As the polarization increases, a call to those who want to survive the coming times

Human irrationality has taken on a life of its own. Every day brings reports of new as well as continuing conflicts and polarization between people. Resolving differences peacefully and peaceably is hardly a priority. Perceived political, racial, religious, economic and cultural characteristics become synonymous with irreconcilable differences.

Those who can reason clearly understand that promises of some kind of “divine intervention” never have and never will occur. In fact, the same religions that promote such irresponsible, delusional escapism are greatly responsible for creating and promoting the conflicts. So things move too quickly towards the breaking point and what they will ultimately break into is, at least formerly was, unthinkable.

Civil Wars

The very notion of new civil wars in America was laughable…until now. Suddenly, we see and hear the warnings and concern from political commentators, news people and various pundits, all unknowingly echoing what Billy Meier clearly predicted in 1981 and 1987.

What’s missing from all of them, of course, is not only the understanding of the causes but also the…solutions. The solutions won’t be found in meeting force with force, revolution and anarchy. They won’t be found in all the endlessly polarizing rants and raves of various online conspiracy theorists, hysterics and pill pushers. While many of them have also long been provided with Meier’s prophecies, so far not a one has demonstrated the insight, courage, integrity and character to even mention them. When push comes to shove, they’re all afraid of losing their audiences and their income. In that way they are no better than those that they blame, scream and point their fingers at.

And they won’t be spared the consequences of their own greed and cowardice.

A New Spiritual Teaching People

Among the many people who do want answers and solutions, there is all too often the demand for an illusory quick fix to these very long-standing and ever-increasing problems. So when they are shown the real answer it frustrates and even angers them that it isn’t the quick fix, dramatic, here-comes-the-cavalry-to-the-rescue one they hoped for.

The solution to these problems is presented in the spiritual teaching, i.e. the non-religious, belief-free ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’. Those who respond to the call, those who find they resonate with the teaching, are what the Plejaren call “a new ‘spiritual teaching people‘” As clearly stated it’s not any kind of regional or local organization, nor a religion, cult, etc.

Any and everyone who studies, practices and embodies the teaching is thereby a free member, interconnected with all others. Ultimately everyone – those who survive the destruction born of irrationality, power-hunger and greed – will become part of this silent revolution of truth and so a new people will arise…a new spiritual teaching people.

New Three-Part Interview

I discuss some of these things in a new, three-part interview on the GNN channel, which apparently has a fairly large number of very religious viewers who obviously loved my comments:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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104 comments on “A New People Will Arise

  • You’re very welcome Sheila.
    Our population will have to pay for our crimes of overpopulation in blood, and tears as the planet itself re-equalizes itself to regain natural equilibrium in the natural rhythm (cause and effect). If you perish, our planet will need all the people reincarnating that are able to retrieve more powerful knowledge, wisdom, love, etc, from personal stored essence it can muster.

    So, study the spiritual teaching if you are so inclined (recommendation of reading the encoded original German alongside the English = study in current life = impact your future life = all while reaping the fruits of the consciousness in your current life), because our planet will need it’s best people to handle the future. We don’t have a lot of time before the disasters get out of control, anywhere from 10-20 years.

    With each meal, try to remember in the future there could be numbers of people that may be starving to death. Make this realization even if you currently live in a rich, food-wealthy country, because the status of a country can change overnight. Whenever I eat, I am often thinking “…in the future, will there be enough food for my people of Earth?”. Somedays it’s difficult to just enjoy a meal then others, and I try not to overindulge because I know in my heart of hearts that the crimes of overpopulation will not go unpunished, as our people of Earth will reap what they have sown. The Meier case has the most gravely serious warnings you will ever read, and coming to terms with the severity of our Earth situation is imperative to accepting the truth.

    Whatever happens in the future, stay strong! This attribute will have to follow you into your future lifetime(s) to be successful, it’s going to get that bad for 200 years (so you might as well learn this strength now to help make the future easier for you). No one can say the prophet Billy did not warn them of impending danger to try and change causes to positive to gain an interaction of positive effects (power of interaction = “Goblet” 28:83-28:87, law of interaction = “Goblet” 28:110).

    May you find a garden of inner/outer peace and freedom, and love, knowledge, and wisdom, and may you discover your way out thought-wise of the confused path of belief-dependency.

  • Hi Darcy, you misunderstand, it will not be large numbers of people waking up from their slumber because of a magic wand is waved, and it will not be one system of beliefs traded for another. Large amounts of people will wake up due to the life-school of hard-knocks from the learning experiences of the law of cause and effect (basically death and destruction will be learned from).

    Here’s what Sfath’s exact quoted words are on the matter (from Matt Knight’s translation of Sfath’s 1948 words), the last part of verse 295: “the great upheavals will induce a large part of mankind to escape the false faith in religions, sects, and an imaginary god in order to reflect the return to reality and truth and to return to the knowledge of the natural-creative values with their thoughts and their consciousness.”

    My take: people will wake up, but it’ll have to get messy first (catastrophe/death/mourning/calamity/disaster,etc.) before the masses open their eyes to the truth.

  • Darcy RE: contact 669 if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have posted it. (see translation by Patrick Mcknight):

    Billy says, and I quote: “that in the following two hundred years -as the prophecies carry out- not only through wars and terrorism, but rather also as a result of the destruction of the climate and of the environment and through the scarceness of food and water coming out of this, will bring forth the terrestrial-human overpopulation between 250-350 million human-beings as refugees, then the Earth, it’s human overpopulation, as also nature and it’s fauna and flora will go through very horrible times.” (I would personally translate “üblen” into “disastrous”, as in “go through very disastrous times”, but I see where Patm is coming from using the FIGU dictionary the way he did in choosing “horrible” as a synonym of “bad”).

    What’s unique about this excerpt is that Billy went on public record with a two hundred year time-reckoning to say how bad it will get during this time period of two hundred years (as the prophecies carry out), which he normally avoids giving sequences of time regarding prophecized upcoming negative future transpirations.

    • Also interesting about not relying on police to keep you safe. Funny when I said that, I was called a cop hater (which I’m not), I just don’t trust them to tell the truth because they don’t have to. Still waiting for results of investigation at High River where they kicked in 1,900 doors in 2013 and stole firearms. Forever covered up due to the person responsible – MLA Doug Griffiths.

      • Sheila I think so many people believe they can depend on the police to save them from what I know is really the monstrous world overpopulation. How can police possibly protect you from all the evils that are caused through the human overpopulation? The only protection is through a world-wide birth-stop and that alone would still take a long time before any results could save you.

    • Hi Corey, I read that CR excerpt 669 you linked, however I see no reality in your opinions in your comments. In my own opinion I think you should take more time out and reflect on your thoughts and feelings more before getting so excited.

  • Hi Darcy, RE people waking up: it’s not my belief , it’s Sfath’s words (see 2nd half of verse 295 here):

    I’ll put it in quotes for you for the second time:

    Sfath/295: “the great upheavals will induce a large part of mankind to escape the false faith in religions, sects, and an imaginary god in order to reflect the return to reality and truth and to return to the knowledge of the natural-creative values with their thoughts and their consciousness.”

  • Darcy and all, the excerpt I posted from Sfath’s 1948 P & P’s doesn’t match up with the original German.

    Matt Knight’s translation has this listed as verse 295.

    The original German has this listed as verse 297.

    Don’t know what happened there? , if I caused any confusion, sorry in advance, I didn’t verify the original German first as I should have, have a great day Darcy. 🙂

    Original German can be found here (verse 297): kontaktgespraech_voraussagen_von_sfath_1_9_1948.pdf

    • Matt’s translation was a first, rough translation that I posted in order to get this info up and establish a date for online publication. The official, approved translation is in process now and will be posted as soon as I receive it. There also may be some numbering problems that may be because of my own attempt to straighten out some things.

    • Hi Corey,
      I always enjoy reading your comments and assessments of the material. I often wish I had a study group to go to so we could discuss the material in more depth. There is so much information and I’m sure we all have those lingering questions and observations. This blog helps a great deal, but I feel a need for more interaction and discussion on a human to human level. One of the hardest things about this mission is knowing and watching everyone else who doesn’t know, refuses to know or doesn’t care enough to know. It’s so very frustrating and disheartening.

      • Hi Melissa:

        I also wish I had a study group here in Virginia, but that is very difficult to happen here as I am in jesus/devil land. But I know exactly what you mean about discussing things on a human to human level. So in the mean time, I just keep plodding along at my own pace and studying and when I get confused about stuff, I send off a quick email to MH and that seems to help


        • Hi Diane,
          Yes, MH is great and very helpful. I keep plodding along myself and hope that more and more people come along. Until then, I’ll keep working on myself. I’m sure the religious fanatics in your area are not going to wake-up anytime soon. The problem I have, and I’m sure you can relate, when I try to talk to people about the case, they quickly change the subject or give that deer in the headlight look. It’s hard to make a strong case in a ten minute conversation unless you’re MH. =) People are so stubborn and lazy and that causes them to not want to read the material. They don’t care that the world around them is falling apart as long as it doesn’t affect them. I’d love to talk in-depth with other like-minded people on various things such as the spiritual teaching, reincarnation, death, dying, the spirit realm, rebirth, meditation, cosmic info, might of the thoughts, consciousness powers and so on and so on. The topics are truly endless and ever so intriguing.

  • Hi Melissa, thanks for the kind words. My study group formulated at the right time (when we were all feeling isolated) and now we are meeting successfully once a month, attending overpopulation presentations together, we’ve become good friends. It’s nice to have this in my life finally. We started by meeting on this blog, keep your eyes peeled, someone may mention they are from your area, it could snowball, it could happen, be patient.

  • Hi Corey and Melissa, Its too bad my area in Westchester County New York doesn’t have a study group since there aren`t people in my area that would be interested studing all of Billy`s CR but your idea sound great I wish we could have a FIGU USA grou; but MH has a group in Muns AZ. Its financially imp[osible for me to be in Arizona but the idea of a FIGU USA is a good idea for people like yo and me to get together once a month as a discussion group and share some good ideas to try to stop all this madess that is starting to get worse and worse,etc.

  • Its too bad we don`t have a FIGU Group here in th US. The US is a large big country and we are all spread out all over the country unlike Switzerland which is a small country where people come together from various different cantons and can get together since in Switzerland if there are members from various parts of Switzerland they are close by and can reach Billy at Hinershidrutti without going to far away. Most of the European countries are small while the US is big and getting around in the US is very expsensive and traveling thousands of miles can be difficult. Mabye should have small little figus in various different parts of the US where people from close by can get together once a month that is if there are enough of us in our area who come once a month to discuss the CR etc.

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