Jan Harzan publicly commits to long overdue study

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, MUFON Director Jan Harzan publicly announced his commitment to the long overdue study and investigation of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for the Meier contacts, pointed out that he had found the evidence and information in 1979, long after MUFON had already come into existence*, questioning why such a vast, well-funded organization as MUFON hadn’t.

In addition to expressing his own personal interest in the Meier case, Harzan responded to Horn’s comments, and those of off-screen attendees, stating:

“We’ll take a look at it, I’m happy to do that.”

With Harzan now on the record, and with new independent, expert scientific analyses of Meier’s UFO photos and films, as well as ever-ongoing corroboration of his prophetically accurate scientific information, MUFON will have the opportunity to find what they claim they’ve been looking for, and put to rest the suspicions that they are merely a disinformation organization, serving the intelligence agencies in suppressing the singular authenticity of Meier’s still ongoing contacts, now spanning – more than 75 years.

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*Horn erroneously stated that MUFON was formed in 1959. It was actually founded in 1969.

48 comments on “NEW! MUFON WILL Investigate Billy Meier UFO Case

  • I’m having a difficult time seeing this as something good. MUFON is an enemy to this case…I can’t see them coming out and saying “this case is real”. It’s just gonna waste some people’s time refuting and responding to MUFONS findings, which I’m 99% sure will be that it’s a hoax, and around and around we go. After watching your YouTube video MH, where you’re questioning MUFON to look into this case, it’s an immediate negative response. Without the negatives of the UFO pictures, they’ll never be satisfied. But after your persistence, he reluctantly agreed to look into this case. Sure you have him on video but I’m not sure if he even cares. So why bother trying to get MUFON involved to look into this case? Is it a situation where more exposure of the case, even if it’s bad, is still good to get people thinking about it?

      • I understand and I really wish there could’ve been more debating because he is obviously only looking at this case through skeptics eyes. You could respond to every debunk attempt with facts and not opinions, it would have been really interesting to see how he would’ve handled the situation.

  • Huh! Mr Harzan statement of “We will take a look at it.” was, to me, a bit half-hearted but I do hope he will follow through on his word. Your few minute presentation in this exchange with Mr Harzan, Michael, was concise, logical and it amazes me more people don’t understand and see this. I do think Mr Harzan does though but like with most organizations (govt for example) we don’t know the pressures put on by others wanting what they want even at the expense of what is logical or right. Seems people will find something, even just one thing, to support their dismissal or not wanting to tackle the Meier evidance, like Mr Harzan did with bringing up the negatives, but alas the whole of the case is so straight forward yet complex, indeed. It is quite brillant how the case is and has been presented, not served up as a full seven course meal displayed instantly in front of you but it is in the learning of how to combine and cook the foods together for that seven course meal is where the information and knowledge is found.

  • It’s not like Jan Harzan hasn’t had years to figure out if this was real or not.
    It reminds me of a child’s song…
    “Do you know the mufon man, the mufon man, the mufon man. Do you know the mufon man, he lives on Sea Eye A lane.”

  • Hi Michael, this is a little off topic, but I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you’ve done with the TheyFly.com website. It has really come along since I first started snooping around here several years ago. It was always great, but it just seems to get better and better as the time falls away. Thanks for all you do!

  • Like Melissa, I’m veering a little off topic, the whole reason for the internet (spreading​ the Spiritual Teaching written by the prophet, and herald of the new time), if it wasn’t for MH, I probably wouldn’t be here, or if I was I would still be living dead (with a little honour, and some virtue), but now because of actions of MH, and the FIGU, I am here reading German/English books such as “Goblet of the Truth” and taking my future destiny into my own hands, greeting old friends such as equitableness, fairness, honour, deference, love, inner peace, for some of these it has been a long time, if ever, but many old hats fit as new hats, and the books quench my thirst for the truth (the encoding is the integral key/reciprocal of the effort of study).

    Thanks MH from a grateful student (passive member)/:

    (In our next lifetime, can’t some of us be born important persons to whip this planet into shape = evolutionary development/age of Aquarius. We won’t always be at the bottom, some of us may incarnate as true equitable and wise leaders who will not be born into religious bondage).

  • I just finished watching and taking notes from The Spirituals Teaching in Everday Life from the video on the They Fly.com website and learning about the fact that Billy has said that the US can`t really have a Figu USA which Billy said we can`t due to power struggle and power struggles and the crazy notions that joning figu is like going to prisonand other facters including overpopulation that this stupid Trump just wants to kill ANYBODY he wants is so dead wrong when all se need is a birth stop and a birth check ith nomore than three children per couple etc. I live on limited funds therefore I can`t afford to buy books over the internet. Thank goodness for the internet or I`d never get all this information on the internet. The news is turning into such a nightmare that I end up switching or surfing around on the TV for less violent lighter fair,etc,etc.

  • Mufon wants to believe in the Billy Meier case just like on the X-Files, pilot show. Scully is the skeptic put there to debunk ET activities, while Mulder is the believer. This episode 1 has Scully entering Mulders office she glares at a giant poster with a Plejaren beamship and a motto “I want to believe”.

  • It`s funny how back in the early 90s I used to watch the X Files long before I even had a computer and wondered if all this was for real since I`ve always believed and knew the ETs were real. Later on I began to realize that there were good and bad ETs as Semjase warned us back then. Now when I search on the internet I always try to look for the good human wise helpful benevolent ETs. As the 90s wound down into the 21rst century,the X Files Dr. Who no longer interest me do to the fact that all these TV series including the SCIFI channel have turned me of because of the dark sinister nature and content of those EV and movies too due to the influences of monsters and nightmares,etc,etc,etc. Seems to me that most people and scientists can`t handle the fact that there are other worlds with human beings just like us too maybe little more advanced than us spiritually and technologically too.

  • This looks like you are forcing the issue by cornering this guy and trying to get him to say things you want to hear.

    But the most interesting thing I saw from your recent LA panel discussion is that the moderator of the group, apparently involved with “Unsolved Mysteries,” said that the TV show did an hour documentary on the Meier case, ready to go, only to have Billy do something strange and stop the effort. Why don’t you get to the bottom of this instead of ignoring it? This comment just seemed to breeze by you; yet your whole mission is to get the Meier case in public. “Unsolved Mysteries” would be a home run for your cause! Why don’t you ask Billy why he bagged “Unsolved Mysteries?”

    • Oh gosh, I “cornered” the Director of MUFON, whose presentation included his mention of his own sighting own 1968 and the listing of the 10 most significant cases…which didn’t include the Meier case. This is the poor guy whose organization vets things through the CIA and State Department.

      And FYI, I received this yesterday from YT:

      “Dear TheyFly TV,

      This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content:

      The complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines. For more information, please review our Privacy Guidelines http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines.”

      So, while you’re apparently not the only snowflake, someone didn’t want that brief clip out there. I’m not saying it was Jan, it could have been the guy who put on the event. As for the “Unsolved Mysteries” thing, apart form he fact that there were no real specifics provided, even after the panel discussion, there were times when Meier knew that things were going to be changed or messed with, etc. And knowing how hard it is to get the startling reality of the case acknowledged, another “controversy” from decades ago isn’t going to do much to move things along.

      • “Snowflake?” More like a ROCK. You do not have enough sense to see that my arguments are not necessarily democrat. Are you so daft that you can not see that the root of republicans and conservatism stems from Christianity? Do you not remember reading in GOT about how we as spiritual students are reaching for the “progressive?” The conservatives want to take things away from other people because they want to force religion down their throats and have everybody live as they do. Unless people are free to make mistakes, and not forcing a tainted morality on them in the form of religion, how are they ever going to learn?

        You need to stop with this snowflake bleep right now. This is not helping the mission and you are exposing yourself as a simple minded name caller. Anybody with half a sense of reality can see that you forced an answer out of this MUFON guy. You set him up in the spirit of people like Mark Dice. And then made a big announcement like this is major news. You are the fake news, at times, MH.

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