The media doesn’t want you to see it but it’s still happening

We’ve been warned by Billy Meier, since 1951, about the dangers of earthquakes, sinkholes and volcanic eruptions and their connection to the building of large cities, dams and the extraction of petroleum and gas, mining, etc.

Some warnings have been quite specific, like the coming Northwest and La Palma earthquakes and tsunamis. And Meier also foretold the shortsighted foolishness of people (number 127.) who would return to places destroyed by such cataclysms and repeat their folly by rebuilding in vulnerable areas (such as we’ve already seen in the New Orleans area).

While the media doesn’t want you to see what’s really happening, Bob Wiegand* now provides us with new, stunningly clear evidence from the island of Maui as the sea levels continue to rise, rapidly and unstoppably eroding the beaches. Where it was formerly 100′ to the water, it’s now about…1/10 of that in some places. The inevitable result, so much of it caused  by manmade climate change, will also be that numerous condominiums and other structures will also succumb to the sea…despite futilely piling up sandbags:





Earthquake Updates

Speaking of which, I also recommend visiting Dutchsinse’s channel for regular updates and predictions regarding global earthquakes; he seems to have a pretty good track record, which may also account for the attacks he describes on his reporting by mainstream interests. He recently pointed out that fracking is going on in the Yellowstone area, a clear indication of the denial and insanity of the unrelentingly greedy, destructive people promoting this toxic and suicidal endeavor.

Some Good News

It appears that at least for now the equally irresponsible Dakota Access Pipeline has been rerouted. Because Trump may still be on the wrong side of the environmental issue, it may be a good idea to continue to keep up the pressure on the various banks that have supported the project. It still must be noted that the extraction and processing of oil is only going to exacerbate the earthquakes and related environmental disturbances and destruction, as the situation in Oklahoma continues to demonstrate.


*See Bob’s other documentation of rising sea levels affecting Long Beach, California:

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  • Dakota Access Pipeline may be a clandestine way to promote use of oil in California’s coastline (something Obama was against). By saying “we need oil” rather than thinking Goethermal an unlimited and safe alternative (no war,no radiation) “we need oil from the fault zones of California” which will increase the earthquakes due to increased friction (oil is a lubricant) in the mid west and elsewhere which contain nuclear power plants and Fukushima has shown us the folly of that terrible mistake… Geothermal renders that unnecessary.

    Salome pronounced (Sol Ahh Me) and means greetings in peace and wisdom.

  • I noticed Bob’s photos of Maui and wanted to add… Another reason the islands are dissolving is the lack of coral. Coral needs sunlight and stable temperatures to survive… they are a combination of algae and marine invertebrates so they need the algae when the particulate matter is scarce… but they also provide protection for the land staying above water… as they take the particulate matter that runs off with the storms and create their wall of coral we call a reef… and sort of holds in the soil with calcium (an alkaline metal) which is very stable and valuable to an island since in nature they want to return to the sea due to corrosion and erosion. The coral dies if the water temperature changes one degree so global warming… caused by overpopulation is indeed melting those once beautiful islands and their once tremendous coral reefs. Ask anyone who dived there in the 60’s and seventies… not much coral now… a model for the whole earth about overpopulation.


  • Laminar flow’s impact is another reason to contemplate coastal water changes since water has certain attributes as far as reaction to rocks or solid lava… and it curves around unnatural cement structures and takes away shoreline that way as well…


    PS> Our Swiss friend tells us that by 2020 the water level will be higher but less than five feet if I remember correctly… The methane from the polar ice caps (North and South) will have more of an effect I think…

  • I just heard on the news that Mauna kai in Hawaii was bvlanketed with more snow. Also from counterpuch more bad news: Media Complicity is Key to Blacklisting by norman Solomon for Tuesday December 6th,2016

  • Here is another article from counterpunch for Wed Dec 7th 2016: The Next Frontier: Trump and Space weapons by Kenneth Surin There is aniother article from counterpunch about Michael Flynn Jr and his dealings with the Nazies and the KKK In Like Flynn: Blowback for Filth Pedding Facsisits by Chris Floyd “This donald are beginning to look and sound like Nazi Germany all over again” Adolph Hitler anyone?:-(((

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  • Michael Horn,

    How did you find this guy for earthquake forecasting?

    Dutchsinse was “Spot On” concerning this recent earthquake in Papua New Guinea at 7.9-8.0 magnitude.

  • Michael Horn,

    Here is something Dutchsinse discovered last night and my question to pass to Billy ( if you’re still in contact with him):

    Is there someone fabricating this to make others think such a massive energy is hitting the earth?

    If not, what’s causing this massive energy hitting earth if this satellite is detecting it?

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