Scientists confirm Meier’s 1953 information – asteroids once part of a planet

In another “new discovery” by scientists, objects long presumed to be asteroids are in fact fragments of a mini-planet that “would have had features similar to Earth and Mars like a crust, mantle and core” – corroborating exactly what UFO contactee Billy Meier was told by extraterrestrials…in 1953.

It was verifiably also published in documents and copyrighted books, beginning in 1975*:

The Higher Standard of Proof

Meier’s voluminous amount of specific, prophetically accurate scientific information consistently demonstrates advance knowledge that wasn’t known by, or available to, scientists when he verifiably published it. This “higher standard of proof” not only further substantiates the authenticity of his still irreproducible UFO evidence but exceeds it in importance.

While skeptics can neither debunk nor duplicate his independently authenticated UFO photos and films, they likewise can’t refute his copyright-verified, preemptive publication of scientific discoveries…before they “officially” occur.

Skeptics tried to debunk Meier’s information about Jupiter and its moon Io – deemed the most important discovery of the Voyager mission – that he published five months before the probe confirmed it. Their efforts only resulted in their further corroborating his accuracy.

With this new announcement about asteroids corroborating specific information that Meier verifiably published decades ago, maybe our vaunted scientists will now deign to join the growing number of people worldwide who are discovering the singular authenticity of Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts…and its implications for our very threatened future survival.

Russia Follows Billy Meier’s Advice on Asteroid Deflection

Speaking about scientists, better late than…too late.

One example of his information being taken seriously, is the Russians endorsing Meier’s specific advice about deflecting – rather than blowing up – incoming objects.

Getting NASA to acknowledge the real danger of near-Earth objects – and asteroid Apophis in particular – has been a long, slow process. Though not quite yet ready to consider the obviously more effective method, and after years of downplaying the threat**, at least NASA has taken another step towards implementing the specific advice provided by the Plejaren to prevent the otherwise inevitable impact of asteroid Apophis with the Earth in 2036.

Meier was first warned about the incoming object, which the Plejaren referred to as the Red Meteor, and precisely how to deflect in, in 1981. (It’s nicely illustrated here – in six languages -with pretty pictures for both scientists and children alike.)

Mindless Masses Rush to Become Slaves

As foretold by Billy Meier in 1958, dumbed down human beings are welcoming their enslavement through the dubious “convenience” of bio-chipping. Some no doubt view it as their chance to get in on the early stages of transhumanism, etc., perhaps forgetting that the human race will first have to survive itself before it can fulfill some of the more grim elements of the prophecies in Contact 251 pertaining to robots, etc.

And Did They Listen?

It would be wise to consider that the above information all relates, in one way or another, to Billy Meier’s unparalleled record of prophetic accuracy – as much as so-called scientists don’t like that term – as well as to very clear and present dangers to our future survival that we still could possibly mitigate, or avoid. While we must rely on various scientists to implement the larger technical efforts, should they be up to the tasks, we as individuals can not only listen and heed the warnings but take responsibility in our individual lives to change their course to a more positive one.

Since such things as politics and religion clearly offer no promise of assisting to rectify the manifold miseries that they have helped to create, it’s suggested to study and apply the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which is also further expanded upon books like The Might of the Thoughts, The Way to Live, The Talmud Jmmanuel and others that can be found here.

Thanks to Carter Klippel for the “new” information about the origin of the asteroids.

*Below are images from Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1, including the copyright page.Also seen is the prior publication, in Chapter Four, of information pertaining to the destruction of the planet, Malona, which resulted in fragments, many of which found their way into, and compose, the asteroid belt.











Entering the search terms “asteroid” and/or “asteroid belt” here will result in further corroboration of Meier’s preemptive publishing of the asteroid as fragments of a previously destroyed – and inhabited – planetary body.

**It seems that our all-knowing scientists are a rather stubborn lot. So, I’m linking most of our previous efforts to inform them about Meier’s information regarding the dangers of Apophis below. It’s a rather long list:

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The Answer

A Sampling of Billy Meier’s Prophetically Accurate Published Evidence


35 comments on “Stunning New Corroboration of Billy Meier UFO Case!    

    • It’s consciousness degeneration.
      We, not necessarily us, but we as a collective are not only getting dumber, but we are getting more aggressive and less in touch with creation as each day passes. People are so greedy, materialistic and opportunistic that they will gladly cut off your hand if it furthers their agenda. There is no longer care or consideration for others, it’s all about me, myself and I. People would sooner film an accident rather than help those who are injured. It’s disgusting and pathetic. I wish it wasn’t so, but unfortunately, it’s who we have become.

      • Thanks for pitching in Melissa,

        The very fabric of our society promotes, and in fact, rewards this behavior through several different means (IE: Games promote higher kill score for better rewards, needing to be opportunistic for job promotions etc.)

        There’s little to no regard for humanness and consideration for others, especially when monetary factors (bills for example) come into play. Btw, I don’t think you (as in general) should label yourself in this category if you are doing what is necessary to live in an unevolved world with barbaric rules.

        Any other thoughts on the matter guys? Michael?

        PS: It still baffles me that people cannot accept that someone else may be right. What’s the big deal? Trial and error. We’re here (in life) to learn and grow.

        • We live in a time of widespread mediocrity, ignorance and arrogance. I’m really at a loss for words, and sometimes ideas, as how to make a dent in some people’s consciousness. The levels of arrogance and stupidity are so high that ironclad evidence means nothing to those who close their minds and cling to their false, materialistic security.

          • It’s so horrifying to watch the masses of idiots out there. I hate to use that word, but it’s true. I’m at a loss myself on what could make the coming catastrophe less catastrophic. You could show people an infinite amount of evidence, but in their feeble and arrogant minds, you are wrong. Public shaming and massive indoctrination has led to innumerable situations of suffering and involuntary conformity. The overlords, for lack of better word, won’t let the people live in peace and harmony.

      • Melissa,
        Recently was in my town situation where father was badly beaten up by 3 drunken youngsters while his 3 year old son watched all this, because he dared to call these guys into heir senses. Around that event was lot of people who did not do nothing exept one women who called police and helped to catch these guys, but rest of them just watched and filmed. This religious thinking is so deep inside us that majority of us do not even recognize it. In my country police encouraging to call them instead of taking action and it is in every level like this- Nato, EU, Covernments etc, basically saying“ continue sleeping we will protect you“.This so drowsy.

    • Salome everyone. Great question Jedaiah and great follow-ups Melissa and Michael. Here are my thoughts.

      Specifically, the United States has been on a path of self-destruction for a long time. I’m not sure when it started (it doesn’t really matter at this point), but the dumbing down, the demoralizing and desensitizing of our nation and citizens by the powers-that-be has been successful. When one subjects any human to inhumane conditions or allows them to do whatever they desire, the subjects in question become animalistic and feral in nature with no sincere thoughts, feelings or compassion for anyone or anything else. In addition, social media has played a huge part in recent years and has escalated the degradation of our country/nation and the logic, intelligence, rationality, practicality and sensitivity of the majority of our fellow citizens. I’m glad to see we have quite the antidote here my brothers and sisters. The hard part we all face is “vaccinating” others with the truth and with what we know to be the truth. We can’t coerce anyone, we must inspire. Although the latter is much harder to do nowadays, there’s always a solution and we must keep moving forward with the snowball.

      I think one of the other major and relative issues is that we live in too-free of a society/nation. I’m not advocating any type of dictatorship or control of our population, quite the contrary. If life has taught us anything, it’s that nothing in life is free, there’s always a trade-off. Freedom is good, but it comes at the cost of something else. It reminds me of the following. “The universal law of celestial mechanics dictate that when two objects collide, there is always damage of a collateral nature.” I think we are currently witnessing and in the midst of said damage in our society. We see it with the monumental egos, focus on money as the only important issue, self-absorption, callousness, lack of compassion, etc.

      As long as I’m on this planet, I know I will continue to do whatever I can to spread the truth, the messages and teachings that the Plejaren, Eduard, and through this channel, Michael have graciously afforded us. It’s the least I can do. I resigned myself a long time ago to never allow my future self to look back and think/say “I wish I would’ve…”. In this day and age, it has become imperative that I not allow my future self to think/say the aforementioned.

      Have a great rest of your day/night everyone and remember, the sun ALWAYS shines behind the darkest clouds!



  • I just heard on the local news that this RobAsterino wants to sue Weschester County so Asterino can keep Indian Point open! this stupid Asterino wants to challange Govenor Cuomo of new York State but I hope at least Cumo will go ahead and shut down Indian point nuclear power pant no later than 2021 but I personally wish Cuomo would just shut down Indian Point NOW!!! Indian point is the ONLY nuclear power plamt in the world that is right in the middle of a populated region and it NEEDS to be shut down NOW PERMANENTLY lest we ALL suffer the same fate as Chernobyl,Fukushima and the recent explosion of a nuclear power plant in France!!! “Nuclear power is NOT safe especially in the middle of a populated area as in Weschester county!!!”

  • Hi Jedaiah, It not igos but also aggression which could lead to MORE wars. Just how many more wars can the U.S. handle? All these wars could lead the U.S. into a nuclear war if this keeps up. This could turn the entire world against the U.S. and turn the U.S. into a pariah country with all the wars,agressions and over blown egos in the pariah SU of A:-!!! So much for all the stupid warmongerings :-!!! Cause and effect,when will these stupid corporate warmongers EVER learn and grow up???

  • Ironclad evidence should = germinate into useable knowledge that can open the door to life-wisdom. Emphasis on “should”/IE: it is difficult to do with today’s levels of mass ignorance/arrogance/unknowing/complacency/belief-dependency. Hopefully MH can keep attracting those that are open minded, and rational enough to consider the Creation, and put them on the path to self-discovery. 🙂

  • MH, You took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree with you more. You are just so spot out man. WOW! I wish these corporate shills would just stop behaving like a bunch of 2 year old babies trying to hawk their stupid war toys for advertizing products for news and big pharma to make us even sicker and die faster. Talk about aggression and egotistical behavior! This can only lead to a nuclear war if the US doesn`t stop playing more war games thinking it rule the Earth when we all know the US does not own the Earth! “Enough is enough!!!”

  • Hi guys and gals, Michael on this mornings bbc world news : scientists have discovered an enourmous black hole in the centre of our milky way, I feel sure that Billy mentioned this years back, so there is new ammo… Enjoy your day …

  • In FIGU bulletin 6

    “Approximately two dozen large chunks of extraterrestrial spacecraft wreckages are orbiting within the SOL system, as are three extraterrestrial probes, which monitor the SOL system and Earth.”

    Is BM talking about the Black Knight Satellite here ….

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