BREAKING NEWS: Secret Shipments of Immigrants to Brazil!

Millions set to flood country already in turmoil

Reliable sources say that 13 ships left Europe, four days ago, in the first of a so far secret program to export 1.8 million immigrants to Brazil.

Brazil itself is in political and economic turmoil, without basic infrastructure for education, medical care, etc., for its citizens. Unemployment in Brazil, a country of 208 million people, is over 15 million, the highest level in Brazil’s history.

In war torn Syria, in four years, 256,000 people died from war related incidents. In the same time period, in Brazil – a country not at war with anyone –  almost 279,000 people died from violent crimes, which are soaring to all time highs in big cities like Rio and São Paolo.

How is Brazil supposed to accommodate and support all of these immigrants, with perhaps an unknown number of terrorists among them? And who is also secretly arranging for – and profiting from – this?



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  1. This news about my home country is quite unsettling, MH. Though you are reluctant to reveal your source, the fact that you consider them to be trustworthy is good enough for me. I will pay close attention to the matter. Thank you for posting this.

  2. MH,

    A close friend of mine holds your data in high regards; I clicked on this post because I was naturally curious but found this article lacks information in every way possible.

    Here are some questions I have:
    (A.) Where are the immigrants coming from?

    (B.) if Brazil is already in economic termoil, why go through the trouble of importing 13 ships worth of immigrants when it seems the economy is already destine to implode?

    (c.) how do you suppose ‘the secret arrangers’ convinced 1.8 million people to board ships which would then sail the seas and take them to a 3rd world country?

    (D.) in your article, you mention that violet crimes in Brazil surpasses death in a country full of war in a 4 year period; This isn’t that surprising to me considering there is more coke coming out of South America then any other place in the world – which means plenty of drug lords whom could declare war on each other at any point – also the population in Libya is around 17.5 million – Brazil’s population is over 200 million, so 250k deaths in 4 years on comparison is still vastly greater percentage wise in libya than Brazil. – so I’m not trying to be rude, but that isn’t the best comparison.

    (E.) I understand you can’t leak sources (especially in this era), but can you atleast give us examples of why you find these sources credible and how we can trust your sources? It would greatly boost the confidence of us new guys who are interested in your information.


    1. Hi Mike,

      First, let me say, your friend may be a very wise person. Some quick responses:

      (A.) As I understand it, they are being shipped in from Europe and/or countries in the Middle East, Africa, etc.

      (B.) Brazil is in economic and other turmoil largely because of the incredible levels of institutionalized corruption. If the story is accurate, then some parties are getting paid very well to facilitate this.

      (C.) How did the “secret arranger” convince hundreds of thousands, eventually into the millions of people to, flood into Europe? Let’s remember that Meier said that, eventually, there would be…380 million refugees worldwide. They’re not going to all fit into Europe.

      (D.) An inappropriate comparison, as Brazil isn’t, and hasn’t been, at war with anybody, or in civil war…like Libya. Places like Sao Paolo and Rio are cities with a truly unbelievably high crime rate, much of it not reported, etc.

      (E.) I trust my source but, of course, he could be misinformed, etc. Time will tell. Should he be incorrect, then perhaps the most interesting thing for all the “new guys” would be that we – once – published an inaccurate news story.

      I’ll have no problem withdrawing and apologizing for that error.

      I suggest comparing the accuracy of the Meier information with any and all other sources, since the overall focus of my news related information is Meier’s abundant, specific, impeccably accurate prophetic information.

      P.S. Please use your full name when submitting comments.


  3. Mike,

    Libya’s population is around 6 million, not 17.5 million.

    Michael Horn,

    You said “Let’s remember that Meier said that, eventually, there would be…380 million refugees worldwide.” In which contact report was this mentioned? Or where did Billy mention this? I’m asking because I remember the figure to be more like 200 million.

    1. David,

      I should have said 350 million. from Sfath’s 1948 letter:

      330. As a result, innumerable persecuted human beings, which will be as many as 350 million, will criss-cross the world and search for life security.

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