The clock is ticking for the inevitable NW 9.0 earthquake-tsunami foretold by Billy Meier

As many now know, Billy Meier was the first person to specifically warn of a coming 9.0 earthquake, and accompanying tsunami, etc., in 2005. We put out a press release about it, in 2008, when an OSU report contained almost exactly the same warnings.

I recently wrote about Dutchsinse and his remarkably accurate earthquake predictions. He’s so accurate that so-called “scientists”, such as at the USGS, etc. – who should be falling all over themselves to learn and apply his processes for making such precise determinations – are instead, suicidally, greedily, trying to sabotage and suppress him.

Plainly stated, by doing so these people put their ambitions and positions above the lives and safety of the human beings of Earth.

In this latest video from him, Dutchsinse reports on the high probability of a number of very large quakes in the West Pacific and the Northwest. So we’ll pass on his warnings and hope that people pay attention. Think of this as something like a storm warning which, should the storm not hit, no harm has been done and awareness may well have been raised.

The NW quake-tsunami is a prediction from Meier and the Plejaren, not a prophecy. That means that this quake will happen, with 100% certainty. And while the Plejaren didn’t, and won’t, give the date, perhaps Dutchsinse is on his way to pinpointing it.

The People Were Warned

We have entered the long foretold and warned of time of the ever-increasing fulfilment of Billy Meier’s environmental warnings, dating back to 1951, which will bring us the inescapable consequences of decades of manmade abuse of the environment.

The immutable law of cause and effect ceaselessly fulfills itself. And when humanity begins to study and comprehend the way life really works, instead of trying to throw our self-responsibility off on imaginary deities, saints and saviors –  with demonstrably abysmal track records for answering trillions of prayers futilely flung heavenward – we will enter a new, and also long foretold, time of peace, love, freedom and harmony on planet Earth.

New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel!

Thanks to John Bryant for the Dutchsinse video.

40 comments on “West Pacific, NW Earthquake Warnings

  • Besides all the life forms on PW (humans,centiant creatures and flora fauna) that would need relocating…this would be a challange…all of silicon valley (apple,Google etc) would be effected. I’m sure these companies don’t any have contingency plans for the damage the quake will create. Again the same way the military/intellegence and clandestine communities have failed to take action on the immediate threat of Isis…this quake is but another fumble to add their long list “Ops my bads.” The denial and neglegence is unfathomable at this point in our time line. The least…the least these institutions can do is warm and advocate..
    emergency preparedness.

  • “And when humanity begins to study and comprehend the way life really works, instead of trying to throw our self-responsibility off on imaginary deities, saints and saviors –”

    …and also demons. “Hoax Hunter” John Razimus believes in demons. For real.

    “I don’t believe demons exist, I know for personal fact demons exist, I’ve met demons…”

    “you sound exactly as demon possessed as Mr. Horn. You both are possessed by demons.”

    “You lie, Horn lies (you sound exactly like Horn so maybe you are Horn), and Meier is the liar in chief.”

    I pressed him to back up his claims. I guess that made him uncomfortable. Sounds like a 10-yr old kid.

    • Thanks again Taro for standing up and battling on behalf of the truth. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, you’ve proven to be very important to those “on the fence researchers” that view these debunk attempts because how you handle the “attackers”… you do it in such a way that makes them resort to name calling. I really enjoy your comments and just wanted to again say thanks.

      • Thanks, again Adrian. Remember to click on thumbs up 😉 But seriously, accolades are entirely unnecessary. Ultimately, I do this for myself. I hate BS and the level and reach of disinformation regarding the Meier case bothers me. And much of it is due to the general population’s willingness to eat up bad information like it were sweet candy.

        The best way to thank me is to call out the BS whenever you see it. Maybe use a fake name(FSB #30).

        “you do it in such a way that makes them resort to name calling.”

        It’s simple: I try sticking to verifiable facts. My argument: The Meier case has never been proven a hoax(all hoax theories have holes). This is not the same as “The Meier case is proven true”. Proving something true, outside of mathematics can be involved, for lack of a better word. And this case was DESIGNED to be a maze. For the “skeptics” sake, it may have been designed by Meier(although this would make him the most genius hoax artist in Earth’s history, and then some).

        In any case, once you start to point out the BS, some of the zombified masses start to smell it. If in fact I am having any effect, I sincerely hope I’m not the only one. They can’t kill us all.

        • Proof and proving something is in the mind of those who evaluate the evidence. The evidence in the Meier case is vast, compelling, independently authenticated, ever-increasingly corroborated and also includes over 125 eyewitnesses. This can’t be minimized or dismissed. Credible eyewitness testimony has been instrumental in the outcome of countless trials, lives have hung in the balance and fates determined.

          Try to come up with any kind of “case”, in any area, that has anything remotely resembling the outstanding evidence that spans almost eight decades.

          If people recognized and put aside their prejudices – especially including all the so-called “scientists”, lazy, with selfish interests trumping the search for the truth – the Meier case would already be renowned for its singular authenticity and historical significance.

  • Loosly based on what Whendelle said of Billy’s San Francisco pictures, how autos looked, smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, some had half glass cabin tops, looking more like bugs than boxy cars.
    This new car design has in some aspect been created in where else than San Francisco. The Toyota Concept i car of 2017….

  • Hello MH, it appears we’re about to soon find out just how far our consciousness will allow us to go. A quickening may be happening right now. The pulsations of humanity being perched on “thin ice” due to the immutable law of cause and effect. (How could it be due to anything else ?)
    From arrogance, greed and stupidity – and populations out of control – a fate has already been carved out.
    Being human I think most humans “sense,” intuit or feel, that drastic changes are manifesting. And I think this is generating a quickening in peoples’ spirit, a sense of urgency.
    There are many problems and too few solutions. The inevitability of serious eruptions from a wounded planet.
    This could be a time of positive change for anyone willing to look.
    Best Wishes in Peace.

  • As the old saying goes “Better safe than sorry. Seems to me I remember some time ago that I heard that the people from San Francisco don`t want to move out come hell or high water even if a tsunami and a 9.0 earthquake hit them.

  • This blog post was/is spot on. I have goose bumps. I have had many dreams come to fruition. Or have predictive dreaming (or what is the correct term where I dream something and it happens soon after dreaming it?) Anyway, last night I dreamt I saw an old coworker and he was about to sled down a freshly snow-packed hill (By themail way, its sno wing here on the West Coast/Portland-Salem). He asked me if I was ready for the Big One and that it was happening ‘tonight’. This morning I awoke and told myself to remember that dream. I’ve carried it around with me all day. I haven’t seen that coworker in 6 months but saw him randomly today. Then I look on your blog and the link to Dutchsinse is right there. I shared the link on my Facebook page and also reminded my friends and family of a meeting spot ‘just in case’. I heard it’s also a full moon coming up and the moon can affect tides which in turn affect (or can affect) earthquakes. Anyone in the PNW…stay safe my friends.

  • Given San Francisco is a wealthy and “trendy” place. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the latest car over there first before any other places.

    However, if I recalled correctly, the car in the picture (Wendelle) has no side mirror. We haven’t get to that point yet. Those are concept cars which is not for sell, but most likely within 2-3 years.

    But you never know….

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