As the polarization increases, a call to those who want to survive the coming times

Human irrationality has taken on a life of its own. Every day brings reports of new as well as continuing conflicts and polarization between people. Resolving differences peacefully and peaceably is hardly a priority. Perceived political, racial, religious, economic and cultural characteristics become synonymous with irreconcilable differences.

Those who can reason clearly understand that promises of some kind of “divine intervention” never have and never will occur. In fact, the same religions that promote such irresponsible, delusional escapism are greatly responsible for creating and promoting the conflicts. So things move too quickly towards the breaking point and what they will ultimately break into is, at least formerly was, unthinkable.

Civil Wars

The very notion of new civil wars in America was laughable…until now. Suddenly, we see and hear the warnings and concern from political commentators, news people and various pundits, all unknowingly echoing what Billy Meier clearly predicted in 1981 and 1987.

What’s missing from all of them, of course, is not only the understanding of the causes but also the…solutions. The solutions won’t be found in meeting force with force, revolution and anarchy. They won’t be found in all the endlessly polarizing rants and raves of various online conspiracy theorists, hysterics and pill pushers. While many of them have also long been provided with Meier’s prophecies, so far not a one has demonstrated the insight, courage, integrity and character to even mention them. When push comes to shove, they’re all afraid of losing their audiences and their income. In that way they are no better than those that they blame, scream and point their fingers at.

And they won’t be spared the consequences of their own greed and cowardice.

A New Spiritual Teaching People

Among the many people who do want answers and solutions, there is all too often the demand for an illusory quick fix to these very long-standing and ever-increasing problems. So when they are shown the real answer it frustrates and even angers them that it isn’t the quick fix, dramatic, here-comes-the-cavalry-to-the-rescue one they hoped for.

The solution to these problems is presented in the spiritual teaching, i.e. the non-religious, belief-free ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’. Those who respond to the call, those who find they resonate with the teaching, are what the Plejaren call “a new ‘spiritual teaching people‘” As clearly stated it’s not any kind of regional or local organization, nor a religion, cult, etc.

Any and everyone who studies, practices and embodies the teaching is thereby a free member, interconnected with all others. Ultimately everyone – those who survive the destruction born of irrationality, power-hunger and greed – will become part of this silent revolution of truth and so a new people will arise…a new spiritual teaching people.

New Three-Part Interview

I discuss some of these things in a new, three-part interview on the GNN channel, which apparently has a fairly large number of very religious viewers who obviously loved my comments:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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104 comments on “A New People Will Arise

  • Thank you to GNN channel and to you Michael for this great series of interviews. Great array of knowledge for all those listeners that are seeking for a deeper meaning to their existence and purpose in the reality on this planet. Wonderful seeds planted.

  • MH, I clicked on your link ” Spiritual Teaching People” and it said that nearly 2,900 years ago, in the area of what is now Burma, where the ‘spiritual teaching’ was taught, a small secret order with a small teaching place came into being, and this order existed nearly 2,900 years until 1917.

  • Michael,

    It take a certain level of creativity to meet force with forcelessness… rendering them benign… as you do… very well written and good idea! So much info in one article… thank you.


  • Hi Darcy, I just read that post you put up. I agree and hopoe we all learn from all the mistakes we made concerming religions. It`s high time we put a stop to all those stupid religions in the first place!!!

    • Hi Terry, it starts with you by not being guided into the unreal, the unfree, subjugated and enslaved by religions and sects, falling prey to know-it-all attitude, habits, your own glorification, vices and pathological cravings as well as vanity, megalomania and to a delusional belief in many respects.

      • What darcy said, but only if your born to a good family in a nice area or else its by hook and by crook and the spiritual teaching and what he said is the last thing on your mind.

      • Hi Darcy, Thanks for your comment. When ever I watch a movie on TV such as the classics,this makes me wonder why these classic novels are so full of religious feudal beliefs in novels from Jane Austin and the Bronte sisters back in the 19th century,I just use the mute button to turn the sound off from these stupid cermoins or switch to another channel and wait untill the stupid religous sermons are done! I love to read and watch clis novels except when it comes to religion I try to scip over that part and read or watch the rest. Point in fact,why are people still clinging to such violent feudal religious beliefs even in the day and age. This begs the question of why we still have such violent behaviors and why people still think sacrificing for religion and a stupid god,politicians believe in suffering for your sins is beyond my comprehension in the 20 rst century,why such savage barbarism,I just don`t get it and I don`t understand,this boggles my mind!

  • Hi MH I just saw the three part interview on Youtube you gave for GNN. I wonder if I could get the Peace Meditation and and Spiritual Teaching for free since I don`t use crediti cards. Where should I go to order these for free? Thanks

  • Where’s Ant-Man when you need a scapegoat? 😉

    WE need to keep in mind, NEUTRAL-POSITIVE; meaning WE are up against a Negative force (just don’t get overwhelmed, as time IS on EVERYONE’S side; but I must say, “Oh For !@#$ Sake, are you !@#$in’ Serious”:
    “the great ones of the world poker for power,
    and each one of these laughs up his sleeve,
    because united they throw down the deadly fire,
    on to peace-searching Europe as their hire”

    “So Europe becomes the play-ball of power,
    when death of the world-fire laughs,
    when the mighty ones in safe places,
    hoard reports of victory and ruin,
    about Europe and the people, who will die.”

    I will not hesitate to be judged a murderer if I am forced to protect my own from unthinking and “so-called, unstoppable” murderers!
    And I will be even more happy if this proves to be the world-fire of the 1939-45.

      • OK, my bad, just don’t tell Hugo that I said this!

        Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, get your behinds Down Under and we will start a Community down here somewhere in The Outback where we will study, meditate and live the Creational Laws and Recommendations and teach the children the same!

    • Hi MH and Andrew, looks like what is happening all over again,a repeat from 1939 to 1945. Look at what is happening in Paris and Brussels again? Looks like the US with it`s Black Ops and Deep State,this could very well turn the US into another Stazi Nazi state. If this keeps up we could very well see the two civil wars and WW4 all roled into one hell of a nightmare an d soon if this congress dosen`t stop pushing for genetic testing for diseases,this could very well lead to RFID Radio chipp[ing of US citizens similar to what happened to the Jewish population being exsteerminated during WW3(WW2 in Europe!!!

  • MH, I think the facilitation of the new spiritual teaching people is done by studying the spiritual teaching. There will be a need for reincarnating people strong in the spiritual teaching over the next 200 years *. I’m going to try and be one of them as I think it is a foreordination of mine that I was born in this life to study to prepare for my next few rebirths as a part of it, not to mention the fruits of my consciousness I get to benefit from in this life.

    What can I say, my FB overpopulation posts only get a few “likes” each time, but even so I think the manifestation of the new people will be partially due to necessity, and survivalness of the effects of overpopulation. 🙁

    (* Curious about the 200 years time-frame? See a translation of the 669th contact).

  • When one dies, mainly the truth-based things you partook (cognitions/realizations) in are processed (digested), and expanded upon in programming of your new personality and new consciousness-block by the OCB.

    One could say you live a life, and then you die, and after you die preparations are made for your next life when your spirit-form is in the beyond. This is part of the law of becoming and passing, and if you are not studying the spiritual teaching, then there will likely be very little of truth-based things to be digested (very little will be “digested” which will affect your “programmings” by the OCB, and what values are transferred to your spirit-form in the form of neutral energy to be transferred to the new consciousness-block as “stored essences”. I only say very little because the truth teaching is so very profound, and collectively this planet Earth is far from the cosmic-natural laws and recommendations of the Creation = far from the truth in reality/suffers from delusion).

    The people of this Earth will have no choice then to awake from it’s slumber of delusion slightly, and gain more sight, hearing, and speaking about the laws that govern the universe when (in the future) it experiences rough patches from it’s true master = the law of cause and effect which is inevitable at this point of 9 billion (9 thousand-million).

    • Corey the people of Earth have a delusional belief in many respects they cannot just wake up from it’s slumber because that is a belief too. People need to learn from the spiritual teaching and try changing their behaviors on their own free will which takes a long time if ever, because most people are unteachable too.

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