Michael Horn Presents the Billy Meier UFO Case in NYC

Advance tickets now available for October event

Michael Horn will present a lecture on the Billy Meier UFO case and an interactive workshop at the Multiple Realities International Conference, October 20 and October 21, 2017, in New York City.

The Meier Contacts: The Key to Our Future Survival as the Time Fulfills

With the ceaseless fulfillment of the prophecies and predictions presented by Billy Meier and the Plejaren over the past 66 years, our individual and collective survival will depend, literally, on the study and application of the ancient, non-religious belief-free spiritual teaching.

Michael will present an overview of the singularly authentic Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over 75 years, including the physical evidence, the prophecies, predictions and the spiritual teaching. He will also present an interactive workshop on the practical core elements of the spiritual teaching that can be applied in daily life, at any time, unobtrusively and effectively to better navigate the increasingly turbulent waters of these long forewarned of times.

There are only 250 tickets available to this exclusive conference, so please order now to get the limited, discounted tickets in advance.


38 Replies to “Michael Horn Presents the Billy Meier UFO Case in NYC”

  1. I just thought of one other possibility. At the beginning of c2c somebody mentioned the idea of lighting up another star,NOT an artificial one. I remember bring up the fact that our sun has a twin dead brown drorft sun that we could light up as a second sun or the nemis sun out in the Ort Cloud or even Jupiter, what I`m getting at is a NATURAL star NOT an artificial star as Billy and the Ps predited in th Henoch Prophecies. Instead of probing Earth`s sun why not get NASA to find our natural twin dead brown droff sun and light that sun up instead of an artificial sun. At least this will make up for this stupid cabal that left the Paris Climate Accord. In this way we won`t have to become a third world banana republic like Syria and Niagara,etc,etc,etc!!!

    1. Terry you only have false hopes because the damage to the climate and the Earth would require millions of years to fix. You can blame the monstrous world overpopulation for 84% of the problem.

  2. So much for world overpopulation, there is another idea that could stpop all this and wars too. I remember back in the 1970s about the idea of putting these military people into space to keep them busy instead of fighting wars. Here`s my idea if if there are no ringworlds or even Dyson Spheres. Even if there is no such thing,th
    might help[ stop the warmongering machines etc. Mabye if we can keep this thugs busy buildin Ringworlds and or Dyson Spares we migh just get somewhere and have peace all at the same time??? This is just another idea and or possibility??? A thought??? ” There just has to be some way to make things better here on Earth,etc,et ,etc???

  3. P.S. This Ringworld and Dyson Sphere idea would give these stupid warmongers something more constructive to do other than fighting and killing each other plus we can also do something about the overpopulation problem too to keep the birth rate down,etc. “It`s time to think outside of this square little world called Earth and do something good,moral and ethical!!!” Th ese ideas will I hope keep people thinking and doing something more constructive with their lives instead of all these horrorible things happening on Earth.Thee ideas will give this world some hope and some kind ol a positive future to think about if we want to keep the birth rate down and have some sencve of peace on Earth.

  4. P.S.S. These ideas “may help not only stop the fightings,wars and overpopulation but also the military industrial complex, politics, corporate takeover of Earth, the Deep State, Wall Street, the Black Ops and all those bad nefarious entities on Earth and elsewhere from running amok and ruining planet Earth and dragging this world down in it`s lowest degenerate uneducated unspiritual technologically inability to function as an advanced ethical, moral civilized state of being!!! We need to take that next big step or else we will die out like what happened to the Akart from Proximia Centari,etc!!!

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