West Pacific, NW Earthquake Warnings

The clock is ticking for the inevitable NW 9.0 earthquake-tsunami foretold by Billy Meier

As many now know, Billy Meier was the first person to specifically warn of a coming 9.0 earthquake, and accompanying tsunami, etc., in 2005. We put out a press release about it, in 2008, when an OSU report contained almost exactly the same warnings.

I recently wrote about Dutchsinse and his remarkably accurate earthquake predictions. He’s so accurate that so-called “scientists”, such as at the USGS, etc. – who should be falling all over themselves to learn and apply his processes for making such precise determinations – are instead, suicidally, greedily, trying to sabotage and suppress him.

Plainly stated, by doing so these people put their ambitions and positions above the lives and safety of the human beings of Earth.

In this latest video from him, Dutchsinse reports on the high probability of a number of very large quakes in the West Pacific and the Northwest. So we’ll pass on his warnings and hope that people pay attention. Think of this as something like a storm warning which, should the storm not hit, no harm has been done and awareness may well have been raised.

The NW quake-tsunami is a prediction from Meier and the Plejaren, not a prophecy. That means that this quake will happen, with 100% certainty. And while the Plejaren didn’t, and won’t, give the date, perhaps Dutchsinse is on his way to pinpointing it.

The People Were Warned

We have entered the long foretold and warned of time of the ever-increasing fulfilment of Billy Meier’s environmental warnings, dating back to 1951, which will bring us the inescapable consequences of decades of manmade abuse of the environment.

The immutable law of cause and effect ceaselessly fulfills itself. And when humanity begins to study and comprehend the way life really works, instead of trying to throw our self-responsibility off on imaginary deities, saints and saviors –  with demonstrably abysmal track records for answering trillions of prayers futilely flung heavenward – we will enter a new, and also long foretold, time of peace, love, freedom and harmony on planet Earth.

New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel!

Thanks to John Bryant for the Dutchsinse video.

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  1. Dutchsinse, with his accuracy have probably saved lives in Italy when he was able to announce the upcoming of the biggest one there in so far, what one have left to expect is that the people of SF will start listening to him since he can make a difference of life and dead.

  2. I tweeted about BEAM’s prediction on dutchsinse’s twitter. I’m the sassyone with no followers because I block them lol.

  3. Everyone should remain aware that Billy has predicted two different mega quakes. The San Francisco ‘Big One’ will not happen until Billy has his ‘angel wings’….. The Pacific Northwest quake was predicted by Billy to be a 9.0 off the coast of Bandon, Oregon. It will generate two very large tsunamis ‘in ring form’ that will spread to the Pacific Northwest coast and go inland a very long way up existing rivers and bays. It will also spread across the Pacific. Billy has predicted the shaking of the Pacific Northwest quake will last for five minutes and be a ‘full rupture’ of hundreds of miles along the fault line. Billy did not….and will not give the exact date.

    John Bryant

    1. Hi John, huge amounts of rain and flash flooding causing mudslides in California. Do you think this has any effect on earthquakes?

      1. Sheila…..no. The greater influence will be the massive pressure wave that was generated by the very deep 7.3 quake in the Western Pacific (as discussed by Dutch)…

        1. Okay thanks. From the contact notes volcanoes have an association with earthquakes, that apparently earthquake scientists have no knowledge of. So would it not be more beneficial to maybe superimpose volcano eruptions over the earthquakes?

          1. Yes I noticed Dutchsinse’s website does mention volcanoes. He mentioned on his YouTube yesterday that he’s getting death threats, so obviously he’s doing a fantastic job.

  4. I have a link to the seismic monitors that I check daily. The Aleutian Islands seems to be heating up. http://www.iris.edu/seismon/ is the website address. You can see how connected the faults really are.
    When presented with voluminous evidence people still do not listen. Remarkable since BEAM has more physical evidence about the Plejaren than there is about sky daddy.

    MH- I would love to watch your youtube channel; unfortunately, I have a dial up internet connection and streaming is not possible. (*sigh*)

  5. I have been watching Dutchsinse’s videos of his live streams over the past few days and have learned a lot about the way earthquakes work around the world. He is certainly a good source to tune into if you live on a fault line or plate boundary or anywhere else that is prone to earthquakes, even fracking areas. He appears to have a logical sense as to how pressure is released after a deep quake and how they set off chain reactions that affect the whole planet and not just the area where it initially happens. It’s very interesting. As I live on Salt Spring Island now I do like to be aware of what is happening with respect to earthquakes and will continue to tune in to Dutchsinse as he does say it like it is. It sure beats the USGS site. He seems to have a good track record in his knowledge to understand how earthquakes work. I am thankful that he is going through great lengths to share his knowledge with the world. The more people that are prepared the better. It will be less panic when it does occur.

        1. I was only trying to help…I have no video streaming. It would be great to tune to Dutchsinse . I’ll continue to “watch” here. Peace to all.

          1. Hi Diane,

            There was just an update from him at:

            Perhaps someone you know could watch and send you any specific information. Apparently some of the forecast activity in this article has begun to transpire. The next couple of days should either see the occurrence of the bigger quakes or, hopefully, they don’t happen.

  6. I have ren uppon Dutchsinse on Youtube about 4-5 or even maybe 6 years ago and watched his videos for a few years. His videos and presentations are really great. He has also been presenting a lot about HAARP “dissasster (earthquakes and weather, ezc.) manipulations”. That is probably why he and his videos have been constantly attacked and removed from YT.

    Trump is going to have it really hard, not only to get his way, but also to even survive his first term, maybe even his inaguration. In one of the “Ill-uminati Playing Cards”, “Enogh is Enough”, made in 1992, he gets assassined by CIA. The luciferians – the “rulling evilite” – the (Vatican – Chaldean) “ill-uminati” have up untill now been strictly fallowing/implementing/”playing” all those cards, one by one, and probably are going to “play” also all the rest, probably even including “Fake Alien Invasion”, up until the card – “Tape Runs Out”… Hopefully they fail at least at the last one… hopefully suiciding at trying. If people refuse to eradicate these “ill-minded” retards, hopefully at least they eradicate themselves; as it looks that is our last hope! Until those retards are alive, this planet has absolutely no chance…

  7. I just heard George Noory state on c2c that Southern California is due for a 9.0 earthquake due to the San Andreas Fault Line etc and that they plan to put alert warning devuices in every bulding to alert people there of the inpending earthquake. Trouble is there wil only be a 60 second warning for people tp duck flee and get out of harms way which to me is not a very smart idea since these 60 second warns won`t give peoiple enough time to scram? Mot very smart due to the short time frame? Not a wise idea. They need to come up with a better earier time frame to get out sooner etc.

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