speech here in the US thanks to Trump and his Orwellian military policies etc. That is why I think we will still not only have two civil wars but also WW4 even with Trump and his shilly cabals!:-((((

  • Thanks for keeping us updated about the release of the new TJ Michael. Really looking forward to reading the official version with all the corrections and additions.

    If mine haven’t been sent yet, please can I request to pay more for packing that will withstand the transatlantic flight and couriers carelessness, thanks.

    • You’re welcome. This is a good opportunity to point out that both the first and second order of books on their way to me, which I will begin to ship next week, sold out almost immediately! Of course more are also on their way.

      All orders will be filled, I just ask for patience because it’s also the holiday season and postal services will be additionally burdened. That being said, as I prepare the international packages for mailing, I will also advise if there’s additional postage due and further options for special handling, delivery, etc.

      Please bear with me and I’ll get your book(s) to you as soon as possible!

  • Thanks for the update. A New Year delivery would be absolutely fine for me Michael, thanks as these are not gifts. It may even be better to send mine in the New Year to avoid the holiday mail madness.

  • Just got the TJ last night from Figu Canada, I’m half way through the book already , I like the fact that its easy to understand given there are expanded translations/explanation & reference to various contact notes through out whole book of Jmmanueal teachings. Just Beautiful , Thanks to everyone in the community who put their effort in this Enlightening book

    • I sell the English translation and I don’t know if there will ever be a Norwegian translation. Please feel free to comment further here using your first and last name.


  • I want to give thanks for all the thoughtfulness that went into the material manifestation of this hardbound copy which has been produced in such fine fashion. This book as with other books by Billy Edward Albert Meier is full of teaching that will take many readings and many hundreds of years to be digested.

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