Prophecy fulfilling as UFO contactee predicted 22 years ago

A new report states that scientists from the Salk Institute have combined human and pig cells to create a human/pig embryo.

Of course despite the expressed, hopeful intent “to grow organs in pigs that will be suitable for human use via transplants”, should such experiments be successful, we can be certain that what Billy Meier stated in Contact 251, 22 years ago, in 1995, will be the actual outcome:

“The future will hold nothing positive pertaining to scientists because they will have begun to perform their first genetic manipulations on humans and animals by this time, and will be creating entities, so-called ‘semi-humans’, whom they will produce by crossing humans with pigs and then train them as fighting machines*.”

If there’s really anything more to be said about how enthusiastically human beings on planet Stupicide rush to perfect self-destruction, I’m sure it will appear in the Comments section of this blog.



*More about cloned “killer machines” from the ever-cheerful Henoch Prophecies:

 190. The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything.

206. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

222. Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth and nature, maltreated to the deepest depths by the irresponsible human beings of Earth, will rise up and cause destruction and bring death onto the Earth.

 As for Henoch (Enoch) let’s remember that he didn’t make the news, he just reported it – 10,000 years ago – in hopes that human beings like us today would choose to avoid such things.

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45 comments on “The Human-Pig Hybrid – as Billy Meier Foretold

  • Speaking of laser beams… (222.)

    “The US Navy is moving at warp speed to develop lasers with more lethality, precision and power sources as a way to destroy attacking missiles, drones, aircraft, and other threats.

    “We’re doing a lot more with lasers,” Rear Adm. Ronald Boxall, director of the Surface Warfare Division, said earlier this month at the annual Surface Naval Association national symposium.

    The Navy plans to fire a 150-kilowatt weapon off a test ship within a year, he said. “Then a year later, we’ll have that on a carrier or a destroyer or both.”

  • Regarding human pig hybrids……. I used to live in the Southern U.S. We were always wary of running into wild hogs (warthogs), because they are vicious if confronted and could easily seriously injure, or even kill a human. We used to (jokingly) call them “War Hogs”. After reading your blog, it doesn’t seem so funny anymore.

    • Hi David even the domestic pigs will attack if they smell blood and then will start eating whatever it is that was bleeding. Growing up on a farm the grossest thing I’ve seen is when some pigs got out and started eating the calf that the cow was trying to birth because she had been lying down. They ate the calf and the cow had to be put out of her misery as she too had been eaten. Most people only think of those cute little pot belly pigs. Considering that humans and cats are the only species that likes to hunt for fun and combine that with pigs lust for blood, I think it’s better to know what they are really capable of instead of being blindsided later on.

  • I bet they have already created a clone /hybrid , science is usually 40 years ahead of the current technical means of society. They sure have created enough division in people to cause chaos and people will cll for an end of destruction , we dont mind pig hybrids long as we get our cell service and starbucks back . Lol

  • sounds like Trump is beginning to act and sound like George W. Bush only “WORSE”! Insidently George Orwell`s book 1984 is flying offthe selves again and could very well become a best seller al over again! “This world is already turning into a really BAD nightmare 1984 Henoch Prophecies Stalin rgime!:-((((

    • Terry, may I suggest a nice walk in the park? Walking helps calm your thoughts, anxiety and overall well being. Also, meditation is my favorite way to bring balance in a hectic world. You seem overly excited and anxious these days. Take a few deep breaths.

      • Thanks Milissa I do alot of meditating when ever I can but I`m just getting over a sever case of tendinitis in my right foot which make walking difficult for now so IU have to walk slowly for awhile untill all the pain is gone. I hope by the spring I`ll be al better and able to wak again. Thanks and Peace to you.

  • Sorry to be off topic but I jjust heard Jerry Corsi state on c2c that tha atomic clock has moed up 2 minutes and 39 seconds ahead which is NOT good news!:-((((! Better check this out to see if this is acurate from Billy and the Ps!

        • I’m glad to see that you’ll be assisting with spreading the word. You obviously have a strong following and interesting content.

          Thank you for sharing with your followers. They are inheriting this confused mess of a world, with all of its polarizing political propaganda, etc., and hopefully the Meier information will resonate and be of benefit to them for the times to come.

        • Hey Jedaiah, dare I ask, how’d you begin to build up your follower base on Twitter?

          It’s been suggested to me a few times that I get my own words out through that, and Quora, where I usually write about current events to try and spread insight about reality and the peace fighting troops or fighting overpopulation, is just too slow and I get like 100 people on an answer – among a bunch of other BS quality answers that are just plain moronic.

          You tweet about games too yeah? I play League of Legends and was born 1990, I could tweet about some of that. Or, what do folks want really – some reality based stuff, but also a bit of stuff that appeals to them like entertainment news? Like, a bit of sugar to go with the medicine …?

          • Hi Tyler,

            How rare — someone in my age demographic! Building your audience will not just come from tweets, but also what you do outside it. Tweets do help of course and you should get started (especially tweeting to higher profile people) but keep in mind I have a lot of gaming history at high levels (gladiator on WoW, SWTOR, etc.) and have been in different communities in the past to funnel followers into my twitter. This includes writing books as well — a major portion of followers.

            Actually the process is slow, and there are no shortcuts to gain a following. However, the sooner you start, the better the outcome. Just need to be patient and persistent. (Ofc combined with good SEO / Marketing work always helps.)

            I highly suggest you register on our forums and start posting there as well —

            Use the General Section to share your thoughts.

            I’ve made posts like this too:

            Would be great to hear from you.

          • There are at least several of us young guys who study the spirit teaching now. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell just from reading my old posts though.. It’s really hard at first not to just write like Billy.

            I’ll have time to look into your forum, and sure I’ll join in if I see a place too. Although I didn’t help MH really at all when I tried to do that once, I hopped in a forum he was at, but hey MH I at least made sure to put my own face out there so those freaks wouldn’t have any sick ammunition against you.

            I actually just figured out how to improve my own posts, by taking a cue from yours, MH. I really hope it all helps.

          • This is the post I made tonight

            Check it out and upvote if you like it, or give feedback here, I could use it. Look at my other posts if you want too, but some of them are pretty shite, I won’t lie.. I’ve been writing for years now, but only lately am I figuring out how to actually make one or two out of every hundred or so actually *count* for something…

    • I want to talk about what Ptaah said, or I think it was Ptaah, how it would be easy to go to the street and wake people up. Am I not yet strong enough physically to raise myself up into the truth – possibly. Then I just write, and I’m building my health as fast I can, and work at the garden for my psyche- I’m being my own spirit healer here, and it works but it’s patient work.

      But at the public meetings here in Toronto, one verse from the Goblet was pretty good, it was in chapter 23, it was … I don’t remember the exact verse. But was saying about how we can show more with our swinging waves than can be said by words.

      It’s so bitch hard to keep that up in the city though.

      • Hey though if anybody wants, there’s a shop here that sells dried Moringa leaves for $3 an ounce or something. I just bought some, I put it in my food, ’cause you know – the contact reports gave a glowing opinion.

        I just started working at the flower beds last week so didn’t even get my first pay yet, but if anybody wants some of this stuff and don’t live too far, I could pick some up for you and probably ship it – or, you pay for it you know, but I’m just saying, the stuff is very close to where I live, and really affordable.

  • Pigs tend to act as a mixing vessel for viruses allowing some to mutate and infect humans. Human-animal hybrids would make certain viruses to cross species’ barriers with more ease. Pig-Human hybrids brings a myriad of maladies to mind.

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