World-class skeptic goes wide-eyed with wonder!

In March 2015, I attended an all-day skeptics event at Northern Arizona University (NAU). It was there that I saw Prof. Scott Antes, who would subsequently examine the evidence in the Billy Meier UFO case for four months, and then arrange my two historic, first presentations at an American University.

At this same event, I met another really wonderful skeptic, the legendary Prof. Ray Hyman. In addition to watching and thoroughly enjoying his presentation, I managed to introduce him to the Meier evidence by showing him the newest photo book, with 617 of Meier’s pre-computer, pre-digital age UFO photos. Several minutes of Ray’s wide-eyed, virtually speechless perusal of the photos was captured on film by intrepid photo-documentarian, Anthony ”jarjar”Alagna and is including in our aptly titled, When Truth Prevails.

Ray Hyman and Michael Horn, in When Truth Prevails

I’m not implying that Ray agreed with, or grasped, the authenticity and significance of Meier’s still irreproducible, independently authenticated photos. You can draw your own conclusions by watching our interaction in the film.

I’ve frequently noted that the world of the “professional skeptics” is richly populated by many rather intellectually failed poseurs. I long ago pointed out that famous skeptics like Janes Randi and Derek Bartholomaus quietly retracted their claims that the Meier case was a hoax. I’ve run circles around others like Stuart Robbins, Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, etc., etc., simply by standing still and confronting them with Meier’s inescapably accurate and authentic evidence and information.

There are also various characters out there who mainly cluck and roar about UFOs, often wishing they hadn’t, like the completely clueless Stefan Molyneux, and a guy named Lionel who’s apparently a highly qualified prosecutor, as well as interested in UFOs. Unfortunately, when I generously offered to educate him on the Meier case, this roaring Lionel turned out to be yet another mouse that roared (but only silently). And that’s too bad because this is one smart guy who I could have a great conversation with…or debate if he was foolish enough to push his luck.

Thanks Guys

I’ve also tipped my hat to the hapless skeptics who, setting out to debunk Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information about Jupiter-Io, ended up corroborating it instead. Skepticism is a ridiculously unnecessary self-description – really, is there anything that can’t be tested by the scientific method so that it needs “special circumstances” to be evaluated? Things are real and authentic, or they’re not, as time-tested methodologies are sufficient to determine.

We often hear the statement, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” but fail to consider that the Earth going around the sun was once considered “extraordinary”, so much so that it could cost you your life to make that claim. How extraordinary would the claim that “in a few years a child will be able to hold the entirety of the information everywhere on Earth in their little hand” have sounded a couple of decades, or less, ago? Unless of course you were Billy Meier, who in 1958, specifically foretold portable telephones (No. 93), along with the internet, etc.

Can’t Fool Me, No Sirree!

Skeptics still don’t get that they have a belief system that somehow the world’s trying to put one over on them but fortunately they’re just a little too sharp to let that happen. So they announce in advance that they’re putting the world on notice that they’re…skeptics, who already know exactly what’s real, what isn’t and how things are “supposed” to be.

All that being said when you meet more mature, deeper thinkers like Profs. Antes and Hyman you appreciate that there are still good critical thinkers out there who are willing to look through the proverbial telescope and struggle, if necessary, with what isn’t supposed to be there.

There are also those poor scientists who know that clinging to the party line is the only way they even remotely hope to assure themselves of an ongoing paycheck.

While I’ve enjoyed jousting with the skeptics, certainly those whose delightful overconfidence preceded their quietly skulking away, I’m not going to be bothering with much of that in 2017…unless openly invited, or challenged, to do so. I did send out one nice, genuine invitation to Prof. Jennifer Raff, offering to instruct her on the realities of the Meier case, only because she had been quoted in a recent blog by Stuart Robbins pertaining to so-called “extraterrestrial disclosure”. While I haven’t yet received a response, for any number of reasons, including perhaps the holidays, etc., I had a moment of bemusement when I considered that my research into the Meier case may well have begun…before she was born.


While such a precedent doesn’t automatically guarantee greater knowledge, etc., since I can safely assume that, like Robbins, Prof. Raff is completely unknowledgeable about the UFO matter, I’ll be interested to see if she has the genuine curiosity and intellectual honesty (she describes herself as a skeptic) to engage. After all, as I frequently say, the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life would be the most important event in human history…exceeded only by actual contact with it. And with Meier’s claims of 75 years of still ongoing contacts with the Pjejaren, we either have the biggest, longest-running, most impenetrable hoax in human history, or that singularly historical, paradigm shifting reality.

Will Prof. Raff emulate the gracious and respectable Ray Hyman, or does she have no desire to look through that proverbial telescope and risk finding out that she doesn’t already know everything?

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  • Hi Michael and folks who read everything…

    It is interesting the so called “experts” and how they approach previously unknown information… there are very few true thinkers in this world in this day and age… most folks just have a set of beliefs… like you say and rather than “believe” your information they attempt to protect theirs. Since the spiritual or excuse me consciousness based material from Meier shows us how to live in peace and harmony and not “believe” but rather use evidence and cognition and then recognition to understand facts unable to “prove” or “see with their own eyes”… it is far more interesting to me than the UFO photos… although that may have been the strong interest in this case all those years ago…

    As and example… recently… a friend missed their flight from the east coast and landed mid US on the way to California… Pissed off , unpatient, unhappy and uncontent (which BTW leads to hate and anger) a car was rented and off down the road against a huge winter storm is now upon the area of the drive back my friend decided to drive back… which if the roads are clear over the Rocky Mountains will be a rough ride on a good day: seventeen hours to get to SFO.

    The main reason in the Talmud Jmmanuel for the “eat this day your daily bread…” is so you will ingest (within your consciousness) process and think about your situation… using your knowledge and with that use it becomes… wisdom and the power of might to not have a similar problem bothering you in your future. Knowing that in my case… we went from SFO to Orlando and waited 18hours in SFO rather than go off to Denver where there were no flights from a day or two before xmas… (about what xmas means don’t get me started I am as vectored off the topic as possible already thank you very much…) and the main point being…

    By only believing in that which is not gleaned by your own personal private and might I say powerful intellect using the wonderful Creational power within it… otherwise we would have ended up with hatred and anger (which unpatience and uncontendedness creates) in Denver with no flights for two days or more…

    Being neutral about information rather that “positive” or “Negative” is a much easier and greater learning process giving way to rational and logical thought and a resulting direction rather than just believing or memorizing a set of information and patting yourself on the back and giving yourself a title… to boot… is the way to go and I learned this from Billy Meier…

    So… to make a long winded written story short… the UFO photos are interesting… and get many folks into the case… but if you really want the main line meat and potatoes… or veges and vitamins for those types… the information these folks from afar bring us… is AMAZING much more so than a craft that can move light speed within planetary objects and Tachyon drive for null time “flights” is truly life changing…

    Meeting our mutual Swiss friend… is like meeting an old friend… no airs of fine living or fancy dress… just a down to earth man of immense wisdom and peace.


    Source / Bibliography: Talmud Jmmanuel available!!! here:

  • I would like to present my account. I agreed to attend and film the NAU skeptics event for MH. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the event and was inspired by the different approaches to get students to think. Although I wanted to get some good footage for MH, I also wanted to be respectful of the event and university. So I did most of the filming during breaks. During one of these breaks, I took the liberty of capturing Dr. Hyman, one of the speakers, looking at Billy’s photo book while MH was going through the pages. No one seemed to object so I kept filming. At the time I was happy to capture such a revealing event for MH to use; but I did not get the sense that Dr. Hyman was being convinced of anything. My impression was that he was being very respectful, of not only MH sort of (silently) crashing the NAU scholastic event, but also by looking at his UFO book he was making such a fuss about.

    As I was driving home after the event, I did not feel victorious about what I had done. I was thinking to myself, how dare we force Billy Meier and Plejaren’s higher standards on the educators and students when the school is doing a pretty good job of getting students to think? I was thinking to myself, “did Billy Meier and UFOs even belong at this event, or should they just sit quietly in the audience and observe where Earth humans are today?”

    Personally I could care less if people believe, think, or curse Billy Meier UFO photographer, contactee and historical prophet throughout the ages. What I do care about is if folks think about and do something about climate change, pollution, environmentalism. I do care, and speak up, if people are promoting diversity and acceptance, instead of hate, racism, xenophobia, materialism, religion, dividing politics etc. I strive for peace and desire that Earth humanity ends its warring over differences and lack of resources by become responsible with science and living in balance with mother nature. I support ending human overpopulation. I support ending capital punishment. I strive for these things and more in conversation. But do I strive to tell folks about some UFO guy who claims to be the reincarnation of the personality known by the masses as Jesus Christ? Do I tell people if they just accept Billy Meier and study his books that will solve all the world’s problems? Do I even tell people I am interested in ufology? No bleeping way! The way I see it, the Earth humans are already on a path toward abandoning religion and living in knowledge rather than belief. This happened when science confirmed that the sun and the moon, for example, were not the eyes of any God(s) but are celestial bodies orbiting around in a natural system. As the Earth human learns more and more about nature, and her laws, the more that religion will naturally slip away. Then man has to only learn to live in balance and harmony with his surroundings. Will this happen ONLY if the masses learn about Billy Meier? NO, imo. I think that in 800 years or so, when Billy says the Earth human will finally become reasonable, it won’t be because the population of the planet has accepted Billy and read the “Goblet of Truth” for example, it will be because the masses will have evolved naturally out of their beliefs and superstitions and become much more knowing of their physical universe. Then it will be much more possible for folks to see the value in Billy Meier and there will be many more interested parties. But even in 800 years or so, the Figu group will still be a relatively small group of dedicated students that care about prophets, Plejaren, German, spirituality, etc. in my opinion. And the masses may still not be that interested in the case then or even know about it, as a natural law revolution is happening all around them to squelch the last of faith and believing.

    • First, I pre-registered myself and Anthony for this event. There was no “crashing” of any kind. And, as I even said in this blog, I’m not implying that Ray held any position about what he was looking at (for several minutes).

      I also openly announced my intention to interview/film any willing participants. I didn’t impose on anyone, film/interview anyone without their permission.

      To be clear, this was like being in the proverbial lion’s den, especially since I had indeed announced who I was, why I was there, etc.

      I think it’s absolutely terrific that Anthony agonized and struggled so with his conscience. I guess he had taken bathroom breaks when the various other “skecpxperts” were ridiculing and lambasting UFOs and people who were interested in them. And I must’ve missed those moments when I/we were “forcing” the poor attendees, students and professors alike, to know anything about Meier and the Plejaren.

      As for:

      “But do I strive to tell folks about some UFO guy who claims to be the reincarnation of the personality known by the masses as Jesus Christ? Do I tell people if they just accept Billy Meier and study his books that will solve all the world’s problems? Do I even tell people I am interested in ufology? No bleeping way!”

      Did I miss the part where ANYONE was forcing li’l Anthony to do any of those things? Because one person chooses to do, or not do, something, in no way obligates anyone else to follow suit. Anthony apparently has his own ideas of how others should regard the Meier material. I’m grateful that, as the person who voluntarily has tasked himself with openly representing the Meier case, who decides for himself just how, when and where he will do that, that I long ago decided to not let others, let anyone, decide those things for me…nor give a g-d when they use their own choices to not so subtly try to make wrong the way I conduct my own efforts.

      I will also add that my willingness to take these risks paid off in the form of two presentations at NAU, facilitated by one of the skeptical professors who presented, Prof. Scott Antes.

      • Michael,

        I am talking about myself, from my perspective. The crashing thing was supposed to be funny? Folks have a right to laugh about UFOs. As much as I have studied the subject, and looked at the spectacular Meier shots, I don’t expect anybody to be convinced of anything! To the casual observer, who has not spent time thinking about ETs and universal concepts, sees models, hoaxes and nonsense! This is natural! To expect the masses to take UFOs, not to mention beamships, seriously enough not to laugh on mass, they would have to be as convenient as Starbucks with smart pay.

        I respect all that you do. You work hard for Billy and provide DVDs and books via paypal. And you always give extra with your orders. You are a model human being. I am sure you help folks with your talks. I am not trying to diss you here. I just don’t want to be “in your face” with Billy Meier. I don’t feel comfortable or expect folks to see value in Billy (UFOs, ETs, etc) unless they delve deeply into the subject. And nobody should expect folks to delve deeply into ufology unless they really are interested.

        • I guess I missed…the joke.

          I don’t presume to know – or be RESPONSIBLE for – what the casual observer may or may not think. I actually haven’t noticed the masses laughing en masse. As a matter of fact, it’s now become trendy for know-nothing authors, writers, bloggers, columnists, etc., to prattle on about UFOs.

          We may also wish to reflect on how we may be OVER-emphasizing our own impact, influence, etc., on people in terms of mentioning, discussing the Meier case. If it was really that easy to just dissemble people with the mere mention of Billy Meier and UFOs…the whole matter would’ve had a infinitely more impact on the world than has yet occurred, despite the efforts of many.

          In other words, a lot of these concerns may be far more real inside our heads than anywhere out there in the world.

          As far as being a “model human being”, I can only tell you that I still have most of my original equipment, thank you.

          • “…it’s now become trendy for know-nothing authors, writers, bloggers, columnists, etc., to prattle on about UFOs.”

            These people are still the geeks of society and are laughed at by the scientists, professors, professionals, mainstream trendies, etc. The Meier case is just on the fringes of a whole population of outcast geeks that would never be allowed into the night club.

          • Not necessarily. There are Harvard educated writers like Ben Mezrich, phonies like actual professors Lawrence Krauss and Paul Davies (ASU) who write books about extraterrestrials, etc.

            You’ll see more and more of them, clogging up the information highway, knowing nothing, AVOIDING the Meier case, etc. It’s just more of how the truth gets coopted with the help of ambitious, profit-hungry, do-anything-for-a-buck types.

          • Okay, maybe a few are sneaking in…

            In my opinion, the biggest reason the UFO community treats Meier like the biggest laugh is because of Meier’s claim of being all those historical prophets, including the one known as Jesus Christ. This is just too much for most people. Folks can even support anti-religious stuff, because of the large population of growing spiritual but not religious crowd, especially in USA. It is hard enough to get past the pictures, let alone some of the HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL stuff Meier has said for MOST people.

            I can remember when I first learned about the case, I thought that the pictures or some of the pictures must be fake. Before learning about how complicated Billy Meier is as a person, you look at him in the old “Meier Chronicles” film for example, with his simple demeanor and his corny family and friends, making seemingly illogical claims the he alone is the only real ET contact case in the world, the only person capable of meeting with ETs on the planet. Anybody who wants to make a career out of ufology, even if they are lying to themselves and the public, NEED to be able to make contact or be important enough to get the ET to grab them up. So you will never win these people over until they become honest with themselves. So they don’t need a UFO lecturer, they need a psychiatrist.

            As open minded as Billy Meier is, and his followers and group members are supposed to be, no one should EXPECT the masses or anybody for that matter to take their UFO case seriously. AND if some folks do take it seriously, like you and me, then that should be enough for him and his club. By expecting the masses, or expecting to wake up the planet, with the greatest story in human history — that is more like a LANDMINE of controversy to simple, moderate and even intelligent folks of Earth — is about as reasonable as expecting to put McDonald’s, as popular as they are, on every block of every corner of every place in the world and expect people to eat it. And McDonald’s with all their problems these days, is a household name.

          • Well I’m glad people “don’t need a UFO lecturer”, certainly not one who talks about someone with “corny family and friends”, and a supposed “club”, and who also supposedly wants to “win over” people and “unreasonably” “expects” them to take it seriously.

            One of the interesting things about commenting on blogs, etc., is it also gives us a chance to see our own “expectations”, beliefs, attitudes, etc., towards the matter…which are often projections about others who really don’t hold those positions, intentions, etc.

            So, as is foundational to the spiritual teaching, observing our own thoughts – and evaluating if they indicate that we’re “seeing things exactly as they are”, or possibly as projecting, filtering, overlaying, etc. – can be useful.

          • Michael,

            Society needs the UFO lecturer! Especially one such as yourself who goes after the larger truth. I am just trying to playfully explain that the masses are not ready for your UFO case.

            It is not that Billy and his family and friends are really corny. They just appear to the masses. Most people into UFOs see him as a simple Swiss farmer. I am not trying to be disrespectful.

            I am on you side. I just think that for Meier to make it part of his mission, especially this lifetime, to wake up the planet with his info is strange. The real reason that he does it is because he is trying to be optimistic. He is willing to bleep into the wind because the masses are so thirsty. I see him as this great humanitarian in this respect. He knows that it is ridiculous to think that someday soon the planet will wake up because someone huge like Donald Trump will publicly endorsed the case. This UFO case of yours is just for us super geeks and nerds down here in the B-Files basement.

          • Anthony,

            Speaking of the masses, you may want to click on the flags displayed on my blog and website. That will give you an idea of the numbers of people, from 188 countries, who’ve so far found the Meier case…without any real advertising, with no support from the parasites in the UFOCI, etc.

            The education of the masses has already begun and, as Meier pointed out, it will ceaselessly and unstoppably fulfill itself as long intended. Had Meier, and others, not had the optimism, and engaged the might of their thoughts in this pursuit, then it would all just linger in anonymity.

            So while it may appear “strange” to you that he chose to begin to wake people in his own quiet way, it really declares – loudly – that the silent revolution of truth is well underway.

          • “…while it may appear “strange” to you that he chose to begin to wake people in his own quiet way, it really declares – loudly – that the silent revolution of truth is well underway.”

            Okay you get the last word this time; that was really good….

        • “…no one should EXPECT the masses or anybody for that matter to take their UFO case seriously.”

          Isn’t this why Meier & the Plejaren have emphatically stated, many times, that it will be around 800 years until earth humans come to accept creational-natural laws & recommendations? It seems fairly obvious to me that the mission is not a “get it done in one lifetime” kind of gig…the ground is being prepared by Meier and FIGU for future generations.

          • I agree, the mission spans lifetimes. As material creatures in a material universe, we will never see a time where we can’t grow from this seed.

            As newbies to the Meier case it is easy to fall into the false belief that if only the masses knew about the case then the world would change for the better. The Meier case is “not a paint by numbers project,” it is a hue of colors (laws and recommendations) from which folks can paint their portrait, their world, their universe, no matter the personality behind the brush. And we know that all good things just take time….

          • Dear MH,

            To answer your first question, yes it can make a difference to try and wake the masses. After all you are the Horn man and know a lot more than me about making sound for the public benefit. But the point is that this urgency to save the world or to be saved from this crumbling world is an illusion. You help in this way because you want to and are good at it. Thank you for all that you do. But this is not just the mission for all of us this lifetime.

            And secondly, no it would not make things worse if more people knew. But knowing is a natural process and not something that happens in a flash that snaps a person out of their ignorance. All we can do as helpers is show them the door to all the Meier information. Have a nice sign so that people can walk through really on their own. We can explain things to the best of our ability that we study from the material with our student peers. And we can share the lessons we learn, to our level, from the spiritual teaching online, or with friends and family. The only way it makes it worse is if we push things on folks and expect them to come around. Or to be frustrated that folks have not or are not coming around.

  • “it won’t be because the population of the planet has accepted Billy and read the “Goblet of Truth” for example, it will be because the masses will have evolved naturally out of their beliefs and superstitions and become much more knowing of their physical universe. Then it will be much more possible for folks to see the value in Billy Meier and there will be many more interested parties. But even in 800 years or so, the Figu group will still be a relatively small group of dedicated students that care about prophets, Plejaren, German, spirituality, etc. in my opinion. And the masses may still not be that interested in the case then or even know about it, as a natural law revolution is happening all around them to squelch the last of faith and believing.”

    What then is the point of the Plejaren and the prophet’s mission?

    It may be that religious belief will have a global resurgence in the future.

    • In my opinion, the mission is a gift. This mission is a HUGE leg up for the folks of Earth in this space/time configuration. This planet is a melting pot of spirit-forms from all over our universe. Once we get our act together, we will be a beacon of technology, knowledge and wisdom from which we can spread throughout space/times, throughout universes.

      • It is precisely for this reason that we should value the best of the culture of this melting pot of evolving consciousness and not just do the above path taking the descendants of the old “sons of heaven” as saviors (they themselves reject this view and admitted some flaws and limitations, for those who read the material well)) . The Ps give much information, clarification, but the thought and the means for it we possess. It is a contact, a cosmic connection, not a unilateral affiliation.The planet of dreams will be T/Erra (in another plane configuration?), and we must not throw away the pearls and precious stones along with the dirty water of this planet. Many understand it completely wrong and Meier and his advise give other ways to feed the skeptical or allegedly logical mind, but of dogmatic characteristics, black on white, all or nothing, kings or “do not count”. Even a SW character is not so annoying and limited like the alleged “logic” cultists. The Ps said they are not super men, they are not perfect and they are still learning!

      • I wasn’t very clear. It would seem that the GOT and Billy’s other books are fully intended for, eventual, global dissemination. I cannot forsee a natural evolution away from belief. I can see desperation building in our population. Certainly more and more are talking about a spiritual awakening, but even so, it is but a very small number of the Earths population. The majority are in reverse. Which is why I think that the ‘Billy Meier case’ and everything connected to it as a whole carries more weight than perhaps you think it does. Which is OK of course. That’s not a criticism. Anyway, that’s why I quoted your earlier post and asked the question.

  • Stephen :”I don`t buy this religious thing that most people on earth do because it`s so dead wrong! How can anybody in there own right mind possibly believe in a Lord Jesus Christ the Lord which to me sounds like something out of Santa Clause who we know is also a fake like Jesus the Lord! YIKES! It`s like do you believe in UFOs all over again? OUCH Better to believe stories about fairies,angels etc? “We NEED to fix and straiten this primitive flock from Planet Earth out,time to grow out of this stupid fantsyland!!!” NEED to the people of Earth up and out of the sandbox and to get real with Billy and the Ps,this is coming from the horses mouth,ME!

    • CR 251: “…This is the moment when Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. Upon this realization, science will be discredited for some time.”

      When I said “may be” I was referring to the above quotation. The people of Earth will consider no other explanations for these discoveries other than what is already written in our belief systems. They will believe that they have discovered a godly realm and start falling to their knees again. I have never held any beliefs as I’m sure you must know by now.

  • George Noory always brings on Peter Devonport on c2c about UFOs which we know are just military planes dressed up to look UFOs to fool the unsuspecting viewer trying to look for ETs which we also know most good ETs avoid us primitive savage backwoods humans. Maybe MH could try to educate Peter Devonport on just who the REAL ETs are and that nowadays our ET friends don`t even use beamships anymore thanks to Asket`s people and their stargate technology.

  • It is about being aware… being conscious which is the same as being spiritual. We have to think for ourselves… and some of us do it publicly… I am so glad that Michael Horn takes the time to inform the public about THE MOST AMAZING STORY IN THE WORLD… and if they think anything other than that it just shows how conscious or unconscious they truly are.

    Thanks to Billy for the information of course and thanks to Michael for putting it out there with the tremendous effort he exerts… and Michael… let me know if you need someone filming any of your events… I will be glad to be there if at all possible… I understand there may not be many who understand the importance of the work you do (for free) but those that do understand how vital this knowledge can be… As our Swiss friend says: From Knowledge, to Cognition, to use of the knowledge, to wisdom and then to the power to control (make holy) your might to create a thinking and learning environment that helps the world with our actions. It may not seem like it at first… but after you do it for awhile you begin to realize (cognate) how folks are affected by it and become wise from your help. Talk about empowering…

    This wisdom from ancient knowledge and many lifetimes: essentially given to us… due to an unfair genetic manipulation in our and our distant ancestors past… is again given to us of this earth (and there are many others) and we would be wise to render it into our own lives. If you don’t get it this life… you may take yourself away from those that have evolved beyond you and say goodbye to the fast-track to a more advanced life relatively rapidly.

    I should provide an example of the tremendous freedom this message gives to the folks who are curious enough to explore it: When we die… we get to enjoy the null time, the space between lives when we are connected to what enlivens every cell of our body via the Superior Culliculous (at the tip of the brainstem behind the eyes)… which is a glorious existence each of us… if we do not die a violent death… will experience for one and a half life times… so if we die after reaching 100 years old… we will be in this wonderful existence of oneness and null time for one hundred and fifty years… If we live till fifty we will have seventy five years in this wonderful existence… so it is not so bad to die. We all have done it (if you are reading this) hundreds of thousands of times… and our consciousness form… or spirit form… has made it through all this without being scathed… no matter how violently or wrongly we as our body have died. Each time we make a contribution to our existence by living a life… or being… as it is called… our self… becomes that much wiser if we pay attention and follow the rules and recommendations of the Universe.

    So thank you Michael who fights untiringly to inform those less informed the amazing future that awaits us once we evolve to help ourselves.

    Salome (pronounced Soul Ah Mee) and means: be greeted in peace and wisdom

    • Thanks Randy, I hope to have more presentations that you can film too.

      Also, in the null time in the Beyond “we” actually don’t exist as personalities, hence we’re not “enjoying” our time there. (I don’t think we’re complaining about cramped accommodations and bad room service either…but I wouldn’t know.)

    • Let me guess Randy, you think I am brain dead, unconscious? Right?

      If you think that I was insulting the Figu, and unwilling to work for them, or crazy not to grovel in gratefulness or awe, regardless of circumstances or point of view, in everything I say about Billy and Figu, then you are good example of how someone is treating this as religion. You say ‘Soul Ah Mee’ now but I can imagine a time, not long ago, when you might of finished things with “amen.” But you are learning and I have been appreciative of your contributions along with everybody else. But don’t think for a moment that just because I have a funny wizard dude as a moniker, that I am always full of bleep. Well maybe I could be at times… but I never ask anybody to believe anything I say. Go do your own research. Go think for yourself is my motto. This is also the way you seek to live, yet you see me as ungrateful, inferior or even enemy? Could it be because when you read my comments you see it thru the eyes of a person who expects any disparaging sounding things said against your prophet to be blaspheme, and coming from an inferior view point?

      Again, I come in peace and I am trying to be a friend…


      • Anthony,

        Has it occurred to you that a number of people have pointed out your, let’s use the words contentious and contrarian, positions, which seemingly serve to draw attention to “complaints” you make about FIGU, Meier, the mission, etc. – all of which seem to be based on very your own subjective projections, certainly absent any supporting documentation?

        And have you noticed that you then use the critiques to mainly inform us that they’re “humorous” and your version of living/teaching the spiritual teaching?

        • “…complaints…certainly absent any supporting documentation?”

          supporting documentation? What would you like me to back up? What is out of whack? Show me.

          Your response, and the a-typical responses I get from your robot crew, are why no one, but a few back water jerks — who are like deer in the headlights with awe and needs — want to get involved with your UFO case. I am just pointing out the obvious and you feel like you have been attacked?

          I am sick of the lack of openmindedness that permeates throughout the Billy Meier cult. Yes, I know you folks are not trying to be a cult, but at this stage of your evolution, your bunch is like going to church. The spiritual teaching is quite simple, but YOU and your experts like to think make it hard at every turn. They don’t understand really, so they want to PRETEND that everybody else does not understand. The Meier cult is rife with followers who don’t even know that they are believing — and think they know something — when they can’t even see simple ideas in nature examples or outside Meier’s words that are logical to this nature. The Meier cult totally misunderstands the whole German thing too and treats it like holy books and a holy language. Instead of treating it as archive material, and final fact checking source, for never ending improvable translations, for serious scholars who want to be translators, etc they use it to build a wall around their information so that the only credibility comes from their official insiders; and when the Figu official does not like what he/she hears they beat the non-German speaker outsider for not translating something and that they do not know what they are talking about despite the sources, logic, examples provided along the way.

          I let my words speak for themselves and hope that not all the eyes are blind out there to the open hand of friendship I have extended. Your sorry lot of church goers would rather not be challenged, or have their simple minded views of the Meier case disturbed, so they prefer voices like mine to go away or are silenced forever.

          The complaints are the same Figu has been dealing with for over 40 years. By now all of mainstream ufology refuses to play your game of hide and seek. So instead of going around and around, any honest, trying to be of good nature human being who is interested in ufology would rather steer clear of all the baggage that the Figu cult delivers, even if they are still religious themselves. They prefer their religions instead of Meier’s slow motion gathering of followers and lap dogs. There is no doubt in my mind that Figu will grow out of its cultic beginnings. But until then, you can not blame the UFOIC for not touching Meier with a ten foot pole.

          Now I am officially bored. Goodbye….

          • Gee, where would I start, or stop.

            Here is yet another rant about “you people”, “FIGU people”, “Meier cult”, “the FIGU cult”.

            Of course there’s nothing really specific here. Who knows what you’re ranting about?

            The broad brush generalizations and stereotypes about “you people” so saturate this tirade that you could substitute “blacks”, “whites”, Asians”, “Jews”, “Muslims”, etc., and get the same kind of angry, misdirected assault that characterizes such more familiar prejudicial material.

            But we know, you’re only being “humorous” and none of us get it because we’re a…”robot crew lacking open-mindedness”, etc.

            Thanks for clearing it up.

          • Anthony,

            You really don’t know for sure that everyone here are religiously-deluded lapdogs of Meier. I, myself, am constantly thinking about if I am understanding the Meier material correctly…that’s the point of self-responsibility. But, please don’t presume to know the intentions of the posters here.

            As for the UFOIC staying away from the Meier material because of your perceived notions about FIGU, well that’s their choice, but it certainly shows a superficiality about them if they can’t move past personal complaints and delve into the heart of the case…the spiritual teaching. I’m not offended by your post, just trying to help.

          • Dear Matt,

            Thanks for your help. I am glad you are checking your thinking.

            If a response addresses the subject matter, either for or against what the writer is trying to say and/or questions, instead of attacking the author personally, that right there is a good clue that people are thinking rather than just reacting. Another clue if a blogger is thinking about the spiritual teaching, rather than just believing, is if the author cites foundational concepts, and then backs it up with an example in nature. So for example if we are discussing, “how do we know Creation is one, and not two or there?” Well in nature we can observe forests, oceans, deserts and other ecosystems operating in harmony. There is no overpopulation among the lifeforms; and if there is then competition (the law of love) brings things back into equalisedness. So the many lifeforms are really working in balance as one habitat. It are clues like these that give us hints if we are getting good responses, bad responses or just downright attacked.

  • Anthony, you always point to the fact that you are “just being playful”. However, it does not seem playful who read your opinions, which simply tell the truth about the way you feel and believe that Billy is a joke, and that the planet is naturally evolving out of the religious dogma. Really? How can one evolve naturally from the religious dogma when there is nothing other than religion that is going around in today’s world, when religious proselytizing is going on in every nook and corner of our world and compelling people to believe in Jesus Christ who actually did not exist? In your comment “in my opinion, the biggest reason the UFO community treats Meier like the biggest laugh is because of Meier’s claim of being all those historical prophets, including the one known as Jesus Christ”. Meier never claimed up to this day, that he is a prophet and is a re-incarnation of Jesus Christ. He is already 80 y/o and up to this day, despite all his knowledge, he refrained from being out there in the world, because people would mistakenly start worshiping him just like what happened to Jmmanuel. That is precisely what Billy does not want and is trying to avoid. Frankly, people need to know and learn a lot from Billy if we have to survive what is coming upon us. If you do not want to believe in Meier that is fine, but do not drag other people into this thinking that it is what they want. You do not know what other people are thinking. It is written in the GOB that even though people get out of the religious mode of thinking they will still wither away and perish, because they do not know how to live their life properly, since they do not know Creational laws and recommendations, which teaches us how to live happily, harmoniously, peacefully, and lovingly with one another. This is the essence of this case and what Billy and P’s want us to learn and live by as a planet. As far as I know, nobody in this world has taught and will teach us that, other than the prophets. Thanks.

    • Dear Jessy and all the other folks who think I am a problem maker,

      Please re-reread my blog entries. You are misunderstanding what I am saying; and missing my supporting position of the Billy Meier case. If folks feel offended when I say things like “simple” and “corny” to describe Billy. Or think I am poking fun at the case in anyway, risk treating the Billy Meier case info as “holy” or beyond reproach so much that they are turning it into a cult and religion. It is so bad among Billy Meier followers, who stiffen up and coil their fists, because it sounds upon their quick reading like a disparaging remark about Billy or his case. It is like fake news starting a war because someone misunderstood the message and the messenger.

      There is nothing holy about prophets, spiritual lesson books, beamship sounds and pictures, the Figu group, the mission, any of Billy’s work, Billy himself, the Nokodemion spirit-form, etc, Consider our planet lucky to get such a qualitative analysis of Universal truths by advanced human relatives. Consider us lucky for our planet to support the Nokodemion spirit-form for the time being. But Billy is not the only one with truth, he is just the most concentrated source on Earth, and probably the universe. So yes people should be paying attention to Billy!!!!!! This is a serious statement.

      BUT, Earth humans have the habit of thinking in just this lifetime. Even Billy Meier students, especially when they first learn about the case, think to themselves, “Wow I got to tell everybody I know about this, the world! Why did I not hear about this before? Why is this not on in Trump’s first 100 days? Maybe I should e-mail Trump tower?”

      And I don’t just blame naivety, Figu the group, is geared toward showing that earthlings are not only primitive, but doomed to wars, societal breakdown, climate breakdown, planetary breakdown, etc. which causes an urgency or even placing folks in a state of emergency. WHICH IS ALL TRUE. Right now we as a planet are bleeping up big time. Does this mean that this madness will last forever? If you answered yes, then you are religious. Even the Figu folks who have given up formal religion still suffer from its residue. Meier students have a tendency to believe Billy or the truth rather than only take up so many crumbs at a time in which they are able to digest and discover the truth through their own doing. To believe that Meier students need to read everything Meier has ever published in German this lifetime, is overlooking the scope of the UFO mission they are supposedly supporting. There is no expiration date on the Meier material. It lasts for all time. This means that it will be used, studied, and shared during the entire duration of the material universe of our Creation to help elevate the evolution of human beings everywhere! Do you think you (your spirit-form) have time to learn from Billy in the 80-90 year lifespan that you exist in today to be a good person or in line with nature? Not really is the answer. It will take countless lifetimes to get the ‘most’ out of the Billy Meier spiritual teaching and UFO case. And most is a relative term.

      So when I joke around and try to make UFO stand up, PG-rated for language, by making lightheartedness of Billy Meier or his people, it is harmless and I am in line with nature. So please everybody, I come in peace. Really;)

      “Does anybody out there have any tape out there I want to put some tape over the death button?”

      • I have some two sided tape but it’s sticky on both sides so you’d have to take personality responsibity when it sticks to you.

        • Dear Sheila,

          Yes that would definitely be a good solution for Rocket to keep both baby groot and myself from not taking self responsibility if we should screw up. But this responsibility you are talking about sticks to you as well as everybody else.

          I finally figured out why folks, especially MH, can’t get my humor. All y’all folks don’t like Guardians of the Galaxy do you? How about the Awesome Mix Vol. 1? (Ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga, Ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga) Probably don’t know or care what it is, and that is okay. So tell me dear you have to admit that a talking space racoon with a baby tree humanoid (with “I am groot” as his only line for anything he does) side kick is pretty frick’n funny, right? Well I hope maybe others found it cute.

          • Oh yeah they’re cute, but they aren’t real. How old are you Anthony? The reason I’m asking is I’m not sure if I would’ve even looked at the Billy Meier information as a younger person because I had no life experience and probably couldn’t gage it against anything I knew as a fact, because I had no life experience. In a way I’m sad I never knew Billy’s information as a younger person, but am grateful I found it at a time when I could actually work it out as being true. The first few years I flipflopped because some information I read appeared to be BS but as time went on, it was proven true. So I guess that’s where I stand, knowing Billy’s information is true and knowing that anything not released to us is usually not released for good reason and may be detrimental to humankind. I’ve been studying since 2009 and still so much to learn. Where are you at in your studies?

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