Is conservative commentator following UFO prophet?

In a recent column, conservative political commentator, Pat Buchanan, worried that the US is “approaching something of a civil war”, echoing exactly what Billy Meier specifically foretold, as far back as 1981. This was the same year that Meier also forewarned about the radical Islamic attacks in France, and Europe, already well under way.

Buchanan also says (emphasis added):

“The media, the beneficiaries of these leaks, are giving cover to those breaking the law. The real criminal “collusion” in Washington is between Big Media and the deep state, colluding to destroy a president they detest and to sink the policies they oppose.”

This also echoes what I stated several days before:

“The real collusion was and is between most of the Demonrats, Ripupliclowns and the MSM, with the Deep State warmongers underneath it all.”

Hopefully, Buchanan will now also review and publicly refer to the warnings from Meier about the real numbers of IS terrorists, and others, now in the US, which exceeds those already reported to be in Europe.

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  • I just sent a note to a Russian friend stating that are all a bunch of corporate bullies and that Trump is not very smart! Yep this world is all going down the rat sink hole and dying thanks to all the corporate f and s lies about Russia, Cuba and so on etc! I hope these shills won`t put more sanctions on Russia!!!

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