A glimpse into the past shows us the present and the future

There is no shortage of prophetic and predictive information from Billy Meier. In fact, there are already so many corroborated, specific examples that it’s overwhelming.

For a quick refresher, see this excerpt from Contact 230, from almost 30 years ago. (The complete contact report is here.)

French Elect Weakling, Prophecies Fulfilling

To make sure that they miss no opportunity to bring destruction down upon themselves (as long forewarned), with the election of the quite insubstantial Macron, who will willingly kowtow to the psychopathic German leader, the French have effectively also assured their enslavement to the EU dictatorship, as well as their coming destruction at the hands of radical Islam, kind of a twofer. Countries, like volcanoes, can and do erupt.

And yes, the French have a ringside seat to the whole mess, as we long ago pointed out.

Not Gloating Over Here

Lest we be perceived as gloating in any way, we remind ourselves of just what our country is busy perfecting and bringing upon itself/ourselves.

Still Waiting

While we wait for the esteemed Prof. Wright to get over himself and “discover” the Meier case, we remain hopeful that our scientists (the real ones, not the ones doing hopelessly fake science at SETI) may yet rise to the occasion and help to stop the runaway train of collective human ignorance.

More than six years ago, we started drawing specific attention to what happens as the time fulfills, if unimpeded by intelligent human intercession. There were updates here and there and, most recently, a little more to chew on pertaining to some of the long foretold geopolitical and environmental destruction now also unfolding with near certainty.

A glimpse into the past shows us our future, in accordance with the Law of Causality. Indeed, could anyone who understands that basic, profound, law and operating principle of the universe still have any doubts?

The people were warned…and did they listen?



55 comments on “Do You Still Have Any Doubts?

  • Maybe Billy will confirm this at some time, but, I think electoral fraud played a big hand in the French Presidential result as there was too much at stake for the dictatorship:


    Those voter machines can be hacked (easily). If you body language read Macron’s “victory” speech, he appears like a man who did not win fair and square:


    • I think your instinct is correct Matt. From my understanding and research, the French election was absolutely stolen/rigged, like they attempted to do here in the states. However, in this case, it appears stealing the French election was successful. Apparently, at the time of the mailing of said ballots, they (the nefarious bastards behind the scenes) accomplished the stolen election by making physical tears in the mailed-out French election ballots (which, according to French law, any tear/damage to a ballot automatically negates it as a valid vote). They did this to over 60% of LePen’s ballots. None of Macron’s ballots were reportedly damaged; in addition, they created/manufactured roughly 500,000 extra ballots for Macron. Can you smell the s***storm on the horizon?



    • As I watch Macrons’ “victory speech” I see a scared little boy, much like what I see, at times, when watching the Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau but I digress…..the numbers just don’t make sense to me, the wide margin between them esp when it was my understanding that Le Pen was very popular.

        • I found in Canada that both our national medias during our last election constantly asked if Harper was bad or was he horrible? There was no alternative media, and people are stupid and believed that the CBC and CTV would only tell them the truth. Plus a lot of people voted for Trudeau because he planned on making pot legal. Our elections are always decided by Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa due to the high population (pun intended).

    • Mac…

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      So, just in case the writer wonders why his comments aren’t being approved, this is the reason…and nothing else.


  • Sorry to be off topic but this article frcounterpunch weekend addition is extremely very frightening: “United States Says Yes to Nuclear Weapons Test, No to Treaty Ban by Joihn LaForge for couterpuch.org weekend addition Friday May 5th trough Sunday May 7th 2017.

  • Just as Le Pen said:

    “France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs. Merkel”

    I don’t think that Red Storm is going to care which side of the great divide you are on! Divide and Conquer is everywhere, East & West will clash with great force. These numbskulls just don’t understand Cause and Effect, even if they are aware of it. If you are of the small percentage that have caused all the trouble here over such a long period of time, you can expect that effect coming back with such force you won’t know what hit you. I envision a future of the vast majority of us evolving into higher planes of existence a lot sooner then the small percentage of slow learners who have been shown their true position of being at the back of the line and they will eventually catch up
    When the day comes that it is recognized by all that we are all Human and it’s not as easy as Hollywood portrays to get to the closest available life supporting planet, is the day that we can divide the lying, negative, destructive, criminally poor in consciousness and reality-estranged-naive ones from us and conquer the falling away from the Creational Laws and Recommendations and get back to a little progress, little by little. It’s right there in the prophecies.

    Patience, you must learn; which implies, the ability to learn.

  • Sorry for the delay but I could`t access counterpunch until today due to their wanting more funds to contribute to the drive for more money. Sorry about this delay.

  • Great posts everyone. Well said Andrew Grimshaw. In 50 years time, folks may look back at what is left of Europe, and see things similar to how we do.

  • There is a new PDF of FIGU doc 68 on the Swiss website which talks about Trump and his stance, no politics just deals an interesting read. FYI: http://www.figu.org/ch/files/downloads/zeitzeichen/figu_zeitzeichen_68.pdf.

    Merkle according to body language does have some problems and letting all the refugees is an example of letting someone do such devastating things to their own country. Also I don’t think folks understand that the EU is actually a dictatorship since it does not allow rules to voted on nor changed by any other country the very definition. In the area where the laws are made there are many shops etc but no “normal” person can shop there, it is only for the ruling “elite”.

    This was a great article because of all the supporting documentation and I hope folks realize that this data is not going away and the more corroboration the more real it becomes. I had a doubt and I tend to always have doubts at first till I learn about a subject, but this material, that is the Meier material is always right on target.

    Enjoyed the blog, thanks!


  • Here`s more bad news from Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales fr Tuesday May 9th 2017 Trump`s FCC Chair Declares New War on net Neutrality After 10 Year Battle for Free Open Internet. You may want tio watch the video or read the transcript or both. This is why I had to stop using emails again due top privacy concerns and go back to startpage again but starmail is too expensive. I can only use Google Crome for translation of foreign languages such as German and Russian,etc. I don`t know why I got bing for homepage, I haste bing because their foreign language translation is too slow and a lot of people don`t like bing including myself and I hear Yahoo is even worse due to the hacking problem. I can`t even use updates as Edward Snowden said no up[dates due to the NSA spying and no Gmails because once you use Gamil Google watches every move and key stroke you use,etc,etc,etc!

  • Hello, Michael

    There is not doubt in my mind that Meier is all out correct and accurate on the forthcoming prophecies that are now predictions based on what is currently in effect as of right now already 5 months into this year. But Michael I now would like to ask if you are aware of this new documentary by the title of “Unacknowledged” by Dr. Steven Greer himself focusing on “disclosure” and has gained a ton of audience and attention. There was a private screening “red carpet event” for this in Los Angeles displayed on a huge cinematic movie screen back in April the 24th of this year(2017). Major “UFO” channels such and Secureteam10 and ThirdPhaseOfMoon have also sponsored this – according to viewer ratings “incredible documentary.” I think and feel that Dr. Greer did not once mention the Meier case and the possibility being that this is also another major cover-up of Meier’s absolutely astonishing case. Though I have not seen this yet. And I also feel that all this is going to promote is to try and “push” the government for “disclosure”, even though such things will never occur in reality. And my last question is what is your take on Dr. Greer and his “Unacknowledged” documentary that the “UFO Community” has been putting a lot of attention to recently?
    *And to note reading most of the comments on Secureteam10 and ThirdPhase’s about this documentary is a real headache…..*

    Link 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-duAuIqsOQ (Official Trailer by Sirius Disclosure)

    Link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ztYGEGhVAI&t=28s (Coverage by Secureteam10 – And take a look at the title for this video, it’s erroneous.)

    Link 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0g9y0zOnmU&t=79s (My goodness most of the comments by his fans (who still wait for “disclosure”) on this video are really…..utterly ridiculous and immature.)

    Link 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7q9wTTNmUc&t=22s (ThirdPhaseofMoon)
    May 9, 2017
    Plus an interview with Dr. Greer by TFOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLyNmG8POI8&t=143s

    Link 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj389Z59DWU&t=96s (A clip from Unacknowledged)

    This could indeed very well be another huge cover up of Meier’s case and the possibility that Meier was never mentioned in the documentary once also adds up. Dr. Greer most likely is part of the disinformation cover-up of Meier’s material alongside David Wilcock and Corey Goode of the “Cosmic Disclosure” that has also gained a lot of “popularity.”

    And I also want to mention that in the discussion of the “German Breakaway Group” – both Corey and Wilcock discussed Billy Meier and what Goode stated was unbelievable!!!! (in a link below regarding the small discussion.)
    *In order to read the discussion about Meier, keep scrolling until you see an image of a woman and just above is the discussion about Meier and Semjase in the bullet points.*
    (Link is also added here: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/02/david-wilcock-and-corey-goode-history.html)


    • Thanks, I’m posting comments at the links calling this disinformation peddling, egomaniacal, lying fraud (in case I wasn’t clear about what I think about Greer) and posting links to the Meier material.

      I would ask that any people actually interested in possibly waking up all the salivating lights-in-the-sky chasers that buy into Greer’s distraction and disinformation…start posting on these sites. Let people know about the Meier case, link to your favorite articles, blogs, etc.

      Truly, this is indicative of why vast numbers of people, in America and other places, are simply too stupid to survive.

  • ThirdPhase’s *(channel)* was meant to be added after Secureteam10 regarding the note about reading the comments concerning both Secureteam10 and TFOM’s post about Unacknowledged. Hope this isn’t too confusing.

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