Alex Jones Suppresses the Henoch Prophecies

More money to be made promoting panic over peace and truth

In this lengthy conversation, Bob Wiegand and I discuss Alex Jones and how he’s not only an archetype of an unpeaceful agitator but also someone who’s knowingly and actively suppresses information about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, including the ever-fulfilling Henoch Prophecies and what they portend for us. In fact, in his insatiable need for attention and significance, Jones is effectively becoming a cheerleader for the coming US civil wars.

The Cover-up Continues, the People Lose

Bob mentions that much of Jones’ information comes from the Drudgereport, to which I’ve also sent vast amounts of Meier’s prophetic information, foretelling events that suddenly became “news” but that Drudge also lacked the courage to report or comment on.

Both Jones and Drudge prefer to serve their religious, financial and/or political interests. They’re not alone of course, there are many on both sides of the political spectrum who prioritize promoting panic over peace and truth.


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Michael Haines

What Michael Horn is saying is true. I’ve tried on several occasions to communicate to Alex Jones about Jmmanuel, Billy Meier, Henoch prophecies, and the invention of “jesus” by Saul aka Paul, and Alex won’t even touch or acknowledge that truth. I know he has read my comments, because his coincidentally will repeat a few things I’ve written. I’ve also tried to connect Alex with Michael Horn and never a word back. + every time I listen to Alex Jones, I myself feel a sense of panic. I think it is all a very uncomfortable truth that religion has blinded the masses from. Religion is a very clever tool that was created by the cabal/kabbalah.

Perry Caravello

If your beliefs are so far out there that even Alex Jones thinks they’re weird, it’s time for some soul searching.

Andrew Grimshaw

It took a while for me to be able to watch Paul Joseph Watson’s videos; I’m starting to think that it might have actually been the topic he was covering. I now somewhat like his videos, if I ignore the odd reference to religious crap.
His latest video is about “pop”ular “cult”ure brought to us by, who I think we all here can agree are, the bane of Earth humanity.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

His video has reflected my thoughts since childhood, it’s good to see others waking up to see this. As an author, I can say that, seeing the market and its sodomite, degenerate, pushing has been infuriating – especially when you are expected to fill that role as well. Not anymore though, people are waking up to see this nonsense.

Devon Martin

People who cannot escape those forces of illusions n do anything for their monetary n selfishness, need to be ignore, they suffer from poverty of consciousness n refuse to recognize reality.there is a CREATIONAL Law, leave things the way thet are. Children of TRUTH keep shining your light n Love

Devon Martin

As for AJ, he will regret not publicizing Billy Meier information one day soon. He has no inclination on how this planet is being watch consistently. Truely! It seems like we humans on earth is heading for self destruction.

Devon Martin

What AJ don’t know or realize is that Billy Meier information is snowballing dramatically in the private sectors. People ARE waking up.

Matthew Reed

Here’s a recent interesting article about Alex Jones…

“Alex Jones Just Can’t Help Himself:
After two decades toiling at the fringes of politics, Alex Jones and his Infowars media empire have architected the current moment and helped usher a president into office. Now, the only person standing in Jones’ way is Jones.”

Karrol Steeves

Hi Michael, What happened to the conversations between you and Bob Wiegand? I stopped by the theyflytv channel to see if there was anything new and see that they are gone? Will they be coming back?

William Frederick Ter Burgh

Hey Michael,

I too was looking for that link. Why did Bob take his channel down?

Thank you in advance ☺


Melissa Osaki

Hi Bill,

That post was removed a couple years ago by Bob, but I don’t have any details on why he removed it. Salome