Grilled about Billy Meier’s UFO evidence, stunning prophetic accuracy

Det. Larry Lawson, a law enforcement professional with 34 years of experience, grilled Michael Horn for an hour Wednesday night about the Billy Meier UFO case, its evidence, prophecies and predictions.

Lawson is part of a group of educators and law enforcement professionals who joined forces to form the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, also known as FBPI, in order to investigate claims of the paranormal. They use the tried and true methods employed by law enforcement, as well as by paranormal investigators, for the ultimate purpose of finding evidence to test in court to determine the truth.

The Waters Rise as the Prophecies Fulfill

Billy Meier has long warned about the rising sea levels, due to the glaciers melting, as was also documented by Bob Wiegand*, and now we have more evidence of the undeniable impact of this manifestation of manmade climate change.

Sfath’s 1948 Letter

Matthew Knight suggests that Sfath anticipated that his 1948 predictions would be released now, at the time when they are most relevant, and especially because we had failed to heed the many decades of specific, prophetically accurate warnings provided by Meier.

While there are warnings about the coming destruction from the Eifel caldera, Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli, and the Phlegraean Fields, as well as the largest active European submarine volcano, Mount Marsili, Sfath also warned about the coming damage from seaquakes, which was reiterated by Ptaah, in his comments about the actual dangers from the Fukushima disaster.

New Corroborations

Here’s another “new discovery” about vast amounts of water in the Earth’s interior. Quoting scientist Steven Jacobsen’s estimate of how high these “newly discovered” waters would rise, should they be on the Earth’s surface:

“We should be grateful for this deep reservoir. If it wasn’t there, it would be on the surface of the Earth, and mountain tops would be the only land poking out.”

 …echoes what Meier was already told…five years ago (emphasis added)**:

“A disturbing influence takes place, e.g., with regard to the movements of the earths petroleum lakes located in the interior of the planet, as enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth, will however move in equal measure, which would bedeck the whole earth kilometers-high, would they penetrate to the outside.”

From the depths of the Earth, to the depths of space, in case this information about wandering black holes (corroborated Contacts 223 and 224) wasn’t specific enough for doubters, we note that there is now even more new evidence for a wandering black hole, something Meier reported almost 30 years ago.

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*Wiegand’s File

**Thanks to John Bryant and Christian Frehner for the information about the water masses in the Earth’s interior.

41 comments on “BREAKING: Michael Horn Questioned by Police

  • This headline is a real eye catcher! Det. Larry Lawson, a law enforcement professional, you cannot make this stuff up 🙂 What feeling did you get while talking with Det. Lawson? Did it seem routine or was there a spark of interest?

        • Larry Lawson was definitely interested. Your ability to answer questions and give information without confusing someone (a person new to the material) with the whole of the case is impressive Michael. It takes months and months to delve into the massiveness of the Meier material just to start to understand. I hope Larry will so more people will learn of the case and start the study themselves.

  • He is a really nice honourable man, MH, good interview. He needs to rename the show paranormal steak-out with fries, dipping-sauce and soft-drink. You drop a lot of information these days, it’s clear to see you have made progress, the progress you have made MH demonstrates that any one of us, within a new and refreshing framework, can make much broader higher quality leaps forward in life, all we have to do is what you have done, turn our backs on basically all offered knowledge and use those special critical thinking compounds offered but not necessarily limited to, billy Meier, and that is really why all they needed was one simple organisation called FIGU which would stand as a monolith for future generations even after many other compounds had fallen away. Thank you for your interview.

    • I felt the same way, Evelyn. Nice and…appetizing suggestion!

      Critical thinking is a major key and I think many more people are now practicing it. Studying the Meier case gave me a big education and boost in developing my thinking ability.

  • I always believed knowledge is power. The more we get all of Billy`s CR out the better we will be to hold down the fort(Planet Earth) that is,i.e. the message that Billy and the Ps are warning us about etc.

  • MH, Great interview!

    Seems like Det. Larry Lawson is having a hard time trying to swallow it but I think that he thinks the case is real.

  • That was an interesting show MH, I liked the part when you two guys were interested about the new 2016 Copyright of Talmud Jmmanuel by Judas Ischkerioth because I also find this book to be extremely interesting and highly instructive.

    • Darcy,

      There are two separate things, the new TJ is one, and the issue about copyrights establishing a legal standard of proof of publication of information, etc., is another.

  • MH it is very obvious to me that you don’t want me blogging here anymore by your hostilities towards me. I guess it has grown into a personal thing so I would rather not bother you any longer.

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