The Billy Meier UFO case, Henoch Prophecies, Trump and our future survival

I’ll be participating in panel discussions on the evenings of March 10 and 11.

My multi-media presentation of the Billy Meier UFO case, The Henoch Prophecies, Trump and Our Future Survival, is on Saturday, March 11, from 1 – 3 PM, and a workshop, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life & the Talmud Jmmanuel, is on Sunday, March 12, from 3 – 5 PM.




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Scubbly is going out of business at the end of this month. So anyone wanting to get digital downloads of the collection of DVDs and ebooks about the Meier case should do so – here – as soon as possible!

63 comments on “Michael Horn in L.A.

  • So the event starts with a lady who claims to be a Pleaidian contactee, then the guy who claims to follow Billy but has an Icke fetish, then comes MH with the truth. The audience has been bombarded by Pleaidian nonsense and won’t be able to determine MH’s truthfulness, cause it’s just too hard. Love you Michael for trying, but the setup stinks.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Remember the event in Canada turned out, in some ways, to be positive. So I’m going to give it a go and I’ll definitely report back on it.

      • Yes it was. It amazes me still that you did a totally different presentation on the third day with only a few hours preparation. It was great meeting you, the FIGU Canada grouping and I got to spend some time with my 18 y/o. It was interesting as well to have some one on one conversations with a lot of the presenters, who are often a little more honest when no one else is listening.
        You will wow them, I have no doubt and I really hope good things come from it. Looking forward to your report.

      • Good for you MH at least there will be something positive to contribute to the truth even though your lectures are very uncomfortable for people to swallow but keep in mind that people want to think positive thoughts that yes they can do this and make life better for putting up with so much bad news and negative scary thoughts. That is why I like affermations because it help me to think positive thouthg that yes I can do this and take the inishatives in doing good for humanity on Earth. Isn`t that what the people from Erra are all about helpinmg one another to do good for all the human race here on Earth and elswhere in all the universes. If I were you MH I would think about helping one another and sharing our thoughts to make life better and making improvements to stop all this madness now taking place thanks to all these negative prophecies and predictions that Reverend Billy is predicting .The thing to do is prove Billy and the Ps wrong when we can learn to do “Yes I can do this.” I can contribute something good for this world to impove and make li8fe btter for all of us here on Earth. Think about that one MH,you want peoplee to get off the couch and do something goodfor this world and not be led down an abyss of nightmarish horror stories of malevolent AIs in the battlefield,half human pig/hyber human animals let alone a borg/human hybergs, more terrorfying diseaes and beheadings etc, etc,etc. You can warn your audience but you should also give your audience helpful advice such as how to stop and avoid these horrors just as you did with these five minute meditiation you gave us in English and German for example. You need to pper your lectures that will give people some hope that they can succeed and take some action to clean up planet earth and do something to make life better otherwise we might all go down the Yellow Brick Wall and perrish and say goobye to being alive and living on Earth. That is what the Star Trek Universe is all about,doing good and giving hope to all humanity on Earth. Too much negativity can be harmful an d very unhelpful and even destructive to the living oganisms living here on this very primitve savage child world called Earth.

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