Millions set to flood country already in turmoil

Reliable sources say that 13 ships left Europe, four days ago, in the first of a so far secret program to export 1.8 million immigrants to Brazil.

Brazil itself is in political and economic turmoil, without basic infrastructure for education, medical care, etc., for its citizens. Unemployment in Brazil, a country of 208 million people, is over 15 million, the highest level in Brazil’s history.

In war torn Syria, in four years, 256,000 people died from war related incidents. In the same time period, in Brazil – a country not at war with anyone –  almost 279,000 people died from violent crimes, which are soaring to all time highs in big cities like Rio and São Paolo.

How is Brazil supposed to accommodate and support all of these immigrants, with perhaps an unknown number of terrorists among them? And who is also secretly arranging for – and profiting from – this?



24 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Secret Shipments of Immigrants to Brazil!

  • norm, we all


    Apparently the individual who goes by this screen name doesn’t realize that his comments aren’t being approved. Apart from a false name, his email address is also false…which fits in nicely with his false and misleading comments, which he’s too cowardly to present under his real identity, etc.


  • Isn`t Soros a member of the Bilderberg numskulls who love to make all kinds of disasters around the earth and make trouble and misery for the rest of humanity on earth too? etc,etc, etc?

  • Some politician in Brazil got a big payday when Europe negotiated this deal. I would say that neither Brazil or the people will get to see any of the money in this deal. History repeats itself. This reminds me of Troy. It was distroyed from within when they accepted the wooden horse. These ships carry sleeper cells that will destroy Brazil and the rest of South America while they sleep. There will be no safe place on this planet for anyone.

  • Hi Jamie, My father used to say when he was alive that there is no safe place on this world and to this very day I always say there is no safe place on this world too. To be frank, I don’t think there ever will be a safe place on earth! Stephen Hawking has stated that we had better leave this planet if we want to survive at all and I believe Hawking is right if we want to live learn and survive we have to start somewhere and get going now if we want to live at all but I don`t recommend Mars due to the elitist shills who want to buy up all the real estate there. We need to go far out into this vast huge cosmic wonderland if we`re going to live and grow for very long happy and healthy life as the Ps have been doing for eons,etc,etc,etc. We need to learn to follow in the footsteps of all those people from the Plejaren Federation.

  • It`s high time we learn to grow and evolve as the Ps have been doing for a very very long long time too. We need to follow in the Ps footsteps “NOW!” or else we will go down and degenerate like the rest of the people of earth are doing right now!

  • Hi Terry:
    I don’t think the answer is to move to another planet. We would just bring along our religions and nonsensical irrational thinking with us, and we would screw that planet up eventually. I think the answer is to get our #$%^ together here on this planet, get on the right path and save what we can. That means getting rid of religion once and for all and getting rid of the extremist from the right and the left. They are not balanced in their thinking, have their own adgendas and do nothing to help humanity as a whole. They are very biased, brain washed, angry, paranoid and unfortunately very dangerous. These are not people that I would want to bring to another planet to start over again. It would just be history repeating itself but on another world. I can understand why people would want to start over again, fresh and new on another planet.

    • Agree! We can´t even stop killing this planet of ours; so what would be the point to move to another, which we would kill in a few hundred years just as well. And then move to others, which we would kill in a short time, too. For now, until we grow up enough and learn that our future survival depends firstly and mostly from finally starting carring for this planet of ours, moving to another planet would be a mistake! When we learn that, then we are ripe to travel and eventually move to other planets. I also doubt, too, that other advanced civilizations, like Pleyarans, would allowe us to travel space beforehand, so we would just go from one planet to another, leaving planets in ruins. I think that Hopkins´statement that we should travel to other planets if we want to survive is not one of his brightests ideas! Actually it is a stupid one! A bright idea would be to stop killing this planet first. His idea is not soo much out of wack only because we can´t yet travel to other planets, not before we are soon going to self-destruct, but also because we wouldn´t be allowed to! His idea to go to other planets to survive sounds stupid like saying “run around the world with a wheelbarrow a thousand times in one second so your heart won´t explode…” Nope… This time Hopkins proved he is just as much as idiot as the next one. If this Hop´tard is the smartes one on this planet, we can start kissing ourselves goodbye…

      • Couldn’t agree more Anthony. I’m reminded of a saying I heard a long time ago which I have never forgotten. Can’t remember the exact wording, but it goes something like this.

        “If the human species can’t even take care of themselves, each other or the planet, then none of us deserve to live here.”

        I read Hawking’s statement today and was not impressed at all. He does make a few valid points about our incessant desire to keep destroying our beautiful planet. However, his “throw away and abandon” thinking simply negates his brilliance and makes him less brilliant. He lost quite a few points in my book.



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