Trump tries to prevent the same fate for America   

Reports of rioting and fires in Paris show that the pandering, impotent leaders in France, and in other countries, are effectively complicit in the destruction of their own countries, having also failed to heed the prophetic warnings from Billy Meier.

As Meier wrote in 1981:

“Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres;”

…and further clarified in 1987:

“258. However, the main objective of the aggressors will be to bring all of Europe under their military control, and for that purpose France will be selected to be the headquarters. France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces.

259. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.”

Overall, the number of criminal immigrants now in Europe, according to the Plejaren, is staggering – a veritable anonymous, largely untraceable army*.

The Law of the Pendulum

Whatever one may think of President Trump, or Alex Jones, they’re right in their caution and concern for the safety of the country, along with terror expert, Philip Hayne, who explains how the government has hidden the reality about terrorism from the American people.

While Trump may not have read the Henoch Prophecies (HP), he seems to be trying to help avert what is foretold:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The critical causative factors – originating with covert and overt US policies from decades ago – are still in play and the law of cause and effect, the law of the pendulum, can’t be cheated. Certain things can still be mitigated; prophecies are warnings of negative things that will occur if people don’t change to a positive course.

In 1958, Billy Meier clearly foretold the worldwide danger of radical Islamist terrorism and pointed out its ancient origins in revenge against Christianity and the Crusades:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

Even so, we must not irrationally target, scapegoat and hate all Muslims who, as Meier also points out, are absolutely not to be confused with the degenerate radical Islamists. As he also states – and we can already see this developing – such unjust thinking and demonization of all Muslims will only cause terrorism to arise from people and groups who allow themselves to be inflamed and stirred up by hate, fear, prejudice, etc. Decades ago, Meier specifically warned of those extremists who would “indiscriminately attack innocent people”. The seeds for this kind of open extremism and backlash are being sown by radicals on the left through their violence and anarchy.

The polarization in this country is already well underway and, if we’re to have any chance of preventing the forewarned coming US civil wars, each of us must regain our own calm and reasonableness.

If we fail to do so, the ultimate result from those wars is the country being broken up into five territories and, according to the HP, “it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.” The violence from the left increases the likelihood that extremists on the right will enter the fray. Cause and effect. Because of various factors pertaining to militias, etc., these territories would probably end up under right-wing Christian control, unless of course the country is so insane as to allow radical Islam, with its barbaric, falsified version** of Sharia law to gain a strong foothold.

This brutal doctrine of radical Islamists heavily abuses and suppresses women, among other things, and is now trendy with dopey American women on the left who have nothing better to do than voluntarily embrace its subjugating, dehumanizing dictates.


The fervor with which naive, uninformed do-gooders dispense with all reasonable caution is exemplified by their uncritically embracing illegal immigration as some kind of noble cause, tacitly assuming that everyone who comes into the country illegally is just a “nice”, economically disadvantaged person who, therefore, is entitled to trample the laws of the land…and be rewarded for doing so.

How quickly would they reconsider if “a new law” was mandated that supporters of illegal immigration must take the lawbreakers…into their own homes, regardless of their own living conditions, size of family and living space, etc.? That would include housing any additional family members, or friends, the new tenants want to have join them, as is now actually the case for the country. The costs of housing, feeding and caring for their new…roommates would strictly be borne by them. And we know how long their enthusiasm would last for taking this responsibility.***

The Numbers Game

The futility of immigration as a means to “help people” is shown in this brilliant, reality-based presentation, by Roy Beck, which is so simple and clear that even a radical leftist university professor could understand it. While it illustrates the illogic, futility and self-destructive nature of our immigration policies, it simultaneously shows that the problem is rooted in overpopulation, though there’s no mention of that in the presentation.

Billy Meier also pointed out that when people who are big proponents of these falsely humane policies become the victims of the criminal element, of which the numbers are large, they will also be the ones blaming law enforcement authorities for failing to protect them.

Quiet Before the Storm?

With Trump having trouble with the travel ban, my guess is that the terrorism from “sleepers” in the US will be quiet for a time…while more criminals also get into the country. That way Trump also looks foolish to have been concerned, in addition to being mischaracterized as a racist, Nazi, etc..

This woman, however, has seen the difference firsthand between someone who’s a fanatical dictator and someone who has prioritized protecting his country, as he was charged to do by those who elected him.

What is now being said about Trump “adopting more conventional positions” also confirms what the Plejaren foretold about Trump, in June 2016, when they spoke of his positions being “relativized” after the election. So, while Trump may be the “catastrophic human being”**** the Plejaren characterize him, they also say that he is “otherwise well-meaning and not bad, also in regard to Russia and Putin, with whom he, in an honest wise, wants to strive for a peaceful political, military and economical agreement.”

To Be Determined

It remains to be seen if the American people will recognize and support the best in Trump, or go the way of much of the rest of the world and succumb to suicidal, misguided policies that are, in the final analysis, engineered and promoted by the powerful ones who seek only to exploit, enslave and control the populace…or whatever remains of it after all the destruction that they seek to bring about.

* Sweden recorded a 1472 % increase in rapes and a 300 % increase in violent criminality since it introduced multiculturalism.

** From Meier:

“In the case of the Islamistic terrorists, murder and destruction is carried out in the name of Allah, as well as in the name of the “šari’a” (Shari’ah) which is basically wrongly interpreted by the terrorists and is, so to speak, explained as God’s punishment or God’s judgement, and so forth.

The word namely means something else, because it actually, in no way, relates to a punishment
or punishment regulation, rather, in a completely unspectacular way, a path which leads to the
source is meant thereby.

Briefly explained, the “šari’a” is, truly and principally, based on an extensive Islamic system of law, which essentially is directed towards finding a correct answer to the question of how the human being should live in order to be pleasing to God.

This is to do with this: that the administration of law (huda) which Allah is supposed to have given the human being, indeed through the Qur’an and the example of the prophet Mohammed, should be so orientated that life is made fruitful and that the Islamic believers shall be protected from false steps.

In no way do terror, murder, torture, death and destruction belong to that, nor can they be found in the Qur’an or in some other Islamic religious texts.”

***It seems that some people have already made a similar suggestion to wealthy British author, J.K. Rowling. Perhaps it will be revealed that J.K. stands for, Just Kidding.

****According to Matthew Deagle:

“Billy called him a ‘Katastrophenmensch’, which is incorrectly translated as ‘catastrophic human being’. It means something more like ‘fire and brimstone preacher’ or ‘wannabe action hero’.”

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Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the links.

205 comments on “As the Prophecies Fulfill in Paris

  • The Plejaren referred to Trump as a “catastrophic human being”. I wonder in what specific sense they mean by this, as the definition of catastrophic is not comforting.

    1. involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.
    2. extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful

    • Billy called him a ‘Katastrophenmensch’, which is incorrectly translated as ‘catastrophic human being’. It means something more like ‘fire and brimstone preacher’ or ‘wannabe action hero’.

      • Just curious how you know this? Are you a native German speaker or is this definition to be found in a German slang dictionary?

        • I am fluent in written German, and am familiar with Billy’s precise way of speaking. The original meaning of a Katastrophe is the climax of a tragic play. i.e. Trump is someone who ‘comes to the rescue’ during a catastrophic time, and was elected on account of the out of control terrorism going on during his campaign, which Obama was entirely inept at stopping. i.e. in American terms this has the sense of an action-hero like John McClane played by Bruce Willis in Die Hard, who comes in at a time of ‘tragic climax’ when the present administration is inept, like the cops in Die Hard were against Hans Gruber. That is, not necessarily an ideal situation, which appears rather hopeless and may well not turn out as nicely as it does in the movies.

          • Overall I get the impression that, knowing the future, Billy considers Trump to be a tragic figure who will not succeed at his heroism, as if Die Hard ended with Hans Gruber shooting John McClane in the face.

  • I checked the link which stated that according to Billy Meier’s contact the 9/11 conspiracy is not true and GWB just wasn’t smart enough to prevent it from happening.

    Sorry, but that goes against a mountain of evidence that shows this was definitely an inside job and GWB, Cheney and others had to be in on it. Unfortunately, this now puts everything else being written here in doubt.

    If you disagree with who the culprits responsible for 9/11 were I strongly suggest you do some added research on this topic because as I stated, the evidence is overwhelming it was a conspiracy.

    • Hi Mike, just a tip for the Meier material. Most of the time you have to read between the lines and look at what’s not written or spoken about to get the bigger picture. You also have to think about Billy’s safety and security. Some of these things will easily get him gone. The Plejaren don’t give us all the information for a specific reason and they know that some of us will figure this out. It’s what they aren’t saying that screams out to me. If you look at their info on 911 you will see that they clearly aren’t telling us who was behind it, but they are telling us who wasn’t. Just my observation.

      • Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see anything specific regarding who wasn’t behind the events on 9/11 so perhaps you could help me with this. Who exactly can we exclude from being involved?

        • Hi Mike, I think we can see that the Bush administration was not directly behind it. They knew it was brewing, but they weren’t directly involved. Did it benefit them? Yes, of course it did. It set the stage for future events to happen. Cause and effect. However, George Bush and his cronies weren’t competent enough to pull something like this off. We have a whole separate government that is responsible for unspeakable crimes and they pretty much have free reign to do as they please.
          The thing with the Meier material is that you have to read more of the information and piece things together to get the full picture. Just reading something here and there doesn’t quite benefit you. The Plejaren have been really good with their words and they never fail to let us figure it out. It’s like a puzzle. A good chunk of the information is there, but we have to put the pieces together through thought and reflection. It’s hard to explain, but at some point you realize to look at what’s not there and then use logic to come to the final conclusion. None of us have it all figured out and it will take many years to actually figure it all out. They (Plejaren) are giving us landmarks along the way, but we ultimately have to make the journey.

          • Bush was a useful idiot but the attacks were indeed allowed to happen by a rogue intelligence-network that concealed CIA intelligence on Al-Qaeda plans with the help apparently (seemingly necessarily) e.g. of Condoleezza Rice – an evil intelligence-network who are still working tirelessly to establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the USA and EU and make full use of the surveillance-powers legislated by foolish George W. Bush. It is this rogue intelligence-agency who sought to get Hillary Clinton elected and who are attempting to sabotage the Trump Administration, with the apparent hope that they can push more Bush-like legislation with Republicans in power again. They also have been behind the agitations and disinformation regarding Russia and have purposely allowed or even directed several terror-attacks in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. They are using CIA-developed propaganda-techniques to stir up all manner of left-wing and right-wing fanatics, and will probably establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the USA and EU in 2024 – 2025. This is the ‘greatest danger to humanity ever’ described by Petale in its prophecy about ‘666’. The ’27 year reign of 666′ already began with the 9/11 attack in 2001, so will end in 2028 – 2029 with WWIV between Russia and the EU/USA.

          • The so-called ‘Anti-Christ’, ‘Armillus’ or ‘Dajjal’ is already in secret power in the USA and EU via this intelligence-network, and it will not be long before he and his Jonestown-like cult come to legal power as a kind of ‘Stalin on steroids’ thanks to the idiocy of pseudo-humanitarians such as the supporters of Clinton & Merkel, anti-liberty pseudo-conservatives such as those who called for the assassination of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and put this agency in power under Bush, and rather more minimally, the barbaric belligerence of the Russian Federation. The irony is that the ‘Anti-Christ’ was put in power by ‘Christians’, ‘Armillus’ was put in power by Jews/Israelis/Erev Rav, and the power of ‘Dajjal’ is consolidated as a response to Islamist terror-attacks.

          • You are completely 100% wrong. To say that Bush and his gang of evil were not directly behind 9/11 along with the heads of Israel and Mossad just flies in the face of hard and irrefutable evidence. Bin Laden and Al-Queda had nothing to do with 9/11 and anyone who still believes they did shows they are not capable of assessing the facts.

            I am getting the feeling that many of you posting here are not that in tune on what is really going on in the world and are easily misled and buy into things that can not be proven and bypass things that can be proven.

            Also, anyone who quotes the bible as a point of reference is equally in the dark as this is nothing but a complete work of fiction. Most, if not all, of the characters and events are the concoction of a small group of crackpots that later became a large group of crackpots and the masses like always, bought into this nonsense. Like the saying goes, “just follow the money” if you want the real reason why Christianity and other bogus religions have grown and amassed the followings they have. It is quite sad, but humans are very stupid and most lack basic common sense, hence the screwed up world we live in.

            I will end by making a prediction that before the end of the year Trump will be gone and the country will be in turmoil. You can also add that before the end of 2018 the US will not exist as it does today if it exist at all and many of you will not be around to complain about it – one way or another. Adios

          • Perhaps you’re not very familiar with the content of the Meier case, the voluminous amount of information, the specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, etc. And you probably don’t know that Meier first published information about 9/11 in…1987 and in 1989.

            So-called “hard, irrefutable evidence” depends on who’s version you’re referring to. People are free to conclude, determine, believe, etc., whatever they want. As for things that can be proven, I suggest that you go to the Corroboration & Evidence page at and familiarize yourself with all of the independent, expert scientific analyses on Meier’s photos, films, metal samples, etc., linked fat the top part of the page, and the 150+ corroborations on the bottom of the page.

            As for religions, the bible, etc., you simply won’t get more authoritative and accurate information than that which is provided by Meier and the Plejaren.

            My suggestion is to not worry about conspiracies that lead one in endless circles and instead avail yourself of this singularly and uniquely valuable body of work.

        • It might sound like hyperbole, but not statement could overstate the incredible and horrific evil that is now coming to power, nor the awful consequences to humanity that will result from it.
          Woe unto anyone living anywhere in the USA or Europe other than Switzerland or northeast Arizona from 2024 – 2030.

          • Direct quote from the prophecy of Petale:
            “58. Grösster Feind der Menschen der Erde, in Selbsterkorenheit, grausamer und tödlicher als alles dem Menschen Bekannte seit alters her, in Falschheit und Blutrunst.”
            “58. Greatest enemy of the human beings of Earth, in self-chosenness, more terrible and deadly than anything before known to the human being, in falsehood and bloodthirst.”
            “59. Tödlich in Brändung wie Sonnengold, zerstörend durch Metallvögel im Todesblitz, zur Mitte des Jahres, nahe der Wende der Jahrtausende.”
            “59. Deadly in burning like the golden sunrays, destroying with metal birds in a flash of death, at the middle of the year near the change of the millennia.”

            This clearly refers to the 9/11 attacks, so Petale has basically told us that the attacks were somehow an ‘inside job’ by the same group or individual (rogue intelligence) who will seize power and establish the ‘666-system’.

          • And it becomes clearer everyday now that Trump is in office. They are doing everything in their power to discredit and take him down. It’s quite disturbing and exhausting. I have been staying away from the news and most social media because it’s so negative and heavy. We have our hands full and I don’t believe enough people will wake up to what’s really going on. I find it utterly incomprehensible how folks don’t see or feel what’s coming. I shudder when I think about it.
            Bush was a complete idiot and couldn’t tie his own shoes without help. The past presidents have been put on a very short string, but not many people believe or understand the seriousness of the situation. My husband and I are planning to move to Northern Arizona in the next few years. We have been contemplating moving for a while, but the planning takes time. There’s a couple nice little towns south of Flagstaff that we have in our sights. We can’t get out of California soon enough.

          • And it becomes clearer everyday now that Trump is in office. They are doing everything in their power to discredit and take him down. It’s quite disturbing and exhausting. I have been staying away from the news and most social media because it’s so negative and heavy. We have our hands full and I don’t believe enough people will wake up to what’s really going on. I find it utterly incomprehensible how folks don’t see or feel what’s coming. I shudder when I think about it.
            Bush was a complete idiot and couldn’t tie his own shoes without help. The past presidents have been put on a very short string, but not many people believe or understand the seriousness of the situation. My husband and I are planning to move to Northern Arizona in the next few years. We have been contemplating moving for a while, but the planning takes time. There’s a couple nice little towns south of Flagstaff that we have in our sights. We can’t get out of California soon enough.

          • Michael,
            The prophecy was given on 29 January 1976 at 1:05 a.m.
            The quote is from the book ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’, copyright 1982/1996 by Eduard Meier.
            i.e. the book was published long before the 9/11 attacks.

          • Interesting Matt,

            Although it is difficult to precisely predict where will be hit the worst. Switzerland too, has recently seen a share of terror for example. I’ve read your posts a few times reflectively and I’ve read that information on Petale before. It makes me wonder of the exact implications.

          • And it becomes clearer everyday that Trump is in office. They are doing everything in their power to discredit and take him down. It’s quite disturbing and exhausting. I have been trying to stay away from the news and most social media because it’s so negative and heavy. We have our hands full and I don’t believe enough people will wake up to what’s really going on. I find it utterly incomprehensible how folks don’t see or feel what’s coming. I shudder when I think about it.
            Bush was a complete idiot and couldn’t tie his own shoes without help. The past presidents have been put on a very short string, but not many people believe or understand the seriousness of the situation. I have been planning to move to Arizona and hopefully that will happen in the next year or two. My Husband and I can’t wait to get out of California!

          • Well first, I want to say there is definitely a possibility that the USA and Europe will turn into a totalitarian dictatorship, and possibly we will have civil wars and world war 3 (4).

            But I am always wondering what “scale” and how catastrophic are we talking about here….Are we going to have a nuclear war? Are we going back to stone age? The USA will collapse and everybody dies?

            Is it likely to happen? Based on the contact notes, I think it is not likely we are going to die in a nuclear war. (I might be misunderstood, correct me if I am wrong)

            1. Plejaren considered their mission to be successful and will roll like a snow ball. If a nuclear war indeed breaks out and billions of people are dead, how is this mission considered to be successful and will keep rolling.
            2. We know Nokodemion will be leaving our planet in the year of 3999. That means we will have to develop interstellar space travel before 3999. Now what are the chances of such development happening if our planet is sent back to stone age, not very likely. Not to mention I think Plejaren hinted that we will develop interstellar space travel way sooner than 3999. Plejaren also said USA will “last” a very long time, despite there will be civil wars.
            3. Multiple trips to Mars according to prediction/prophecy. Again, no one will have time for this if we are in a nuclear war. Same applies to future physics, genetic discovery, robotic technology, and giant space station.
            and much more………

            I am not trying to underestimate or ignore the threats. But the real question is- At What Scale? Is it going to be a regional conflict/war (10000-100000 deaths, just like Iraq war, most likely) or all-out nuclear war (Billions are dead, back to stone age, not likely).

            What do you guys think?

          • Kane,
            The mission does not depend on WWIV not occurring.
            Technology will continue to be developed after the war. The population is too large for civilization to be completely annihilated without also annihilating the Earth, and if the war is severe enough the Aghartans may well intervene since they live here too and cannot afford that level of destruction.

            The prophecies are quite clearly all coming true exactly as prophesied, as we were warned they would if we did not do the necessary to avert them. Also, Billy has stated that the USA will likely break up starting around 2020, not that it will last a long time. Much of the USA will be physically destroyed in WWIV, and much of what is not destroyed then will be destroyed in the ensuing civil wars.

          • Is WW4 part of the prediction?

            I mean WW4 is most likely going to escalate into nuclear war. I don’t see how our civilization will continue to advance as part of the prophecy/prediction. Let alone making 2 trips to explore Mars..etc (within our lifetime), and any other discovery or advancement. That’s why I am saying the war and destruction might be limited to regional, not global. If serious conflict is going on in the U.S and you want to survive…. Arizona will be “safe”, or moving to China and Japan will be your best bet. U.S will break down into chaotic middle east 2.0, however, that doesn’t mean everyone in America is going to die.

            (and I think Billy said Agharta are still walking or using native transport vehicles in India, might not be much superior than us in terms of tech and spirit? Probably not going to save us)

          • The so-called “Agatha” people do not live on the surface and have very advanced technology like the “future human beings”.

          • I mean some prophecies make sense and some are not at all (or at least I don’t see them coming yet)

            For example, Billy talked about “China will destroy Israel.” (out of everyone in the middle east that want Israel to be destroy….I honestly don’t see that coming how this logic comes up)

            “Russia will have longstanding conflict with China over Inner Mongolia.” (China and Russia currently have 0 issue over Inner Mongolia…..not even a conflict territory…I don’t see how this event will escalate within 10-20 years)

            “Russia will invade Europe”, “China invading India”, “France and Spain become involved with each other in armed conflicts”, ” Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada”……lastly “The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilization to collapse”.

            Even Billy said it himself civilization will proceed to collapse after WW4….”collapse!!” Based on Henoch prophecy, if everything happens as he described, we are going to have FULL-OUT planet destruction war. Everyone of us is going to die.

            A civilization can’t be collapse and still be improving, a total collapse of civilization / after worldwide nuclear war = going back to stone age. That means no space station, no genetic engineering, no underwater station, no space traveling, and Nokodemion might not even make it out of earth before 3999. That’s just my opinion.

          • and one more thing we need to consider is Plejaren and BEAM spread those prophecies/predictions with an intention to draw attention from CIA and other government intel agencies. I think Plejaren said the contact notes are closely examined by those agencies and hope they will take the advice and possibly halt those destructive part (also with the help of peace meditation), and that’s one of the big reasons why the prophecies are very negative because otherwise human/ agencies won’t care about the potential consequences. I also believe Plejaren said Russia seems to act according to the advice as of right now.

            So is that mean the destructive part of prophecies aren’t going to be happen exactly? We have to take this into consideration as well.

          • It wasn’t intended just for the intelligence agencies; they are among those who read them…and perhaps learn the least in regards to their true meaning.

          • “But that doesn’t come from an estimation, because the facts named by you and by us in your bulletins cannot be overlooked, consequently they are also studied in Russia, whereby finally President Putin’s public speech resulted.”

            Example of Russian closely monitoring BEAM infos

            By Ptaah Contact Report 442

          • Thanks MH for the correction

            I am just trying to say the destructive level might not be as “serious” as the prophecies pointed out. = world/civilization collapses. While I agree this is the worst thing that could happen. I thought Plejaren and FIGU volunteered to do peace meditation/initiatives with an intention to prevent the worst part of prophecies from happening (on top of spreading CR notes)??

            I am not trying to offend people here but Matthew made it seems like our effort has failed and WW4 destruction and totalitarian dictatorship are 100% indeed happening. Everyone is going to die. I thought those are just warnings and we have to try our best to prevent??

            Unless WW4 is a prediction?

  • And folks get all flustered when I tell them… Billy and Quetzel discussed the breaking of the internet in a recent contact note… THAT will be the least of our problems folks…


  • “This woman, however, has seen the difference firsthand between someone who’s a fanatical dictator and someone who has prioritized protecting his country, as he was charged to do by those who elected him.”

    My intention is not to be picky, but this woman was 5 years old when WW2 ended…not exactly an ideal judge of Hitler’s policies. She certainly is right about the absurd comparison between Trump & Hitler however.

  • Have you guys seen what’s happening lately? The deep state coup continues acting up against Trump daily. Flynn resignation was only the start, now another is withdrawing. At this rate the division and confusion will multiply at an accelerated rate. Trump needs to unrig the system if he has any chance of bettering the country. Right now he’s playing on their chess board.

  • Gary:

    Thanks for your reply. Funny but my husband went to college in Arizona and loves it there and from time to time has suggested that he and I might retire there someday. I have been to Arizona and never wanted to live there, but after reading your post and Matthew Deagle’s, I am starting to reconsider that!!!! I am an east coast person and live in Virginia but originally from NYC. Hmm maybe I will give moving to Arizona another thought. My husband would certainly love that. Thanks for all the interesting info on these posts.


    • Hi Diane,
      My Husband and I are planning to move to Arizona in the next few years. We have been contemplating it for a while now. I’ve been checking out the housing and employment situation to see what options we have. We can’t wait to get out of California. It is complete madness out here and I hate it. I’m originally from small town Ohio and I’ve been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 61/2 years. This place has taken a toll on me with all the people. You can’t go anywhere without having hordes of people around. I don’t want to say I’m depressed, but I’m definitely not thrilled either. I love Northern Arizona and think it would be much better for my sanity.

      • Melissa:
        Ok you got my attention. So I will begin to look at Arizona again. Not saying that I will definately move there, but I will take a look at it again. My husband went to U of A in Tucson. He did say Sedona is beautiful and very artsy. Well thanks for all the info here. Very interesting.

    • Hi Diane, your welcome re’ my helpfull info’ and it is Michael who is correct about the radius of 200km around Flagstaff, this includes Prescott / Munds area, and of course Sedona which nobody could fail to love both scenic wise, and a quirky but harmoneous bunch of people, you ought to visit sometime, good luck for the future, and enjoy your day… Gary

  • Here is an article from for Wednesday February 15,2017 The Nuclear Weapons Threat to our Common Future by Dave Krieger You may want to check this out There is a There is a segment about the need to have a Sphyciantrist in hte White House from hjere on should ANY president do what Trump is doing now and beyond etc,and most certainly we DON`T need to the deep State to run humanity to the grown as Stalin did during the occupation of Russia during the Soviet era! If that hapens,we would ALL BE WORSE THAN DEAD! We would ALL be NOT here now so why not even bother to think about this., We NEED toi take control of our own lives and just igniore these melevolent rotten entites who want nothing morethan to destroy us ALL here on this planet world callked Earth! The worse case scenario is to fight back with ALLYOU GOT AND PROTEST! On Monday February 20th 2017 Wespac will be protesting that Trum or any other president “Is Not Above The Law at 12 Noon in downtown White plains N Y. This is calkle Moral Monday. You can check this out on the website if you want to even though Moday Februaray 20th is a legal holiday Presidents Day.

      • Weol MH I wonder if Trump is beginning to sound alot like not only Hitler or even worse Stalin? seems to me Trump Hitler ans Stalin just kill anybody they didn`t like or better yeat who ever they disabree with got put in prison or worse exsteminated due to different relihious faiths,belies,etc,etc,etc? As the old saying goes history repeats itself all over agin?

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