More money to be made promoting panic over peace and truth

In this lengthy conversation, Bob Wiegand and I discuss Alex Jones and how he’s not only an archetype of an unpeaceful agitator but also someone who’s knowingly and actively suppresses information about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, including the ever-fulfilling Henoch Prophecies and what they portend for us. In fact, in his insatiable need for attention and significance, Jones is effectively becoming a cheerleader for the coming US civil wars.

The Cover-up Continues, the People Lose

Bob mentions that much of Jones’ information comes from the Drudgereport, to which I’ve also sent vast amounts of Meier’s prophetic information, foretelling events that suddenly became “news” but that Drudge also lacked the courage to report or comment on.

Both Jones and Drudge prefer to serve their religious, financial and/or political interests. They’re not alone of course, there are many on both sides of the political spectrum who prioritize promoting panic over peace and truth.


43 comments on “Alex Jones Suppresses the Henoch Prophecies

  • At least Alex is trying to inform the public about “Deep State” and their sick plans, and he is also constantly revealing what they are doing and in some cases even calling their shots in advance, before they make them, so they, because of that, in some cases, do not dare to follow through with their plans. He is also mostly resposible that “Hildabeast” hasn´t became president, probalby also that Trump is still alive (by revealing in advance his assassination plans by CIA), so we at least have dodged the WWIV, at least for now, mostly thanks to him. He also did some things that bought humanity some time from either WWIV or total global enslavement.

    You must also consider that if Alex would address Billy Maier, Pleyarans and their warnings and other information t ohis audience, he would immediately loose at least 99% or even more of his audience; because in the eyes of his audience he would became a “nutcase who believs in aliens and prophecies”. That is exactly what happened to me, when I started to present BEAM information to people around me. Before that they listened to me and trusted me, after that almost all of them started to avoid me, laugh at me, some even calling me a nutcase.

    I am sure Alex is doing the best he can is his position! I am sure that down the years he also considered a few times to reveal BEAM information to the public, but knew the only thing he would achieve is to loose his audience, achieveng nothing regarding spreading BEAM information.

    Based on my own experience, even years ago, a few years after I was trying to push BEAM material to the people around me, I have discovered that “BEAM way” just can not work at these times; because people are to mislead, ignorant, disinterested or/and stupid.

    So the only other options we have, to avoid the worst, or at least do some “damage limitation”, is to try to realize other options from the prophecies which would lead to some kind of “damage limitation” or “knowledge preservation”, and “damage limitation” also includes the rise against global governence and their globalization – total enslavement or at least messing up of their plans. And Alex is doing that well enough.

    I wonder how long it is going to take the rest of You to realize that at these times “BEAM way” just can not work; even though BEAM and Pleyaras foretold exactly that it won´t work at these times more than 50 years ago, even thousands of years ago…

    I can undestand that it is not in Your nature to give up, but after failing to alert the public for so many years, even decades, one has to consider other options; of course if one has any. But I am sure that most of You are “going to go down in flames” trying to do the impossible – trying to inform the public about the “BEAM & Pleyaran information” till the bitter end, without trying any other opion. What I also “fear” is that even this impossible thing would happen, I am sure that in that case “the Deep State” would instantly trigger global nuclear holocaust; just as they have plans to sabotage “Alien disclosure” or “First Contact” with False Flags and thus triggering “Space war” aganist them, just to preserve their Status Quo, or not alowe anybody else to take it away from them.

    So lets Alex do what he is doing; because he is doing what he is doing preety well! Who knows; maybe down the years, if he gets in a suitable situation, he might even try to reveal to the public the “BEAM information”; especially if he sees that people are ready to realize and accept it, without declearing him a nutcase.

    Most of You still do not realize that as long as “the Deep State” exists, there is absolutely no chance for this planet. So the most important thing is that, in some way or the other, we first get rid of them. If it takes a civil war to do so, so be it. It is sill better than global nuclear holokaust. You can even blame it on Alex Jones, but it is something which must happen so “the Deep State” gets taken out; before they do something much worst. It is a lesser evil. It would be nice if we had a choice between a prefect way – “BEAM way” and dissastrous was; but unfortunately it is not so because the “BEAM way” is not possible; so we must try to realize the lessest evil we can.

    Here in Europe some of us still with some brains left would also rather see that these islamic “migrations”/invasion wouldn´t be happening, but only those few of us can do nothing to stop it. Only few of us can not stop these EU retarted 666 nutcases, retarted “Merkelbeast” and pope “Francisstein”, “Sorosmonster” retard, their propaganda machines and other genocidal suicidal retarted nutcases here in Europe who support them, so they would stop organizing, helping and supporting this islamic crusade/invasion and thus genocide against us Europeans. But what we can do is to prepare for it, even starting to lay cornerstones for resistence and national liberation battle, even trying to create aliance with Russians and Chinese. It is not a perfect way but it is most we can still do. So we, those few of us, who realize what is really going on, can not alone prevent islamic invasion, but can prepare for it. That is the most we can do, and most we can do which can work. When we, during the past few years, tried to inform the public what is really going on, we got labeled with “hate speach”, “fake news” and “fearmongers” and all kind of “-fobs”, even threatened to get fined or even thrown to jail. What else can you do … but to take care of yourself and those few who are willing to listen… It is survival of the fittest!

    • Anthony,

      As we mentioned, Alex Jones was one of the people who vigorously supported Trump and contributed to his election thereby.

      I don’t think that Jones would lose his audience if he used his skill to prepare and present the information. What would happen is that if he actually presented the Meier information properly, perhaps the great majority of his audience would look into it. This indeed could take a lot of the spotlight off Jones but, if he’s more about the truth than personal profit, he’d gladly play that historical part in bringing the truth to people.

      You should go online and do a search for “Alex Jones and UFOs” and you’d see he’s also been associated with the subject. There’s a big difference between someone who’s a public figure and has a large audience, and the average person who is interested in an unusual topic and starts to try to talk to people about it. If one is going to present information in a non-inflictive, non-missionizing way, it requires patience, understanding and a number of other skills that one can develop if that’s something they want to do.

      It’s not the “BEAM way”, whatever you mean by that, can’t work at these times. It certainly isn’t to “push” the information at people. You may notice that this blog has had visitors from 189 countries and has had visitors from 191 countries…all without any real advertising other than word of mouth, people coming across the information surfing the internet, etc.

      Actually, it is the failure of people, here in America and elsewhere, to think, to utilize the spiritual teaching and other information from the Meier material, that is the lamentable fact. Meier and the Plejaren have also expressed their disappointment and criticism that people can’t think properly, don’t behave democratically, and effectively allow a lot of the abuse and failures to continue to grow.

      One must first understand what they call the “BEAM way” and then lift themselves out of their fatalism, their surrender to helplessness – using the existence of the “Deep State” as an excuse. There is NOTHING that prevents one from striving to evolve their own self-awareness, consciousness, thinking and CREATING ways to be effective in their personal life in such a way as to teach by example.

      As I mentioned several times, along with those things that he helped to accomplish for Trump, Alex Jones is also now kind of an archetype for agitation, excitation, perpetuating the them-against-us mentality. When a goal has been achieved, one doesn’t behave as if it hasn’t and continue to pursue it with all emotion, etc.

      Certainly I’m not going to change Alex jones. I point out that if he was less politically and religiously indoctrinated, and also especially less invested in pumping up his own ego, he would or certainly could assist inn de-escalting, decompressing the emotionality and polarization that he actively contributes to.Tthis kind of behavior and relentless agitation will contribute to anarchy, the breakdown of society and civil war. It certainly also must be said that the abundance of crazies on the left, who are also way out of control, are contributing to the polarization, conflicts, violence, etc.

      But this is all the more reason why people who have a public voice need to assist in spreading reasonableness, calm, reconciliation, cooperation, etc. Using the existence of the “Deep State” as an excuse for coming to terms with all this is counterproductive.

      • With regards to the “push”, one merely has to wait until the opportunity is presented which isn’t really that long depending on where you are and who you are with. After all, at some point we all had in the natural course of things run into the Meier material from somewhere else in our journey through life. If you give people breathing space to ask, they will eventually ask since we’re in the times long fore-told of people seeking these answers. The only concern at that point is that most folks aren’t really prepared for the answer at that point OR generally ask in areas that expect some return with a religiously deluded answer back to them for some sort of support. We are in the age where deceptions and falsehoods will reign blocking people’s natural creative desire in order to lead them astray!
        36. “If at that time someone will tell the people, ‘Behold, here is Jmmanuel who is the sign of the time,’ they should not accept it as the truth,
        37. “for many a false Jmmanuel and many deceivers and false prophets will come forth and perform great signs and miracles, so that it will become possible to lead astray not only the seekers, believers and errant ones, but also the scholars and knowledgeable people.
        38. “Behold, I have told you this beforehand, and so it will fulfill itself.
        39. “Thus, when the deceivers and those led astray will say, ‘He is in the desert,’ people should not venture there, and when they say, ‘Behold, he is in a chamber,’ they should not accept it as the truth.
        40. “Since I will certainly return at that time, I will let them recognize me.
        41. “This is as the law and destiny ordain it, and so it shall be.
        42. “For as lightning flashes and illuminates from start to finish, so will be my coming in the future, when I will bring the teachings anew and announce the legions of the celestial sons. At that time I will have a renewed life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy across the entire world, until the teachings of truth will bring about insight and change in the people.
        43. “People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures gather, so watch out for them.


    • “If it takes a civil war to do so, so be it.”

      Speak for yourself…I live in the USA, so I’d rather not have a civil war.

      • Hi Matthew,

        You could always have our Queen back if Donald makes a right hash of it..hehe.
        Just a thought.

        Gordon Barnes

    • Anthony S,
      It took me a long time to discover that this case even existed, let alone all the information.
      My way to share BEAM’s information was to create a free blog and post some excerpts from the contact reports so people could find their own “entrance to the rabbit hole”. Over the past few years, I’m averaging about 5000 unique visitors per year, who read about 3 different topics/pages each. Not a dollar spent, just time. Some of them go on from there to Michael’s website or FIGU. One of FIGU’s ways to share the info is to set up a little stand table in a public place and hand out pamphlets. I like to think the BEAM of light website is my little booth / table with pamphlets in the middle of Internet land.
      I have plans for a book, movie, etc., but that may never happen. Even still, each time a new person comes to my site, I feel like it chips away at the 800 years until it really clicks and becomes generally accepted by the populace.

      Mark Leaver has “Get Peace Right”. Rhal Zahi and Chris Locke have photo analyses. You can pick a particular topic that you are passionate about, ie. overpopulation, debunking religion, etc. and just do your best in that one area to enlighten people who are interested in that area, and if they want, they will explore the rabbit hole to more deeply.

  • I just heard on c2c that Jerry corse will join Alex Jones`s inowars .com and both my join the Trump administration since Trump seams to be interested in Akex Jones? Whether this is true Alex jones seams to be interested in having Jerry Corce on his infowars team.

  • Alex Jones… seems like the type that stirs up fires… and then does not want to put them out…

    Henoch prophecies are real! Pay attention of suffer the unknowledge that will lead to a harder life for you all…


      • If she wants to hear AJ lie his ass off, it’s all on his y2k broadcast. His version of Orson wells step down. Ever since I heard it, I have not trusted AJ. But hey that was then, maybe he will change. But it is not just him. I tried to get an interview on air for MH. The host had agreed to do the interview. I got really excited and contacted MH, so he could get in touch with the radio host. After a little confusion he (MH) was able to contact the host. I was looking forward to the program, but after a few weeks……….nothing. Not even a peep. So I asked the host when he was going to do the interview. This was his reply……. I can’t do that show……l will look like a nut job………everyone will think lm crazy. So he flat out lied about the whole thing. I found out that these hosts are so invested in their listeners, they will not do anything that they feel will get folks to change the Chanel. They fear this, because that’s where the $ comes from. I also feel it would be hard to listen to AJ, trying to convey the Billy info. In the style that he does his show now? I don’t know…..might not be so smooth or without froth. Also he seems to have built a kind of cult. If you have a chance to talk with one of his listeners. Might explain a few things. It’s all about the crusade they carry to the masses. Pretty scary, since they feel emboldened and justified. The cherry on top is every once and a while he (AJ) speaks of God and he is an agent of cause. But the effect is confusing and aimless. Because he offers no solutions to the problems. ( well unless you want to buy some products to help you out with that.) He just keeps the problems in your face. So it’s all about the end of the world. The last thing is that he claims that he is a great predictor of the future and he has his finger on the pulse of the future. This is where l think ( don’t know ) that he uses the Billy info. He says that he does not beleave in UFOs, because he cannot prove it. So all the research he has done and c2c with Art Bell, as well with George. Through all that and no Billy? He could prove it if he wanted to. Plenty of chances and info. It’s in his best interest to stay away from Billy if he wants to stay in control of his listeners. I mean all he has to do is read the info and wait for it to show up and spin it as some great insight he has. The industry breeds these types of hosts, because the truth is free. No money to be made. I think the biggest illusion that there is on the radio and these type of shows, is that the host is on the same level as their listeners. They are not, in thought and life. These guys are mostly multimillionaires or close to it, on their way. So they really do not have much in common with them. So it’s all about celebrities and fans, kinda like religious beliefs. It’s Jesus Christ superstar on the air.

  • Passage from Goblet of Truth… random page 401 (I actually chose 400 but it was in German) : 54) And if you are struck by unfairness (irresponsibility) and unrighteousness (consciencelessness) and by unright and evil from people of your kind (fellow human beings), then do not become quivering with rage and not abusive (brazen), and do not do the same as those who attack you with evil and unright, rather be calm and behave with dignity in such a wise that you forgive the evildoers and offer them the hand of peace. Available here:

  • The BEAM way does work. Use the Creations conscious to see this. Use your intellect and consciousness to challenge/explain this to people while explaining that lessons still have to be learned.

    I think Michael’s message is more of a relevant guidance that you can only support speakers of the truth so far. When in doubt about our future president, we support the lesser of 2 evils. But his mission does not align with the truth.

    But let’s not forget that Alex Jones does not follow truth he is a truth seeker. He see climate change as a fantasy instead of a real money making opportunity for the machinist. Chances are that his ego and “religious convictions” do not allow him to question his own thoughts.

    This is where Billy and the Plejaren have warned us of conspiracy theorist. At some point they will run out of truth to expose but still have an empire to maintain. Or many other scenarios that are counter productive to the truth of our creation. You should be able to explain with ease the truth of his message while pointing out his UN-truths.

    If it helps I find it useful to ask more questions to the people around me and in engage dialogue. (Confidence in the truth and you understanding of it helps), From there you can open their mind and if you are using your consciousness you can find the gaps in their beliefs ,use it to question their egos understanding and lead them in to a neutral positive thinking. It’s not that everyone is stupid to not believe in the truth it’s that we need to teach them how to think the proper way.

    Additionally lead by example and show others you know the truth but not everything. learn something from them while you attempt to show them the truth. Their is no better way to show others how to think and what to think about. Change comes from within on every level and with that we too can become better at our mission in light years compared to majority.

    Truth comes from within so try being the inception and think more positive.

  • Here is another dunkleberry or more that refuse to listen to the truth,Stephen Basset, Alfred Webrmont of exopolatic,well you get the ideas of those non-truth-believers and that also includes Trump and his stupid gang too!

  • Here’s some documentation of Alex Jones’ familiarity and ability to speak on UFO, ET topics. Interesting to keep in mind the Billy Meier photo from India with the projected cross in the sky while listening to Alex on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory talking about possible Project Blue Beam false flag operations. Alex Jones ‘UFOs Project Blue Beam’ Alex Jones Show: Thursday (3-20-14) Riley Martin

    58) A human being who recognises that which is right, and nevertheless does not do it, shows that the courage still lies fallow in him/her or has not yet been born in him/her.

    58) Ein Mensch, der das Rechte erkennt und es dennoch nicht tut, beweist, dass in ihm der Mut noch brach leigt oder noch nicht geboren ist.

    –The Way to Live

    –Die Art zu leben

  • What Michael Horn is saying is true. I’ve tried on several occasions to communicate to Alex Jones about Jmmanuel, Billy Meier, Henoch prophecies, and the invention of “jesus” by Saul aka Paul, and Alex won’t even touch or acknowledge that truth. I know he has read my comments, because his coincidentally will repeat a few things I’ve written. I’ve also tried to connect Alex with Michael Horn and never a word back. + every time I listen to Alex Jones, I myself feel a sense of panic. I think it is all a very uncomfortable truth that religion has blinded the masses from. Religion is a very clever tool that was created by the cabal/kabbalah.

    • If your beliefs are so far out there that even Alex Jones thinks they’re weird, it’s time for some soul searching.

  • It took a while for me to be able to watch Paul Joseph Watson’s videos; I’m starting to think that it might have actually been the topic he was covering. I now somewhat like his videos, if I ignore the odd reference to religious crap.
    His latest video is about “pop”ular “cult”ure brought to us by, who I think we all here can agree are, the bane of Earth humanity.

    • His video has reflected my thoughts since childhood, it’s good to see others waking up to see this. As an author, I can say that, seeing the market and its sodomite, degenerate, pushing has been infuriating – especially when you are expected to fill that role as well. Not anymore though, people are waking up to see this nonsense.

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