People want a “savior”, none is coming

Dear Paul,

Regarding your article, while you’re correct, I’m sorry that you too have deliberately ignored and suppressed the following warnings that originated decades ago, most likely because of your religious beliefs:

“America Will Be Wrecked”

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

Contained within the blogs are the unpleasant details – which you can now see unfolding yourself.

Warnings about provoking Russia are also contained in this video and this one.

You’re a very smart and perceptive man. Perhaps the time is nearing when you’ll do your part in making this long suppressed information public so that the people have a chance to see it and decide for themselves…before it’s completely too late.

People want a “savior”. None is coming. But there is a key that self-responsible people can use to help assure their own, very threatened future survival. Now that you clearly have it, please insert in the lock, turn it and let the truth flow through.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

The Blog!


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15 comments on “An Open Letter to Paul Craig Roberts

  • Great blog Michael, I hope he listens.
    WikiLeaks recently released information saying that John Podesta and Robbie Mook had decided within 24 hours after Hillary lost the election, that they would use the blame Russia narrative. All the BS about Russian stealing the election was made up by these 2 people. Why haven’t they been charged for fomenting war? Why are these elitists not held to the same standard as any citizen?

  • Paul Craig Roberts is very adept at recognizing and understanding world events better then most. He’s unfortunately trapped by the tunnel vision of religious thinking. Your letter may be well recieved by him. Hopefully he won’t indulge in mental gymnastics when he gets to the “self responsibility part.

  • Here is an article I just read from the intercept that around on the c2c web: Leaked NSA malware is helping hijack computers around the world by Sam Biddle May 12 2017, 3:13pm

  • Hi Ned, I just read CR 442. Now that the US has a new bad president and refuses to stop playing the “forever” wars, how are the U.S.A. ever going to stop playing the stupid cop on the beat wars and stop behaving like childish 2 year olds wanting to rule the planet with this president who thinks he is above the law and start acting like a civilized adult and stop playing “more” wars,etc,etc,etc???

    • I don’t know Terry as the mass of humanity continues to grow which will increase the discord world-wide with or without the US being blamed for it. Maybe if folks the world over would stop supporting or promoting irresponsible actions (or in-actions) with the use of their own might of thoughts, slowly we can at least progress in this life with some spiritual evolution. Maybe, move the needle at least a little bit further so that the next life isn’t just merely repeated misadventure we see unfolding today … world-wide.

  • Can you hear that….the silence is deafening! MH is correct no one is coming and to be honest I think things are way too late, the proverbial ball is rolling down the hill already and only the few will survive.



  • Having left Christianity myself, and a Doctorate in Religious Education with a major in Apologetics, I now look back and see the entrapment of religiosity and all the demands, protocols and formality that it entails. They all have a “security blanket” of some sort that they think they can hang onto vs self-responsibility/accountability. The song should be changed from “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds” to “Bless Be the Lie That Binds.” I was so blind for years to the Real Truth….but now I know it !!! I would like to encourage all to cordially let others know the Truth!!!

    • Dr. Ron,

      May I ask how long it took you to come to your conclusions about the real truth? I’ve always been fascinated by those who have been able to leave religion with a clear conscience.

  • Dr Ron Pleune, It’s very good that you broke out of the religion-trap. And the sooner the better, as this could be good for your next life’s disposition. Billy writes in “God-delusion and God-insanity” that someone who is bound to religious beliefs in thier current life, will (once again) be bound to religious beliefs in the next life by inheriting them genetically from his/her parents. Keep striving to understand (and experience) the truth, and you will be alright. Cross over to that line into the area of reality of the Creational law, and recommendations. 🙂

  • Dr Ron Pleune, one more thing (in case you are wondering), the more you turn to the truth in your present life, and if you happen to be reborn into a religious family, the more you’ll be struck by impulses from the storage-banks that help your future-self doubt the truthfulness of religion (which can set off your future-self to re-quest for the truth). Salome.

  • The prophesies continues to unfold. Mr. Trump is weak, narcissistic, and a warmonger like Clinton. I think it’s late. North Korea the hermit country will strike if the United States keeps on imposing itself.They’re not stupid. United States needs to stop on delving on other country’s affairs. Such a bullish country.
    Our children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer the most. The powers that be don’t realize that they too, will also suffer the consequences.

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