As Billy Meier was told in 1976, the Earth collapses in on itself

Following up on a previous post, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma were all hit with fraking related earthquakes, as pointed out in another of Dutchsinse’s videos, in he which he also accurately predicted today’s 6.5 earthquake off the West Coast of the US*.

He also mentions Prof. Rick Aster who, like many other scientists, apparently decided to stop learning and instead spend his time attacking those who are making important scientific contributions…despite not having a degree, etc.

For a clear understanding of these – and coming – tectonic and geological events, we need only refer to what Billy Meier was told by Semjase, in 1976:


56. A mining of ore or of other minerals on a planet or any other star, we only do in extreme cases of emergency, because this process equates to a destruction of a planet.

57. A planet or other star is never allowed to be exploited in this manner, as this occurs on the Earth.

58. What Earth Man is doing in this regard equates to a destruction of the planet.

59. The first evil effects of this destruction on the Earth are already noticeable for several decades, while the present time already prepares the labor pains for the destruction.

60. That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.

61. This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.

62. But the same process is also created by the erection of dams and similar structures.

So while we see the results of this assault on nature in the country, as Semajse said, the Earth collapses in on itself and the effects are worldwide.

The people were warned…but suicidal greed overrode rational self-interest and the instinct for survival.

*Updated video.

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21 comments on “Monkey Brain Fracking “Experts” Fracturing the Country

  • Fracking involves high pressure injection of water and chemicals down the hole to cause fracturing of different formations. This fracturing releases the pockets of natural gas (or oil), which is lighter than water and comes to the surface. Normally the water and chemicals would stay in the hole, but due to this “invert” having a higher monetary value than natural gas or oil, it is being retrieved and sold. This leaves hollow caverns which will surely allow the earth to collapse into itself. I never understood the hollow caverns part until I found out that invert is being pumped out and sold.

  • “Monkey brained,” “suicidal greed,” yep, pretty much says it all.
    The increase in earthquakes worldwide is becoming a bit of a concern.
    Experts say the West Coast is primed for a massive quake “at any time.”
    There is a rage inside of me that I think is a perfectly natural response to those who are raping and murdering our only home.
    In evolutionary terms it would seem that we are slow learners. In realistic terms I think we’re racing toward the extinction of life as we’ve known it.
    Fracking is ridiculous and deadly. The chemicals being used are poisoning the earth inside and out.
    Some humans might survive the mass extinction bottleneck we’ve created.
    Not to disagree with BEAM but I don’t see how it’s possible that ANY humans will survive.
    Sorry to be a downer but I have no hope.

  • You forgot to say raping and murdering our only home planet, with no other planet for the masses to escape to. “Suicidal” is the word of the day. 🙁

    Someone commented on another blog “this is the worst planet I have ever been associated with” and I knew exactly what this person meant deep down inside myself.

    • It’s difficult to remain neutral positive when you hear things like this… But we have to take the perspective of neutral positivity and accept the bad, along with the good. I guess my point is to try and remain neutral positive when dealing with this information so that we continue to put out those neutral positive vibes that this world sorely needs. If you knew me personally, in the flesh I mean, you may think I’m always happy, or positive… but I choose to be this, despite the negativity that’s all around me in the news, with some people I work with or deal with, the media…It’s a conscience choice we all must make. I choose to sway towards positivity than towards the negativity. And it’s not easy.

  • A few years ago Ohio had earthquakes caused by fracking and disposal wells. The ODNR promptly shut them down while they studied the causes and put the following new regulations in place. ” The ODNR now requires that companies install seismometers when drilling within 3 miles (5 km) of known faults or near an area that has recently experienced earthquakes. The ODNR will stop drilling and evaluate a site if quakes occur.” Granted no drilling is best but the quakes have stopped.
    During this drilling spree the oil and gas companies tried to put several wells in my city including a fracking well under city hall and one adjacent to my property. Activists, a few scientists and concerned citizens flooded city hall with facts and horror stories about the many hazards of gas wells. The council finally agreed and rejected the substantial cash offers.
    Fighting the individual wells in the neighborhoods was not as easy but we won most of these too. The simple fact that the FHA will not write a loan if the property is within a couple hundred feet of a well. This means all affected properties could not be bought with a simple mortgage and would eventually be rental properties.
    There are ways to fight these greedy bastards, get involved.

  • Geothermal. No radiation, nor breaking of the structure of the earth… no wars, no hydrodams etc etc… safe clean and under the feet of every man woman and child reading this… an unlimited supply of continuous heat to provide steam for generators… I’ve noticed that USGS has stopped all of it’s California seismic recorders: seismographs… and we can no longer see magma displacements from all the “fracky wacky” those lame brains cooked up… I guess it is easier to destroy for profit than create for humanity…


  • Well, I like the way he uses technology to track these inner shifts and earthquakes. Far more reliable than say taking astrology courses.

  • Humans simply love their illusions more than truth . 70 years Mr Meier has been freely giving knowledge , sitting for hours putting pen to paper for a world that wont open their eyes .

  • The water they use for fracking becomes unusable and we are unable to re-extract it out of the oil with just about as much electrical force as is extracted… Dumb Huh?… you could ask a school kid if this was reasonable and they (if they had not gone through too much school to become experts) would agree with me and NOT the experts: X… the unknown factor and spurt: a drip under pressure… Lake Mead is at least one hundred foot lower as a result and much below normal water storage… and they want us all to tighten our belts…Why? because they think we “NEED OIL” to create electricity… and give us the things that we “lack” like the Cad-a-lack… sad… if not so true. But there is a solution… Geothermal derived from the heat of the magma (molten rock) in the earth… just five miles down in some places… when added with our waste water… creates steam which can drive electrical generators (notice I did not say energy) it is easier to find… (virtually under the feet of every man woman and child on this planet), does not create war for it’s extraction and once extracted becomes water again… to be used pure and clean… it distills when it gets heated to run the generators… and does not create harmful radiation as the nuclear industry does… which is harmful much more than we know due to these materialistic monkey brains… who have not evolved beyond their lowest sphincter muscle… and are thusly named for that region… not to mention the folks who will now be maimed for life due to extreme human rights violations in Standing Rock Dakota pipeline crossing untold millions of human beings’ water supply… by those brave men and woman who stood up against the lame brains… Sheesh… what a world… Well… not all is lost as long as we know about Geothermal… try it… you’ll like it…

    Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom.

    • Hi Randy, I agree with everything you said except the fact that the used frack water is being extracted and sold as “invert” which is worth more than oil. This will cause the hollow caverns, in which the earth will collapse into itself. Prior to finding this out, I could not figure out how the earth would collapse into itself, because I, like you was under the impression that the frack water stays in the ground.
      North Dakota had a recent break in a pipeline about 150 miles away from the demonstration, which made it into the rivers.

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