As the polarization increases, a call to those who want to survive the coming times

Human irrationality has taken on a life of its own. Every day brings reports of new as well as continuing conflicts and polarization between people. Resolving differences peacefully and peaceably is hardly a priority. Perceived political, racial, religious, economic and cultural characteristics become synonymous with irreconcilable differences.

Those who can reason clearly understand that promises of some kind of “divine intervention” never have and never will occur. In fact, the same religions that promote such irresponsible, delusional escapism are greatly responsible for creating and promoting the conflicts. So things move too quickly towards the breaking point and what they will ultimately break into is, at least formerly was, unthinkable.

Civil Wars

The very notion of new civil wars in America was laughable…until now. Suddenly, we see and hear the warnings and concern from political commentators, news people and various pundits, all unknowingly echoing what Billy Meier clearly predicted in 1981 and 1987.

What’s missing from all of them, of course, is not only the understanding of the causes but also the…solutions. The solutions won’t be found in meeting force with force, revolution and anarchy. They won’t be found in all the endlessly polarizing rants and raves of various online conspiracy theorists, hysterics and pill pushers. While many of them have also long been provided with Meier’s prophecies, so far not a one has demonstrated the insight, courage, integrity and character to even mention them. When push comes to shove, they’re all afraid of losing their audiences and their income. In that way they are no better than those that they blame, scream and point their fingers at.

And they won’t be spared the consequences of their own greed and cowardice.

A New Spiritual Teaching People

Among the many people who do want answers and solutions, there is all too often the demand for an illusory quick fix to these very long-standing and ever-increasing problems. So when they are shown the real answer it frustrates and even angers them that it isn’t the quick fix, dramatic, here-comes-the-cavalry-to-the-rescue one they hoped for.

The solution to these problems is presented in the spiritual teaching, i.e. the non-religious, belief-free ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’. Those who respond to the call, those who find they resonate with the teaching, are what the Plejaren call “a new ‘spiritual teaching people‘” As clearly stated it’s not any kind of regional or local organization, nor a religion, cult, etc.

Any and everyone who studies, practices and embodies the teaching is thereby a free member, interconnected with all others. Ultimately everyone – those who survive the destruction born of irrationality, power-hunger and greed – will become part of this silent revolution of truth and so a new people will arise…a new spiritual teaching people.

New Three-Part Interview

I discuss some of these things in a new, three-part interview on the GNN channel, which apparently has a fairly large number of very religious viewers who obviously loved my comments:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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104 comments on “A New People Will Arise

  • The “New People”! All the Meier information, material and spiritual teaching is an ongoing kaleidoscopic consciousness-expanding journey mixed with profound gritty reality. Good to see you back Michael. Now, on to listen to your interviews 🙂

  • Thanks for doing the interview, Michael. Reading through the youtube comments made me chuckle. Sometimes I forget such delusional people, which happened to be in the majority, still exist with us.

    Am I in the right time? 🙁

    • Jedaiah,

      After reading those comments I have to thank the guys for presenting this info their audience.

      Right time? Hmmm, you may be a bit early.

      • Rats! I knew I typed in the wrong number on the time machine :D.

        At any rate, I’m sure what you shared will challenge some of them. They may resist now but the challenge will be there. And who knows? Perhaps some may come to the ‘light’ (so to speak) someday.

    • I hope we got the footage of him trying to tap dance around my pointing out that MUFON was founded 10 years before I “found” the Meier material. He’s a nice guy who I think is somewhat clueless about the significance – not the authenticity – of the Meier material.

  • I think I’m early too. In fact, I think my spaceship must of crashed on the earth forcing me to reincarnate here. I was supposed to take a left at Albuquerque. D*** it!

    • I think this is better worded as ‘ahead’ rather than early, more rapidly evolving how ever hard the tsunami cleared the civilisation. There will be a new language in the future life and the current arrangement of nations will be slightly different, racially, socially, geographically and there’s going to be plenty of confusion until we get the science of the aether in place and get some products going.

  • Apologies if this seems “off topic”, however as I have never posted on any of these forums before, I was hoping to gain some insight as to what the members of this group think about the current situation with Scotland. What concerns me the most is the ignition of hostility and divisions between friends and even families in light of, in this humble contributer’s opinion, is the pursuit of a constitutional change to the detriment of the wellbeing of all those in the charge of this devolved establishment.
    I welcome your input, and also take this opportunity to thank Michael for his continued efforts.

    • I watched the channel 4 youtube news debate with the indian man who argued with the boyish looking woman, heres the bullet points i got from it. Scotland trades more with UK, if it went independent there would be an international exchange on the northern England border like the southern Ireland border. Scotland understandably wants some of the additional fruit to continue to flow over into its neighbourhood from the EU. Without all those English companies much of it would cease, when the northsea oil all sold won’t happen anymore, and when the tsunami wipes the coastline same, also scots want a better deal, many move to London and bring back harvest, all will then have to stop, it would be very strange. YouTube the video it’s was educational bullet points.

  • No seriously though, it’s fulfilling to be a part of a “new people”, the Spiritual Teaching People (Geisteslehre-Volk) on a free-willed basis. One can only envision as the years go by, and calamitous destruction sets in, our people will only get larger as anti-overpopulation sentiments really set in as a cause to rally around as the effects unfold, and people realize BEAM foretold the calamity in the P & P’s. Some countries will rise, and some countries will fall.

    Will the new people take a stand for the future (in the future) because the Earth is our home?

  • As “Goblet” 4:158 states, the laws and recommendations of Creation do not go according to our wishes, the laws are something we have to fall “in line” with. This planet is currently far from these laws, and will have a lot of falling “in line” to catch up with in the future from cause and effect as a “balancing out” situation (paying the tab for previous generations actions/of overpopulation). ♋

    • The time has now come Corey, and it’s been a very long time coming but we arrive now successfully, that these flexible natural laws are clearly written out in as few words as possible in bullet point form with numbers on each and a double line space between each flexible natural law please, you’re the only one capable Corey of it, I have read your long well founded posts in the forum, and you’re the human given the delicate task to achieve this list.

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