Once we have it you can go somewhere and come back before you left

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Due to current and pending geopolitical and environmental concerns and events, it’s understandable that people may want to book out of here as soon as possible. We don’t currently have any information about how and/or when flights may be available. However, flights of fancy and fantasies about the future are the stuff of human dreams and hopes so, have at it.

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  • sorry MH for all this trouble. I removed JavaScript due to privacy issues but I don`t want to use Yahoo because of the hacking problem I don`t want to get caught being hacked. The only reason I use Crome is because I need the translation of foreign languages translated into English for me to understand what Billy etc are saying. Wish I could say the same for Youtube. Apparently I`m having trouble reinstalling JavaScript. I just don`t know how to reinstall JavaScript using Crome not Yahoo due to Yahoo being hacked. Goes to show you how technically challenged I am:-((( I1m using Internet Explore for They Fly Blog in the meantime?

  • In the photo inventorium book of Billy Meier think there is a picture he took of a ship from 500 years into the future, our ancestors coming back to 70’s?, probably to witness Billy and how things slowly turned towards truth? Gives a little time table to what to expect? Maybe in this, time travel in our future will be what leads humanity at the time to abandon religions, slowly start process of 800 years, with give or take 300 years to figure out, see what past and future holds, or hidden from population even then. All speculation though worth a thought or two….

  • Apologies, wrong on that one, jumped the gun it was a picture of 500 into future terrestrialss had crude beamships. Wishful thinking on my part, maybe need to get book for myself:)

    • Photo is of future terrestrial beamship, when Billy and Semjase went 500 years into future temporarily. The future technology is somewhat barbaric to Semjases people, but they are more peaceful than in Billy’s time(our time). I don’t have book and looked through it last few months quickly and posted before researching, though it is interesting to the future…

      • Learned a weird and valuable lesson from this, that can say is new for me.
        Do ones research, be assidious in what is at hand, go with first impulse and take time away from ‘smart phone’:) As concerned picture is not in photo inventorium book but in German Contact reports book block 2, page 39 of 39th contact. Semjase took Billy through time disruption of Bermuda Triangle, and this was 500 years in future on other side. Billy photographed future terrestrial beamship, and future space probe sent out to distant planet of SOL system.

  • I just heard on c2c that there`s going to be an artificial sun being built ilt in London to go up into space which sounds ominous to me since I once mentioned revive our sun`s dead twin sun which would make a lot more logical sense to me in that we could have a REAL second sun NOT an artificial sun, that is if my memory serves me correctly from the Prophecies and Predictions from Billy and the Ps. Or a dead brown drorf sun or the memes sun in the Ort Cloud of comets etc. We need a second REAL sun to revive NOT an artificial sun if we are going to make it into a Type 1 World BEFORE 800 years without all those WW nuclear wars that will turn us into radio active toast etc,et,et!!! “Tereis NO such thing as a good politician etc,etc,etc!!! All they do is make a mess of oour lives,time to get rid of relgions,politics,militarisms, corportisms!!! We NEED to become a peaceful agrian world WITHOUT the stupid money economic greed that is ruining this planet etc! This is the onkly wiorld that does this and alkl this has to stop9 soon if we are to make it into the next level and ACT like the Ps for once!!!”

  • We are all time travelers, but it’s day by day, Life to life. As I recall Billy did change the past a bit. I rember something about a French priest that he visited from the past. He helped this priest with his projects, or some how taught him about electric light and rigged his door knob to give a shock to intruders. I have seen this story repeated on YouTube, a video on our strange past. The video had no connection to Billy. Then there’s the unintended time traveler like Rudolph Fenz, the man that suddenly appeared on a New York street and was insatantly run over by a car. There is much to support this case. Then there are the strange disappearance of people in the wilds of our parks. Who just disappear into thin air and sometimes show up far from where they vanished from. Often they are dead, but some have been found alive and unable to explain to what happened. This offend happens to the very young and to adults as well. But only some of the young ones have returned alive and unable to speak of their experience. As far as I know no adult has returned alive. At least according to missing 411. I think that time travel when used in a good way, we will use it to seek the truth. But I think it will be misused first. Our evolution takes many bends and loops. To me it seems that the p’s are trying to clean up their past, by helping us. Witching h maybe a part of their evolution, I’m just guessing. If this is true then there is no escape from the past and cause and effect. When I look to the future, I know it maybe hard, horrible and very difficult. I also see that there is a good chance that we may wake up from this nightmare and start following the p’s and Billy into space and finally meet our brothers and sisters. But of corse this will take some time. Salome Robert

      • The Rabbi’s name was Jecheili, within “history of majic” book. The author recalls the scientist having a lamp “with a majace nail”…it was the flashlight meier left during the human recording of a “Temponaut” on earth by a terrestrial.

        • Be mindful that the a first edition of the “History of Majaic”. It’s going rare price for a first edition…is $10,000.00 currently. A smart instuition if they had any sense should acquire it just saying.

  • Hi MH Here is the article that George Noory mentioned at the opening from lastr night. From The Telegraph 1/7/17 Science Spectacular collision of suns will create new star in night sky in 20922 Sorry I got it wrong but I`m worried we might take the wrong track in the Time Line and do all the wrong things such as an artificial sun instead of a real organic sun(brown droff or nemesis etc). I hope the people of this world will learn make the right choice and the right decisions if we want to avoid ANY nuclear wars etc. So far Trump is all corporatioins,the military,greed and lust for thje prophit motives and wars etc,.Doesn`t matter who you vote for anymore!

  • As far as I`m concerned all is not well at this time in Earth`s history,I`m very worried that we might make the wrong decisions and go the wrong way as far as time travel is concerned.

  • Michael Horn,

    I would like to know if anything was mentioned in the notes concerning our future about this Destroyer planet/comet? I know about the Apophis asteroid, but I am not sure if I read about the Destroyer being a threat, or if it was neutralized.

    If it is no longer a threat, do you know how was this made possible?

  • Hi MH here is an old article that I just read. This is from the website Befor I`s News Time Travel&Stargate Portals Are Real And Exist On Earth Today Thursday May 1rst 2014 at 1:40 This to me sounds like a real fraud and a loose cannon from out of nowhere. Thought you might like to read this and see what you,Billy and the Ps can make of this fraud eh.

    • “The Star Gate” Temponaut/Time Travel is what the plejaren use. As far of the Temponaut/Time Traveler Traveler who was from our timeline that attempted to alter billy’s material (an incident discussed in the contact reports)…it was never discussed what type tech was used.

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