Billy Meier was warned about coming danger in 1948

There’s a new article about the danger of the eruption of Yellowstone that should catch people’s attention, in no small part because I think we’ve long been warned about it, as in the Henoch Prophecies:

227. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

Even Michio Kaku – who, like zerohedge, has been sent the Meier material for years – chimes in, but not about Billy Meier’s warnings and impeccable prophetic accuracy, of course. He too would become irrelevant if he did. It’s always about profit over truth, though the truth is now inescapable.

Cannot Be Prevented

Setting America’s terminally stupid, suicidal/genocidal warmongering aside for a moment, you’ll also notice the video below this headline, “We’re Taking Our First Close Look At Undersea Volcanoes”, corresponds with what Sfath described, in numbers 226, 227, etc.

But can we be sure that Sfath –in 1948 – was referring to Yellowstone when he said:

220. On the American continent much will be destroyed far and wide in a more distant time, as the great caldera will break open, which cannot be prevented, as the Earth being broken open by the great Eifel caldera in Germany cannot, whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire.

Time Travel

Here is Meier’s answer to this question, which I asked him in my recent visit in May:

“Yes, but he never mentioned a point in time when the caldera would explode. He only said that the time was long overdue and that the caldera was working towards a very gigantic outbreak which could occur at any time or not until 100 or 1000 years.”

When I asked him if Sfath got prophecies from the Petale level, etc., Meier answered:

“Sfath had no prophecies from the Petale-level as he also made no prophecies. He acquired his special work regarding the future cognitions through foresights into the future, as well as through travelling into the future, which are referred to as foresights/predictions and have nothing to do with prophecies. Prophecies consist of rational foresight and probability calculations concerning specific factors that must bring inevitably specific effects if in the already existing frame everything continues or continues to be done. If, however the existing frame is changed, then the effect also changes, thus a prophecy must not fulfil and a different effect arises if the corresponding decisive developmental process is changed.

“Prophecies are. as a rule. made only with regard to evil, negative and bad effects – according to the causality cause and effect – that arise from specific evil, negative and bad existing causes, to encourage the human beings, so that they change and transform everything evil, negative and bad to the best, good, positive, right and valueful.”

So, the 1948 letter contains mainly predictions from Sfath, some determined through time travel, meaning that those events will occur with certainty.

As the Time Fulfills

You may also notice that the MSM continues to unknowingly provide ongoing corroboration of the decades and decades (and even millennia) of warnings from Meier and the prophets before him, who were also assisted by the Plejaren:



The Way to Live

Elements of the Spiritual Teaching






20 comments on “The “Most Terrible Catastrophe” to Ever Hit North America

  • If I recall Billy and the Ps once stated the Yellowstone caldera will not happen in our lifetime that`s #1 #2 I also recall years ago that Russia would conger and rule earth but that was before August 21rst 1991. Russia has changed dramatically over the years and is no longer a communist soviet regime. #3 I heard on Youtube that Putin said that Russia has no longer has any animosity toward the US no matter who is the president of the US. I personally think that there is still some positive results now taking shape that most if not all of the US is trying to learn from all of it`s mistakes as Russia has done in the past before 1991. I think the reason why some people such as myself try to avoid the news is because as the old saying goes”No news is good news” otherwise why bother to have the news at all. #4 The Creational laws means seeing things as they really are with emphasis on the positive. #5 Why think such negative thoughts when negative thoughts will only make matters worse and make you worry more and bring you down into despair that the worse will surely make catastrophes really happen i.e. degeneracy of humanity on earth. It`s enough to have to worry about every little thang here on earth when we really should learn to overcome these negative thoughts as the Ps have done for over 50,000 years. It`s through meditation and positive thinking like the people from Erra and Timarz have done that sustains these very advanced societies for all these eons. “The people from earth MUST learn to get over these negative thoughts if the people from are are going to survive and evolve as the Plejarens have done for well over millions of years. I can understand why people prefer entertainment over the news that is if the entertainment is not violent,let`s be honest would you want to do harm to others? #6 Sooner or latter all these negatives such as the news,militarisms,cooperatives,religions,politics will ALL have to die out otherwise we won`t make here on planet Eaarth!!! This is just m y opinion.

  • As everyone here probably knows and knew as well, I’ve known about this prediction for quite a long time and have attempted to warn others in said area/location (of course it seems to fall on deaf ears), but the recent quake (4.5 magnitude) and flurry of aftershocks (2.7 to 3.1 magnitude) were an unpleasant surprise, to say the least. I live in the northwest part of the state and always wonder when it will actually erupt, although there is not much one can do about it except either give in to fear/self-preservation and vacate the area/state or stay and accept one’s destiny/fate (as none of us Earth humans know exactly when it will occur, except for Eduard I would presume).

    Although my self-preservation side says “Get the **** out of here” and vacate, I refuse to give into any self-created fear. Furthermore, I make my own rules, so I’m staying and busting out the hot dogs, hamburgers and huckleberry moonshine and just keep on living, not existing. As indicated above, I will however keep warning others and point them to the advice that Eduard and Sfath have so kindly provided and forewarned about.

    This could/should be interesting.

    Love, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, Harmony, Compassion and Good Health to you and yours everyone!


    P.S. Keep up the fantastic work you unrelenting spiritual soldier of truth Michael!

  • Thanks michael it seems things are coming fast now and theres still much of the people to wake up from there sleep… I try to wake people but its a struggle to convince people but still if i can wake some i know it will spread… Thank you for your on going efforts and not giving up…

  • Seems like the S.F. earthquake would have to come first.
    What’s been revealed about S.F. makes it appear that the quake comes during “normal” times.
    If Yellowstone blows first – and the region has been very active with quakes and tremors lately – there won’t be any “normal” times anywhere on Earth.

  • Forgot to mention that if the Ps have learned from their past mistakes and the Russians have learned from their past mistakes i can`t understand for the life of me understand why the US can`t learned from all it`s mistakes too!!!!

    • There will be some ash there for sure but I think most of it will be carried more eastward. Flagstaff is about 840 miles south of Yellowstone and slightly west.

  • IN regard to 227 , it seems that it would be noted being a NATURAL, but it doesn’t. Could be it something other than natural ? To loose control over weapons, perhaps something that is related to radio control, something very strong: haarp accident ? Perhaps someting like magnetic reversal or magnetic pole shift that could possibly happen very quick and then electronic could go buzzerk in that shift ?

  • The US and Germany (& Europe) will have a trying time because of their specific caldera’s.

    The US may also have a difficult time due to it’s foreign policy, and internal struggles. Speaking of the US suicidal/genocidal policies, the US has been covertly striking Syrian government targets, from within Syria.

  • Billy once said in the Q & A that the coming destruction to the USA will be a combination of man-made, plus natural destruction, and that those afflicted won’t know the difference. This makes sense when the American Caldera will blow, I too have thought for awhile this is the catastrophe mentioned in line 227 of the HP.

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