The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies, Part 3

Can Trump outsmart the Henoch Prophecies?

Watching the inauguration, I know I’m not alone in having noticed the ceaseless prayers, benedictions, etc., all to, and in the name of, imaginary, primarily Christian, cult deities and saviors.

We might want to reflect on how the centuries’ long invocation of, and reliance on, these non-existent, never-to-be-proven Super Sky Daddies have infantilized entire populations, worldwide, for eons. A rational reflection on the abysmal track record of the Big Guy in answering the zillions of prayers, futilely flung heavenward over the past millennia, should be enough to make one realize that they’re, well, trapped in a looney bin.

For some very sobering information on just how long this insanity has actually been going on – and its very ancient, largely unknown origins – please read this.

We also may want to revisit the Henoch Prophecies and its warnings about external conflicts and possible civil wars that would also fracture and destroy what we still call the United States of America.

For those that may have missed it, here’s President Trump loving it up with the intelligence community. He definitely brings to the presidency something not seen before in that office, i.e. someone who frequently uses the words “special”, “fantastic”, “terrific”, etc., with all the sincerity, style and charm of a Las Vegas M.C, right down to, “I’ll be back!”. I’ll just add…” I’m here for four years, so tell your friends!”

Look for future press conferences where Trump will say things like, “We’re going to have a fantastic war against ISIS. Gen. Flynn and Secretary of Defense Mattis – I like calling him ‘Mad Dog’, it’s a terrific name for the guy – because they’re both going to do a marvelous job destroying ISIS, wiping them off the face of the Earth. That’s right. And let me tell you, and this is special, we now have Putin, we have Vladimir Putin onboard too with his Russian Army, nice people, very nice people, tremendous fighters too, etc., etc.”

We’ll see if Trump’s hyper-happy, enthusiastic agenda is enough to outsmart the prophecies, and things like, “224. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.”


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The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies

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David Kamada

I thought I’d share a couple of links as a counterbalance to the media’s incessant bias against Trump. To be clear, I’m not saying some criticisms of the impetuous new POTUS aren’t warranted, but The Donald seems to be treading in the right direction -whether by accident or design-, at least in a few respects.

“US under Trump among external threats to EU – council president Tusk”

“Trump and PM May Press Conference – Body Language Analysis”

(NOTE: Trump seems sincere in his intention of brokering a deal with Russia and de-escalating tensions with that country).


Devon Martin

All prayers as long as it has righteous connotation n sincerity, is answer by the HIGHEST POWER even if people are using imaginary names like jesus.ignorance is a dark prison of consciousness. Let’s see what president Donald Trump will create in America’s future. He has more love for this great country than most former presidents.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

Prayer is immediately directed to one’s consciousness. However, we are all interconnected and we are the ones who bring forth the forces in our lives (good or bad) through what we ‘pray’ (pray as in inserting the thoughts, feelings, actions etc.) for and what we ‘do’ (putting those thoughts, feelings and actions into use and bringing the necessary forces into our lives etc.).

In this regard, ‘praying’ is both a direct connection to one’s self and to all – as we are all interconnected to the wellspring of the oneness and of all things; Creation, we are also interconnected through our ‘prayers’ (in a practical sense) of praying to Creation – because we are Creation, inside of Creation, creating in Creation, around Creation and within Creation.

I recall Billy saying no wish goes unheard a while back. If we are all interconnected (trees, birds, plants, humans, finematter energies etc.) then in such a regard, praying to one’s consciousness while is indeed, a solo, self-directed act, is at the same time also praying to Creation itself since you are a part of Creation.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

@ Michael,


Terry Carch

Democracy Now has a segment on the corporate take over of the US government with Juan Gonzales for Monday February 20,2017 MH I sent a note to Democray Now that if they have any questions they shoul contact you at They about what Billy said about Trump not lasting more than two years and the predictions of the two civil wars that coul lead up to an Nuclear war by 2020 ar not for another 30 years. If you wan to contact JUan Gonzales or Amy Goodman or Nermeen Sahk tou can to give them the prier warning from Billy and the Ps if you nt to or if they ask thanks to Trump and his corperate takeover of the US government.


It says the video is unavailable. Could you please repost? I am very interested in watching.

Thank you