Trump puts arrow of truth in center of corrupt media/intelligence cabal

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, the fact that he’s a non-political, non-politically correct (“his own one-man party”, according to the Plejaren) thorn in the side of the political status elite and quo, was driven home in his news conference of January 11. You’ll be able to watch the conference and loads of analyses about it online, so I won’t delve into the details.

The overall good news (and possibly the bad news) is that Trump unapologetically shot an arrow of truth and nailed the fake news purveyors, the intelligence agencies, the Clinton campaign, the preferential treatment given to her by the press, etc., in their collective bullseye.

Skewed Priorities

While all of the concern and subterfuge about Russia*, so-called hacking, false reports about Trump, non-existent business deals with the Russians, non-existent Trump personnel in Prague, etc., no concern seems to have been expressed by the media that the “hacked” information revealed the seething corruption of the DNC, the warmongering psychopath who ran against Trump, etc. People are only concerned that it was….revealed.

So, while the good news is that Trump actually tells it like it is and put an arrow into the bullseye, he simultaneously may have put a few bullseyes on a number of other people, including himself, staff, family members, etc., etc. – as Sen. Chuck Schumer even boldly suggested…or was it threatened?

While Schumer is probably among those in a position to indeed know about the “six ways to Sunday” that the CIA can use to strike back, like the ever-present troll McCain, another warmonger, who also seethes not only with malice but envy to “sit at the table of power”, lest anyone not be clear on how non-hyperbolic such warnings are, here’s what Billy Meier had to say about such things. For his trouble, Meier has been the target of 23 assassination attempts by parties mainly…unspecified.


In case people aren’t quite yet noticing, we’ve entered a new, highly volatile, extremely polarizing time in US history. Meier not only alluded, in 2012, to being informed in 1975 about what may be coming here (and the international ramifications) around 2020, depending on who succeeded Obama and what their policies, etc., would be, but we have an incredibly information rich document that fills in a lot of other information, again pertaining to the climb up to 2020, worldwide, as told to young Meier by Sfath…in 1946.

The Master of Understatement

Billy Meier is someone who chooses and uses his words very precisely and carefully. He warns but doesn’t theorize. He foretells, he explains, he teaches and releases to each person the full and complete self-responsibility for what they will think, feel and do with and about it.

As the time fulfills, as events unfold – many hopefully for the better – I invite you to review any and all prophetic information, the evidence and the already corroborated prophecies and predictions, the environmental warnings, and especially Meier’s brief videos on my channel and anywhere else they may be found online.

In light of what transpired in Trump’s press conference, we see that a(nother) gauntlet has been thrown at the power-hungry degenerates, several bullseyes have been hit…and others possibly issued vengefully and clandestinely.


What does await us, will it be détente and cooperation with Russia (and hopefully others) in the elimination of the IS, or will the globalists succeed in provoking Russia into a worldwide, terminal and long forewarned of final world war?

Will the traitors, conspirators, corrupt power-hungry in, and outside of, our country and government succeed in further polarizing the population of the country and push us into the also long foretold two, coming US civil wars?

The Same Answer

Strangely enough, the answer lies in whether enough people turn to the spiritual teaching. And while of course by this I specifically mean the spiritual teaching brought forth with the help of the Plejaren, Billy Meier and previous prophets in this lineage, I also want to emphasize that the core principles, which include complete self-responsibility, seeing things exactly as they are, neutral-positive thinking, the pursuit of truth, peace, love, freedom and harmony, are not the sole possession of this teaching and mission.

Many good, like-minded, consciousness-oriented people pursue these values and qualities. All who do so are contributing to positive evolution. So, coming together with like-minded people and sharing common concerns and efforts, and the elements of the spiritual teaching when welcomed, is all part of the overall contribution we each can make through the conscious and well-directed might of our thoughts.


*Bill Bonner put the concerns about Russian hacking in perspective in a recent newsletter:

“Republican Senator John McCain even says it was ‘an act of war.’ But if that were so, the U.S. has committed acts of war against dozens of different countries over the last 50… 100… 150 years!

Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at Brown University, wrote in The Boston Globe:

One of our first operations to shape the outcome of a foreign election came in Cuba. After the United States helped Cuban rebels overthrow Spanish rule in 1898, we organized a presidential election, recruited a pro-American candidate, and forbade others to run against him. Two years later, after the United States annexed Hawaii, we established an electoral system that denied suffrage to most native Hawaiians, assuring that only pro-American candidates would be elected to public office.

Ever since, says Mr. Kinzer, the CIA and other clandestine U.S. agencies have been routinely ‘hacking’ elections.”

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  • Hi MH Last night I posted to the director of Wespac Foundation and I`m going to warn anyone to be espcially aware that ALL politicians that once they take office be very very awre that these minions no matter who they are democrat or republican or otherwise are “WARMONGERS” and will do and find ANY excuse to find some way or other to fight a war! These politicians are not only hungry for war but are also hun gry for greed,lust money and the prphet motive and will ALWAYS find some way to use your tax dollars for their cash cow which is to start another war one way or anonther in order to TRY to get control of the human beings on earth for all their stupid ill-begotten warmongering cash cow as an exuse for one or more wars. Just look at Trump and his military cabinet and all his corporate CEOs running this country into another cold war bwe it Russia or China or North Korea! I would advise all of you to think about just what will happen sooner than later before 2020. “This is the the most militaristic government since Harry S Truman took office after Franmklyn D,. Roosevelt died in the late 1940s when I was just a toddler back then, plus you now also have all these corporate elites running and steal ALL your cash and stashing ALL their taxes un Ireland and the Carabean Islands and also still ousorcing some job abroad for shoddy cheap labor! The good news is we won`t have to go to war with Russia but the flip side is TRump wants to goto war with China. Now just how stupid can this idea get? and while I`m on the topic what are we goiing to do wuith htis hidous Un in North korea who wants to nuke the US of A? Tell me about that dirty rat or rats on planet Earth who want to run us in by 2020 etc?

  • P.S.S. I forgot one other issue and that is these politicians are acting like 2 year old babies playing with fire when it comes to wars,theenvirionment,food and so on. These politicians don’t know how to behave peaceful free kind logical world., etc.

  • Hi Michael, I trust your well…That figu special bulletin # 30 was something I’ve not read before, so I looked forward to reading it and educating myself further… Almost wish I had not read it… It has had a very unsettling effect on me… One has to ask the question (although I already know the answer ) Why our friends do not quetly intervene here, as they did with the Gizzeh, for it would seem to me that no one on this Planet will be able to put a stop to them, at least for a long time… also that they would be simply throwing thier lives away as a martyr. That article is really both alarming and disturbing… You really are a very brave Man Buddy, and I do hope that you enjoy a modecom of protection from our Friends… Well done again, keep going, and have a really enjoyable day…

  • Trump clearly has not been given “the talk” yet. It will be interesting to see if Trump sings a different tune towards Russia within a year or so.

    • Pardon my French but I really think Trump has BALLS and will not be pushed around by the spooks. He will take them down if it comes to that – just look at what he has been through already! Just to get this far is quite incredible, I doubt he will give up now.

      • “…will not be pushed around by the spooks…” Like Kennedy no doubt?

        The only redeeming thing about Trump is that he wants to end America’s foreign wars and interventions. But like Matt says, Trump has not been given the talk yet to know that in order to keep the dollar going, they need to strong-arm US hegemony. And Russia and her adventures to take countries back from the west, puts a crack into the entire US Dollar/Euro/Canadian Dollar/Australian Dollar western currency system.

  • In the contact reports it’s stated that between 2001 and 2015, out of the 175 failed terrorist attacks on US soil, only 6 CANNOT be traced back to the CIA, FBI, NSA.
    Americans have more to fear from their own secret services than from terrorists (at that point in time). Who thinks the recent airport shooting in Florida leads back to this same grouping? I mean it was all there, the perp claiming to the FBI that the CIA was using mind control to make him watch ISIS videos. Former soldiers used as experiments. Sounds like another make work project for them and more to come…

  • Here’s an excerpt from a great article by Glenn Greenwald about Trump, Russia, the CIA, etc:

    “Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry and damaging those behaviors might be.

    The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There are a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combating those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach.

    But cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S. election and impose its own policy dictates on the elected president is both warped and self-destructive. Empowering the very entities that have produced the most shameful atrocities and systemic deceit over the last six decades is desperation of the worst kind. Demanding that evidence-free, anonymous assertions be instantly venerated as Truth — despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie — is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality. And casually branding domestic adversaries who refuse to go along as traitors and disloyal foreign operatives is morally bankrupt and certain to backfire on those doing it.”

      • And now that Trump is in the process of taking down CNN, MSNBC is next. You can already see the chairs shuffling to include more conservative anchors. This is NOT a good development.

        Norm, you can’t see this as the Democrats are bad and Trump is a savior. The Trump presidency is ringing in a new era of conservative religious values. Religious conservatives are the real racists, xenophobes, haters, child molesters, war mongers, etc. Everybody here cheering for the destruction of the mainstream media are not seeing that the end result is not fair and balanced reporting; it is more like those that have been bullied to Trump’s side and views. How else is Trump going to get some of his crazy ideas thru unless he gets the media under his iron fist.

        • Let’s note that, so far, the violence, provocation, attempts to disrupt the process, overturns he election results, fabricate phony reports, etc., has all come from the left.

        • Total BS Anthony. CNN will take themselves down. And no, according to Sarah Jones, journalists from these organizations are still not alowed to criticize the democrats. I’m more worried about that.

        • Trump is not even a real conservative and does not support the traditional Republican party. In fact the more you know about Trumps past the more you can see he’s more of a traditional conservative old style Democrat. He is an outsider that the globalist part of the Republican Party does not even want. The RNC was planning on Jeb Bush winning the nomination. In fact their perfect ticket would have been a Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio ticket. It would have covered their globalist pandering Hispanic vote. Plus it would have allowed them to keep an open borders agenda which is the globalists plan. Rubio was an Gang of 8 immigration Bill sponsor. The another thing the globalist establishment wants to minimize is the White vote and claim you cannot win without the Hispanic or Black vote. They sure don’t want a true conservative Ted Cruz winning. Even though he’s Hispanic which the GOP openly recruits. The Bush family are globalists just like the Clinton family. The globalist rule through left-wing political correct thought policing. Combined with the global elite financial backing. George Soros and all those multi billionaires. Banking families and the intelligence agencies. Are playing the Left for fools. They are the useful idiots that Lenin used to talk about.

          • Hey Norm,

            You assume the only one who matters is the president. Certainly Trump is not really a Republican or Democrat, as Ptaah says his own party. This is a good trait about Trump; however the entire fuel he runs on is business and profit, and not necessarily in that order.

            BUT the real problem is: Since Trump ran as a Republican, now that he won he is picking hard core Republicans to fill his cabinet positions. This is something that Billy and Ptaah did not bring to their equation of who was the lesser evil, imo. Trumps Republican picks will be the faces and voices out there doing the work; and many of their views CLASH with Trump. A good example is Russia, with exception of Flynn and Tillerson. So the important thing here is not so much the views of the own-party president, but much more importantly ALL the religious conservative Christian Republicans who now get to take over things. Please keep in mind that Obama appointed scientists, scholars, thinkers to his cabinet, while Trump is assembling war generals and Christian extremists who don’t believe in Climate Change for example.

            And another thing, don’t fall into the hypocritical trap of calling against globalism when you are a direct beneficiary. The fight against globalism is not as simple as countries maintaining their cultures and identity, it has become a crisis because of overpopulation. Stop overpopulation first, bring your spending to a very modest level, and have the population willing to make sacrifices instead of rampant, unbridled consumerism and then we are beginning to tackle globalism. When consumers stop demanding MORE, MORE, MORE then we can stop being hypocritical about our cries.

          • Totally agree Norm. I recently read a letter from the group Anonymous which addressed the Bilderbergs and told them they had one year to help humanity or Anonymous was going to out them. Personally I’ve held the suspicion that Anonymous was actually the deep state. I’m still not convinced that they aren’t because they should not have given them a one year grace period. I mean they’ve never given anyone else a one year grace period, so why the Bilderbergs?

  • MH, are you saying that the US may break up in 2020 because the elite will try to cause unrest and civil wars to get back at Trump?

    • Ian,

      Not specifically necessarily. All factors, forces and interests that are contributing to the polarization are at play. Greed and hunger for power are the motivators for a lot of these people and that manifests in many ways.

        • Hi Terry I hope your not listening to Rosie who is demanding martial law. Stupid celebrities willing to give up their civil liberties because they didn’t get their way. Since you are part of a democracy, you will have to wait 4 years until the next election. You have no legislation in place that can stop an elected president from taking office.

          • I stand with Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of the snowflakes who are trying to wake people up about climate change. You folks can laugh now at the liberal celebrities, but nobody who is trying to escape the clutches of religion wants to live in a conservative world were the haughty Christian gains the upper hand.

          • I recall Meier had criticized the extravagant, pointless, wasteful “environmental conferences” and other things that are basically superficial, feel good ego exercises.

            Try contacting all the nice environmental groups that try to solicit money all the time – and compete with each other – and share Meier’s real environmental information. You won’t be hearing back form them about it.

          • MH, MH, MH,

            Yes compared to the great Figu, environmental groups are like preschoolers. But who would you rather get behind, a celebrity group that is promoting environmental protection or a group that thinks climate change is a hoax to stick everybody with carbon taxes? Which group of preschoolers is going to give us a better result?

          • Contemptuous of Figu? Where is this coming from?

            Figu is the highest concentration of truth on Earth. Remember that? So just because DiCaprio’s documentary is not the highest concentration of truth on the subject, and may contain errors, do we now DISCOUNT THIS SOURCE COMPLETELY? Especially when we consider that there are hoards of people out there who can’t even acknowledge a problem exists. Again, which group of preschoolers do you want to get in line with? Because some of us, like you and me, are already in the Meier line, so why not Leo’s too? I certainly am not getting in line with Tex Drillerson, unless he becomes a humanitarian instead of a greedy climate change denier.

          • I remember Leo Decaprio screaming about global warming when he was in Calgary filming and there was a Chinook, he’d never seen anything like that before and attributed to global warming. Meanwhile Chinooks have been happening there long before decaprio was born. I have no respect for celebrities.

          • Yes Michael I’ve been asking a bunch of those types if they’ve read Wikileaks and if not, I accuse them of being low information voters.

  • Bullseye , you said it. If anybody ever wondered what Gewalt looks like in action it was Trump’s recent press conference. He owned the room. As egotistical, possessive, greedy this guy is, he sure can dominate and even take down. Kellyanne Conway destroyed Anderson Cooper when he tried to defend the fake news. She is absolutely incredible, a masterful spin artist; I wish she was the president.

    Here is the problem for the west. Destroying a countries press and the credibility of it’s intelligence communities, can take down a nation. So this is alarming right now. I think Trump is going to divide and concur the entire mainstream media into a dangerous one-sided news and opinion. Trump will get the press in line, but at what cost?

    Another concerning element is Trump’s administration cabinet picks. We are talking the whose who of Batman villains. Who wants to take healthcare from the poor, who wants to turn back climate change progress, who wants to make abortions illegal, who is stirring up racial tension. I mean take USAG pick Jeff Sessions. This highly religious hypocrite white southerner is the worst choice to take America’s worst domestic problem. He is not testifying to reform criminal justice to bring peace on both sides, even with his controversial racist past. He is good church going Christian who does not have a clue about morality in his religious delusion; and the public, especially POC our concerned about an AG who might think it is just necessary to crackdown hard to get Trump’s, “Law and Order.” This is a fire waiting to happen if this guy gets the job and does not have strong, strong sympathy for the African American community. The list goes on and on of social progress that was made by President Obama, that these vultures want to take down all that he did in a matter of days. And the sad thing is, no one has anything better to replace anything with. Take the Affordable Health Care debate, Trump and the rest of the Republicans don’t have a new and better alternative in the waiting. Trump thinks he can get the Repubs to draft something in weeks. He is dreaming. Here is an example of where Trump’s business savvy is going to be a problem in politics, like Ptaah said. It took decades to get this far on healthcare reform. And now Trump and his team want to tear it up and put millions of folks without health insurance? I am a proud Obamacare recipient; without it I could not afford the hundred of dollars per month for health insurance. No one can who is making an average wage. The concerning thing about Trump, and you can say what you of the better of two evils, is that his hole drive, really since the beginning has been to dig at President Obama all the time while in office. It is common knowledge that Trump hates everything about the Obama years and want to rip it up. Like a bull in a China shop he is going to hurt lower income families if they just repeal it and don’t have a BETTER replacement waiting for folks like me. Because if they repeal, I don’t know what I am going to do. I will be forced to change jobs to get insurance. And the other hidden problem with healthcare is that because of the passing of Obamacare, companies changed their employee insurance to much better programs, and many that did not have insurance had to provide it. The result the working population got better insurance because of Obamacare; take that away and the greedy companies will certainly not be obligated to give as much to their human resources.

    So where is the good news. Peace with Russia? The problem is that because of the whole hacking scandal, it puts the Russians as the villains to us Americans now more than ever in the last few years. I am talking a villain to mainstream politics on both sides. So Trump is the only one, between all Repubs and Dems, who wants any cozy association with Russia. Some crazies want to go to war. Whether the Russians are involved or not, it put Russia on the hot seat for a re-set in America. His VP pick Pence is much more hawkish on Russia than even Hillary. The only real ally Trump has for peaceful Russian cooperation is his VP pick who is an environmental nightmare, big money corporation type who may not even get the job. So the whole Russia re-set is thin. Trump is going to at some point get hard on Russia to make everybody happy, otherwise he will look like the guy who tore down Obama’s entire legacy and destroyed the economy by creating a huge mess and uncertainty which puts Russia as the winner. Putin would then be considered the world’s greatest geopolitical mastermind because he took down the USA and the rest of the West because Trump is an easy, greedy, egotistical, maniac that is entertaining. And nobody wanted the train wreck to end so we elected him. It was like barely into season one. Now get the popcorn ready.

    • Kellyann Conway will be Trump’s closest confidante, like she’s always been during the election, once she gets her security clearance. So that is good news because I agree that she is incredible.
      It doesn’t hurt to destroy the press as Harper did in 2006 when he told them he didn’t work for them, he worked for Canadians. They hated him ever since and held him accountable, which wasn’t a bad thing plus he did get reelected and served as PM for almost 10 years.
      Destroy the Intelligence? Do you mean those that feel that they are above the law? Yes destroy them as ultimately they are the ones turning the whole world against the US. Silicon Valley could do a better job on security anyway.
      Obama and Trump have had quite a few conversations and it’s highly doubtful that they hate each other. The Swiss have a good healthcare model so perhaps they are looking at something like that. My understanding of Obamacare now is that you pay the first $2,500 on any medical related issue. Seems too high of a deductible. I like the fact that you will be able to get coverage across state lines and competition is always good in keeping premiums down. Plus it’s better to have your own coverage instead of it being employer related, because when you leave you don’t get to take it with you. I’m sure there will still be subsidies for low income earners or perhaps a cheaper premium rate.
      The US has interfered in 81 foreign elections but you’re worried about Russia? In 2015 we got Trudeau thanks to DNC David Axelrod and who can forget the previous election where the liberals parachuted Harvard graduate Michael Ignatieff and he lost big time, trying to pretend he was a Canadian, no one bought it. But you worry about Russia when the recent “golden shower” expose was done by MI6 agent Christopher Steele from the UK. Is that not interference too?
      I don’t buy the fear mongering that democrats associate with Trump, it’s way too early to tell. If you’re watching CNN, you are watching fake news. Our CBC parrots everything CNN says. Interestingly the CBC is funded by the Canadian government. Looks like Canada also interfered in your election.

      • Dear Sheila,

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I don’t just watch one source. I try to get multiple viewpoints. Then I draw my own conclusions. Trump is simply the better of two evils with regard to keeping WW4 from happening. But he is no guarantee. He may be a bull, an incredible hulk of a personality that can trust into a situation and come out the winner. Something perhaps you have not considered is that a guy who has to win all the time, and get the upper hand, will not be good for foreign policy. Do you think for a moment that Trump would not expect the upper hand, the better deal, with Putin and his Russia? He probably won’t even get too far at normalizing relations and lifting the sanctions because US politics are furious with Russia right now, whether they were involved or not. But we can hope for the best in this regard.

        With regard to domestic policy, Trump is a nightmare to any reasonable, diversity seeking, environmentally conscious, humanities seeking human being. You don’t have to be a Democrat to think this way. I thought Figu students had these concerns too? The Republicans are much more aligned with religion, especially conservative Christian values. These people can ignore climate change because they think man is special put on Earth by God to go forth and multiply a bountiful paradise. Conservative Christians, if added to the Supreme Court vacancies, could destroy women’s rights by taking away planned parenthood. Making abortions illegal. This should alarm you as a woman. Not to mention Trump’s documented questionable behavior treating women. But let’s focus on the new conservationism that Trump is dragging in tow with his “Make America Great Again” administration. This influx of more fundamental Christians into positions of power is a huge step back, from the Democrats fight for diversity and acceptance. By Trump even using the word “radical Islam,” he is defeating a higher standard for an acceptance of all religions; this is why Hillary did not want to use the term radical Islam as not to offend all Muslims. Figu student might think that demonizing religion is good; but it is discriminatory to demonize one religion over another in a free society. So until man can abandon religion, he must protect all people of different faiths. This protection also goes for spiritual teaching students to live in a free society that not only accepts all peaceful beliefs AND thinking as well. This gives us room to work. As Billy has said Putin is a strong leader when it comes to foreign policy, but he is still a dictator over his countrymen. Putin is strict on religion. I just read an article recently that talked about new expectations he has for a resurgence in faith. So Putin loves the fact that Trump is dragging all these ultra religious nuts to clamp down on the devil America. The Russians hate the fact America allows religions like satanism, and other things that seem defamatory to organized religion. If the Russians were involved they wanted to expose Hillary’s and Podesta’s interest in the occult. To the ultra conservative Russians, allegedly satanic Hillary scared the bleep out of them. So naturally Trump was the better choice for them. Some Figu students might say good that the Russians stomped out a fringe religion like Democratic satanists. But again, if the religion is peaceful we need to accept it in a free and open society, especially students who study all religions, like Billy did, to compare that to the truth. (I do not want to talk about fake news pizzagate. I do not think Democrats are rampant pedophiles. There are criminals in all groups who should be punished by law.)

        As far as healthcare I agree with President Obama. If the Republicans can provide a better, more affordable plan that EVERYBODY can agree on, I would support it too. But in reality, they are YEARS away from a better plan, if they can reach a new one at all. Our current Affordable Care Act was a milestone to get passed. It was almost impossible to bring all parties together for something that everybody could live with. Of course the greedy corps, (insurance, financials, pharma, hospitals, suppliers,etc) wanted to make sure they made money. And that had to be balanced with the needs of the people. That was IMPOSSIBLE task that President Obama accomplished. Can you see now why Trump and his cronies are pulling their plan out their bleep? Trump thinks it’s like the Apprentice and he can order up a team to come up with a plan under the clock like a reality show. The truth is the dead beat politicians will slow him down. And this will be a good thing because Trump is NOT a humanitarian, by any stretch of the imagination.


        • Some students also don’t put different parts of the source material together to come to a more rounded conclusion and like to dump on others here without much after thought on what’s happening. After all, if Billy is comparing an angel to a certain someone, then I guess one could view it as a one way comparison instead of a two way comparison. Of course, there also happens to be a sort of time travel example based on the certain someone where it says a particular past could not be undone which leaves the reader to read more if they actually but a few more things together than merely just reading one liners. Maybe a certain cartoonish caricature of this certain someone, who was apparently a genius of sorts from the Meier material, sitting along with his other cartoon villains (Skeletor, Fat Man, or Baldy for starters) isn’t far off from actually hitting a certain “bulls-eye” they don’t seem to realize even though it was always there in the plain because they’re not looking at what’s happening in a different way.

          • Hey Ned,

            My name is Anthony, so have some respect sunshine. I stand by my thinking, and problem solving skills. The reason I dump on others here is for exactly the same reason you don’t have enough respect to at least address me as a fellow blogger instead of some subject behind glass.

          • Hey Anthony,

            I know the Meier material is meant to be harsh but you have to put some effort to realize I’m not actually talking about you my man.

        • I agree with most everything that you are saying Anthony. I am living in rural Virginia and I am surrounded by the christian right and the Tea Party. I have to be very careful what I say to these people because they politicize everything. Their hate for Obama is way beyond hate. It is something else which I can not define. I feel like I am sitting in a row boat all alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Very scary for myself and my family. I am very concerned about the next 4 years. I and my husband and daughter are living amongst them. Scary.


          • Dear Diane,

            Bless your heart. Thank goodness not all the Meier folk have been conned by Trump. I am concerned too. All we can do is fight back against this Christian conservatism, egotism, materialism, disregard for the planet, etc by joining in discussions around the web and in your towns. Take a cue from the legendary Bernie Sanders, get behind his momentum; I am with him to help protect healthcare; and don’t let these Trump rat-catchers and Republican religious freaks have any rope to hang us with.

          • Perhaps you should move? If you’re that scared, why did you move there in the first place? Seriously you talk about “these people” like they aren’t even human. We all have religious people that we deal with, is it the first time for you?

          • Sheila,

            I am not moving! We are going to send the anti-freedom, anti-diversity, anti-acceptance people packing.

          • Diana, you are right to be scared of those people. If I were you, I would keep a low profile as to what I really think about the politics. It is always good to focus on the environment, the health and welfare of children or helping poor, and what can be done to improve the situation in the place where you live. You can do this without taking a political “side”. I have learned to go along with groups of people who have radical views that I do not personally subscribe to. I avoid having confrontational arguments, and especially when I am outnumbered by a crowd, tend to keep my opinions to myself. Over a period of years this can become very frustrating, but you need to remember that the tide will turn, and when it does your voice may be the voice that gets people moving in the right direction!

        • I don’t know Anthony, who doesn’t like to win? As a businessman you make deals. For example you have an item you want to get rid of. It’s worth $100, you ask $120 for it and you settle on $80. That’s the way it goes as both sides have to walk away feeling good about it, winning on both sides.
          I don’t believe Trump is religious. I also think that even if his minions are, they will tow his line. I doubt any will make independent decisions without consulting with the boss first.
          Regardless of whether I am for or against abortion, it’s still murder after 21 days.
          This is how I would do it. Set prices for services at hospitals. If the hospital charges more, that comes out of patients pocket. This allows a patient to shop around and not have to pay extra for that service if another hospital is more competitive with their prices. I have more on this but don’t have time to spell it out but it wouldn’t be that hard, we have free health care in Canada.
          It disturbs me too that Hillary and Podesta are occultists who slaughter animals for their weird ass rituals. Sick people and how can you even defend that crap?
          No, religions should never be encouraged. Understood is a better word choice and I learned about all the major religions in grade 4, didn’t you? Not the Islamist State though, as the only solution is an international coalition of Peace Fighting Troops in the tradition of Henoch.
          How would you know whether Trump is a humanitarian or not?

          • “How would you know whether Trump is a humanitarian or not?”

            Now that is funny. Perhaps you are developing a sense of humor?

            The next revolution in industry is robotics. The danger with robotics is that it is direct competition with labor. Businesses will naturally come back to the USA in a robotics, 3-D printing, etc revolution. So when Trump promised all those jobs to average people, working for meager wages, he was scamming them to some degree. Sure he can save a few companies from building plants in Mexico or where ever. The problem is that once these plants are built, any modern manufacturing is going to be done thru automation, with much, much less manpower.

            Good luck with that….

          • Sorry forgot to address Trump’s talk about women when he thought he was having a private conversation with Billy Bush. Personally I’ve heard worse by both sexes. If you haven’t, you obviously live inside a box. If you claim to have never made some sort of remark like that about women, I would have to call you a liar. It’s called locker room talk and that’s the reason they don’t have microphones inside locker rooms. I would bet your most esteemed athlete has trash talked women too. I would bet all of your presidents have talked that way at some point.
            I’ve always had a sense of humour. I would be more worried about an atheist with no humour as opposed to a religious person who has humour, seriously.
            The whole world has that dilemma Anthony, about what to do with workers who are outsourced by AI. It’s not just an American problem.

        • Anthony, you have a lot of good insights about the state of affairs between America and Russia right now. Indeed, no matter who is the President of the United States at any given time, the possibility continues to exist that we will create some kind of mutual destruction scenario, which will contaminate our world to the extent that Nobody will be able to live here comfortably anymore.

          Recently (yesterday) I found a site that give radiation readings for all the major U.S. cities. It appears from that site that a good many cities in America have ongoing unusually high radiation readings. The site I was on is publicly available and reputable. Apparently, among other things, aging nuclear reactors in America are emitting large amounts of radioactive steam into the atmosphere. Also, they are continually breaking down in some way, due to the age of the technology. This is a serious matter. If even one reactor in the U.S. starts melting down, this will contaminate the continent for many years.

          In Europe, after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1985, radioactive rain fell for many years. In fact, I read a report recently that stated (with factual evidence) that even today mushrooms growing in the area of Brandenburg, Germany, are radioactive. There is no person in Europe today, who hasn’t eaten radioactive food, or been doused by radioactive rain. Nobody talks about it, but everybody know it!

          Recently I read a report on the state of the Pacific Ocean along the west coast of America. Apparently the sea floor is totally littered with dead sea creatures. This phenomenon has never before been witnessed. It is a testimony to the ongoing radiation of the Pacific Ocean by Fukishima. This is something that everybody should be told about, that everybody should be concerned and even horrified about. But the mainstream news media isn’t talking about the death of the Pacific Ocean. All of us should be purchasing Soeks geigercounters and monitoring the radiation in the food we purchase, and whenever it rains. . . . .indeed, we should stay out of the rain whenever possible.

          My dear people, the world doesn’t need a war. It is already on the brink of a terrible catastrophe, of which Fukishima was possibly the final and worst possible scenario. The Pacific Ocean is dying! What could be worst than this: that we are all going to die a slow and miserable death of some kind of radiation-induced cancer, which is going to cripple and paralyse our society, create a situation of hopeless response to symptoms of progressing misery, depress us, anger us and consign us to a state of feeling-sick-all-the-time reality. There is NO WAY of FIXING this SITUATION!!!! As far as I’m concerned all this election hooplah and posturing and fuss is just a tempest in a teapot. You guys better start building your underground bunkers with a good supply of underground water, growing your own vegetables underground, and etc. . . . you know the story, I don’t have to tell you. What do you think is underneath that big airport at Denver? You know, the one that some mysterious unknown organization spent tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars building???

          Wake up! It’s later than you think!

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