The Billy Meier UFO case, Henoch Prophecies, Trump and our future survival

I’ll be participating in panel discussions on the evenings of March 10 and 11.

My multi-media presentation of the Billy Meier UFO case, The Henoch Prophecies, Trump and Our Future Survival, is on Saturday, March 11, from 1 – 3 PM, and a workshop, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life & the Talmud Jmmanuel, is on Sunday, March 12, from 3 – 5 PM.




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Scubbly is going out of business at the end of this month. So anyone wanting to get digital downloads of the collection of DVDs and ebooks about the Meier case should do so – here – as soon as possible!

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      • I always wonder how the others take it when you tell the audience that reptilians and little green men are nonsense…ha ha! It’s funny how they never come up with any sound evidence for their claims. Hopefully you can lead more of their believers to the truth.

        • I did presentations in the Bay Area last year and emphasized the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts and the ridiculousness of all the phony claims by so-called “contactees”, the imaginary reptilians, etc. I also did this while on a discussion panel with several people who, of course, claimed to be “contacts”, “experiencers”, etc.

          For some reason, they didn’t seem delighted by my presence…go figure.

    • 😉 Lol Thom and Michael!

      Dramatic (En)Trance poster aside… then MH comes on with his inconvenient truth and forgets to just play loud beamship noises outside and hire a guy to walk in like Schools do with Santa.

  • It’s a serious issue/subject/topic selection and there is also room for genuine concern/real emotions and an opportunity for action/discipline/solutions, so it is right what Michael does and it’s refreshing for many because it’s not about stories/fiction/fun/games/drama, there is room in this way of doing things for polite reasoning, listening, thought and good times, happiness. But as Michael does very well these days, discussion has to sort of relate to reality quite well to be valueable, I enjoy Michaels approach, it will be interestingly civilised with Michael there.

  • Michael,

    I noticed that “Featured Keynote Speaker Steven D. Kelley” will be talking about Billy Meier as well. Do you know this guy?

    “LECTURE: Alien politics, the mechanics of the universe.
    I will talk about my experience with the CIA, NSA, and Billy Meier…

      • I used to be in fb contact with him, Steven D. Kelley, but in his spiel I recognized the insanity and booted him in my early studying of the Meier information, sort of wish I hadn’t now, could have dropped some nuggets of truth, if this was possible, leading to more sanity at least in that space and time. Also a lot of “poor me” was going on with his situation. Perhaps things have changed, now, for him, that would be nice.

        • You say “a lot of poor me going on with his situation” there Ev Vollmer, I advocate finding and putting an Indian in front of you or a darky when individuals feel vulnerable or in need like that.

      • I didn’t hear anything that objectionable in his radio interview. I skipped some parts, but basically he and the interviewer are pro- Meier. Steven worked in the laser industry and was being recruited by Area 51/ skunkworks and the Knights of Malta, but he rejected them both. He has some mixed up info and beliefs, but he mentioned in some inner circles that the Meier case was known or thought to be authentic. I did not hear anything antagonizing or negative.

        • Could you or others direct me to where Semjase mentions that the beamships are made out of solid pure fine silver and it took 250yrs and the entire resources of a planet to build 1 beamship?
          A search at theyfly and futureofmankind for the word Silver mainly comes up with Semjase SILVER Star Centre and Billy’s description of a silver streak across the sky; plus the religion of counting silver talers.

          Hang on, what? They wouldn’t turn their UV light producing plasma/laser propulsion systems on until they where out of the atmosphere of a planet and yet we have people finding landing sites of burned circles with molten silver in them and being “sun burned”. Naughty naughty space travelers breaking the rules and melting their own beamships.

          Had to tuned out at the mention of Icke and reptoids. 😉

          • Do you believe that Andrew? It’s no value judgment on you, but you must surely realise how tiny a beamship is compared to an entire planets resources. As I say it’s no value judgement but were you to believe what you just said then I could then understand why mental health practitioners associate an interest in FIGU with jerusalem syndrome.

          • Haha good one Andrew. Time will tell Michael, I guess you’ll find out more at the event. Developing lasers for war purposes doesn’t make a person innocent of their war crimes against humanity.
            What are you talking about Pradesh? Why do people who don’t agree with others always question the other person’s mental state? You’re barking up the wrong tree. Plus there’s no mental health experts that say that.

          • Sorry Pradesh, I shouldn’t have edited so much.

            I will, in the future, come back and leave in 😉 the sentence that dripped of “sarcasm”: That poor tiny little planet that must have had not much more than silver in and on it! & I will fix my continuing problem with were and where.

            Do you believe that Pradesh? It’s no value judgment on you, but you must surely realise how far from the truth “mental health practitioners” on Earth are.
            I have never visited nor ever intend on visiting Jerusalem.
            I am not even a passive member of FIGU.

            By the by, I wonder if you are who you say you are.

          • Ok, the German text should be next to your original sources Andrew. It is voluntarily translated into English not by professionals by normal individuals and some make mistakes, sometimes they don’t even proof read what they have translated. I come to Michaels Blog to get his reliably sourced content because he thinks good, is logical enough to know when the translation doesn’t make sense.

          • Hang on, what the? Right, back in my chair…

            And I thought I had seen some non sequitur stuff from you in the past, but that’s a doozie.

            You see Pradesh, it’s just that when I first saw your name I couldn’t help but think of Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory and you know he works off a script written by other people. IE. He is an actor, pretends to be someone else.

          • I find that character offensive, it’s racist anti-Asian and disrespects our ancestral kings, this is what America thinks of Indians and his accent and character story is racist, it’s not normal character. Pradesh and Rajesh are different names and Kuthrepali and Koothrappali are a different class of family from different area of India and we do not pronounce it kooth, I think this is a fictional name. It is similar to when Sheila says something every single time, it’s loud and usually wrong.

          • Show me where I’m wrong Pradesh? How can I be loud when I’m not using capital letters? You’re the one who feels Ev should be “putting an Indian in front of you or a darky” – your words. Isn’t it funny that East Indians are the worst racists against their fellow East Indians due to the antiquated caste system. I’m personally glad that many were arrested in Mumbai for pretending to be CRA agents and scamming Canadians out of their hard earned cash.

          • Sheila that was very vindictive. You’re not doing much to help your case. I do agree with Andrew that Pradesh seems strange, but I haven’t gathered and, or, paid attention to enough of his comments to make a judgment.

          • Did you proof read that, Mate?

            a different “CLASS” of family from different area of India
            I think this is a fictional name.

          • Well good for you Jedadiah. When did speaking the truth become vindictive? I guess I should’ve put it into sweet words so it sounded better? When did the truth become sweet? Interesting that you didn’t have a problem with what he/she said to Ev. Considering that you jump on everybody that you assume is a racist but that seemed to have escaped you. Slacking off there. Quit trying to be the blog police, I can type my opinion, as can you and I can defend myself against his/her accusations.

          • Oh please Sheila, give me a break. CNN and NYT uses ‘truth’ and skews it to their agenda, it’s really not difficult, pal. In your case, you’re too emotionally blinded to see that you’re using information as daggers – not for truth.

            Your literal words were ‘mixed-people hate themselves naturally’. Like, you legit embarrassed yourself and I just exposed it for everyone to see.

            You really want to go down this road with me again? It didn’t end well last time for you. 😉

          • “Considering that you jump on everybody that you assume is a racist”

            Ha, so emotional. Actually I’m laughing. I dare you to take your case of ‘mixed people hate themselves’ to Meier. Write him a letter, I dare you – double-dog dare you, and let’s hear what he says.

            What you said previously was foolish and you know it. I challenged you logically to which you deflected every point and ran away. Heck, even other people chirped in and questioned your illogical claims – truly, it was stupid.

            Again, you want to go down this road with me? 😉
            Won’t end well for you.

          • My last off topic comment.

            @ Jedaiah
            That wasn’t directed at you, it was directed @ Pradesh.
            I will use the @ in future to avoid confusion.

            MH, I watched Billy Meier Foretold the Paris Attacks – and much more!, yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.
            All the best for this weekend and I hope you aren’t forced to rush this time.

          • The richest nation in the history of mankind and the individuals don’t have much to offer.

        • I’m listening to Kelly’s interview and he seems like a straight ahead guy to me so far. I think that the ad for the event about his being in contact with Meier misleading. But so far, other than some religious stuff, reptoid, Grays, “aliens” and illuminati nonsense, etc., he seems like a decent guy.

  • Good luck Michael. I can’t wait to listen to the recording. If only they would just put their silly thinking aside for a few moments, and just really listen and absorb what you are saying and reason it out. That is my wish for you and them.


  • Hi MH Is ther any way yor presentation can be taped on Youtube since i don`t live in LA and cant afford to be there to dee and hear your lecure on March 10th and 11? Thanks

  • Denial isn’t just a river in Babylon.
    Good luck Michael, I bet you feel sometimes like your being fed to the proverbial lions or in this case trying to put a round peg in a square hole.



  • I bet the audience is going to be a bit confused, when first some dozen of self proclamed “contacts” are going to claim “they are among us”, and then at the end Michael is going to prove them wrong. I wonder what would happen if Michael would be on stage first, proving that “they are not among us”; I wonder if afterwards anone else would be so bold to dare to step on stage, claiming they are. If Michael would be the first presenter at this panel discussions, if could turn out to be a very short one! Go Michael; make them blush those charlatans!! Though there is that guy that has to drink “hard water”, who is among us… and there are also Hyperboreans under Mount Shasta….

    • The first and third events are panel discussions. I don’t know what the main focus and claims will actually be.

      I also want to remember that the real purpose in presenting the material is to create greater understanding and cooperation because now, more than ever, we must realize that we are all in this together. The “this” is the reality that requires that we see things exactly as they actually are. If we can do so, people should be able (and hopefully willing) to shed any pretenses and masquerades and allow themselves to find the value in the Meier material that is intended for all of humanity.

      I hope to accomplish something along these lines, instead of having unnecessary duels.

    • The Hyperboreans left in 1988, Anthony. So whenever you hear someone saying they’ve seen them since then, they are lying.

        • Well Michael I’ve attended one event, so I’m no expert but do you remember that presenter named Larry Campbell who was channeling Jesus? I honestly wasn’t interested but noticed Paul Hellyer in there so Greg and I sat behind him, because I was interested in what he was interested in. Oh yeah, Larry spent the whole spiel channeling Jesus. I think it was the next night I caught Larry alone in the lobby and started quizzing him out. He admitted he wasn’t religious and didn’t believe in God lol. Yes people lie. Or Marc St. Germain whose presentation included all the bluebook crap, mentioning Wilbert B. Smith as he was part of bluebook. In CR 563 Smith is said to have been an Ashtar Sheran telehypnotic contact and no truth could be found in his book. When I mentioned this to Marc St. Germain, he said he already knew Smith’s book was a lie and that’s why he never mentions it in his presentation. So to me that’s dishonest cherry picking and while still claiming the rest of Smith’s bluebook info was true. Call me a skeptic but I now disregard everything Smith claimed. Meanwhile Stan Friedman sells the bluebook information. I’m glad I spilt my coffee all over the mufon table. Even though it was an accident, I never regretted it.

          • Hi Sheila,

            I remember the people you’re talking about but I didn’t attend their presentations. I often wonder, why do so many people lie to themselves – and others – about being contactees, etc.?

            The UFO field itself is filled with the least scientific, least logical people, who find a home/career there because the standards are so abysmally low. It has the overall effect of marginalizing the subject, so the Meier case is too easily disregarded or dismissed because of all this junk.

            Some people come to the events trying to find the truth. For many others it’s just escapism, distraction, entertainment. I’ve taken almost every opportunity to present at these events and get them filmed whenever possible. Hence, I have numerous free presentations now on my YouTube channel, as well as DVD versions available.

            MUFON does need to be congratulated for having been in existence for just short of 50 years and succeeding in not finding what they claim to be looking for. Just what do they spend all their money on? And what are they really all about?

          • Well that certainly explains all the creepers at that event and why coffee was not available the next day (see how powerful they are lol). I don’t feel bad that I argued with the mufon dude about all his crappy misinformation. I just pulled up an email from Jan Harzan from mufonville who will be presenting at the upcoming event. “And unfortunately the vast majority of the human race is not altruistic in nature, but self-serving, always asking the question “what is in it for me”?. This is been a problem since the beginning of mankind. I agree it is disappointing.” But look at Jan now who has done nothing but further this agenda when he knows that the Billy Meier case is the real deal.

          • Jan Hartzen indeed knows the Meier case is real, as he’s stated to me and also to a friend and me when we were at one of their events in Las Vegas, several years ago.

  • Her is another idea that might get the audience attention How about the idea that we were really not from Earth but from the Ring Nebula in the Lyra Section of the Milky Way Galaxy a long long time ago that is now dead and that the Ps once lived on Earth and escaped into the Pliades/Plejaren System millions of years ago due to all the wars going on here on Earth and are STILL going on here on Earth. Try that idea and see if you can get the audience to believe you. Also another idea is that Billy`s past incarnation is really from the Lashon System that no longer exists or maby the Lashon`s are still alive since when Billy dies his body will be returned to the Lashons etc. Maby these ideas of mine might just convince the audience that we really are the ETs and so is Billy too. Maby these ideas might wake and shake the audience up and also those skeptics will wake up and listen to you for once. Try these ideas of mine and see if these ideas will work and get the audience attention.

  • Also if your presentation on Prophecy and Predictions are negative,you need to offset your presentations with something positive that will bring hope to this world that the people from Earth CAN do something to better this world with love and peace etc. It`s nutral positrive thinking. It could be that your lectures are getting too negative and you need to balance your lectures out more otherwise nobody will listen to you. Try it out and see what happens. Too much gloom and doom could turn your audience off or worse scare them too which happens to me alot,that`s why most of the time I don`t listen to c2c most of the time becase Noory mostly has guest that are mostly gloom and doom. If I do it`s Critical Heath News once or twice amonth since I`m mostly in to health and well being due to my age etc. “I don`t like being scared to death with all these goom and doom scenarios onc2c.

  • As the Crationaol go “Alwyays emphasis on the positive” otherwise you will scare and turn the audience off and run for the hills. That`s what happened to me years ago listening to c2c. That`s why I don`t listen to c2c most of the time because most of Noory`s guest and topics are so negative and frightening. Who needs all that negativity in their lives. Just getting by each day is enough for me! I just live in the moment each day and do the best that I can and not worry about the rest,that`s all you can do. One step at a time. You may be unintentionally turning your audience off with all that negativity with all of Billy`s prophecies and predictions which are mostly very very negative MH. It`s a possible,maybe you should lighten the lectures up alittile bit. It`s just an idea.

    • We don’t tailor the information to make people comfortable, or uncomfortable, Terry. One of the core principles in the spiritual teaching is to see things as they actually are. If what we’re sharing is the real truth, people can then decide for themselves how they will deal with it.

      See also the “Solutions” section here:

      …any many other elements of the spiritual teaching.

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