Time Travel

Once we have it you can go somewhere and come back before you left

Please feel free to post your comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, etc. about time travel here.

Due to current and pending geopolitical and environmental concerns and events, it’s understandable that people may want to book out of here as soon as possible. We don’t currently have any information about how and/or when flights may be available. However, flights of fancy and fantasies about the future are the stuff of human dreams and hopes so, have at it.

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  1. The “Time Gate” in which the plejarens Temponaut/Time Travelers invented and use is located in pg.261 of Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums..

  2. After you die, is it possible to just be left alone and out of all the insanity described in the material? Isn’t it enough to just be part of creation?

    1. After we die there is no “you” or “I” as we know it. In further incarnations we will still have to deal with – and contribute to the improvement of – the conditions of the world…in our new, and completely different personalities.

  3. Michael Horn,

    I have not read the comments in this section yet, but I am attempting to comprehend the issue concerning Time and Time Travel.

    Is it fair to say that time is like coordinates on a map when it comes to reality?

    If so, then is it fair to say history always repeats itself with someone else walking your path as “You” if you travel back to your past?

    If you cannot change your timeline by altering your past, is it fair to say that manipulating past events only creates a new timeline different from your own?

    Do timelines ( into the future) on worlds, only shift ( creating a new one) with the collective population’s efforts, absent any manipulations by Time Travelers?

    If you see it this way on all points, or if Billy was given a different explanation, please let me know.

    This is fascinating!

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