Confirm 1988 “wandering black holes” info correct

It’s always interesting to observe “new discoveries” that corroborate the accuracy of the scientific information published by Billy Meier – often decades earlier.

On Science and Prediction

Here is recent information pertaining to so-called “wandering” black holes, updating what was only considered theoretical more than a decade ago*. While scientists have often taken umbrage at words like prophecies and predictions, some like astrophysicist Jeremy Darling feel free to refer to “the theoretically predicted” wandering black holes and, as clearly states, “As this special section explores, prediction is now a developing science.”

I’ve often referred to Meier’s “prophetically accurate scientific information”, which pseudo-scientists have been quick to try to dismiss as “unscientific”. While I could have just as well said “predictively accurate”, in terms of the scientific information, the Plejaren always state facts…which are then later confirmed and corroborated by our scientists. As you’ll see, this also serves to factually establish their existence. The other possibility is that Billy Meier is indeed some kind of superman with extraordinary, flawlessly accurate psychic abilities.

Published by Meier in 1988

Here are specific examples from the Contact Reports clearly detailing what we are only now beginning to “discover” and factually corroborate regarding wandering black holes:

Official Contact Report 223, Sunday, May 1, 1988

Billy: …And since we’re already at it, I would like to come to speak again on the black hole of our Milky Way, of which we spoke – if I remember correctly – on the 30th of May 1987. By its attractive force, we don’t simply fly with our SOL system uncontrollably out into space but rather are somehow still held within the Milky Way. There are, indeed, black holes in every galaxy, as you explained, which Semjase and Ptaah already said, but in addition to these, there are still the “black wanderers,” as you call those kinds of black holes that drift through the cosmos. Ptaah also said that in this regard, there would be two types, precisely the black holes that drift wildly through the Universe and then the others that are galaxy-bound and, thus, draw a certain course in or through a galaxy and its surroundings… I would now like to ask if also with or in our galaxy, such a “wandering black hole” exists, a “galaxy-wandering black hole,” so to speak, if I may name this thing in such a way?


15. …Yes, there actually is such a “black wanderer” or “wandering black hole” in the realm of your galaxy.

16. Nevertheless, it is a smaller structure than what the actual central black hole of the Milky Way is.

17. But still, it is very remarkable and draws an extensive course through the galaxy, and to be sure, at around 6,400 light years of distance from the actual center of the Milky Way. In addition to this “black wanderer,” there are still some other wandering black holes in the nearer and further surroundings of the galaxy.

Official Contact Report 224, Thursday, July 7, 1988

Billy: …Ptaah said that every black hole is constituted in accordance with a galaxy, which probably means that a black hole is given in accordance with the size of the galaxy. Thus, a small galaxy would have a smaller black hole, and a larger galaxy would have a larger one.


42. That is correct.

43. The mightier a galaxy is, the more massive and more extensive is the black hole.

44. Black holes – even the non-galactic ones – don’t arise from scratch, however, because they only grow and develop together with the surrounding matter, so in one case, together with the galaxy, and in the other case, when rogue solar structures collapse and then move through the cosmos as wandering black holes, if I may so explain it.

Official Contact Report 224, Thursday, July 7, 1988

Billy: It’s also likely that the magnetic bands of the black holes, in accordance with their enormousness, rush out up to several million light years into space, like even with certain black holes’ suction arms that fish several light years through space and tear matter into themselves, and indeed, even loose surface material of planets, as this happened with Venus via the spiral arm of the wandering black hole that moved through M87.

Gravitational Waves

Notice also that, among many things, Meier is told about black holes that merge or collide, as apparently first detected by our scientists in September 2015. Meier described the creation of what we call gravitational waves in these terms:

“You mean that when two black holes collide and merge with one another, then structural quakes will result in the levels of space and time or even structural convulsions, if I understand that correctly?”

Claims of back dating or retro-diction are annihilated by the fact that not only was Meier’s information first published in German in 1988 but it was also first translated into English in 2005…10 years before detection by our scientists.

The Purpose

The provision and publication of this “higher standard of proof” was intended to attract the attention of the, unfortunately relatively few, actual thinkers who don’t fear ridicule, loss of income or position, etc., and who were ready to have irrefutable, scientific evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Unlike the cryptic, rarified “mathematical language” imagined by the unscientific fantasists at SETI, who consider themselves the de facto scientific elite that extraterrestrials would obviously chose to contact, the reality is quite different, i.e. the scientific information as clearly expressed in plain, accurate language, is intended for, accessible to, and testable by, any thinking person.

With the democratizing of information via the internet, people can take self-responsibility and apply the scientific method, logic and critical thinking to the specific, dated, copyrighted, published information from Meier, and what our scientists subsequently publish, and determine the truth for themselves**.

Doing so would help to pierce the obfuscation of convoluted scientific language and “fake science”, which often simply masks the inability of some scientists to say…”I don’t know.”

Once the unparalleled predictive accuracy of the scientific information is recognized as having established a solid foundation of credibility, it would warrant our focusing on and understanding why they came here, the actual purpose for the contacts, which is to assist us to assure our own, very threatened future survival. This is further developed in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.


*Hundreds of “Rogue” Black Holes May Roam Milky Way, January 2008

“Newly merged black holes might be so jarred by the experience that they go “rogue,” careening into space on unexpected trajectories. In fact, hundreds of these rogue black holes could exist in the Milky Way galaxy alone, according to a new study.”

Rogue Black Holes May Roam the Milky Way, April 2009

“It sounds like the plot of a sci-fi movie: rogue black holes roaming our galaxy, threatening to swallow anything that gets too close. In fact, new calculations by Ryan O’Leary and Avi Loeb (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) suggest that hundreds of massive black holes, left over from the galaxy-building days of the early universe, may wander the Milky Way…travelling the Milky Way’s outskirts..”

**For over 150 specific examples, see the information below the six links to Corroboration & Evidence on the lower part, of this page.


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73 comments on “Scientists Stunned – Billy Meier Predictions Right Again!

  • This information is amazing at least to me, all your blog posts are but this one in particular strikes me as special. Question……could these “galaxy-wandering black holes”, as Billy calls them, considered “worm holes”, a term from various films, etc?

    Also, once again, how can this…. “the Plejaren always state facts…which are then later confirmed and corroborated by our scientists. As you’ll see, this also serves to factually establish their existence”….fly over so many heads as the very real possibility that they, the Plegaren, do exist. It is hard at times to understand why this is so.

  • Good info Michael, thanks. I was reading some of this elsewhere but nothing compares obviously to this.
    Off topic but I just read this discovery and it corraborates the event timeline of the destruction of Atlantis and Mu.
    “Using a computer programme to show where the constellations would have appeared above Turkey thousands of years ago, they were able to pinpoint the comet strike to 10,950BC, the exact time the Younger Dryas begins according to ice core data from Greenland.”
    Nice to see Graham Hancock mentioned in the article and some scientists willing investigate these things. If only they knew about the real event timeline.

    Btw, could the whistleblowers drop the fully translated BEAM documents from the CIA, instead of these vault 7 yawners.

  • Nice post Sheila! 🙂

    And black holes recycle the Universe, much like how a human’s material lifetime is recycled, with a new personality (rebirth/reincarnation of the spirit-form) which is a tiny piece part of the Creation IE: the Universe. The way the human body is recycled (decomposes to the Earth) upon death = black holes recycle.

  • I`ve heard Stephen Hawking wrote years ago about mini-black holes travelling across our Milky Way Galaxy and possible others that are harmless because these tiny black holes are everywhere including inside our bodies. I recently have been reading that even globular clusters also have black holes depending on the size of the globular cluster too.Also there are black holes that wander from one galaxy to another as what is called homeless or wagering black holes. Stephen Hawking also state that if you travel through a black hole you will come out into what is called a white hole back in time in another dimension if I`m right? I wonder if Billy and the Ps could corroborate on these ideas as food for thought?

  • Well I guess there must be good and bad scientist all over the world and everywhere on Planet Earth. Happy Earth Day everyone:-)))

  • I just heard on the news that scientists around the world especially in the US are protesting the budget cuts and scaling back of science and alternatives to fossil fuel and nuclear power. Funny how Trump wants to protect corporations including getting out of the Paris accord for clean safe alternative energy such as wind,solar, and geaothermal energy which Iceland is already perusing by thermal vents as MH suggested the US do. Happy Earth Day.

  • If only scientists had the courage and honesty to say something about the Meier case, this could open the door to a massive investigation, and public appeal for FIGU, this could initiate great changes for the planet Earth:

    I mean, why shouldn’t we collectively curb our overpopulation, to stave off destruction, save forthcoming calamity that is already set in stone that our people will have to bear responsibility for, this would be an effort to = (minimize damage)?

    Instead of military supremacy, why shouldn’t Earth’s militaries be used in synonymous full-multinational cooperation to work together 100% to stamp out terrorism, and crime (minimize damage) as one big team?

    Why shouldn’t terrorists, and those who wish to afflict harm on society be banished to an isolated island or isolated land-tract (minimize damage)?

    Why shouldn’t the Meier case that is always suppressed, be brought to the forefront and put on National Television 24/7 for the people of Earth to learn collective knowledge and wisdom from?

    It’s up to us to alter our Destiny for the future, are we still not going to have a difficult time in the future because of overpopulation effects? Can’t we at least minimize damage and casualties that are all possible, if only we would alter our destiny for a good future?

    Instead of bringing down upon ourselves a great difficult burden for contravention, it is better to align with the laws and recommendations of the Creation. 🙂

    • Corey:
      Having Billy’s information on the TV would be wonderful. But I know there is a big suppression of Meier’s teachings. Putting the teachings on National Television I think would certainly help spread the info. After all, talk radio is filled with religious right programs such as Sandy Rios (American Family Radio), Glen Beck (and that is just a drop in the bucket) and also The Rush Limbaugh and then we have Fox News. We could use some spiritual enlightenment from Billy on TV. I would gladly watch this and encourage other people to have a look and see what they think. Good idea!

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