Nothing to worry about, just like Fukushima

There’s been an explosion and fires at the Flamanville nuclear plant in France but officials have said there’s nothing to worry about.

Maybe. But a few people may be reminded of Fukushima.

Fortunately, the risk at Fukushima is so insignificant now that it’s barely worth mentioning.

The warnings have been given for almost 60 years, by Billy Meier and the Plejaren, as we also previously publicized.

Don’t worry, be…happy.


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39 comments on “Explosion at French Nuclear Plant

  • Hey Michael,
    This may be a little unrelated but I thought you would find this intriguing. The president of Syria discusses how some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists. I know Billy has talk about how there are ISIS sleeper cells in Europe, so I thought this would be informative.

  • The 5th value from Semjase during the 45th contact, held during the year of my birth (1976) line 122: “Fiftly: All established nuclear power plants must be eliminated, and new plants of this type be prevented.”

  • Hi Michael, these morons are going ahead building TWO more nuclear plants 10 miles away from where I live in the U.K. and the people here cant stop them…but hey, maybe when the radio active substances reach here from across the English chanel I wont have to worry so much about it any more…

    • I think the more practical approach than this slow poisoning would be if everyone in the area just committed suicide…starting with the FPL.

  • Unfortunately, rational ones have to face the consequences that stupid ones need to experience before they fully understand what they did and their need to change direction… and I thought there was no love in the world 🙂

    Living through nuclear breakdown, possibly being altered in human form, physiologically, forever through nuclear radiation and not progressing until the slowest ones catch up, must qualify for a sticking-together-through-thick-and-thin kind of love, no? If not, our living and reincarnating on this embargoed planet must be due to it being an ancient prison planet whereby newcomers can only advance once the universal reprobates stranded here have evolved enough to no longer be a threat to any other life. Even the billionaire’s scientists cannot invent them out of facing consequences and as the Plejaren have shared many examples of breakthroughs in science being strictly controlled by them, e.g., deleting memories, impulsing only discoveries that are necessary to taking steps. There is a universal order and we would be wise to align to it as soon as we can.

    I realise that this sounds crazy (and I’m sure some ex-FIGU members thought that once – except Billy, strangely, who refuses to comment to anyone about it), but, I may have even been visited by future Earth humans and, if so, let me tell you something about our future physical form… we lose all our good looks and it will be many, many, hard years before we regain them by spiritually evolving and making necessary advances. The physiological alterations (reduced height, rubbery grey skin, mongoloid features, skin blemishes) could well be due to Fukushima plus any additional radiation released by other accidents, e.g., the Red Meteor. My experience could have been a brief delusion, or, of something else, but, I’ve considered that and Billy has not discouraged my thinking about this by laughing it off or saying it’s nonsense. He’s just not commenting, so, something for me, (maybe us all), to think about.

      • Hi Darcy,

        I’m not honestly 100% I saw future beings. Difficult to ascertain. It was just my hunch. What I can say is that these 3 small hooded beings appeared from nothing (from a cloaked vehicle?) about 10 or 15 feet above the path (at night) and glided down to the street one by one as if riding the thin air. When I saw this I thought I was seeing things until they started walking towards me. 3 or them (as I am 1 of 3 brothers). Had the feeling of them being my brothers from another dimension and one being particularly connected with myself. They had a rough, cheeky, edge (as if from hardship) if that makes sense. Not malice, more visceral, cunning and alert. Can’t prove it though so not sure how much value it has. Guess time and more lives will tell and hopefully not too long, but, I cannot imagine all this radiation can be good for the human body. I’ve also got a theory that the neanderthals were surviving fall-out victims too and there physiology was the result, but, cannot prove that either.

      • For Matt and Darcy. Be warned ve read years ago that due to a nuclear exchange, not only will will we see our good looks with graying wrinkled skin and stunted growth but we will be bald with those big black slanted eyes just like those horrible Greys Zeta Retlie and those horriable ugly monsters from the Orion Nebula Constolation too who look so sick that it`s too frightening to even bother to look at these melevolent unfriendly ETs!

  • hi Michael, I’ve run into some literature that points to the suppression in the early years of nuclear energy research and in a nutshell it posits that the current technology and attempts to harness nuclear energy was the more dangerous of the two types that were being researched in the early years and that thorium-based GALT (Geothermic Atmospheric Liquified Thorium) chemical reactor was shelved and hidden due to, among a couple of other things, profitability. on youtube , engineering physicist Michael brakey, speaking at The Atlas Summit in June of 2015 has a video called “Connecting the Dots: The GALT Chemical Reactor.” that may be of interest. best

  • Matt Knight, I found your comments fascinating, especially about possibly being visited by future time travelers, and I enjoyed your perspective you relayed from the experience. I can only surmise generations in the future have paid their dues, and our progress can keep us going to be in accord with the cosmic-natural.

  • Matt Knight, you wrote “They had a rough, cheeky, edge (as if from hardship) if that makes sense. Not malice, more visceral, cunning and alert”. Did the beings from the future seem to posses wisdom attained from future hardship? I can only surmise some of our future experiences might be difficult experiences.

    • Hi Corey. Yes (or, past hardship, or just my delusion). They reminded me a little of the Dwarves in the film ‘Time Bandits’, i.e., they had a highly pragmatic handle on things we would consider amazing and put down to ‘magic’. There were no external signs of a religious nature at all, quite the opposite. The one closest to me had a Celtic stone round house pendant on a chain around his neck. It was as if they were moving/acting like thugs whilst walking down the street for the very serious purpose of acclimatising to our time. All sounds nuts I know.

  • Let`s hope that that Un of North Korea doesn’t try to exterminate us all with Un`s stupid tirades about the US with his threats of a hydrogen bomb which Micho Kaku said could multiply well into the DERN Universe etc.

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