Billy Meier UFO Film Now Available Internationally

Meier’s long-foretold prophecies of war and ecological disaster have begun

The award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, is now available as VOD through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany/Austria, Japan.

With this breakthrough, hopefully more people, worldwide, will become aware of the Billy Meier case and it’s information that is so crucial to our future survival. Please feel free to watch and rate it on the sites.


In contrast, last August, I taped a Beyond Belief show for GaiaTV with George Noory. In our first face-to-face interview, Noory openly and emphatically expressed his amazement over Meier’s stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos and films. He also made it known that he was blown away by Meier’s prophetic accuracy. I was told that the show would air within a couple of months…though it still hasn’t. GaiaTV is the channel that promotes liars and frauds like Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Of course, since they don’t have a single piece of evidence to back up their delusional claims, my guess is that showing an interview where Noory is visibly impressed with Meier’s very impressive UFO photos and prophetically accurate information, was probably deemed to be…bad for business, the disinformation and distraction business, to be precise.

Alchemy Event

I will be a keynote speaker and featured presenter during all three days of the Alchemy Event, being held in Los Angeles, March 10 – 12. I will appear on two discussion panels, give a multi-media presentation on The Billy Meier UFO Case: The Henoch Prophecies, Trump and Our Future Survival and give an interactive workshop titled The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life & the Talmud Jmmanuel.

Traveling around to do my work representing the Meier case gets costly, so I will take this opportunity to also request donations, also including airline miles, especially on American and United, any and all of which would be greatly appreciated.


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22 Replies to “Billy Meier UFO Film Now Available Internationally”

  1. Hi Michael,
    How can we donate to the good cause for your travels? Would the PJ’s give you a few stones to sell towards your cause to gain the necessary funds, you are in fact a fantastic spokesman for Billy and them.


      1. hehe…I am sure your “stones” are well and truly prepared over the past decades for these events. Enjoy your travels and safe trip, would love to see you in the UK one day, fingers crossed eh.


        1. MH speaking of rocks. On your Billy and His Contacts page, it says Billy was given 4 metal, 1 biological and 9 mineral and crystal samples.

          How come there is only one mentioned (the IBM one). What about the other?

          1. Meier was given, and still has, a number of other samples. However, there will be no more testing as it’s pointless to focus on that when people are still unable to grasp the authenticity of the evidence,let alone the fact that all of the prophecies are fulfilling before our sleepy eyes.

  2. Keep plugging away Michael, we have to save the savable. I talk about the case every chance I get, the trick for me is letting people come to their own conclusions on their terms at their own pace.

  3. “This other one, the ethereal world, is the true home of the spirit.
    Therefore, humans should try without ceasing to broaden and deepen
    their knowledge, love, truth, logic, true freedom, genuine peace, harmony
    and wisdom, so that the spirit may be perfected and lifted up into its true
    home, becoming one with Creation.” Talmud of Jmmanuel, p. 147

    1. According to Billy Meier’s prophecies, USA will be destroyed in a few years if no change is made. I was hoping the change could occur in 2017. I’m working to make it possible. But almost everybody keep their way of thinking and doing. I don’t have much hope. Is this: “GaiaTV is the channel that promotes liars and frauds like Corey Goode and David Wilcock.” love and harmony?

      1. It’s simply the reality of how disinformation and distraction are sold to the public…by those who don’t think they themselves will ever really be affected by what is coming.

  4. Wow Nicolas that was so beautiful from The Talmud of Immanuel,I love that. You need to spread the word all away around the world. The more peace,love,harmony freedom logic and reason the better.

      1. The thing is Nico is that folks quite naturally don’t want things proselytized to them. Just give people time to open up and in the conversation people will generally ask for this stuff anyway. It just takes time. After all, you don’t have a large infrastructure that can invite these people to you (like a religion) and also don’t have a platform for folks to sign up for (like GaiaTV and the like). SO, it’s actually a lot easier in the sense you’re just doing this in conversation with other people most likely searching for the same thing.

      2. You cannot change people’s minds. You can only influence it. That can go to certain extents (such as brainwashing like MSM) but realistically, earthlings will take a very, very long time to come to peace as a collective, let alone a nation or community. Many changes will exceed our lifetimes here and now.

  5. I was satching Youtube and found some very interesting videos about liers and how people loike Trump,Pence try toi influence people through deceptive behaviors to try to win and curry favors with their hands ,eyes and so on. I`m learing how to NOT watch and listen to these charletins and so on fater what I read about how war and nuclear deterrence is good when we all know that war and nuclear deterrence is BAD! You can tell when Trump&co try to win you over when he says he will take good care of you which we all know is the exact opposite! As the old saying goes”Be careful for what you wish for. These very deceptive shills will do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING to 1.keep the war machine going,2. start another war,3. start a nuclear war,etc,etc,etc!!! Watch your back and stay away from these malevolent shills,DON`T watch the news because theses cabals will try to influence you in any way they can and make you pay for all their war crimes their petty crimes including war taxes,etc,etc,etc!!! “Just watch out and be very very careful because these shills will get you in ANY way they can!!! It doesn’t matter anymore who you vote for anymore because these shill are ALL malevolent big monsters!!! These are extreamly very dark times.

  6. Greetings Michael,
    As I was reading the conversations between Ptaah and Eduard on “Contact Report 544 which too place Saturday, September 1st, 2012” you were mentioned by both Eduard and Ptaah for your outstanding hard work, commitment and efforts to get this out! I have no idea whether or not you are aware of this but here is the following excerpt:


    “A small number of persons are trying really very hard to form a good FIGU group in the USA. So there are also really good people over there who try very hard. *If I thereby think solely of Michael Horn, who has already worked for so many years for the teaching and the mission, he and his work cannot be highly enough appraised.* Indeed, not all human beings need to be working in his tireless scope, because a lesser commitment is already very valuable, and such a one can be achieved by many in America. However, these correspond only to a minority, but if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. A small number of human beings can also achieve much and bring, in many others, change for the better and good, if they make an effort. How does it go? Constant dripping wears away the stone. Considered in this sense, everything unloving, evil, unpeaceful and disharmonious, wrong and illiberal, as well as any Gewalt, addiction to rule and addiction to might, every hatred, every revenge as well as every addiction to retaliation, will, in the same way, be worn down to the ground, as well as everything dictatorial and which harms life and limb.”


    “There is nothing there with which to argue, because your words correspond to reality. This, however, changes nothing in our attitude. If, in relation to the human beings and the behaviour of the American people, something changes for the better, for good and right, then we will also change our opinion. *But we are very pleased regarding the ongoing efforts for many years by Michael Horn*, whereby he has provided extraordinary services, which are of inestimable value. While we also acknowledge the efforts of all those people in the USA who tried for decades to form a FIGU group and also made an effort in terms of learning the spiritual teaching; unfortunately they have not achieved the objectives they claimed they wanted to achieve.”

  7. A small error I made above in my contact report excerpt comment, I meant to place the star (*) symbol after “which are of inestimable value.” my mistake and Saalome!

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