What will the skeptics and pseudoscientists say now…arrivederci?

There is late news warning about pending eruptions at Campi Flegri, in Italy, which would fulfill specific, prophetic warnings, as Billy Meier was told in…1948.

As you can see, in addition to warning about eruptions of Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Marsili, some of which are already underway and some also yet to come, Sfath told Meier about the coming, devastating eruption of the caldera at the Phlegraean Fields (Campi Flegri) in Italy.

And he warned about the eruption of the “great Eifel caldera in Germany, whereby the upper part of Europe becomes a fire sea.”*

He also warned about what’s coming to…America. But don’t worry, be happy.

Don’t bother contacting any of the supposedly “scientifically educated” members of society, they already know everything. And they’re often more concerned with personal plumbing issues anyway.

The scientists who’ve been informed about Meier’s scientific information have – virtually to a person – silently run away with their tails between their trembling knees, not wanting to risk their so-called reputations and credibility – meaning their funding – by daring to acknowledge it. Of course, that’s giving them credit for recognizing the singular prophetic accuracy of the scientific information provided to Meier, by the Plejaren, up to decades in advance.

Certain pompous twits no doubt will demur because it isn’t their “area of specialization”. They’re too busy looking for “heat signatures” for extraterrestrial civilizations, light years away, than the ones closer to home that now threaten to wipe out a lot of plain ol’ terrestrials.

So it goes like this, “The people were warned…and did they listen?” No, certainly not the ones in a position to make a difference. And that will continue to cost a lot of lives.

As for the nice religious folks, there still isn’t a savior in sight. Better get used to being your own hero.


*In 1976, Meier was given the prophecies here (and which have verifiably been online for years). Search for “Adlerhorst” and you’ll see the warning about the coming eruption that will occur there, which refers to the same one that Sfath told him about, in 1948.

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Thanks to Darcy Wade Carlisle for the link to the 1976 prophecies.

40 comments on “As the Time Fulfills…in Italy

  • Hello Michael,
    I’m so glad I found Dutchsinse address and sent it to you. I think too, it’s interesting that you verifiably prepared and sent this information to Dutchsinse….before today’s news about Campi Flegri getting ready to blow. Can’t wait for Dutchsinse response!

    • Hi Patty,

      If he isn’t too far gone religiously, he just might pay a little attention. I hope so.

      And thanks for his address.

      • Hi Michael,

        I don’t think he too far gone religiously, and he just might pay attention. On his 5/09/2017 video on youtube channel….Viewer mail and package unboxing, starting at the 18:43 mark he tells a little about himself…christian upbringing, then being an atheist,etc. Hoping he pays a lot of attention to the info you sent him!

        You are very welcome, I’m trying to help as much as I can.

  • Hi Corey, I just read the article you sent us. From what I read this has happened before in the past but this super vacano is slow moving so it won`t cause an earthquake but it`s not too far away from Vesuvius, but west of Naples. Only problem is if Vesuvius blows then all bets are of and WW4. We need to keep watching this because things in North Korea are just getting dicey right now with this sick mind Un!!!

  • Hi MH, Are the Plejarens still keeping a watch on what is happening here on Earth due to Trump and this nasty Un in North Korea etc? What if all hell does break out soon,what then? Will we all live or die?

      • Hi Gordon, If 2/3 of the pop[ation will die, will this include me? Will I be among the 2/3 to die from radiation poisoning etc,etc,etc? Thanks. Salome, Terry

          • Hi MH As I`v said one year ago the Ps turned me down so I`m hoping a much more spiritually and technologically advanced more helpful federation in other dimensions might save my life due to my health issues and so on etc,etc,etc. I read one year ago that there are ultra extremely advanced civilizations in elliptical galaxies and globular clusters. Whether this is true I don`t know. All I know is that I`m terrified of death and dying etc!

          • I don’t know if I dimension it before but we all gotta go sometime. And when we have advanced health issues maybe we should welcome the opportunity for the new and improved versions of ourselves to come back to this joy palace when things have settled down.

            Wait, according to my calculations, we just might make it back in time for the grand finale, rockets and all.

          • Please pardon me for laughing my butt off, Michael, but I actually thought about that too. I figured that we would all make it back right when the worst of everything was happening. You know, like when the robots gain their independence and start hunting us feeble humans down…Terminator style. Don’t worry Terry, laugh, love, and live…life is what you think and do.

          • Hey Melissa, that means we may just have found a fantastic new weight loss program without even trying!

            I’ll work on a new bumper sticker, I already have one for:

            LOSE HAIR NOW- ASK ME HOW!

  • Thanks MH, there is no letter ‘s’ in Carlile. Thanks to Melissa Osaki for originally posting that link on your blog back in March 24 2017.

  • P.,S. MH Don`t forget that the Ps can live to be 1000 or more years longer than we do here on earth thanks to all the violence and hatred on earth which is getting us “nowhere!!!”

  • The numbering in the early published version of the1948 contact jumps ahead a line as the following is missing:

    “215. All these events cannot remain without consequences, for the peoples will rise up and, under certain circumstances, start revolutions.”

    Line 235 is missing too. Here it is in context…

    “234. However, up to the time at which the coming really great natural catastrophes begin, namely from the new millennium and especially from the year 2015 onwards, being the point when earthly humanity will no longer be able to alter anything concerning the coming disastrous events and can no longer stop it, thousands of small, medium and large seaquakes and earthquakes will shake the Earth.

    235. The most severe of those, from the new millennium up to the actual beginning of that which is unchangeable in the year 2015, shall be mentioned, and everything shall thereby give a glimpse into the terror which will arise through the natural catastrophes.

    236. And all these natural disasters are 75% self-inflicted by Earth’s humankind as a result of its irrationality and all its destroying machinations on the planet, nature, the entire plant world and water world, as well as all their living creatures.

    237. In the first year of the new millennium, already on the 1st January 2001, the area of Mindanaos in the Philippines will be shaken by very strong seaquakes, after which, only about a week later, the Island group Vanuatu in the South Pacific will follow, however which will happen in both cases without any casualties.”

    Here’s how the information about 2017 onwards should be numbered with some slight changes (Not official – could contain errors):

    293. The whole coming chaos and disaster in the coming times up to the second and third decade of the third millennium will still appear harmless in contrast to what the times after that will bring.

    294. All chaos periods will, however, always be followed by rebuilding phases, after which, however, destruction will come again and destroy everything again.

    295. Some of these events will begin already in the coming decades, with Italy affected because of the beginning of the coming upheavals, because, on the European continent the main center of the outgoing destruction will lie submarine in the Mediterranean area as well as in eastern central Italy where, from the years 2002 and 2009 serious earthquakes, and then from 2016 and 2017 a series of earthquakes will announce the coming events.

    296. From there, about five countries all around will be affected by the devastating destruction and devastation and partly sink into the sea.

    297. The whole will also extend to the Irish, Icelandic, and Western European coasts, and especially the low-lying British coasts, whereby the great upheavals will induce a large part of the humankind to turn away from the false belief in religions, sects, and an imaginary god in order to reflect on the return to reality and truth and to return with their thoughts and their consciousness to the knowledge of the natural-creational values.

    • Matt,

      Would you look at what’s currently there and make and send me the necessary corrections, unless we want to wait for the official version?

      • The version I have is the later version I sent you (not the published one) with corrections/queries from Vivienne. It’s not a million miles away from my version so that should suffice for now (except the missing bits above and wrong numbering, so if people want to they could piece it together) Vivienne has corrected the numbering. Dyson checked up to line 190 or something in my version, but, I think the bit about the EU either destroying itself because it won’t give in or, toning down to survive needs checking as we’ve two versions. I think Mariann will be checking this, possibly with Billy advising, but, they all work so hard with many published works, it takes time.

        It might be better to ask Vivienne directly Mike as she’ll know what’s happening with the most recent version or you could ask Dyson if he’s gone through the whole one, but, they may not feel it’s ready and want to wait. They also won’t know how long though so if you get stuck come back and I’ll go through the version I have and tidy up, but, let me know what format you want it in? Otherwise wait?

        • Because of demands on my time now, I’ll let it be until such time as the official version comes my way.

          I think people can indeed piece it all together just based on what’s there now.


        • Dear Matt Knight,

          Could you do me a favor and ask Dyson, if he would consider translating one of David Icke’s books from English to German? The Reptilian Agenda might be a good start.

          Thank you!

          • Sorry for that Michael, I sometimes write things without thinking them through..

            To Matt Knight:

            Could you please tell Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg to hurry up with the translations. It seems that you guys are slacking off a bit. Thanks and cheers.

          • To Michael,

            I am sure they would. I would do a much better job to be honest. Not to be arrogant or anything.

            Maybe you should also give the translations a go Michael, since you have such a great feel for language. Hows you German?

          • Not sure how much value that would provide. Why would these conspiratorial works assume the monstrous crimes that the alleged perpetrators committed would not have a Plan B or alternate route for people to go down into? It is very fanciful but entirely unreliable the way David Icke goes about with his explanations.

            Anyway, the key thing here is not to be entrapped in a evolutionary dead end which Earth Humanity hurls itself “forward” into. It is more like taking one step forward and two steps back. There is a reason why Jmmanuel, Galileo, and Billy sat silent in-front of being accused of things. Just because someone shouts something as loud as possible doesn’t mean it is true. But, Earth Humanity, instead of finding out whether something is in fact reality or falsehood, takes the easy way out and falls over and over again to magician parlour tricks thinking just because it is said and no one bothers to counteract it that it is in fact reality. This is nonsense is the essence of sand-wich-crafting as the extraterrestrials in the past took advantage of Earth Humanity and taught a few among them to do kind-of the same thing (and also themselves became spiritually stunted). People have to take responsibility for their own thinking, thoughts, assumptions, actions, and in-actions.

            If Earth Humanity thought things out then folks like Basset would see the futility and wrong headed way with how he believes the truth should be delivered. The fact that the prophets are linked to this material shows there is one only effective way through the ages the “truth” has been carried through. The push effect from this should be done with at most urgency as you can never pull someone out of a hole they have no wish of leaving from without you yourself falling into it.

            It is unfortunate for every person that finds the truth but goes about the wrong way with it will also attract hucksters and frauds that put themselves above these folks and assume to have the answers and solutions (like they’re the second coming of Jmmanual). Instead, these folks just create more delusional folks attempting to bridge their own utter lack of awareness of what Creation is with whatever people believed in the past is the sign or the answer thinking they know more than someone else. As it was said, people of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures gather, so watch out for them.

            The nonsense that space brothers “owe” Earth Humanity something is par for the course or that believing harder is going to change the outcome. This is why Billy, the P’s, and anyone else in the spiritual teaching do not say thank you for something that is fundamental to doing their duty as an Earth Human. Even the extraterrestrials in the past that initiated this “sub-servant” mess is not directly responsible for the wrong headed way Earth Humanity hurls itself with today. Earth humanity will, unfortunately, have to learn as those extraterrestrials had done in order to evolve and are responsible for the choices made. Just as the extraterrestrials in the past were responsible for theirs and could not cheat the laws of Creation which the truly stupid folks among us here in power seemingly will decide to hurl us “forward” into.

            Anyway, what I find in the Meier material has gems like these which go about explaining more than what Icke’s works could barely touch the surface on:

            255. Were the masses of humanity to discover the knowledge of the secret sciences – what their monstrous life-affirmative uses, progress and success would bring – then, in the shortest period of time, religions and politics would be exterminated.
            256. The financial industry would disappear, (and) war, strife, hunger and every evil of the world would suddenly cease, because, in a peaceful world, no holder of power and maker of capital could any longer begin to make a push for the acquisition of power and the piling up of money (in the financial industry).

            But we know Earth Humanity is irrational and looks like will choose this fate instead because the lust of having people sub-servant trumps even saving their own skin:

            45. “The makeup of the Earth’s sky and air will be disturbed, and the land will burn because of the black oil of the Earth, ignited by people’s craving for power. The sky will darken because of smoke and fire, which will rage for a thousand days, and everything above the burning land and far beyond will be covered with black soot. Consequently the weather will break down, and severe cold and much death will come over the people, plants and animals, and over the Earth, as a result of the senselessly unleashed forces of the people who live in lust for power, evil passions and vices.
            46. “And then signs will appear in the sky, and all Earth humans will wail and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that bear witness to great power and severe judgment against irrationality.
            47. “So god is lord over the three human lineages, yet the laws and directives of Creation are eternally valid. Through these laws and directives, which represent Creation, humankind in its irrationality will bring cruel judgment upon itself.

          • Michael, you have been investigating the case for more than three decades, and you’re telling me that your German is still not good enough… how long, do you think will it take?
            Your German sounds fine, you must be pulling my legg.

          • Icke is a Turtle waste of time and hasn’t understood the true scale of things. Just as his great Lizard of Oz tale drops off, it reappears as it promotes the belief-drenched, religious-type, thinking beloved by all false leaders for millennia. Ned said it, “Just because someone shouts something as loud as possible doesn’t mean it is true.”

            As for translations, English is not the only language, of course. Like MH said, it’s a good idea to do a translation from scratch to see what’s involved. Of course, English is not the only other language and the SSSC certainly don’t have the funds to employ a full-time English translator, let alone for any other language (I’ve seen their books) so it’s up to us and to be specific – Vivienne, Dyson and Mariann for official translations and who volunteer much of their spare time, year in, year out, to do this.

  • Does this sound like coincidence to you? A huge volume of oil (a lubricant) is lost and is still leaking and the area from which it is leaking is scraping more and causing increased friction which creates magma (molten rock) and then large earthquakes happen in areas. So the Gulf Spill happened in 2010 and a few months later the Fukushima ongoing disaster happened: coincidence? The entire length of Italy is in danger! From Utica in the North to Calabria in the south. Notice the buildup of dark areas which indicate pressure. Plus is great pressure and minus is less pressure, the sliding of the tectonic plates tends to go from large pressure to less pressure which I’ve called magma displacement. There have been a few earthquakes in Italy as of late and we don’t want another Pompeii, but this is an indication that this may occur in the very near future.

    We could use something besides oil or nuclear and that is geothermal. Depending on peak demand California uses 20% of it’s electricity derived from geothermal: clean safe, plentiful and nearly under everyone’s feet, just add waste water and the result is distilled water and electricity!


  • Hi folks, here’s a petition to stop the IS:

    “Call for and join a multi-national peace force of 300,000 soldiers to capture or destroy ISIS”

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